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Mean or Funny????

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From today's NY Post.

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923 comments to “Mean or Funny????”

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  1. 401

    /care if it's mean

  2. 402

    The entire Porkson family is celebrating today because they are getting so much publicity! Papa Joe will probably make Ashlee become a fatso too just for the extra attention.

  3. 403

    This is just extreme more than 400 comments wow ! ! !

  4. 404

    so mean.

  5. 405

    Mean… wtf? The girl can't be more than a size 4 or 6. It's uncool.

  6. 406

    This is absolutely ludicrous. Jessica Simpson is NORMAL, and might I add, whatever her size is (size 2, size 8?) she is SMALLER THAN THE AVERAGE AMERICAN! Either girls are too skinny or too "fat".
    Jessica Simpson is not FAT. She is curvy, and beautiful, and represents what a healthy human being should look like.
    All this talk about her being "fat" is so incredibly offensive and suggests that the morals of some people are in the shitter.

  7. 407

    i agree. that is going a little too far.

  8. 408

    That is so mean!

  9. 409

    Re: Supergirl – True Dat!

  10. 410

    that is sooooooooooooooo wrong!!!!!!! lol

  11. 411

    Are you fricking kidding me? Unbeliveable. Rude. Inconsiderate and completely out of line.

  12. 412

    its mean.. she's not fat.. she's fine.. she shoulndt wear clothes that are 2 size too small … you pick on lindsay for being too skinny .. so wtf.. double standard huh..

  13. 413

    thats so mean :(
    she's not even fat

  14. 414

    This is absolutely ridiculous. She is not fat at all!! People need to get over their obsession of pin thin girls and realize that women are suppose to have curves and look healthy! Jess is perfectly fine and she looks fine, the picture was at a bad angle and anyone would look terrible from that…This is just rude, hurtful and wrong. Jess is a human being and how do you think she felt when she saw this - she could become anorexic, bulimic, suffer from low self esteem!? come on now, let her live her life! She is healthy and no where near being fat.

  15. 415

    That is absolute genius! I am SOOOO sick of her it's about time someone gave it to her lol.

  16. 416

    this is BEYOND ridiculous. shes probably gained maybe 4 or 5 pounds and more fucking power to her, shes not really working anymore. The outfit that shes wearing is 90% of the problem. I would love to see each and every one of you ESPESCIALLY the person who made the cartoon try to wear that outfit and look even semi decent. people are just trying to find exceptionally rude ways to distract them from their own miserable lives.

  17. 417

    Though I am no jessica simpson fan, that is pretty mean. She is chunkier, but not really fat yet. She is likely a size 8-10, which is normal, not fat.

  18. 418

    They should sue for using their likeness along with Mcdonald!!!

  19. 419

    That's horrible.

  20. 420

    Whoever said she is a size 2-4, that is a lie. Not even close. She is an 8//10. which is normal, not fat. But no way is she a size 2/4. Her publicist is lying to make her look good if they are trying to smoke us with that fake size. Same thing with Jennifer Love Hewitt. She was never fat, but she was NEVER a size 2.

  21. 421

    mean. she gained like 2 pounds and looks a wee bit chunky. people dont hate on america ferrera and she's not a size 0 either so shove it up your ass NY Post!

  22. 422

    Jerry Jones needs to sue since they used a Cowboy Jersey and helmet without the written consent of the Cowboys!!!! Come on Jerry get your lawyers teach these asses a lesson. Actually I work around the corner from his office let me have him take a look, it will do the NY Post some good, I understand freedom of speech but, this is mean, plus do not use the best team arounds logo in this horrible picture!!!

  23. 423

    Ouch. Be she's going to be a skeleton in about a month.

  24. 424

    awful. mean. untrue.
    shes gained some weight, but she still is beautiful and when people do this and blow things out of proportion, it just causes more problems.

    what a horrible thing to do

  25. 425

    I think everyone who is posting here should send the NY Post a comment saying how uncalled for this really is!!!

  26. ebee says – reply to this


    Both. But unfair…she might have gained a few but she's NOT fat.

  27. 427

    This is beyond mean. It is really sad that our society has come to this. A size 4 is fat now? Absolutely ridiculous.

  28. 428

    This is absolutely disgusting - she is not even Fat! What did she gain like 10 pounds and the media is calling her out as being a fucking heffer? It is ridiculous. And if she were to loose 15 pounds they would be criticizing her and saying she was anorexic and a bad model for young girls & women. Who approved this to be printed? they should both be fired and need to get a life…just gross and shameful. Maybe people love other people for who they are and not if they weigh 110 pounds. Jessica is a beautiful woman, just leave her the fuck alone already!

  29. 429

    omg thats sooo mean!

  30. 430

    Mean and ignorant. She's probably still skinnier than 98% of America and she's being called fat. The NY Post needs to be kicked in the junk.

  31. 431

    fucking hilarious.

    ’nuff said.

  32. 432


  33. 433

    Re: shassy

    The Post? LMAO You don't know your papers.

  34. 434

    MEAN. All she has done is ”filled in” a bit. She is still healthy, beautiful, curvy and sexy. She looks like a real woman. If this is considered fat, then god help those who ACTUALLY need to lose weight. She is less of a superstar now, so I'm sure she has just learned to relax a bit. At the height of stardom women are starving themselves to be a size 0. I mean, come on. ZERO? That's a size? It's nothing! Don't men love boobs and bums? Well you can't have that if you're a size zero! You'll just look like a pre-pubescent boy. Go Jessica, you look amazing. Go have a Big Mac to celebrate. And I mean that. Your body is rockin' and you just need to be happy with yourself…

  35. 435

    What's really funny is all the fat chicks posting that "she's not even fat!".

  36. 436

    the people that think this is funny are the same people that wonder why girls have eating disorders

  37. 437

    I don't really like jessica Simpson, but this was downright mean. Leave her alone!

  38. 438

    I bet Joe Simpson will be all over the NY Post like white on rice. I don't like JS but I do feel bad. What a cruel thing to print.

  39. 439

    kinda both, it's funny, but very wrong, she did though gain a lot of weight

  40. 440

    hilarious, mean, but true. it's probably his fault. he tells her how beautiful she is, let's go out to dinner. get comfortable & look what happens. but now she'll drop like 20 lbs in 2 weeks because we're all talking about it.

  41. 441


  42. 442

    so if women dont look like coke whore lindsay lohan, they are fat fucks? men can be as fat as they want and give women so much shit. its pathetic.

  43. MilaP says – reply to this


    Can I vote for both? I don't like her one bit but that is WAY overboard

  44. 444

    mean mean mean fucking idiots

  45. 445

    Pretty mean…. women are really sensitive about their weight and it hurts to know you've gained a few pounds… BUT most women don't get a cartoon of it in the paper. She's going to turn anorexic from this. sad.

  46. JKJK says – reply to this


    RIDICULOUS!!! I am suprised you posted this Perez..you were a fat ass not long ago yourself! She is a 6 and now she is a whale!!!

  47. 447

    total fucktards..if she started lookin like slinky lohan.. everyone would say she was starving herself and doing dugs.. i'm no fan of simpson.. but give the bitch a brake.. let her eat a chicken wing and chug a beer in peace..

  48. 448

    People wonder why so many women in the spotlight hav dangerous eating disorders and this is why. She may look havier than the normal Hollywood star, but I bet she is super sknny compared to a normal woman. Shame on the NY post for promoting this kind of behavior

  49. 449

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. this country is sooo messed up!

  50. 450

    Re: wilber-is-god – I agree! She was probably a size 2 or so when she slimmed down to play Daisy Duke, which included exercising multiple times a day, and now she's probably no more than a 6 or 8. She's THIN!! She looks gorgeous. She's no Roseanne Barr for Christ's sake!

  51. 451

    HAHAHAHAHA thats crazyyy…they even had her same outfit lol

  52. 452

    this isn't cool at all. I think the girl looks even better with a few extra pounds. It's nice to finally see a famous woman that doesn't look like skeletar.

  53. 453

    soo funny!!! poor tony romo he prolly thinks her ass looks as nasty as everyone else does.. shes so trashy now

  54. 454

    I don't see why the freaking media is obsessed w/ Jessica Simpson gaining a few pounds. Sure, she gained like 10 pounds, but so what! She's still not fat at all. If I passed her on the street, the thought that she's fat would never even enter my mind, I would just think "Wow, she's pretty". People need to back the eff off, this type of behavior is the reason people think they need to remain grossly under-weight and are afraid to look healthy. Healthy DOES NOT equal fat!!!

  55. 455

    i think this is so wrong. For many reasons. 1. Media calls Jessica simpson FAT why?? she looks beautiful what does she have to be anorexic to be beautiful?
    2. You Perez you i really admire … have no right to call her fat you need to look at your self in the mirror and realize you are not perfect you had extra weight as well and noone went around making fun of you! and 3. This is what society has become a young girl has to develope a self concious mind and maybe even a eating disorder how can a size 10 consider them selves beautil when people criticise a size 2 or 3?Please people look at yourselves in the mirror and KNOW!!!! that you are NOT perfect at all!

  56. Feste says – reply to this


    Mean. Not really that funny.

  57. 457

    well i dont think that perez should asssit the new york post with their awful crap. when did someone's weight become news worthy? you have plenty of material to pick on and promote without this stuff. Please perez lets just turn down the mean a bit ok?

  58. 458

    Perez, you asshole! You're the biggest whale of all - mean or funny????

  59. 459

    Being a Dallas fan this is the funniest shit I have ever seen. Copied it and emailed it to all my friends. They are all cracking up.

  60. 460

    Mean, mean, MEAN!

  61. 461


  62. 462

    Re: shassy – HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU'RE CALLING NYPOST A LIBERAL RAG!!? HAHAHAHAHA! the post is owned by rupert murdoch ! obviously you have no idea what youre talking about

  63. 463

    I don't know who's worse, the cartoonist for drawing it or the NY Post for running it.
    10 bucks the cartoonist just wanted attention, and just goes along with whatever the media is saying about someone, not what he personally believes.
    Being nice doesn't get you on Perez Hilton after all.

  64. 464

    omg that is well mean i love jessica simpson hope she come to the uk and shw will boost her fame up you rule jess dont ever change !!!!1

  65. 465

    Jessica Simpson is a bit overweight, but she is happy. A sight far more pleasant-looking than the skinny, miserable lezbo bitches running loose out in Hollywood.

  66. 466

    The NY Post? Really?? They should be ashamed! this is terrible!!!!

  67. 467

    This is so dumb!!! and whoever made this should be disgusted with themselves because Jessica isn't the size 00 she is considered a fatso, whatever she is gorgeous.

  68. 468

    that would be funny if she really WAS fat.

  69. 469

    When did the New York Post become a mean-spirited gossip magazine? No wonder girls have distorted body images!!

  70. 470

    I seriously can't stand JS, but I think it's dispicable! Maybe she packed on a few, but she's still smaller than 90% of the women in our country and shouldn't be called fat! This is why regular women have so many image issues.

  71. 471

    rolf! very mean but very funny!

    We want one of BEYONCE!!!

  72. JCPR says – reply to this


    take that ASSlee!!!

  73. 473

    really really mean! i don't like jessica simpson but this is humiliating for her and its cruel.

  74. 474

    thats absolutely not funny…the girl is not even fat!!

  75. 475

    Perez…for a former fatty to call anyone fat is ridiculous…THis is mean! Disgustingly so.

  76. 476

    Re: PUAinNYC
    As I have already stated… cartoon just pissed me off so much wasnt thinking straight.. but NY Post or The NewYorker.. who cares?? prolly will be out of business in the next few years… so is it really relevant??? read my news online anyway :P

  77. 3l$@ says – reply to this


    it was a bad fashion choice sure she put on a couple pounds its JANUARY! im still a bit chunky too fuck the NY post i dont like jessica but to do this to a girl from Texas is just wrong :|

  78. 478

    SOOOO MEAN AND NOT TRUE!!!! Okay Jessica may not be an anorexic stick, so the NY Post is saying she SHOULD be????? THIS IS SO MEAN AND GIVES PRESSURE TO EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD TO GET AN EATING DISORDER! They're saying if you don't have one and end up a tiny little stick, the world will view you like THIS. CRUEL, OVERBOARD, RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, AND INCONSIDERATE TO EVERY FEMALE!

  79. 479

    that's reallly mean and totally not needed.

  80. 480


  81. 481

    omg so mean!! poor jess!!

  82. 482

    Mean for most. For a famewhore like her…fitting and just. Wonder what PapaJoe will do about this…not call PageSix with anymore of his "tips".

  83. 483

    HA! That's super mean … but even more super funny!

  84. 484

    Re: Productboy – Who the fuck are you calling fat? I weight 110 pounds and don't think she is fat at all! The responses you are seeing on here are from people with a realistic point of view, not a warped shovanistic one like yours. Get a fucking life!

  85. 485

    Perez, you made fun of her in the same get up just two days ago…

  86. Miz Z says – reply to this


    It's pretty mean, but she's an asshole so it's also hilarious!

  87. 487

    I think the media has gotten out of control. Jessica is naturally curvy- she can't be a size two and when she was she had to work out five hours a day and eat very little. I think she looks great and people should layoff.

  88. 488

    Re: Productboy – LOL @ "all the fat chicks posting "she's not even fat!"". I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to incur the wrath. Nothing scarier than a herd of water buffalo stampeding toward you…kinda like Jessica at a "Ryan's Steakhouse".

  89. 489

    OUCH…. her weight is up but not that much, she just chose an outfit that accuated her problem areas. I am sure she will be back down to fighting weight after seeing this

  90. 490

    seriously the comic guy who did this was probably eating mcdonalds supersized as he did it. You probably cant even find his dick over his folds of fat and he smells like hot meat and oppression

  91. 491

    holy shit!!! this is so f*cking funny

  92. 492

    this is mean and very stupid

  93. 493

    not funny at all.
    just a step too far.

  94. 494

    oh shit ronald mcdonald is in the back of the pic smoking

  95. 495

    Re: uh-liss-uh – Exactly.

  96. 496

    mean AND funny! well done ;)

  97. 497

    I think it's awful!! In bad taste indeed. She still looks gorgeous!

  98. 498

    Cruel even though I don't care for JS or TR. You too must stop making fun of those that gain weight, because you have gained some weight and it is evident in your recent pics.

  99. 499

    thats degrading to women and mean. just cos she's bigger than all the size zeroes that come from the entertainment industry. Get a fucking grip on issues that really matter. I expect better than this from the Post…

  100. 500

    MEAN! how much does the guy that drew that weigh? way to foster eating disorders DICK!

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