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Mean or Funny????

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From today's NY Post.

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923 comments to “Mean or Funny????”

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  1. 501

    PEREZ! you of all people should know that this is jacked up! You've BARELY lost your weight and jessica gains a few lbs. and you help pick on her! that's SO not cool coming from a former fatty!

  2. 502


  3. 503

    That's fucking terrible.

  4. 504

    Awwww thats sooo mean ):

  5. 505

    Re: NYbiatch
    Again I have stated my mistake… funny how only people from NY corrected me… tells me the rest of the world doesnt give a shit about NY rags… they probably utilize the interweb like I do for news… so before anymore nyer's point out my mistake… I WAS WRONG!!! so kiss my lillywhite ass :)

  6. Fredo says – reply to this


    It is obviously not mean or funny. The cartoon ads in the paper show the obvious truth. This whole Romo and Simpson thing is staged, they want you to talk about them so they can try and stay on the top of their career. Why else would she cheat on him with Ronald Mc. Donald?

  7. 507

    HAHAHAHAH HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and TRUE!!! :) She is MS. PIGGY HORSE-FACE! And those people that think this is MEAN…it's probably because YOU'RE A COW TOO

  8. 508

    Wrong, wrong wrong, wrong!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. 509

    that's mean she's not perfect
    who's perfect anyways
    and she's not that fat she's ok
    and i think she's beautiful
    anyways i love her

  10. 510

    So mean! The woman has curves!

  11. 511


  12. 512


  13. 513

    That is awful. NY Post has lost my respect.

  14. 514

    Very VERY distasteful. I am not a fan of jessica simpson, nor do I dislike her, but this is disrespectful and a bad example for young girls out there. In a time where everyone is going through so many rough patches, THIS is what they are finding funny? Bringing others down?

  15. 515


  16. 516


  17. 517

    that's meannnnnn
    she's not perfect
    no one is perfect anyways
    i think she's beautiful
    and i love her !!!

  18. 518

    Mean. Shame on NY Post. Jessica, I doubt you're reading this…but you look fab girl.

  19. 519

    Wow, talk about a great way to loose readers. What a fu$ked up world we live in.

  20. 520

    mean mean mean mean, thats disgusting. i dont even like jessica but poor thing!!

  21. 521

    is this the cartoonist who used to do horrible cartoons of rosie o'donnell? he hates women and he is HUGE! like 300lbs, he is isn't photographed much (what a surprise) he is a woman hater and a hypocrite!

  22. 522

    You know what's really sad? If there is a post about someone like Sarah Jessica Parker, everybody has to comment on her looks…calling her ugly, horse-face and stuff. When weight is mentioned, everybody gets their panties in a bunch and takes a moral high road. Are we saying that it's ok to trash someone as long as they are skinny? It's a lot easier to lose weight than to reconstruct a face. Maybe this is karma…how do we know that Jessica hasn't ever made fun of a pudgy person before. I'll bet you anything that if some guy, who wasn't a dime, approached Jessica and asked her out, she would probably tear him to shreads behind his back.

  23. 523

    this shit is horrible!!

    if somebody feels like telling this to the loser who made this pic


  24. 524

    Very mean.

  25. 525

    really mean ! that girl is gonna shoot herself that sucks !!!!!

  26. 526

    exaggerated. that's what it is.

  27. 527

    that is SO low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 528

    stupid and mean

  29. 529

    Re: Valboski516 – 110 pounds - right -I bet you are. Go eat another pizza lard ass.

  30. 530

    ITS NOT MEAN, its fucking hilarious!
    AND BEING FAT IS GROSS! maybe u ppl that think its mean need to LOSE SOME WEIGHT MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!

  31. 531

    Wow the funniest thing ever fattty

  32. 532

    MEAN and untrue. she isn't fat! that is just ridiculous! she might be a dumb-ass, but that's hitting waaaay below the belt.

  33. 533

    Not fucking funny at all. I'm not a fan of jers, but Jessica Simpson is not even remotely fat. At all. Jesus Christ the standards these girls are supposed to live up to are fucking sick.

  34. 534

    thats terrible…shes not even fat just normal…there are so many more people and celebrities in the world that are fatter and even obese….shes just put on a few which is ok cuz she still looks beautiful..people need to grow up this is what causes eating disorders…shameful

  35. 535

    TOTALLY MEAN ! A poor attempt at humor.

  36. 536

    sooo meann..i mean we talk about lohan looking sickly skinny and then jessica simpson.yea gained a little weight but seriously im sure shes in the healthy category ..its just super unecessary to be setting he imagine to always look 100% perfect..its just not reality

  37. 537

    HAHA! It's mean but come on, it's funny.

  38. 538

    jessica simpson is NOT fat.

    i'm not a big fan of hers but seriously? this is why there are eating disorders.

    fucking fuckers.

  39. 539

    That is absolutely terrible. Poor Jessica. So she gained a couple pounds, she is still skinnier than most people!!! STUPID HOLLYWOOD.

  40. 540

    she is NOT fat.
    can't a girl in the public eye be an average size?

  41. Sho says – reply to this


    What Ever! She isnt even fat. She is a little bigger than what we are use to seeing her as, but in the regualr world she would not be fat!

    Im so sick of everyone trying to get girls to be tiny skinny bitches! who dont eat!

  42. 542

    This is absolutely fucked up. There are such horrible things happening and what does the media bitch about? A woman gaining a few kg. She isn't even CHUBBY, she's normal.

  43. 543

    HILARIOUS. Her "hot body" was all she had going for her.

  44. 544

    that is fucking terrible. shame on the new york post! im disgusted. shes 5'3" and has put on maybe, maybe 15lbs at the most (plus wore a terrible outfit) and now she is being cruely made fun of. the girl is not fat, shes heavier than before yes, but not fat and certainly not as fat as she is being depicted in this distasteful "cartoon". listen new york post, you hear that? that is the sound of millions of little girls that look up to jess losing their lunches in the toilet.

  45. 545

    I would have thought NY Post a little classier than that. Downright mean.

  46. 546

    This is soooo F****d up. No wonder you got all these girls living with eating disorders.

  47. 547

    Re: ltlnakdme – why dont you lose some weight toooo…
    that's not funny at all just imagine someone doing that to you
    will you still be finding that funny I DON'T THINK SO!!!

  48. 548

    I'm not a fan of Jessica's, but this was completely unneccessary! Girlfriend gained a few pounds. So what? She's in a relationship, and they always say that when you're comfortable with someone you gain weight!

    And we wonder why so many girls have issues with weight. Shame on the NY Post!

  49. 549


  50. 550

    Why is everyone saying she's fat?
    Jeez, she may have put on a couple pounds but she still looks fabulous.

  51. 551


  52. 552

    f*cking funny as helllll!

  53. 553

    Not funny, people calling her fat makes me feel fat and i know i'm a healthy shape and weight for my height. She just isn't as skinny as she used to be and that outfit wasn't flattering, thats all…..and here i am defending her when i dont even like her.

  54. kaylo says – reply to this


    It's a tad bit mean, but hey, at least they're talking about her, right??

  55. 555

    way mean

  56. 556

    UM MEAN =[

  57. 557

    it's mean! but so funny!!!!

  58. cgm81 says – reply to this


    This is just cruel…

  59. 559

    not funny at all.

  60. 560

    Ummm. I know its mean and I don't want to laugh….BUT…I'm only human so here it goes BWWWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  61. 561

    absolutely ridiculous, meanest thing i've ever seen
    NY Post should be ashamed

  62. 562

    Totally fucking shitty. Not even funny in the least bit. Not that I am endorsing obesity but I would HARDLY call Jessica Simpson fat. She just doesnt shove her finger down her throat or do lines so she can resemble Cokehead Kate or Hohan.

  63. 563

    The NY Post is disgusting for running that…way to promote a very unhealthy body image….with editors like that letting that run into print, they deserve to go under in this economy

  64. Haylo says – reply to this


    Oh dear…. this is extremely mean.

  65. 565


  66. 566

    really, really heartless and mean. shame on the NY Post. totally class-less.

  67. 567

    definitely mean.

  68. 568

    that is really mean. She's not even fat, maybe not as skinny as she sued to be, but still not fat.

  69. 569

    beyond funny!

  70. -liz- says – reply to this


    Unbelievably horrible! Completely uncalled for. Jess still looks hot…in reality she just has a normal body, she's just not stick-thing anymore which probably shows she's got some personal happiness in her life.
    Generally people who aren't skin and bone shouldn't wear high waisted jeans and Jess made that mistake the other day. It was just an unflattering outfit, she's still unbelievably hot.
    Perez you will just as quickly criticise somebody for being too thin, leave Jess alone. She's still majorly hot and i still really like her.
    That picture reflects terribly on the NY post….it's as if they're promoting eating disorders. You Perez and they should be ashamed of yourselves.

  71. 571

    Jessica's extra wieght wouldn't be so bad if she could learn to dress herself properly.
    But, yeah, the cartoon was bad………..

  72. 572

    thats horrible.

  73. 573

    Jessica Simpson is NOT even fat! She is beautiful!

  74. 574

    Not funny at all. Now I see why all these young girls and guys feel the need to starve themselves or do drugs to be thin.

  75. 575

    WOW!!!! what sexist ass wrote that???? definitely MEAN!!!!!

  76. 576

    this is horrible!

  77. 577


  78. Funzo says – reply to this


    fucking horribly unfunny.

  79. 579

    beyond mean - the girl is hot and healthy - nothing wrong with that

  80. 580

    This is a huge issue (no pun intended) there are young girls all over the country sticking stuff down their throats to puke, While I am not a fan of Jessica Simpson, I do believe this is way beyond the line. She doesn't have to wear a size 0 to feel beautiful, shame on the NY post for promoting intolerance and cruelty.

  81. 581

    SHES NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 582

    MEAN! She didn't put on THAT much weight so much as she wore a wildly unflattering outfit.

  83. 583

    mean. omg! my jaw dropped when i saw this. how incredibly cruel.

  84. 584


  85. 585

    so freaking mean

  86. 586

    I cant stand jess simps, but this is absolutely MEAN and COLD-HEARTED! She isn't even THAT big anyway, just because she isnt what hollyweird/critics expect her to look like, or whatever, doesnt give people the right to do fucked up shit like that. Dont people know that it causes depression and some people kill themselves due to low self-esteem and feeling like they arent ever good enough. its really sickening. I rarely ever comment on things, but that is just fucked up. That is the problem in america is that they show on tv what you should look like, skinny, blonde hair, blue eyes, rich, flawless, not very good for young girls to see. they need to feel beautiful just the way they are. Cliche yes, corny maybe, but 100% true. fuck the NY post! jess is annoying as hell, but come on, it is totally overboard posting some bullshit pic like that

  87. 587

    Re: Productboy
    Wow. What a sweet talker. No wonder you're still a virgin whose only contact with a real woman is his mother. Go get re-acquainted with your hand, loser.

  88. 588

    Clearly not nice….but you are no better, who are you to judge another for making the same statements you were?

  89. 589


  90. 590

    wow.. thats fucked up. whoever drew that should be ashamed of themselves.

  91. 591

    Not funny at all. It is cruel.

  92. 592

    Mean, I don't know what kinda paper the NY Post is, judging by that picture not a respectable one.

  93. 593

    Not Funny at all!!! everyone beat Jessica Simpson down when she had to wear those Daisy Dukes saying that she was setting a bad example for little girls that watch her…. Now ppl are beating her down for gaining a lil weight and actually looking healthy and being happy with how she looks! Just plain stupid! come on NY post! Young teenage girls…. and guys need to start learning that just because ur not a fn size 0 it deosnt mean ur not beautiful!!! RIDICULOUS!

  94. 594

    SOO meann!!! but i laughed a lil….

  95. 595

    wtf. that's so cruel.
    and untrue.

  96. 596

    MEAN!! I feel so bad for Jessica Simpson, what did she do to be sooooo hated!!

  97. 597

    gained just a few pounds???? Man, it looks more like 15-20 to me.

    It's unhealthy to have your weight fluctuate so much like that. She needs to stop being such an emotional eater.

    And it's not solely celebrity influence that causes eating disorders.

  98. 598

    mean..little overboard

  99. 599

    super fucking mean. I am highly offended by this as I am nearly the same size as she is now, and I definately don't consider myself obese which is what this cartoon is getting at.

    fuck you perez for even questioning whether it's mean or funny

  100. 600


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