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Mean or Funny????

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From today's NY Post.

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923 comments to “Mean or Funny????”

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  1. 601

    Mean - and funny. Jessica is hardly fat being whatever size she is at the present, I mean if she's heffing into a 16 and 5' that's a different stotry.

  2. 602

    mean. she's probably already embarrassed enough about gaining weight. this would be horrifying. how do you think eating disorders start?

  3. Wytch says – reply to this


    Wow! That is SUPER mean! Yes, she has gained a little weight, but she is not fat. That is just plain disrespectful and they should sue!

  4. 604

    so mean. uhggg im so sick of men controlling this world

  5. 605

    Off topic but I think some people here are confusing the NY Times with the NY Post. And considering the NY Post is a rupert murdoch owned shit rag, I'm surprised the didn't take it up a notch, and put a burger in her hand, drool on her face and her dad hanging off her tit, with Obama dressed as a muslim sneaking around the back or something. This seems pretty standard for NY Post.

  6. 606

    OMG 600 comments……

  7. 607

    Fucked up. Thanks for the positive self image reinforcement… but, what really should be expected from the NY Post.

  8. 608

    That's unnecessarily nasty. This is an unfair depiction of someone who looks far healthier than most of Hollywood. I mean, come on now!

  9. 609

    that's disgusting. Everyone is debating, talking, panicking about the obesity crisis …. and yet there are still cruel people out there creating these drawings AND PUBLISHING THEM. Besides, Jessica Simpson is gorgeous and is probably still UNDERweight.

  10. 610

    SO mean. She gained a little weight..so what? Does she have to look so perfect all the time? People say shows like America's Next Top Model is a bad influence on girls' body image, even though they have plus sized girls all the time(and Whitney won in one of the past seasons.) So what do you call this??? So cruel and unnecessary.

  11. 611

    thats messed up

  12. 612

    funny :P

  13. 613

    this is kind of mean and stupid
    C'mon its no big deal that she got weight!
    She IS NOT fat …

  14. 614

    mean! That's sick she's not even over weight shes always been curvy. not even funny, waste of time!

  15. 615

    f*ckin funny!

  16. 616

    absolutely mean!!! she might have gained weight but that pic is too much

  17. 617

    Very Mean! In the real pic's she looks fine, healthy, not fat.

  18. 618


  19. 619

    VERY VERY MEAN!!!!!!

  20. 620

    she is gorgeous! i'm not a fan but i think she looks like a real woman should!
    i envy her for being so comfortable in her own skin (i suffered from an eating disorder for like 6 years, and im 18 but getting better)

    pfftt i'd hit that!

  21. 621

    dont care for her but this is just too much

  22. 622

    Awful! But funny! Comes with the territory!

  23. 623

    She isn't even fat. No wonder women have such body issues when people like Jessica Simpson are called fat by the media.

  24. helsy says – reply to this


    super funny! haha fatty met mcdonalds.. she's so dumb she annoys me!

  25. 625

    mean. no way is it funny

  26. 626

    It's overly mean and irresponsible. It's also really freaking funny.

  27. 627

    Seriously, aren't they supposed to be a respectable newspaper? They should be ashamed. Thats just ignorant and prejudiced. Uncool and moronic.

  28. 628

    thats not even remotly right thats so horrible

  29. 629

    that's fucking horrible, she's not even fat just gained a bit of weight…this disgusts me infinitely

  30. 630

    I wonder what 'fat' means to them. Jessica Simpson looks absolutely fine to me.

  31. 631

    hahahahahaha! HIGHlarious

  32. 632

    Fucked UP!! I personally cant stand her every since she thought she was too good for my boy NICK!! But give it a rest already!!

  33. 633

    Re: Back-Off-Carrie – Let me guess - your another fat chick.

  34. 634

    notice how they had to write Jessica Simpson on her shirt because if they hadn't no one would have known who it was. The reason is because she is not even close to being that fat. It's a complete exaggeration.
    someone at the NY post needs to be fired

  35. 635

    absolutely mean… and she's still skinnier than oh, about 66% of the American population!!

  36. 636

    Ok this is just wrong and not okay. There is nothing wrong with how Jessica Simpson looks. I mean there is enough pressure today for girls to meet the standards of what publicity thinks is the ideal woman. So what if Jessica Simpson looks like a real woman and not like a toothpick. I really think that before anyone calls another person out on their imperfections they should look at themselves. There is nothing wrong with the way Jessica Simpson is looking and I think it is great the she is no being herself.

  37. 637

    what the hell? hell yeah thats mean. She does NOT look like that. She is NOWHERE MORBIDLY OBESE! That is so fuckin mean

  38. 638

    Mean! She isn't fat! You think that she is fat when she is healthy. Leave the poor girl alone. Her career is in the toilet and now you have to call her fat. You are the ones that are going to give her an eating disorder. She is going to become super skinny from being scared to eat and you going to start calling her "anny girl". Leave her alone!

  39. 639

    This goes beyond mean,
    damn right cruel!!..
    She still looks fabulous!!..
    she's gained healthy weight

  40. 640

    Btw I couldn't even tell that was Ronald McDonald which totally fucks up the point of it being funny.

  41. 641


  42. 642

    Must be a realllly slow news day . . .

  43. 643

    kinda both

  44. 644

    WOW! That's fucked up on an extreme level. Can it be really mean/slightly funny?

  45. 645

    mean, and just reflective of how hard society is on women.

    and its a bit rich perez that u post this and ask "mean or funny" becuase you have been dropping shit on her for her weight too when she is not "fat", she is a healthy size, and just because she is not looking like shes been starving herself doesnt mean she should be ridiculed. she should be praised!

  46. 646

    Re: shassy – The NY POST is a conservative newspaper

  47. Moana says – reply to this


    mean…and funny.

  48. 648

    OMFG! I thought Ronald MacDonald was supposed to be a black guy! I LMFAO when I thought the guy in the background was black.

  49. 649

    Fuck all of you, it's HILARIOUS……….

  50. 650

    and this is way people have eating disorders…

  51. 651

    Mean as all get out! So very very mean. BUT, at the same time, Jessica did contribute to the whole "super skinny is better" image - I mean, we never saw any size 8 girls in her music videos…….

    How awesome would that be? If every person who has ever "sold out" to an image, all of a sudden started becoming the opposite of the image they were once trying to pimp.

    If Jessica ever does revive her career, I hope she remembers the awful treatment she is currently getting - and remembers to put some healthy women in her next video!

  52. 652

    Shame on the paper for printing that trash! Horrible.

  53. 653

    not even funny in the slightest.
    dude, this is getting old.

  54. 654

    funny but mean.

  55. 655

    this is shitty

  56. 656

    Extremely Mean! Jessica is awesome and shes gorgeous!

  57. 657


  58. 658

    this is ridiculous leave the poor girl alone and stop perpetuating that women have to stick thin to be accepted!fuck you new york post!!!!!

  59. 659

    this is terrible!

  60. 660


  61. 661

    Well Perez, it not any meaner than YOU are….you are the one that bullies people for being too fat, too skinny, too gay, or not gay enough - so get over it. If you canmake you cash bitching and making lives a misery, then why can't someone else, like a newspaper.
    Just cos your fat and gay doesnt make it any cuter that you are an ignorant bully that chances his opinions of whats cool or not, to suit himself. You are indeed a nazi…

  62. 662

    That is fucking horrible! The girl isnt fat!!!

  63. 663

    this is probably the meanest thing Ive ever seen.

    It should however show Tony saying he's found somebody else, with TO bent over in the locker room shower….

  64. 664

    that is fucked up. she may have gained 5 pounds, but she is not fat. Give me a fucking break.

  65. 665

    that's horribly mean! :(

  66. 666

    Not only is it mean, it's irresponsible. This will push over the edge at least a tens of people to suicide and hundreds if not thousands to anorexia.

  67. 667

    Mean! She's a real woman. Women have curves! Well in Australia they do and no one would every do want the NY Post has done! SHAME ON YOU!

  68. 668

    can i just tell you how fucking OUTRAGED i am and sick and tired of bullshit like this. Jessica Simpson does not have an ounce of fat on her body and putting shit like this in the press…all it does is makes america's women feel even more like they should be starving themselves.

    i'm shamed to see this shit on your website, but absolutely DISTURBED that after all the out cry about how americas women are shrinking and teens are dying from anorexia, that this would be in a newspaper..

    give me a fucking break!!!

  69. 669

    Incredibly mean. She isn't even FAT she is HEALTHY. People need to get over themselves. The person who drew that must be on some strange power trip with a freakish insecurity that makes him (or her) pick on others (who shouldn't even be picked on). How are women supposed to have high self esteem when anti-curve propaganda is constantly being shoved in our faces?

  70. 670

    thats fucked up! arent you fat perez?

  71. 671


    Most people would kill for her body!!!

  72. 672

    it's fukin funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny

    wow.666 comments..shitfukshit..dr. satan time..heheheeeeee

  73. 673

    This is terrible. It's ridiculous. The second a person doesn't look sick and skeletal, they are made fun of.

  74. 674

    It is so fucking mean. Such a wrong message to send to young girls out there.. Girls and women come in all different sizes..and people that publish shit like that are nothing but, cum slurping gutter sluts! Shame on them!

  75. 675

    MEAN and really disturbing…for reals. Jessica is beautiful and I think she looks great!!

  76. 676

    Where is our sense of humor!!

  77. 677

    First of all, this is just cruel. It's exactly what others have said. This is what we are focused on during the rough times in our world?

    Also, interesting how African-American women are never portrayed as "pin-thin" role models. Everytime Oprah, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, America Ferrera, etc. etc. are shown- the words "voluptuous", "curvy", "healthy" are the adjectives used under their photos….but show a white girl with a realistic body and she's fat. Completely offended.

    What 's funny is that every American girl knows what happens when she's in a great, healthy and happy relationship…a little weight goes on the booty. Jessica is happy and looks beautiful.

    Maybe Katie Holmes should eat a sandwich and be so happy in love.

  78. 678

    sooo MEAN!!!

  79. 679

    Hilariously mean… sadistically funny… oh wtf

  80. 680

    That's disgusting. No wonder so many young girls having eating disorders.

  81. 681

    Mean, very mean and stupid !

  82. 682

    that's horrid.
    thats why eating disorders are becoming so insanely common these days.
    i think jessica looks beautiful.

  83. 683

    uh…she's a size 2!!! even with the weight she put on…she's a size 2 for flips sake! in my wildest dreams i could never be a size 2 or even a 3…hell, not even a 4. this world is backasswards when we're focussing on someone's weight and not more pressing matters in the world. sign of the times. not a good one…not at all.

  84. 684

    I actually think she has a terrific body, and my mind boggles that people would prefer skinnier girls! What is this obsession with girls with no curves? They have no boobs, no hips, no softness…. You may as well date a boy, they do come with extra's at least!

  85. 685

    so mean.
    what the fuck
    people need to get over it and realize even though shes a little bigger SHES STILL NOT FAT

  86. 686

    Good one!

  87. 687

    OMG that shit is HILARIOUS

  88. 688

    that is soooooooo wrong

  89. 689

    That's horrible! She's *NOT* fat. She just isn't as skinny as she used to be and had a bad wardrobe day for that picture. I mean that belt was just HIDEOUS! But you can hardly say she's fat. And she certainly isn't the blob the newspaper is trying to make her out to be. It must have been a slow day and they only had the backup interns working while everybody else was at lunch to come up with that garbage?

  90. 690

    This is getting ridicolous… she is not fat, she is just a full figure woman now… she must be dealing with a lot by herself… no need to point the finger at her and make her feel bad for the way she looks… this is actually a very stupid post and a very stupid idea… can't believe the NY post let some douche post this…

  91. 691

    Re: darkstardee – Agree 100%. Anyways when will they stop??? when they see Jess dissapearing right in front of our eyes and then they will start talking about Jess bulimia??? Jess shouldn't care that much about this idiots!!!

  92. 692

    Mean… how stupid! She gained like 5 lbs… why aren't they making fun of Lindsay Lohans shrinking frame? At least she is UGLY!

  93. 693

    I loathe this bitch, but this is waaay over the top. Mean as hell. And damaging to young women. Like a size 8 is fat. Jesus.

  94. 694

    SO mean

    what is it with everyone thinking a woman has to be a size 0 - 2 to be beautiful? marilyn monroe was a size 14 and she was absolutely beautiful. im proud to be curvy. GO JESS!

  95. 695

    Mean and simply ridiculous!

  96. 696

    That's disgusting.. she's put on a little bit of weight.. but now she's a HEALTHY weight.. she looks healhty.. and not stickk thin or anorexic. It's' not like she's obese.

  97. 697

    This is why I have an eating disorder. and why I'm completely terrified to be over 100 pounds. People make me sick. I pray for Jess and hope she doesn't read Perezhilton.com. Perez is 300 pounds. He seriously need's to look in a mirror.

  98. 698

    Not Funny!….that's so mean!!!

  99. 699

    well for everyone saying its mean and this is the reason for eating disorders and such, think about this. jessica simpson, in her thinner days was a contributor to such hollywood standerds. she showed herself in lettle bikinis and used her body to get attention and for people to like her and buy her albums. she pretty much set herself up for this, and now that shes bigger she shouldve expected this type of attention towards her weight gain. so yes while this may be mean and sending a bad message out to the public, but jessica set herself up for this.

  100. 700


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