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Mean or Funny????

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From today's NY Post.

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923 comments to “Mean or Funny????”

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  1. bee85 says – reply to this


    MEAN! other than the messed up lips, she's actually soo pretty. not the brightest, but extremely pretty!!!

  2. 702

    very mean, maybe this is why so many stars have eating disorders

  3. 703

    Re: GreenEyeLiz – Not even close, its a lurid sensationalist tabloid.

  4. 704

    Wow that was so rude & mean.

  5. 705

    The cartoonist is Sean Delonas. He hates women and GAYS. I am surprised Perez didn't call him out for this. Well, we all know that Perez hates Jessica. Sean Delonas is himself, easily 300lbs or more. He is extremely homophobic. GLAAD has been on him for years. He has horrible anti-gay cartoons forerver. Especially, against gay marriage. He is disgusting. But of course, Perez( who usually has a gay agenda), doesn't say anything b/c he hate her.

  6. 706

    Hahahaha i can't stand JS. shes a chubby skank

  7. efab says – reply to this


    just soooo mean. wow. i'm shocked at the Post.

  8. 708

    aw this is sooo mean

  9. 709

    I feel sorry for women, they can't get a break.

  10. 710

    MEAN by all means ..Do we still wonder why is there so many anorexic girls.. bulimia and all that sh.. around? mg! this is all about social preassure and stupidness… by the way I am not a huge fan of Jessica Simpson but she is NOT FAT!!!!!! looks great!!!

  11. 711

    oh thats mean as

  12. 712

    omfg. this is horrible. jessica simpson is not fucking obese. she gained weight, so the hell what!

  13. 713


  14. 714

    Very poor decision to publish this. They really should be ashamed. I don't even like Jessica Simpson and I feel sorry for her. This is the kind of shit that really fucks young girls up in the head. Jessica is not even fat. Our society is constantly contradicting itself on this weight matter. One minute they jump all over someone for being too thin and tell young girls to "Love themselves" everyone is different blah blah blah….then they go and publish this kind of garbage. Perez is no help either. He is the first to point it out if a celeb gains a few pounds.

  15. 715

    very mean! There are alot of more important issues going on, thousands are bring laid off everyday. i WISH that I was her size!

  16. 716

    not cool at all.

  17. 717

    Not funny!

  18. 718

    I agree, absolutely horrible. I don't see any cartoons about Oprah and her fat a$$!!

  19. 719

    she is such a beautiful woman. a few love handles never hurt anyone. just make a girl more womanly. enjoy your curves… make you that much more comfortable to cuddle and **** ;-) )

  20. 720

    MEAN! she's not that fat…and what if she gains some weight???is she not allowed to? don't misunderstand me …i think of her as the bitch who divorced nock lachey but still……

  21. 721

    thats really messed up. It's a shame how a celeb gains like 5 pounds and is considered "fat". She is no where near it, she looks great. The media needs to leave her alone and just let her be with her man and stop criticizing it.

  22. 722

    thats so brutal, she's not that rediculous…

  23. 723

    I'm sure the moron who draw that can't even get up the freakin bed because he amount of weight on his/her ass.

  24. 724

    this is sickening.
    leave that poor girl alone

  25. 725


  26. 726

    That mean and horrible. Not even funny. DONT LISTEN TO THEM JESS!

  27. 727

    I am not a fan of Jessica's, but that is so uncalled for. She is a beautiful girl and I would give anything to be her size. She has probably gone from an unhealthy size 0 to a more healthy 2 or 4. I think she looks better. She needed to gain a little weight. When the pic was first posted, I was thinking that she didn't look any different at all. I hate the media. They, including you, Perez, criticize girls for being anorexic and then you make fun of them for gaining a few NEEDED pounds.

  28. 728

    That is terrible! As if girls aren't under enough pressure to fit an unrealistic image, why not call a woman that is NOT fat overweight? They should be ashamed, and try to have a little more respect for women!

  29. 729

    More like SEXIST

  30. 730

    Typical of today's society. Not funny.

  31. 731

    Re: wilber-is-god

    No shit! i couldnt have said it better myself.

    This comic is absolutely insulting, even to me, and i wear a size 0

  32. Bree says – reply to this


    Terribly mean. I am really ashamed at the NY Post!

  33. 733

    I think they should apologize publicly for that….Totally uncalled for! And people wonder why there are so many people depressed and unhappy with the way they look and have low self esteem……Boo on you NYpost!! ?(And I am not really a J.S. fan)

  34. 734

    both mean & funny =/

  35. 735

    I think the NY Post needs to take a lap on that one. Fucking mean.

  36. 736

    Well at least it show that Romo stayed with her that long let alone put up with obese sex with her. Hey that girl got to do what she got to do. McD Big Macs are the crack for the real America. Plus McD is filthy richer than Romo. Way to go, Jess!

  37. 737

    and the funny part is…well, i'm waiting…nope, don't see it. try again, you'll find something to say.

  38. 738

    Mean. She isn't fat at all. It's embarrassing that we consider people who are seriously underweight beautiful and don't congratulate stars like Jessica Simpson who set a good example with their more normal looking figures.
    Go Jessica!

  39. 739

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S FUCKING HILARIOUS AND TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 740

    Re: Productboy – your pathetic…so sad. Actually you are right - the scale says 112, shit I am a fat ass!

  41. 741

    Not funny. Humor has to have an element of truth in it to be funny. Jessica Simpson is NOT fat.

  42. 742

    Try it with Oprah and Gayle.

  43. 743

    incredibly mean.

  44. 744

    OMG. That broke my heart. That is so not funny….especially since that girl is not fat. 165 on 5'4" is fat not 130. NO wonder society is so fucked up.

  45. EMJ3 says – reply to this


    NY Post…and Perez…have no shame.

    It would SUCK to be famous.

  46. 746

    Fuckin mean! She looks good. This is the reason why people are so severely skinny. She's not fat at all.
    I can't imagine how it would feel for people to criticize your weight…and she's not even fat. I would be absolutely devistated.

  47. 747

    Our society is so cruel!!! Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Jessica has feelings too! She is absolutley gorgeous! Ny Post owes an apology!

  48. 748

    MEANN!!!!! that's so not funny and rude.

  49. 749

    really mean

  50. 750

    Sean Delonas is the name of the "cartoonist" who drew this nasty piece of crap of Jessica Simpson, who may have gained a few pounds but is NOT FAT! Well Sean, you are a fucking TOOL! And an insensitive asshole! I guess being the slightest bit fat or heavy is the last accepted form of abuse & prejudice! You rotten fucker you Sean! Fuck you LOSER! That name again is SEAN DELONAS!!! SEAN DELONAS IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE JERK, MORON!

  51. 751

    The fuck!! Awful. U suck NY Post!

  52. 752

    i bet all these people saying the pic is mean are..FAT PIGS!! OINK!

  53. 753

    you gotta admit… it's a little funny!!

  54. 754

    it so mean

    yet so funny lol

  55. 755

    this is not right, perez you are fat too fat so, u even trying to lose some weight i see…even if you wanan be funny and impolite and still send across positive messages.

  56. 756

    Although funny, it is a bit more mean.

  57. 757

    (That said, she and her sister should both go away.)

  58. 758

    A man who posted this is a pig. And if it's a woman, she's a hypocrite. Grow up and stop being a hater.

  59. 759

    WTF ?
    how rude
    she is like 150 pounds
    thats fat ?
    Perez you weigh more than that so shut the f up

  60. 760

    wow i smell lawsuit.
    i mean the grl gained weight but why take this to an extent. just horrible,

  61. 761

    Stupid. What a dick. I'm not a Jessica Simpson fan but seriously this whole weight thing is stupid. She looks fine … better than fine actually.

  62. 762

    i hate both so…

  63. 763

    very very mean. women are very self concious about their weight any ways no one should have to go through something like this. this is absolutly terrible.

  64. 764


  65. 765

    i dont like her and even i thought that was low

  66. 766

    it's really mean, but i laughed my ass off.

  67. 767

    thats discusting. i'm pretty sure that jessica has an amazing body and anyone who comments on her gaining, like, 5 pounds has a real problem. get a life

  68. 768

    That's so stupid. I am not even close to a fan of Jessica Simpson. I think she is a terrible singer and she changes her personality to suit the genre of music she is singing or to sell whatever she can. HOWEVER, she is not fat. And even if she did get fat, who cares? She just wore some unflattering jeans.

  69. 769


  70. 770

    This is f'd up!

  71. 771

    so mean!!!! and ppl wonder why women and young girls have eating disorders.

  72. 772

    Wow. This reminds me of the bullshit reaction when Alicia Silvertsone dared to gain ten pounds. "Look out Batman, here comes Fatgirl!" Jerks.

  73. 773

    This is awful. Honestly people need to get a life! Weight gain can happen to anyone at any point in their life. Bodies and metabolisms change. This cartoon was stupid.

  74. 774

    Too big - Too small. Give me a break. She looks fine. The cartoonist should have listed their height, weight and age. How silly.

  75. 775

    SO MEAN!!! If that pic of Jessica Simpson is what our society considers "fat", then we're all in big trouble.

  76. 776

    MEAN…and as someone that was formerly "big boned", Perez…I'm ashamed. This by no means depicts the real Jessica. If anyone were to see her in person would probably think she looks great. Most of those photos were taken from below, which is a very unflattering angle. I personally think it's refreshing to see a celebrity, allbeit a "D-Lister" as you call it, look real. Hollywood needs more women like Jess. Nobody wants to snuggle up to skin and bones at the end of the night.

  77. 777

    Terrible people.

  78. 778

    I think it's Pathetic & childish on New York's part!!

  79. 779


  80. 780

    Omg, so mean.

  81. 781

    it's funny, but that is really mean

  82. 782

    She's like fucking 10lbs overweight, you stupid assholes.
    Studies show that overweight people live the longest out of underweight, normal weight and obese people.

  83. 783

    Extremely mean. The media is just adding to Womens Body Appearance Issues by by portraying a 'healthy' looking Jessica Simpson as obese. It's horrible… she is still in better shape than the majority of average Americans.

  84. 784

    im actually surprised to see that so many are as shocked as i am…..what a fucked up way to get a laugh. d-bag males at their finest. his balls are probably the size of peanuts and his dick probably hasn't touched a vagina in years…keep rubbing one out to those newlywed reruns you arrogant prick

  85. 785

    I'm no Jessica Simpson fan, but this is ridiculous. It looks she maybe went from a double zero to a two. A four tops. She is not fat by any stretch of the imagination. As someone with a niece recovering from anorexia, I think this is extremely irresponsible and offensive.

  86. 786

    That rocks!!!! LOL

  87. 787

    Mean Mean Mean!!! Ridiculous!!!

  88. 788

    I would say both.

  89. 789

    FUCKED UP! I don't care for Jessica Simpson either. It's one thing to make some fun of her, but to go over board like NY Post has is unacceptable. If she was to see this think of the harm that it would do to her. Who ever designed this cartoon doesn't know her and if they did they would never portray her in such horrible way! Think of the harm you WILL cause her when she sees how much attention she has gotten because she is "FAT". SHAME ON NY POST AND ON PEREZ HILTON BECAUSE HE ALSO POSTED THIS SHIT!

  90. 790

    hahahah thats funny :D

    This is a funny joke, but Jessica = NOT fat. Leave her alone. She is just the same size than your all mighty Dita von Teese. Start callin her fat too? Be honest!

  91. 791

    what the fuck?
    jessica simpson isnt fat at all!
    in hollywood youre always too fat or too skinny, its ridiculous!
    oh, and people wonder why so many girls across the world starve themselves, throw up purposely and have eating disorders

  92. 792

    I have to admit I did laugh. But it is horribly mean.

  93. 793

    It's shit like that that make people go anorexic and look like Lilo.

  94. 794


  95. \"k\ says – reply to this


    soooo MEAN!

  96. 796

    shameful. somewhere out there a cartoonist needs a hug.

  97. 797

    Disgusting, no wonder girls have such a negative perception of themselves…She is by no means fat and anyone that says so is completely wrong. Disgusts me!

  98. 798

    WTF!?? Im not a fan of hers but this is taking it too far! what gets me is that I bet the cartoonist is some fat ugly slob that jacks off to her photos nightly. This girl has a great body and is happy with her life. i hope she doesnt get all skinny and gross like saMAN.

  99. 799

    Definitely Mean Cruel.. I swear people will talk shit if your heavy or skinny… She is still a person whether your a fan or not. She doesn't deserve this.

  100. 800

    She needs TWO belts to strap that all down.
    haha, but this is def mean!

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