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Mean or Funny????

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From today's NY Post.

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923 comments to “Mean or Funny????”

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  1. 801

    so mean

  2. 802

    pathetic. shame on ny post…

  3. 803


  4. Darko says – reply to this


    mean or funny? hilarious.

  5. 805

    awful. This is why the country is filled with anorexic teenagers.

  6. 806

    This is absolutely revolting! How the hell can we expect young girls to feel confident in their own skin when they see women who are not my any means fat being ridiculed for putting on a few pounds. The media in america discusts me.

  7. 807

    very mean

  8. 808

    hahahahahahahaahaahaahahahaha oh yeah mean

  9. 809

    SOCIETY makes NO "fucking" sense.. we worry about the esteem of young girls with their standards so high by images that are unattainable without $$$- we claim to want the 'real woman' depicted- and when WE do- We make fun of it? What a godamn planet… beam me up Scotty- this place makes no fuckin sense. So what Jess had a good xmas..lol whatever she gained can be gone in a wk– why the global reaction?! christ.

  10. 810

    If theyre too skinny ppl talk if theyre too fat ppl talk.
    Stop being dick heads.
    Thats mean and unnecessary.
    shame on them.

  11. 811

    Really mean!! But… kinda funny :)

  12. 812

    wow that is mean!

  13. 813

    Really fuckin bad

  14. 814

    Are we 10 years old?

  15. 815

    This is mean but so funny. Who cares about Jessica Simpson anyways?

  16. 816


  17. 817

    WoW - I have not seen this many excited fat chicks since the last 'all you can eat' day at Pizza Hut.

  18. Mogan says – reply to this


    It's ridiculous and cruel and encourages girls to be anorexic. She is NOT fat! She is a curvacious girl and she look fine! Perez, you're just as bad. As someone who struggles with their weight you should know better.

  19. 819

    funny :O)

  20. 820

    Okay, saw her on "E" last night - she IS overweight.
    I'm sick and tired of the "pass" for heavy people. Its a simple matter of eating correctly and exercise. Nothing tricky about it.
    And for the record, I have a lot of vintage clothing - a previous size 8 or 10 is now a size 2 - don't kid yourselves - the stores have done this so woman can play that game of "I wear a 6" — no you don't, you're really about a 12.
    get over it, and cut out the junk food.

  21. 821

    Eveyone is talking about "self-esteem" — how about the heavy folks actually EXHIBIT little self-esteem — like, say, putting down the fork and going to the gym.
    I'm just tired of all the excuses.

  22. 822

    And people wonder why girls have eating disorders…

    This is disgusting…Jessica has an amazingly feminine body…(I'm not a fan of hers) But I'd kill for her body.

    She's NOT FAT AT ALL!

  23. 823

    OR — be fat and don't worry about it.
    But pluseezze ~ don't pretend to be are "normal" sized if that's not the case. And "normal" in ANY other country is a hell of a lot thinner than here.
    Maybe its time for Super-size me America to take a good, hard look at itself.

  24. 824

    Meansies. She doesn't look horrible, she definitely chose the wrong outfit to wear though, not flattering at alllllllll

  25. 825

    I am not trying to be cruel or hurt anyone's feelings - I'm a good 20 lbs. overweight — and I KNOW it. For a variety of reason, I just don't care right now.

    But I know - at 5'7" - 120 is where I should be. My current 140 is definitely overweight. I don't whine and try to pretend I'm thin. If I lose it, good. If I don't, I'm overweight. Period.

  26. 826

    Well Perez I'm sure YOU think it's funny since you've gone out on a limb to talk about her. It's really REALLY mean and I guess this artist decided to take it to a higher more fucked up level than you.

  27. 827

    it's mean. not funny at all.

  28. 828

    mean. really mean

  29. 829

    Not funny at all. Who cares if she put on a little weight in all honesty she could use it. I'm tired of all these stick thin celebrities.

  30. 830

    MEAN!! really mean shes not that big and if she lost the weight u would call her anarexic….she is average size maybe even smaller then average…go to the mall or wal mart and look at how big those bitches are

  31. 831

    Savagely mean.

  32. 832

    She's not even fat!!! What the hell?!

  33. 833

    I don't like her but I hope she sues them.

  34. 834


  35. 835

    I know, 3 comments in a row, but HEY, LULU!! 140 pounds for 5pi7 IS NOT OVERWEIGHT !! 120, you will look anorexic…I think you have the perfect weight!

  36. 836

    email editor@nypost.com
    to express your opinion about this VILE cartoon.

  37. 837

    she isn't fat and this is exactly one of the reasons anorexia comes from….

  38. 838

    mean! just because she's not a friggin stick like every other anorexic woman in hollywood, leave her alone!

  39. 839

    what the hell..how dumb

  40. 840

    MEAN - She did not look bad - give her a break. She is a pretty girl and she seems like she is really a down-to-earth person.

  41. 841

    Kind of funny! lol. they def over dosed on the fatness of her.

  42. 842

    That's a sin!
    She still looks good, even if she did put on a bit of weight.

  43. 843

    I found it neither mean nor funny. The choice should be more like "Juvenile or Ignorant?"

  44. 844

    Re: Amyrosie – I always feel like an idiot when I have 2 or 3 comments in a row, but my time is limited and I have to read as fast as I can - then just type responses.

    Truly, even my doctor agrees the 120 is correct for 5'7 - and I do think the extra 20 lbs. is a health issue - not a huge one, but I've only been heavier for a year, and I can tell the difference.

  45. 845

    People, I think NY post is sarcastic. Duh.


  46. 846

    that's harsh…she may have put ona few pounds but that is extreme!!

  47. 847

    that is pretty funny.
    she looks awful now.

  48. 848


  49. 849

    definitely MEAN

  50. 850

    Really super mean.

  51. 851

    Re: LULU~*
    if you were 120 your BMI would be very close to underweight which is basically unhealthy. In order for you to be considered overweight your BMI should be greater than 25, and you are 21.9. Therefore you fall in to the "normal weight" category.

  52. 852

    after dumping Nick, she deserves what's coming

  53. 853

    oh - she'll be all right its no worse than anyone else they make fun of in hollywood. look - we idolize celebrities like theyre gods, and gods get persecuted sometimes. it comes with the business. it is what it is….

  54. 854

    i dont like jessica simpson…but that is fucking disgusting. she isnt even fat.

  55. 855

    Absolutely ridiculous. She put on what 10 - 20 lbs and they make her into a 400 lb slob. So so rude.

  56. 856

    Mean. (But I did LOL)

  57. 857

    SOOOO Mean, I would still do her she is HOTTTTTT!!!

  58. 858

    That's not funny at all. She's not that big. So she put on some weight, I think she still looks good.

  59. 859


  60. 860

    LOL She met McDonalds

    and yea, that's mean.
    But funny too.

  61. 861

    that is just plain mean! and I don't even like her…but enough is enough!

  62. 862

    mean and funny :P

  63. 863

    You've got to be fucking kidding me. BORED is more like it. What–no REAL news to report on? She's not even fat! Tony is the loser they should be making fun of!

  64. 864

    How nasty and totally unnecessary. No wonder there are so many females out there with eating disorders. You'd have thought the NY Post would have more important issues/topics to highlight rather than taking an easy shot at a woman that has gained a little bit of extra weight. I'd rather see a curvier woman on magazine covers than skeletal "Posh" Spice who could double as a cheese grater she's so boney and angular.

  65. odile says – reply to this


    cant it be both?hahah

  66. 866

    Mean. It's unnecessary — Jessica Simpson IS NOT FAT! No wonder women have so many issues when we are constantly told we aren't pretty unless we are a 0! Being a 2 isn't even acceptable anymore. Fucking disgusting yet men can go around looking like Vince Vaughn without being criticized.

  67. 867

    Funny as hell

  68. 868

    thats horrrible.
    i cant belive someone could do that to anyone.
    so incredibly rude&direspectful.
    i feel so bad for jessica, she must be so embarassed.

  69. 869

    WAY MEAN. Ok,….they act like she's 300 pounds or something. Damn our freaking skinny bitch obsessed society! Women are supposed to have curves! If she is considered 'fat', then there is something wrong with society, not her. Shit! This sucks, you guys. And Perez, with you being a formerly overweight boi, at least YOU should understand how wrong this is!

  70. 870

    dingdong calling
    for you((((((((( kisses))))))))))))))

  71. 871

    That is in no way funny. First of all, she hasn't gained THAT much weight. She's always fluctuated, but never to the point where it was ugly or disgusting. Second, that's taking it too far when it comes to obesity - it's a disease and they're being really insensitive and unintelligent. I thought they were supposed to be prestigious and "smart".

  72. 872


  73. 873

    Come on NY Post — is this all you've got?! Sad and pathetic!! I'd expect to see something like this on a blog not in a newspaper….WTF?!

  74. 874

    I feel so bad for her. Now she's probably going to starve herself. If she does go on a diet, I hope she does it the healthy way.

  75. 875

    wow so mean!

  76. 876

    abusively mean.

  77. 877

    and people wondered why i had an eating disorder…

  78. 878

    Definitely mean. I don't like either her or her sister, but she doesn't deserve that treatment, especially over something that's her own personal business.

  79. 879


  80. 880

    aw, that's mean D:

  81. 881

    that's just mean and jessica is not fat she is just a regular person, and since when is it ok to pick on people who are not a size 0-2

  82. 882


  83. 883

    Re: LULU~*
    I remember you on He Haw.

  84. 884


  85. 885

    Perez doesn't this make you feel like a pumpkin in an apple bin?

  86. 886

    the worst. she should sue

  87. ETF says – reply to this


    Its mean… but it is pretty funny!

  88. 888


  89. 889

    that's just mean! and people wonder why celebs get eating disorders!!!! it's because of bullshit like THIS people!!!!!!!!!

  90. 890

    absolutely unbelievably cruel.

    and she's not even fat…i admit she didn't look her fittest in those recent pics you posted, but it's something she could lose in about a month if she put her mind to it

  91. 891

    Mean :(

  92. 892

    holy shit. that is so wrong!

  93. 893

    that was so mean…she didnt even look fat..it was those nasty jeans

  94. ganza says – reply to this


    Talk about a morality tale. Simpson courted the press to the point that she was more famous for her appearances on the ET-type shows than she was for any of her work. Now that they own her look what they're doing to her. Sad. Scary/ Mean.

  95. 895


  96. 896

    Please. I'm not a fan, but the young woman is not fat. This is ridiculous, and also really unhealthy and unfair in many ways that I cannot address in this forum.

  97. 897


  98. 898

    I think this is very VERY mean. She just had a bad choice of an outfit. She is not fat.

  99. 899

    Twisted Humor…its mean because Jessica looks like the average woman and yet they're portraying her as some huge beast…but it's still a lil' funny. I guess Jess should just laugh along w/ it because the attention is still on her.

  100. 900

    dude thats funny

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