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Dakota's All Grown Up!

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On Thursday, Dakota Fanning attended the premiere of Push in LA.

She's turning into such a lovely lady!

We hope she scores that New Moon role!

We feel so old. Dakota's turning 15 next month!

As long as you don't do anything Miley does, you'll be just fine, D!

[Image via WENN.]

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127 comments to “Dakota's All Grown Up!”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    You knew she would be stunning looking as she got older and it is starting to show slowly but surely . What a talented purty little girl she is. I am enjoying watching her grow up. It is cool to see her not go all Mylli or Lindsay on a MF

    I hope she continues to stay out of trouble. OR at least real trouble ya know every teen needs to get in a little trouble after all. Just not the kind of crap they are flinging around the media these days

  3. 103

    Shes turning out to be a very pretty young lady.

  4. Bren says – reply to this


    Cute Cute Cute, and soooo classy of a young woman.. Keep up the good work!

  5. 105

    where is that dress fromm ????

  6. 106

    girls got class

  7. 107

    I love Dakota Fanning. She is a real role model for young girls, not like that trailer trash cyrus

  8. 108

    Wah ~ she is very pretty and elegant looking for 15!

  9. 109

    Shes Gorg. I really hope she doesn't turn out to be one of these out of control bitches… I hope she keeps her shit personal and keep herself classy

  10. 110


  11. 111

    she's so luverly…i hope she stays away from drugs and lindsay lohan

  12. 112

    Ok this is what gets me pissed
    Miley Cyrus is 2 years older than dakota
    and if miley had worn that dress you would have called her a slut
    Perez get over yourself and stop mentioning how slutty you think miley cyrus is
    Go look in the mirror and get some more lipo

    and as for dakota taking the part as jane in New Moon
    …..that is not goood news i have read all the twilight books
    and she just doesnt fit the part
    id imagine jane being 18 not 14!

  13. 113

    uh she's 15… not 10

  14. 114

    that was suppose to be replied to someone else's message… n/m

  15. 115

    that's a cute dress!

  16. 116

    She is very attractive and all grown up in this photo.

  17. 117

    aww, look at little dakota!! she is so beautiful now!

  18. 118

    she betr stay away from miley… forever

  19. 119

    absolutely gorgeous !

  20. 120

    wow soo pretty! love the outfit!

  21. 121

    she's 14 and she's dressing like that!!!! jesus christ what's wrong with hollywood

  22. 122

    Re: gimmeabreak – she's actually a sophomore. she's suppose to be a freshman but i'm guessing she skipped a grade.

  23. 123

    Re: Nedzadp – yea only because miley would never look as good as dakota.

  24. 124

    she has big feet, poor girl!

  25. 125

    Love her… class act.

  26. 126

    love her!!! i want to see her more in movies

  27. 127

    There are a lot of actresses out there who could take style tips from this gorgeous young lady.

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