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Spotted: Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson at the Oxford train station around 4:25 P.M. on Friday, catching a train to London with a tallish, pretty, brown/blonde-hairl girl. "They definitely looked like they were going out," a source tells us.

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159 comments to “SIGHting”

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  1. 101

    pics! prove it!

  2. 102

    screw her!!!!!!!
    i would like a photo please!

  3. 103

    maybe nikki reed, she has brown hair… aren't they supposed to be "together"?

  4. 104

    that was me bitches!!! suck it!!!

  5. 105

    Why did they look like they were "definitely going out"?? Details please! lmao :) haha

  6. 106

    noooooo!!! oh well yeah that girl was me!!! mmhmm! thats right i was with rob that day!! ya that girl he *ahem* dating is…… ME! he just doesn't know it yet! teehee! (rob if your reading this… uhhh……. hi?)

    p.s. those of you who seriously think this is true…. three words!! YOU- ARE- DUMB!haha jk!…. seriously though!

  7. 107

    i love Rob. but i think your source suckssssss!! your "so called source" did not even have a camera. HAHAHAHAH!!! funny! so there for all of this is hear say.
    personally i would not believe anything the media says. i mean after all…Rob can speak for himself. first they said he was with Camilla Belle…notttttt..then they said the same thing about Nikki Reed….dont think sooo… unless i hear it from Rob…then i dont beleive it..and other people should not either.

  8. 108

    one of his sisters? lets not jump to conclusions here people.

  9. 109

    Why would you post something like this? The source refuses to be named, which sounds fake. The quote you gave us was unspecific: I run into friends of the opposite sex at train stations from time-to-time…maybe it was an old friend he hasn't seen for a while? Is he not allowed to have friends? Maybe it was his sister…she fits the same description. This story is so faulty, you should put it down Perez. Or get a photo!

  10. 110

    wrong day perez…. thursday not friday…
    Bert aint with kbitch, she is with arangano
    nikki is apparently with some other guy as well
    maybe people should stop deciding he is seeing twilight cast members….
    i mean he is totes with tomstud, bromance ftw

  11. 111

    do i care? NEWSFLASH! i dont..

  12. 112

    I wanna seeeee pictures! I dont believe it.
    It could be his sister lizzy or victoria!

  13. 113

    pictures pleas??

    and if he has a girlfriend, fuck my life.

  14. 114


  15. 115

    Sources . Always sources. no pictures?
    I wont believe that until proof.

  16. 116

    Re: kerry1 – "catching a train to London…" Learn to read. It's so annoying to read all you dumb bitches getting upset that a guy you don't know and have never met is out on a date. I hope the girl he was spotted with is his F*** buddy. Or his finance even.

  17. 117

    it could have been one of his sisters..

  18. 118

    Re: seriouslynowkids

    Perez edited.

    At first it said he was in Oxford, LONDON taking a train to London

    and we all know Oxford isn't in London. So someone told perez, and he changed it.

  19. 119

    Wow. Rob takes a train. Rob takes a train with a girl. Big news much?

  20. 120


  21. 121

    hmmm, im getting sortof sick of all the fangirls and their "omg, noooo, he cant have a gf, that totally ruins my lyf!!"
    he DOESN'T want YOU
    he's NEVER met YOU
    he probably never WILL
    dont act like he's cheating on you.
    im happy for him =]

  22. 122

    where are the photos!

  23. 123

    Thats sucks! I'm jealous!

  24. 124

    i love how it says "brown/blonde-hairl girl".
    good description perez!

  25. 125

    who's this 'source'?

  26. 126


  27. 127

    Re: X – awww really !!
    i'm glad rob have found someone ,
    how long exactly thry've been together ??

  28. 128

    The slightest whiff of a rumor about him will do…a sighting, por favor, ahh, like a thirsty fool lost in the desert. Rob, oh Rob, wherefore art thou you sexy thang?

  29. 129


  30. Brina says – reply to this


    OMG I love him!!

  31. 131

    like going out on a date? or there like together? I think he might be a little to busy for a girlfriend

  32. 132

    I dont beleive that his is right. I read that the main cast is also up in Vancouver getting things togther before they start shooting in march. I read this on people.com
    I think if it happened to be him, maybe it was his sister? or a close friend. and maybe he was hugging them goodbye?

  33. 133

    bet it was his sister…a girl can only hope it was anyway

  34. 134

    yep it was me

    be jelous… be very jelous

  35. 135

    my hair is not THAT blonde and I'm average height.
    Ugh…the news is out guys! RP is MINE!

  36. 136


  37. 137

    I Would Love To Meet Rob 'Sob'

  38. 138

    What if its his sister…and wtf does IT LOOKS like they are going out mean? Unless they were all over each other, holding hands, etc not good info!

  39. 139

    hey um whats up where the hell do i send a photo? because all this is rubbish you women are mental thanks

  40. 140

    you need to get a pic of her and im jealous

  41. 141

    oops, i got cut off, as i was typing…lunch and dinner…yummy.But listen ppl.
    It's insane for us to sit around and thinkwe will one day fk Robert Pattison! It's freaking ridiculous!!! And for the nut job that thinks he should be with "Kristen Stewart" lmfao it's true, i will still admit it, i would lay this guy if he only blinked my way…and i don't even fk hand to god! We should go for it before we die as nuns….some other hottie will come around! I for one will try my best to stop obsession about him and hopefully, you'll do the same or die a virgin or a whore :)

  42. 142

    one last thing, who gives a fuck if it's Oxford st.? wtf? Or if it's his sister……pppl.
    fking please!

  43. 143

    Where's some pics???? Video?? We so want to know, Please, Please, Please with sugar on top :)

  44. 144

    That littel Whore! He is mine! Lets hope it is his sister!

  45. 145

    OMG! everyday i come to this sight looking for more info on my man RPattz and still NO NEW NEWS!!! WTF Perez! Are you trynna have me die from lack of Rob??
    And this girl he is "Dating" yea NO PIC then NO PROOF! I refuse to have some rumor crush my dream of potential happiness with Rob. And for all of you that keep saying "i dont care" and "i am so sick of hearing about this guy" then STOP FUCKING coming to his name and page and shit! You obviously are just as curious as we are but we arent embarrassed to say it. You haterz are worse then us stalkers. So STFU already! GOD! oh did i mention i love rpattz, cuz i do!

  46. 146


  47. 147

    Hi, I just wanted to throw this out to general Perez readers, do you think that it is taking far too long for the film to come out on DVD!!!! I am literally counting the days down!!!

  48. 148

    to see…is to believe… i see no pictures!

  49. 149

    are you guys sure it wasn't just another one of his sisters..? LOL

  50. 150

    besides for all we know.. it could've been another fan.

  51. X says – reply to this


    They were there visiting emma watson and her boyfriend emmas boyfriend lives there along with several other mates from school. And they were there for a few days he and his GIRLFRIEND you guys are very pathetic in all of this and photographs were sent in several some from robbie himself weather perez posted them or not was his business but its very rude saying hateful things about someone because they are fucking someone who you cant and chances are never will and if you think that celebs dont read these your very wrong plenty do. and as for licking faces she was dating his friend tom forever and was there when he was doing the face licking and thought it was just as funny as everyone else

  52. 152

    Re: X

    lol. you are so pathetic bb. Were you also the one who started the Brazilian Model rumor? JW.
    and LOL at ROB sending pictures in himself… uh no. And Tom wasn't there during the face licking incident, jsyk. It was Rob, Ana Kendrick and Nikki Reed. bb. this is just sad.

  53. 153

    I hope not…

  54. 154

    just a heads up, "X" is full of crap, her name isn't elaina arora or whatever.

    her name is carly, she's 19 and she goes to london business school.

    that is all.

  55. M.Rod says – reply to this


    Please update your Rob sightings… there's a bunch of new Rob Pattinson pictures at the Vogue dinner in London Feb. 6, and out with friends Feb. 7,…PLEASE!

  56. 156


  57. 157

    ok guise srsly now
    Bert DOESNT have a girlfriend atm, that much is obvious, if he had he woul either day he does or he would get nervous before saying no… the guy cant lie.. its just not what he does..

  58. 158

    Robert: Say it. Out loud, say it.
    Me: Bite me! Bite me, all over.

  59. 159


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