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The Republican National Committee Elects First African American Chair

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Obama effect?

On Friday, the Republican National Committee appointed Michael Steele, a former Maryland lieutenant governor, as its chairman.

He is the first African American to hold this post.

Interesting choice.

If the party was not in peril of being totally irrelevant or if there was no Obama, would Mr. Steele's selection have happened?


[Image via AP Images.]

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280 comments to “The Republican National Committee Elects First African American Chair”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    Trying to keep up with the DFL - nice try - you still have Palin in your ranks!

  3. 3

    I never again want to hear conservatives bitch and moan about affirmative action.

  4. 4

    He's awesome and fuck the haters who are going to talk shit. Let's see this, it shall be good.

  5. 5

    And to answer your question:

    If the party was not in peril of being totally irrelevant or if there was no Obama, would Mr. Steele's selection have happened?

    The answer is "no".

  6. 6

    Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell are African-American. Why can't people just look at the person' abilities and not their color? Obama is only the president because he's black.

  7. 7

    Us evil right wing fucks picked a black man? How is that so? We're so white and so racist!

  8. 8

    Interesting question and know, it would not have happened in my opinion. Probably pisses off a whole bunch of repubes. That is a good thing. Stir the pot.

  9. 9

    Re: M*I*A*R – Did I tell you that SP is a 2 faced whore?Tried to get her to do the donkey thing but the donkey wasn't havin' any of it.

  10. 10

    Never heard of him-Next!

  11. 11

    WOO YAY!!! Mac and Cheese forever!

  12. 12

    Nice Perez, trying to say that RNC voted Steele because he's black???? How hypocritical of you, but of course, you're a lib.

  13. 13

    Affirmative Action maybe?

  14. 14

    negative, but we'll never really know…

  15. 15

    it's liberals like you who make race an issue. asshole.

  16. 16

    Re: RedWingsFan – Your avatar is amazing.

  17. 17

    Re: SWEETPIECE LOVES THE OBAMAS! – And no. You know.

  18. 18

    Re: PUAinNYC – How the hell does that even apply here?

  19. 19

    I am black and from Maryland so I am not trying to discredit Michael Steele in any way. He is highly respected within the Republican Party and I think he is a solid choice yet this is definitely a case of the Obama effect. Republicans are severely trying to stay relevant and show the country that they too are inclusive, represent change and progress. They are damaged from this past election by not only the loss of the presidency but seats in the house and senate….I think that for the nest four years you will see alot more diversity within the party as they try to retake the presidency in 2012.

  20. 20



  21. 21

    Who cares if he's black? I'm sure the Committee is more interested in the fact if he is qualified for the job.

  22. 22

    Funny how the only people to bring up race are the Democrats….

  23. 23

    Re: ashuuuhlee – They want to call them Uncle Tom's - which is totally fucking racist - and not recognize them for the hard work they've done to get where they're at. Such hypocritical sons of bitches.

  24. 24

    Irrelevant? Hardly. You are such a joke Perez. I am just about done with your site.

  25. 25

    Picked for his skin color and nothing else. The repugs are so obvious and so sad.

  26. 26

    Re: ashuuuhlee – I didn't even vote for Obama, but I agree with you now! It's amazing how the only people to bring up race are the libs.

  27. 27

    If you follow politics you would know that Michael Steel is the man. He's no token black man so let's just get this straight right now. If you follow politics you would also know that he was running for the for the head of the RNC before Obama was elected. If you follow politics you would also know that he is very well respected within his party. He got votes because he is respected not because he's black.

    "If the party was not in peril of being totally irrelevant or if there was no Obama, would Mr. Steele's selection have happened?"

    I wll quote Naplian Dynamite "Heck Yes" Michael Steele is flippin sweet!

  28. 28

    Re: SWEETPIECE LOVES THE OBAMAS! – Nobody gives a fuck about your opinion 2 faced whore!

  29. 29

    Re: harrybalsac – I heard!

  30. 30

    this is all part of the GOP MAKEOVER. they've lost soooo much support, they're only trying to stay relevent. "this is our black guy" BS. lets see them add some color to FOXNEWS. yeah, don't think so. they're still the same.

  31. 31

    Re: EveryWoman – So true. The only ones concerned with race are the liberal douchebags. They don't look at qualifications and merit. They look at color. Do they forget Powell and Rice?

  32. 32

    Re: State ziti – but its not JUST about the past 8 years. its SOCIAL as well. the republicans clinging to social conservatism is killing their base, their "back in my day" values aren't current anymore… the scene of this world is changing, reproductive rights, gay rights, and equality are RELEVANT. 1950s "family values" are dying out fast, even to good-hearted religious people with judeo-christian backgrounds.

  33. Toby says – reply to this


    So happy for Michael!! Hopefully he'll straighten our the mess the Reps have gotten themselves into and get us back on track….

  34. Toby says – reply to this


    To ashuuuhlee….you speak the truth!

  35. 35

    Though a solid Democrat, it is good to hear that the Republicans are acknowledging there is a problem with their party. Government works better when there are two strong parties to balance each other out - 6 of the last 8 years being proof of how bad it is when it is not balanced. It would do more good if they would not worry about superficial aspects, and work on identifying ideology that works today. And to humble ashuuuhlee, obama was elected regardless of ethnicity, with highest percentage of the vote (electoral and popular) since Reagan.

  36. 36

    Liberals always play the race card. This man, Steele, is a staunch conservative and for that I say KUDOS to the Republican Party for starting to wise up and get a good guy to run the party. I don't care if the man is black, white, purple, or green, as long as he is for free-markets, small government, low taxes, and has great moral character.

  37. 37

    Well I hope the irrelilvant republicans keep getting the word out about the PONZI scheme that they are calling a stimilus package. Someone's got to put up a fight.

    Don't be fooled y'all. Look at what they are spending money on then decide for yourself. Do you think giving money to ACORN is going to stimulate the economy? I'm open to your thoughts on this. really go for it.

    Not only that they're giving money to an organization that is under federal investigation.

    Ah, yeah that's nice.

    Please don't insult us and call it a stimulus package. It's money being given to advance their social agenda. Callit what it is and I would have more respect.

  38. 38

    Re: EveryWoman

    No one here could honestly look at the pick and think his skin color had nothing to do with it. Please! If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. Same reason Palin got picked, because she's a woman. I actually feel bad for Steele. The RNC doesn't get it. Paul was right the party has lost it's identity.

  39. 39

    He's been the front runner for a while now. This wouldn't have even made news if obama wasn't in office.

  40. 40

    Re: harrybalsac – BUT I AM NOBODY AND I CARE HENRY.

  41. 41

    Republicans are just Swagger Jackers!

    They have absolutely *NO* new ideas. Personally I am offended that this coon could even pretend to perpetrate that he is going to bring new ideas/life to the party…

    All he is gonna do is Shuck and Jive for the white man…

    He is the black male equivalent of Sarah Palin.

  42. sushi says – reply to this


    Hey dumbfuck, he's been a player in the Republican party for ages. Shows you how fucking stupid you are.

  43. 43

    Money going to ACORN 4.5 BILLION

    Anyone want to tell me how this is going to stimulate the economy? Anyone???

  44. 44

    Well said Sushi :)

  45. 45

    He has been looked at for a long time to be new RNC chairman… been following him for a while, he is the best choice.

  46. 46

    Let's see . . . first they tossed in Palin because Hillary's a woman, Sarah's a woman, not difference - right?
    Now they are fronting Steele. Hmmmm, Obama is Black, Steel is Black . . .
    I see a pattern here.

  47. 47

    The Republican party is in a death spiral . . .
    (personally, I'm loving every minute of their implosion . . .)

  48. 48

    But then, why shouldn't the Republican party be in a death spiral? LOOK WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO THIS COUNTRY.
    Never again.

  49. 49

    how very mormon and NRA of them!

  50. 50

    It's about time.

  51. 51

    Re: LULU~* – YES YES YES!

  52. 52


    Are you a jealous angry black man or a white racist?
    Just askin…..Either way it's ugly.

    Can't people disagree without being hateful?

    I will pray tonight that Harliegh is a less hateful person

  53. Synik says – reply to this


    I don't know anything about Mr. Steele, but I do abhor the way the RNC has a way of showing their cluelessness when it comes to issues of gender, race, or sexual orientation. Think the voters are disappointed in Hillary losing the nomination? Bring in Sarah Palin, as though the two women had ANYTHING in common other than a vagina. They think the voters don't know the difference! Now the RNC realizes that they now need minority votes to win anything, so they bring in a black man. The voters will see this as a sign that the RNC is on their side! It would be funny if it wasn't so damn insulting.

  54. 54

    I wonder if Limbaugh is going to play his "Magic Negro" song for Steele. Or state that they chose him because he's black…

  55. sushi says – reply to this


    Re: Harligh Quinn – Spoken like a true racist liberal.

  56. olive says – reply to this


    of course theyre just doing it to keep up with the dems. just like mccain when he chose palin to appeal to hillary devotees…


  57. 57

    State ziti has just been added to the prayer list because he seems to be a hater.

    People who are doing the black comparison (umm LuLu) don't you think it minimizes the persons (in ths case Michael Steel) qualifications?

    Honestly, how short sided and racist of you. Can't you all for one minute do a little research, listen to the guy speak and then pass judgement. Sadly i bet the most you know about this guy is that he is a black republican.

    We got some shallow folks up in here.

  58. 58

    lol Republicans in the Congress and Senate are so far to the right they know they can only win in states where the voters are primarily to the far right which are dwindling. Now they want to pretend they care about blacks, the poor, the middle class and immigrants. Even the VERY wealthy have left them. Most voters are to the MIDDLE, but someone forgot to tell the Republicans or as usual their noses are so far up their butts they haven't noticed.

  59. 59

    Does he sound even "Whiter" than Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice?
    Just wondering…

  60. 60

    To see what blacks in charge do all you need to do is go to what was once a great city like DETROIT or OAKLAND or MEMPHIS or Large Parts of Kansas City and you have a crystal ball into what these geniuses can do. And what they can do (anywhere in the world) is Not Good? With what's going on now this is just a Preview of things to come for the Entire USA. There is not a place on the planet where these people are more than 25% of the population where it is safe for ANYONE white/black/whatever TO WALK / NIGHT OR DAY?

  61. 61

    Sorry Obama the great did not pave the way for Mr. Steele. He did it on his own.

    Steele has been in Politics wayyyy longer than OBAMA….
    So fuck off beak geek with this comment!!

    "Trying to keep up with the DFL - nice try - you still have Palin in your ranks! "

  62. 62

    Eau de Desperation.
    I wish I could have seen Rush's and Hannity's face when this was announced.

  63. 63

    It isn't the Obama effect. He was the Lt. Gov of Maryland, ran for Senator in Maryland and is very well respected in the party, well before Obama. Steele is a great choice!

  64. 64

    It is hilarious reading these dumb republicans comments on here.
    No, it is no coincidence that they picked a black man right after a black man won the presidency, none at all.
    The 99.9999% white party.
    My God, at least be honest with yourselves.

  65. 65

    he was a front runner for the rnc wayyyyy before the election was over. steele pretty much had it in the bag. and no, his color had nothing to do with it. however, your dems wouldn't know that….

  66. 66

    In response to roter rooter: yes, he does sound "whiter" than them

  67. 67

    Wow….such hate mongering on this site…..Anyhoooo, here's my two cents: As the GOP wanted to ride the wave of feminism when H. Clinton got booted from the Dem nomination (and subsequently chose Sarah Palin), they now want to ride the African American wave to try and get some of the minority votes in their corner; Unfortunately, on many political blogs, its driving away the ultra right wing because of his race. Check out what Rush Limbaugh (who's the right wing messiah) has to say about it….

  68. 68

    Perez, you're so politically incompetent that it's embarrassing. The GOP hasn't been focused on promoting race in lieu of qualification and if you've seen the man's credentials you would know he is most qualified. Also, if you think the GOP is in danger of becoming irrelevant, then you are an even bigger ignoramus than I previously thought. Terms are cyclical, between the GOP and Democrats. Just because you won one election in 8 years does not mean the GOP is in danger of becoming irrelevant. Look up our past presidents and see how many were Republicans vs. Democrats and then tell me if they are irrelevant.

  69. 69

    Republicans are extremely superficial. Just like they thought they could get Sarah Palin and steal away Hillary's votes, they think a black man will win them Obama's votes. Please. Their party is in crisis, and the more they continue to try and fix things superficially the deeper in crisis they will be. Go right on ahead.

  70. 70

    And just to prove the point that race was a factor, from today's Washington Post: "Republican party strategists in attendance at the meeting openly fretted about the possibility of electing Katon Dawson, who had acknowledged his membership in a whites-only club, and the signal it would send to a country that had just elected Obama as the nation's first black president."

  71. 71

    It's soo funny how you liberals are so racist. You would rather believe that he is not qualified and instead belive that he was nominated by the RNC because he is black?

    I know how all you libs hate fox news. So you probably don't watch. Otherwise you would have seen his presence over the last two years making appearances on every one of their primetime news programs. If he would have been bad for ratings Fox would not have continued to have him on.
    Obviously the producers liked him and so did the viewers

  72. 72

    Oh God!! RACE, Race, race!!!! Everything is about color and race for you liberals! For a group that claims race & color shouldn't matter-you base EVERYTHING on it! Ugh! Enough already, ya hypocrites!

  73. 73

    I really like this guy, I've seen him a lot over the years, he's a great pick.

  74. 74

    You fuckin fag! You didn't say THAT when Condoleezza Rice was confirmed!
    Obviously, you don't know how conservative Michael Steele really is. His election is a shot across the bow of the liberal left.

  75. 75

    perez .. i disagree that the Republican party is on the 'verge of becoming irrevelant' … its known as the GOP for a reason … the basic ideals of the party .. small government … will never and should never become irrevelent … republicans superficial? you gotta say the same about the democrats … why don't you give the republicans the same credit you give the democrats and presume the man was picked on her merits .. which i am sure he was!

  76. 76

    Re: PUAinNYC
    WTF are you talking about?

  77. 77

    Re: harrybalsac
    Harry, can you take your little problem outside.
    You should know by now that women are not to be trusted. Get yourself a man. A real man that you can have and hold for the rest of your life. Those women are just using you! You' re fooling yourself. You need a REAL MAN.

  78. bunck says – reply to this


    This has NOTHING to do with looking good. He has been a rising star for the Republicans for a long time, I think he is actually way over-qualified for this job. It's too bad he narrowly missed getting a senate seat a couple of years ago.

  79. 79

    Michael Steele is an ass. I guess that's what it takes to become chairman of the GOP. You have to lose a couple of statewide elections. This is the equivalent of picking Sarah Palin because she's a woman like Hillary. Duu-uh!

    The Rethuglicans just don't get it. They need to understand that their "philosophy" and their "values" gave us a whole bunch of elected officials from Bush on down to every member of Congress who is a Republican, who sat there for eight years and gave us the catastrophe we have now. So they are going to crap all over the floors and just keep saying no, and finding jerks who will go on TV and criticize Obama for trying to fix things. Obama tries to give them respect but they don't even deserve it. I would die of embarrassment before I ever want people to know if I was a Rethuglican right now. They are not just dumb. They are intellectually bankrupt.

  80. 80

    Liberals are the only ones that see color. He was the best man for the job…. PERIOD. If the "party iin peril of being totally irrelevant" weren't around, the "stimulus bill" aka porkulus bill would be bigger and more ridiculous than it already is and everyone's kids and their kids and their kids and their kids would be saddled with the debt. Think before you perpetuate your lack of all things politics.

  81. 81

    Re: The Warden – …not that being 'known' did him or his party any good…sorta like your presence on a gay guy's blog

  82. 82


  83. 83

    Re: topper – Sorry Top, but harry could never figure out how you can look at another guy's hairy ass and find love? I guess we're just wired different.Sorry about the drama but this little asshole really stepped over the line today.

  84. 84

    It's going to take alot more than one man to change the view of so many in the GOP. If they don't change the direction the party is going, they will become the minoirty party for many many years to come.

  85. 85

    Michael Steele has been a star of MD's republican party for many, many years- way before anyone even heard of Obama. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Steele on many occasions and, not only is he well qualified, he is a true gentleman. Unlike Obama, Michael Steele is where he is today because of years of hard work and experience. Go Michael!

  86. 86

    Having been a long-time follower of Michael Steele, YES, it would have happened, he is well respected, and very well connected.

  87. 87

    i'm sorry unlike the rest of the country republicans vote based on issues not on color! he got job because he was the best man for the job!

  88. 88

    Hell, his sister was married to Mike Tyson, the man knows EVERYONE…

  89. 89

    This is like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted….bunch of out of touch old white guys desperately trying to be relevant in the 21st century and looking like outdated clowns.

  90. 90

    Re: HuntTheWumpus – I see your point, however he was the Chairman for GOPAC since 2007 - that speaks VOLUMES to the respect he has within the Republican party.

  91. 91

    I am from MD and I usually vote democrat….but I like Michael Steele. I think he is a good choice….not b/c of his color, but b/c of him.

  92. 92

    The repubs picked him because he's black, just like they picked Palin because she was a woman. He wouldn't have gotten the job if it wasn't for Obama winning and the fact that everyone views the repubs as racists and divisive. Sorry to say this but they are using him as the token black guy

  93. 93

    This guy rocks… He will be great!

  94. 94

    Re: State ziti – seems to me that the republicans are in the minority now so why don't you:

    1. eat a dick
    2. choke on it
    3. die… slowly

  95. 95

    This reminds me of the stunt the GOP pulled in the 2004, with the Illinois Senate race. The party took notice of the excitement surrounding Obama and realized his win was enviable. Instead of focusing their time on finding a viable candidate, they opted to find a black man. Any black man! No matter how ridiculous he may be. It was obvious what they were doing and many found it insulting. It was as if they thought the two black men were interchangeable. Alan Keyes (who wasn’t even an Illinois resident) became a walking punch line and his campaign quickly imploded. Needless to say the election wasn’t even close. I can only hope that this is a sign of an evolving party and not another attempt to insult voters.

  96. 96

    Uncle Tom Republicans are almost as adorable as Log Cabin Republicans — I collect tokens as pets and throw pillows!

  97. 97

    Re: Honey B. – "token black guy" this implies he did not work for this - he did, he is VERY well respected, is Chairman of GOPAC. This is the exact type of statement he has battled his entire political career - at Morgan State oreos were thrown at him because he was a black republican - the man has EARNED his spot in the RNC, and NOBODY has a right to take that away from him. So nobody should call him anything less than DESERVED.

  98. 98

    Michael Steele has been around a while. He is very smart and we're glad to have him as the head of our party. If you watched Fox News once in a while, you'd know that he has been around longer than Obama. It has nothing to do with him being black. If you listened to him, you'd know that he transcends race. I don't even think of him as black. I think of him as an excellent conservative voice.

  99. 99

    mmmmm, K next

  100. 100

    Re: Plinkie9 – Condalesbo Rice was INCOMPETENT, regardless of race. She allowed 9/11 to happen because she was worthless as a National Security Adviser. But that would only be a problem to those evil "libs" because you right wing Nazi McJesus Freaks clearly don't care about competence or we wouldn't have suffered through the past 8 years.

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