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Vaginal Injections and More! Suzanne Somers Goes to Extremes to Keep Menopause at Bay

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Every woman, including Megan Fox eventually, will have to grapple with menopause.

But, former Three's Company star and Thigh Master whiz Suzanne Somers has apparently found a way to fight back at mother nature.

She revealed to Oprah's audience on Thursday that her daily routine of vaginal hormone injections and pill popping has helped her beat the “Seven Dwarfs of Menopause": Itchy, Bitchy, Sleepy, Sweaty, Bloated, Forgetful and All Dried Up.

Yes, you read that right! She shoots stuff into her vajayjay!!!!

Oprah's camera crew followed Suzanne out on her daily routine of womanly rejuvenation.

The blonde begins with rubbing a syringe of estrogen on one arm, every day.

For two weeks out of the month, she rubs progesterone on the other.

And, then, the crazy comes into the routine. She injects estriol vaginally!! Fortunately, O's cameras left that part out.

She goes on to take pills, 15 of which she downs in a thick, yellow smoothie her husband makes for her. This pill smoothie is apparently the 'secret to their marriage'.

Suzanne ends her day with an additional 20 pills at night before bed.

Well, if it's working then good for you, Suzanne!

We wonder if the cooter shooting trend will reach Thigh Master heights?!

[Image via WENN.]

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83 comments to “Vaginal Injections and More! Suzanne Somers Goes to Extremes to Keep Menopause at Bay”

  1. 1

    too much 411!!!!! Jeeeeezzzzzzzzzz

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Shes getting herself primed incase Demi dumps Ashton

  4. 4

    Vaginal injections? harry gives those out all day long right girls!

  5. 5

    Did Oprahahaha ask her about the hundreds of thousands of dollars she has spent on plastic surgery????????

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Wow, vaginally? Are you for real Mario? That's amazing. No one has EVER done anything like that before. Your next post should be about how women who get pap smears(gasp)! Geeze, you fucking fucktard.

  8. 8

    what the fuck is wrong with her knees!!!

  9. 9

    She shoots stuff into her vajayjay!!!!

  10. 10

    She goes on to take pills, 15 of which she downs in a thick, yellow smoothie her husband makes for her. This pill smoothie is apparently the 'secret to their marriage'.


  11. 11

    The obsession of some women is positively ridiculous…

  12. 12

    Re: SweetPat – U know perez loves stuff rammed into his ass lol

  13. 13

    Her husband must be proud!

  14. 14

    aging is natural…embrace it!

  15. 15

    Re: _Alice_ – Ready for your treatment? Doc harry inda house!

  16. 16

    Not going there…….

  17. 17


  18. 18

    OMG!….she is really fight the good fight…

  19. 19

    EW! That many pills a day is sooooooo bad. I wonder if she ever misses the "target" when she's injecting her vajayjay?

  20. 20

    Soon de lime will be hitting the Corona!!!!

  21. 21

    She does all that gross shit and guess what?? She'll STILL turn out to be an old lady! She looks orange with her spray on.

  22. 22

    She bitch doesn't mention all the Restylane injections she's had or the Botox or the lyposuction, and who knows what else. Her face looks bloated from profile and that's because of all the injections. And she has her lips injected all the time. She's still thick around the middle and that's why you never see her in anything form fitting unless it's black with blouson top. She can afford to do all that because she's made millions off of her books and crap she sells on Home Shopping Network to all those poor homebound women who think they're going to lose weight and look like her.

  23. 23

    Re: LaDiva 1 n only Diva… – Will she do an infomerrical about this?

  24. 24


  25. 25

    Re: harrybalsac – Ok but do you think we could leave out the donkey? It's really statting to make me jealous and….a little uncomfortable.

  26. 26

    Re: _Alice_ – *starting

  27. 27

    It's astounding how afraid of aging a lot of women are, and the extremes they go to trying to stall the inevitable.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Re: _Alice_ – LOL!

  30. 30

    Re: RedWingsFan – Lol that's all she is good for.

  31. 31

    So not worth it. She still looks old!

  32. Kate says – reply to this


    Sorry, I'll take menopause over the week worth of inconvenience every month. And there's no effin way in hell I'd be rubbing hormones over my skin or shooting shit into my cooter… we get enough additional crap in our diets, I'm not gonna add any more. I'll look better than her when menopause comes rolling around anyways.

  33. 33

    It rubs the lotion on itself………..

  34. 34

    35 pills? Add some vodka and some cigarettes and that sounds like my daily youth preservation technique….

  35. 35

  36. 36

    Re: _Alice_ – Hee Haw, ok!

  37. Gigit says – reply to this


    What a shitty way to portray women getting hormonal treatments Mario. It's ok, your stomach hangs and gets all floppy and gross, and everyone knows it's floppy and gross, too. PS your boobies droop.

  38. 38

    Heh. Ten bucks says she's the next Hollywood star that gets stricken with breast cancer. She's crazy.

  39. 39

    You are SO disrespectful of women, you fucking prick!!!!!

  40. 40

    My mother's in her early 60's and looks better then her! Seriously. Now my mother watches her weight, exercises and takes vitamins. Mummy says you gotta watch the carbs when you get older bcz they're harder to process. But she refused to take all those hormones when she went thru the Change. She said eight friends she used to work with took them and got breast cancer. Two died. She controlled her symptoms by eliminating caffeine and too much sugar. Doing exercise, and using Soy supplements. So Suzanne Somers is like a time bomb. The other thing is the Botox and the plastic surgery. Ugh! You can't stop yourself from getting old, but you don't have to look like a clown either. Suzanne needs to look sexy and glam and instead she is looking like a clown. There are only a few women who can look that good getting old. Raquel Welch is one. Sophia Loren is one. And so is Jane Fonda. Sharon Stone doesn't look too bad most of the time, either.

  41. 41

    Totally sickening!

  42. 42

    I'm glad women are being more open about menopause. This way, better and better drugs will be made, and by the time we (and Megan Fox hehe) reach that age, we won't have to go through menopause at all. :)
    Oh, and to all the confused posters who think this about looking young, menopause causes mood swings, hot flashes, forgetfulness and diminished sex drive. Who wants that? Bring on the pills and injections!

  43. 43

    Re: harrybalsac – Ahahahahahaha…..

  44. 44

    You know that is really too much information.

  45. 45

    Umm, ewwwww. Who wants to still be shoving tampons up their vajayjay at 63? Double eeewwww. :o

  46. 46

    Re: LizzieBorden – She's already had breast cancer. I wouldn't be surprised if it came back.

    Re: lemonbird – Are you saying you want to still have your period every month at the age of 63 coz that's what Suzanne is talking about there in this whole "no menopause" thing.

  47. 47

    Menopause is suppose to happen It's what our body does. I find this strange and living in denial. whatever

  48. 48

    Re: DLR in Canada – She is not you ignoramous! She's talking about not having hot flashes, low sex drive, moodiness, etc……DUH!!!! You're obviously a dude! Just be quiet now.

  49. 49

    Re: _Alice_ – No matter what you do, whether pills or injections or whatever, bioidentifcal hormones bring back your period. Just look up Wiley Proctocol on the Internet. So yes, if you're preventing menopause, you're continuing periods, simple as that.

  50. 50

    No matter how hard you try, you can't fool nature.

  51. 51

    Re: DLR in Canada – Oops, I meant Wiley Protocol. Just go to the FAQs, type in period and you'll see what bioidentical hormones and HRTs are all about. There isn't anything yet that will enable women to avoid the mood swings, hot flashes, forgetfulness and diminished sex drive without bringing back a period unless you don't have an uterus.

  52. 52

    Re: DLR in Canada – She's not talking about bringing back her period. She's talking about getting rid of the side effects of menopause. Like….trouble sleeping, low sex drive, moodiness, weight gain, etc…..
    Any woman above the age of 12 knows you can't get back your period after menopause. She's talking about the shitty side affects! Are you new to the world? Geeze.

  53. 53

    Re: DLR in Canada – When you lose certain hormones, you feel like shit. She's talking about replacing those hormones and feeling better. It has NOTHING to do with getting your period again. And that's weird to even think about. Women want to feel good during menopause, not get their periods back! OMG, I hope you learn more about this before you get married and grow old with a woman!

  54. 54

    Her process is much more torture than menopause itself!!!! Very sad !

  55. 55

    Hey, genius, she doesn't "inject" anything with needles. It's a cream. You just rub it on. And it's not about how you look, it's hormone replacement for how you feel. Idiot.

  56. 56

    Re: DLR in Canada – "Umm, ewwwww. Who wants to still be shoving tampons up their vajayjay at 63? Double eeewwww. "

    You're amazingly good with words on top of being a complete genius. God, what a catch you must be!
    And you're right- why would anyone want to shove anything up the "vajayjay" of a woman over 20, even if it's their own?

    You do realize women still have sex at 63? And that some of them might choose to spend their time on other things than knitting, baking cookies and searching the house for their reading glasses? And that maybe, possibly they would like to be able to do those other things without mood swings and hot flashes? Grow the fuck up!

  57. 57

    Re: harrybalsac – Can your syringe reach my Vajayjay? LOL

  58. 58

    I'm confused about why she's doing this! She has already had a bout with breast cancer. Taking hormones for menopause is a no-no when you have such a high risk for breast cancer. My Dr. has already told me that, and I haven't hit menopause yet-but have a very high risk-1 in 4- of getting breast cancer at some time. Besides-i thought she was all anti-traditional medicine. Didn't she 'treat' her breast cancer all new-agey??

  59. 59

    fuck off with Megan Fox!

  60. 60

    Re: LizzieBorden – She already had breast cancer. It was hush, hush.

  61. 61

    50 pills a day seems horribly accessive. but the injects are pretty common.

  62. 62

    why would you say "Good for you"? What is good about that? Is she making the world a better place? Is she saving lives, furnishing food…oh wait, she's supporting quack "medicine." She looks terrible…and really, staving off menopause: until when? Will she do the same routine when she's 83? what about 93? The thing she needs to work on is her fricking BRAIN, she is a total bubblehead! (and I don't mean the peroxide hair) but then, why SHOULD she, people buy her stupid products and books and put her on television shows! Doesn't she belong in the circus with the performing geeks? Look at her legs, YIKES! I bet she has fake hair, it has to be thinning at her age.

    Most women in the world ignore menopause, they don't have time to worry if their skin is dry or their sex drive has declined.

    Ms. Somers had some fun comic timing way back when on Three's Company, but maybe the peak of her career was being blonde in Thunderbird in American Graffiti. Or getting busted for shoplifting way back when.

    sad stuff.

  63. 63

    We all have to go through it and I am sure there will be consequences for her delaying the process. Fuck my pu$$y is dry….

  64. 64

    I could have lived without knowing this…

  65. 65

    Does she inject collagen and botox down there too?

  66. 66

    Why doesn't she do something about those hammer-toes?

  67. 67

    Someone needs to tell this crazy lady that menopause is a part of life… what she is doing is just not natural at all… and it makes her a bit of a freak… what woman wants be having a period when she's 65 years old? She's going to end up with cancer because of all the hormones. And it will probably be something like ovarian cancer or cervical cancer which would make her have to have a hysterectomy.

  68. 68

    she talked about that like a month or MORE ago on larry king.
    way to be relevent, you had to wait for oprah to get the story?

  69. 69

    Well, obviously she is wasting her time, because she is bitchy,
    dried-up, bloated and forgetttable.

  70. 70

    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! I SHOOT MY WOMEN WITH THE SAME STUFF AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. 71

    WOW how healthy could that possibly be? > ? anything to stay beautiful but what about her poor liver!!!! : ( (yuck)

  72. 72

    It's probably not actual "Injections" she shoots into her vagina. It's an applicator that shoots a pill up there to keep things moist after menopause. Otherwise the vagina is like a piece of hollow beef jerky. This is very common and don't laugh. You live long enough - well there you go.

  73. 73

    So what? Vaginal estrogen is prescribed all the time.

  74. 74

    ….that's a hell of alot of pills….can you imagine the liver load???

  75. 75

    Re: _Alice_
    Alice, I keep fukin missing you,
    you sexy bitchygrl.
    Alice isfuk..heheheheeeeeeeeeee
    ((( dingdong, I'm obsessed..shitfukshit ))))) ))) kiss)))

  76. 76

    Re: DSummerfan – Hey…that's a good point.

  77. 77

    Can your body really process that many freaking pills?

  78. 78

    Geez, is all that medication really doing anything for her?
    I think she should dedicate more time to fake-tanning her legs.

  79. 79

    there are pills you put into your vajayjay to help the dryness but I never heard of a shot into that area. ouch!

  80. 80

    Re: LaDiva 1 n only Diva… – they are old knees

  81. 81


  82. 82

    That's too extreme she can have cancer! U stupid sex-crave grannie!

  83. 83

    Whatever she's doing - it's working. She's managed to avoid menopause and still looks at least 15 years younger than she is.