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Lil' Kim Gets A Smackdown From B.I.G.'s Mom!

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Lil' Kim is still making a fuss over her portrayal in Biggie biopic Notorious, and now Biggie Smalls' mother, Voletta Wallace, is biting back with some fighting words of her own!

Responding to Kim's objection to casting "too dark" Naturi Naughton, Wallace said, "Do you know why the character was too dark for her? Because she's [Lil' Kim] a white woman trapped in a black woman's body, and you can tell the world I said it, because those are Lil Kim's words. She should be ashamed of herself."

Wallace suggested that Kim "go find herself, go drink a cup of green tea and get a life! This movie is not about Lil' Kim. She felt we used her character to promote [but] this movie is about my son…Lil' Kim needs to go sit down."

What the hell does green tea have to do with this?

They should both sit down…and drink some chai tea!

[Images via WENN.]

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81 comments to “Lil' Kim Gets A Smackdown From B.I.G.'s Mom!”

  1. 1

    Man that would be a pay per I'd watch!

  2. 2

    Well said

  3. 3

    Don't care!

  4. 4

    Fuck 'em.

  5. 5

    My dog eats his own poop.

  6. 6

    Green tea beaaaaccchhh!Oh no you didnt-oh yes she did-on never mind- heres two glocks you sisters settle this out back-no body is gonna snitch-have at it!

  7. 7

    Re: DrinkYourKoolaid – NO THAT IS NEWS!Mario wake trhe fuck up and post this!

  8. 8

    biggies mom can go suck a tit
    biggie is overrated -and you can tell the world i said it.

  9. 9

    What the hell does green tea have to do with this?

    They should both sit down…and drink some chai tea!


  10. 10

    Maybe they should have their own wrestling smack down.

    or they could use lil kim's tits as basketballs….

    but I digress…i'm sure it'll be a fpatabulous movie!

  11. 11

    WOW, I've read about this for weeks now!!!

  12. 12


  13. 13


  14. 14

    Wow, shocking these 2 losers don't get along. Both are trash.

  15. 15


  16. 16

    Re: RedWingsFan – Shit bitch, that IS how they roll yo. Damn.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    Re: _Alice_ – HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Does it matter what colour you are? You can be a douche bag either way… no? She didn't need to put it that way.

  21. 21

    umm weird…. whats with the white woman in a black womans body all about?

  22. 22

    Re: M*I*A*R – Hey, M!

  23. 23


  24. Hole says – reply to this


    Lil kim has no career…this is her career

  25. 25


  26. 26


  27. 27

    Re: BBBoricua… – Hello Beba!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Re: DrinkYourKoolaid – It's called "recycling".

  30. 30

    How about a non-fat, no water, extra hot Tazo Chai Latte…

  31. 31

    Re: _Alice_ – Hey, Alice! Let me know if this is right: Guten Tag, Freund!

  32. 32


  33. 33


  34. 34

    Lol… what a classy bitches fight!

  35. 35


  36. 36

    Re: theresalongo – because lil kim has pulled a michael jackson and bleached her skin and thinned out her nose to look less "black"
    google her pictures. back when big was alive, she didnt look like what she does now.

  37. 37

    Re: BBBoricua… – LOL…yep! Wie geht's? (That means how are you!)

  38. 38

    you go don't mess with the jamacians LOL and plus lil kim was very dark back then. Trust kim no one was trying to use your name to promote the movie. You weren't even mentioned in the trailers you confused bitch

  39. 39

    Re: _Alice_ – HAHA! Did you ever imagine a Boricua speaking to you in German? My answer: Ich bin gut, ich danke Ihnen!

  40. 40

    They should both Sit down & drink some senna tea!

  41. 41

    lil kim is barely famous, she should be happy shes in a film. i googled the actress playing her and they look fairly similar, whats her problem? very rarely do biopics have actors identical to the real people

  42. 42

    Lil kim was biggie's jump off….everyone new he loved Faith….

    Faith beat her ass and that she deserved….he used her for her lyrics and plus if he really loved Kim he would have married her instead of Faith after only knowing Faith for 4 days……

  43. 43


  44. 44

    She said "green tea" because Lil Kim is part Asian and Wallace is apparently racist too…

  45. 45

    Look at Lil Kim's hand compared to her face :D LMAO! Self hate is a disease

  46. 46

    Re: BBBoricua… – LOL……. Bitte schön, Schatz!

  47. 47

    Yeah..Lil Kim just wants to be back in the news and thanks to a gay blogger..she is..now go away and stay bankrupt fake ass bitch.

  48. 48

    shouldn't lil kim be in jail? just sayin…

  49. 49

    They are both douchy.

  50. 50

    oh snap.

    she said it very well i think! and for your information perez (you are so dense…) green tea is a calming, relaxing drink, meaning….she's basically telling Lil Kim to chill the fuck out and calm down about it.

    She's exactly right…who cares if the actress was "too dark"…the movie was not about HER…it was about Biggie.

  51. 51

    I could've sworn the word"distorted" was used in her description on Lil Kim. Lil Kim is a lost tragic soul and she was pretty prior to the surgeries. Now she looks like Bozo the Clown. She's also irrelevant.

  52. 52

    Is the whole "finding yourself" and "green tea" comment supposed be a jab at white people? Because seriously someone needs to tell this woman that nobody cares about her fat ass piece of shit son. Maybe he should of spent more time "finding himself" instead of shooting people.

  53. 53

    Re: grizzlyfish – Li Kim is NOT part Asian. She WAS a pretty, dark-skinned black female and then through surgeries she started to look Asian and now she looks like a distorted white girl.

  54. 54

    gotta go with Momma on this one. the movie is about biggie.
    Plus Lil kim has chopped up her face like Micheal Jackson. She looks gross now.

  55. 55

    ah snap. they both suck like a bunch of nobodies.

    Momma biggie is wearing fur, plus her son was way overrated

  56. 56

    Hey if it's true that Voletta portrayed Kim contrary to what she was then that is foul. Regardless if this is a movie about her son's life, she is slandering someone's name/persona for the sake of a movie. I'd be ready to fuck that old bitch up if she tried to play me out too…

  57. 57

    Re: alice79 – where did you get "green tea" and white people go together??? Isn't green tea an ASIAN tea??! Its also supposed to be calming that why she told kim to go drink it….other posters said it too. And Foxy brown is part Asian not kim

  58. 58

    I liked Biggies mom until she said this. I think she is racist and doesn't like white people.

  59. 59

    Lil Kim is PATHETIC + OBVIOUSLY HATES BEING BLACK! For fucks sake woman get over youself! It's women like you that give black people a bad name (+im not being racist bcos my dad is black+my mums white) im jst stating the truth! Biggie's mum is right! Lil Kim will never measure up 2 Faith in any respect + every1 knows where his true heart lay with his wife +kids so she needs 2 shut the fuck up. Sorry but this woman is such an embarrasment it's unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. 60

    Re: alice79 – hmm ive never heard of the 'white people drink green tea' one

  61. 61

    This reminds me of the time I worked in New Orleans and everybody at work was going on about a fishfight. The big news was that one of the Negresses called the other a "black bitch", which meant nothing to me. The brothers explained that since it a light-skinned Creole said it to a coal black sister, it was almost as bad a thing that could be said in anger.

  62. 62

    Lil' Kim is just mad because the way they portrayed her in the movie is the way she really act.
    she has no one to blame but herself.
    nasty hoe!

  63. 63

    Re: Marco Pervo – what?????? My father is creole and my mother is dark skinned but someone lied to your ass, black people will be calling other black bitches, dark, high yellow, because to piss people off. Still the same it means nothing cuz in the end they're still black. But little Kim was straight up out the yard black and hates it because she did have issues with her skin tone and still does. She didn't have the beautiful complexion as the girl that portrayed her, but it something she has to get over soon. and no the bitch ain't asian thats foxy!

  64. 64

    some people that answer on here are idiots.

  65. 65

    Re: A Head Turner – why because little kim goes around with bleach blond hair and blue eyes contants and bleaches her skin, wake up hoe!!!

  66. 66

    Re: grizzlyfish – ur dumb

  67. 67

    Li'l Kim should be embarrassed about making her self-hatred known to the public.

    Her numerous nose jobs and facial peels have not changed one bit who she is–and she should be proud that Ms Naughton agreed to portray her.

  68. 68

    Go Voletta. Lil Kim is nothing but a whore that managed to get a little bit further in her career than giving blow jobs to rap stars. But it still doesn't change the fact that her career is based on nothing more than giving blow jobs to rap stars.

  69. 69

    Because us White folk love us some GREEN TEA. I drink 3 cups a day. ;)

  70. 70

    im guessing green teas a white thing??

  71. 71

    I thought that Lil' Kim's objection wasnt that the actress was dark, but that her character was painted darker (pardon the pun) than it really is…
    When i first saw her comments it had nothing to do with Naturi and ll to do with her portrayal…
    Anyway Biggie was a big ugly thing, dont see why some chicks would be fighting over him

  72. 72

    WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. 73

    hahahahaha..go 'head ms.wallace! this is awesome!

  74. 74

    LOL this is awesome.. TEAM WALLACE

  75. 75

    Just few comments cause some of the stuff I read was a bit shocking…

    First off Mrs. Wallace had every right to say what she needs to say about lil Kim since the woman has been going off for quite a while about how she's been portrayed. Even suggested that Christina Milian should have played her. I don't know who she thinks she's fooling but the girl that played her did a great job.

  76. 76

    Now to put some people on "blast"

    Sol Sol… what exactly does it mean to be "painted darker" still struggling with that one…

    Alice79… I have been known to drink a green tea here and there it is very calming and also pretty cleansing… I'm also a black female and wasn't aware that green tea was exclusive… I must alert my friends….

    Marco Pervo… really? "Negresse" who even uses that term… honestly, join us all in the year 2009 please sweetie… you sounded a bit 1815 there… got to admit

    Jezzebel… you know why is it that when there is a post about black people… there's always that someone real ignorant, such as yourself, that has to bring up the whole "watermelon and fried chicken… big brown ass" bit… come on that's a bit much and pretty darn stereotypical… Where I am from the only people eating friend chicken are not black… I like watermelon, but so does my Polish friend Julia… and your ass can big, but why just brown… really read a book Jezzebel

    Let's stick to the topic people.. by the way… for all those badmouthing Biggie… come on why speak such ill on a man who has lost his life so tragically…

    R.I.P B.I.G

  77. 77

    What a couple of crazy bitches! I have to side with Mrs. Wallace on this. I don't think she was ever fond of Lil' Kim even when Biggie was alive. I don't think she approved of Biggie having an affair with Kim while he was still married to Faith Evans. In fact Kim got pregnant by Biggie but had an abortion. Whateva. Lil Kim is washed up and a has-been. Her career highlight was singing on "Lady Marmelade" from the "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack 8 years ago! Her "career" has been a joke since then while Pink, Christina and Mya have taken off big time! Plus spending a year in jail for lying on the stand during a trial did not help! Dumb little hootchie mama!

  78. 78

    What's wrong with being white?

  79. 79

    Before all of her plastic surgery, Lil'Kim looked 100% black - NOW - she's a mix between asian and light skinned girl. Take off that make-up and those extensions on her head and let's see how black she really is. She needs to get over herself.

  80. 80

    Lil Kim needs to get over herself! She should be lucky enough to even get an acting gig these days.

  81. 81

    Comparing trash like lil kim to white woman is offensive to green tea drinking white girls.