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"Racist" Miley Cyrus Offends Asian American Community Leaders

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Miley Cyrus is making Disney proud again!

Leaders of the Asian American community are demanding that the problem child publicly apologize for 'slanting her eyes' in a racially charged and insensitive picture that is circulating on the internets.

The OCA, an Asian American advocacy group, wants Miley and everyone to know that this image falls within a long and unfortunate history of people mocking and denigrating individuals of Asian descent.

George Wu, the group's exec director says:

"Not only has Miley Cyrus and the other individuals in the photograph encouraged and legitimized the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent, she has also insulted her many Asian Pacific American fans. The inclusion of an Asian Pacific American individual in the photo does not make it acceptable. OCA hopes that Miley Cyrus will apologize to her fans and the APA community for this lapse in judgment and takes the opportunity to better understand why the gesture is offensive."

If Miley's craptastic parents don't make her apologize, you should step in, Disney, and encourage her to do the right thing.

What do U think about the latest controversy surrounding Slutty Cyrus?

[Image via WENN.]

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353 comments to “"Racist" Miley Cyrus Offends Asian American Community Leaders”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    chist people…
    calm the fuck down…
    it was a joke!!
    now shut the hell up and who cares about miley!!

  3. JCPR says – reply to this


    hahaha i'm happy now! ^^

  4. 104


    are you SERIOUS with this shit Perez…???

    leave this chick alone!

    she hasn't done anything nearly as OFFENSIVE
    as your fat ass has!


  5. 105

    People are out to get her for no absolute reason..honestly just leave the girl alone!

  6. 106

    Wow She Needs To Stay Home Locked In Her Room And Not Come Out Till Shes Grown Up And Has Manners

  7. 107

    Miley's a ho! She doesn't deserve to be famous. '-_-

  8. 108

    Miley Cyrus obviously had her brain removed long ago, why the hell would she think she could get away with something as offensive as this, im not asian I'm white but i actually feel embarassed that someone from my race would do something so stupid. The fact that she's 16 is no excuse, I'm younger than her and i would never do something as offensive as that, racism is pathetic and I seriously don't actually understand why people are racist. Also some of you say these pictures are private, umm everybody knows that any picture of miley cyrus that is 'private' never stays private for long! If it was any of celebrity I would feel the same way

  9. Lene says – reply to this


    Re: angelmiyavi28

    Well are you the worlds most famous teen pop star? do you have paparazzi following you around everywhere? do you have to act perfect all the time?

    ehh no! So STFU!

  10. 110

    Perez what the fuck is your issue with this child?
    You are a 30 year old MAN!
    She is a 15.

    Seriously….get a life and get her off your site.

  11. 111

    who the hell cares. miley sucks. why waste time writing about her. shes not even interesting.
    i agree only days till rehab starts. what a fuck up she is.

  12. Lene says – reply to this


    Re: Flyshortii90

    fucking idiot. go get a life.

  13. 113

    okay come on, you shouldn't even have printed that 'story.'
    if anything in this picture, i'd be wondering who all those older people are.

  14. 114

    she's loves me long time

  15. 115

    Yea…that was a bitch move of Miley and EVERYONE else in that picture REGARDLESS of that one single Asian sitting there, it's still demeaning!!!
    I hate when people think it's okay to be racist just because ONE of their Friends accepts it. Does one person speak for a whole nation?? iEffing Think NOT!!!

  16. 116

    of course you ignorant guys wouldnt understand. if i was famous i woudnt ever make fun of white people because you guys make asses out of yourselves regardless.

  17. 117

    uhm i know this is weird, but im asian and btw can i just say tht im indian which is asian and so all asians dont hve slanty eyes so please specify i kno thts stupid but it annoys the hell out of me! and i can honestly say im not offended i see it being done all the time and these r just little things u hve to ignore because it happens everywhere. But i will also admit tht yeah she needs to remember she is under incredible scrutiny from the media and she should be smarter about her decisions

  18. 118

    and even though there is an asian in the pic, he prob consider himself as white trash like the rest

  19. 119

    p.s. That's a jokes pic of Miley

  20. 120

    This dumb bitch just can't keep her ass off of a camera or video camera.
    Only a matter of time before a sex tape comes out.
    Lets hope she waits till she is 18 before doing it.
    If her hillbilly father would put her in school, she would not be doing these things.

  21. 121

    well at first glance it was racially offensive, but then again there was an asian guy in the picture, i think it really was just a joke


  22. 122

    Why do people argue or get upset with the words or actions or a minor child? Yes she is a media performer but still a child who is going to make mistakes or do a silly action thinking she is funny, but she is still just a child. I THINK PEREZ IS HORRIBLE FOR CALLING A CHILD A SLUT .

  23. 123

    cant stand this fuking cow I dont care what she does

  24. 124

    dude i bet they're all just stoned

  25. 125

    WOW! By reading some of these comments it shows how ignorant some people are. That IS A RACIST gesture. Whether or not you did it too, or if "That's what Asian eyes look like, anyway." It's not appropriate. Sure, there is an Asian in the picture… so that makes it ok? I suppose you are the same people that think "BLACKFACE" is no big deal too, right? That's what they look like?? You used to do it all the time? IGNORANT.

  26. 126

    Fuck leave her alone man. As soon as it has to do with Miley you go on the attack. What's your problem with her???
    Since when does it even matter when someone makes fun of Asians?? Fucken Chinks are seriously taking over.

  27. 127


  28. 128

    Re: Mwahxo – I am sorry that you have been so hurt in the past and it has left you defensive, I am asian as well and having raised my children it was difficult to turn away from ugly racist people. But I raised my kids to know and understand that there is and always will be ignorate people of all races, and to see them as such and walk away. I want my children to enjoy life and not spent it fighting a battle that they can not win, believe me they have had horrible moments too, but understanding who they are to make good decisions. We as women need to support one another, and know that all women are beautiful. Best wishes to you always, Yoda.

  29. 129


  30. chloe says – reply to this


    i don't care about Miley - but this is just stupid - people need to quit being so sensitive - what she did is no big thing.

  31. 131

    How do we know she's making fun of Asians anyway?

  32. 132

    WTF?!?! this is bullshit

  33. chloe says – reply to this


    she is with an Asian guy and friends - I'm sure it was all in fun - and I think the asian guy is trying to look like he has big eyes - I'm a bleeding heart liberal but all this PC bullsh-t is getting way out of hand.

  34. 134

    i'm asian and i think this shit is HIGHlarious. hah.
    people need thicker skin.
    fuck mann.

  35. 135


  36. 136

    WTF. This is such a joke, she didnt do anything wrong. Everyone needs to chill the fuck out and leave her alone. SHe is 16 years old. Seriously. Its sad that you all want her to have a meltdown. LEAVE HER ALONE!!

    Miley you are amazing, do not apologize!!!!

  37. 137


    seriously Miley?!


    dude, I'm frigging Asain & proud of it. it's shameful when peope, expecially those in higher viewed statuses, do dumb shit like this!

    I CAN see how people would view this as "overreacting," but it's really not. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ring a bell? you know, treating everyone the same, as equals, no matter their outside appearance?! read some BOOKS Miley.

  38. 138


  39. 139

    Not even CLOSE to looking like "Chinese Eyes" as we used to call it in the bad old days of UN-PC America! She is pulling her eye lids to the SIDE not slanting them!! Friggin idiots!!

  40. 140

    And seriously Perez its disgusting that you are that you are posting this kind of crap about a 16 year old. She is still a child. You must feel pretty big making fun of a 16 year, who by the way will make more money this year than you will ever see in your lifetime.

    If you are going to make fun of celebritis at least do it to the ones who are legal. You are only making things worse for her and yet some how she manages to ignore you and your pathetic posts.

    Just ignore the Haters Miley, you are amazing!

  41. 141

    I'm so sick of Miley Cyrus. I can't wait for her to get pregnant, shave her head, and get caught getting out of a car in a mini skirt with no panties on.

  42. 142

    and your suprised by her actions why?….

  43. 143

    Even though there's an asian person in the picture it doens't make it any more justifiable. Miley should know that she's constantly in teh public eye and that this kind of stunt will definitely get her the wrong kind of publicity. Miley needs to grow up and so do all you other people who think it's okay.. it's racial discrimination.

  44. 144

    The racists of this world are not the white people, but every-effing-one else. Asians mock the ’round eye' in all of their cartoons! Blacks call each other the N word,etc… Miley is not my cup of tea, but saying that she's racist is nothing but liberal PC bullshit that is getting soooooooo out of hand in this day and age. Everyone just needs to STFU and worry about their own fucking business…and quit crying over things THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU PERSONALLY! If you become soooo offended, that means you are insecure about yourself and your own heritage. I sure as hell don't cry and go on a rampage every single time I hear wop or dago in a movie or tv show! BOOOO HOOOOO.

  45. 145

    Faggez, you and the other Americans are such hypocrits. You're the biggest racists, homophoobs ever, and when a couple of teens squize their eyes, accompagnied bij an asian to resemble him, they're racists??? Which teen hasn't ever done this, and i'm sure when people play pictionairy or another similar game, and they need to describe an asian person, they'll do the same. You have to be political correct, but you can be TOOOO political correct, so much that it becomes incorrect

  46. 146

    Big Fuckin deal WAAAAHHH The world's going to end because Miley made her eyes slitty. WAH WAH WA. This politically correct bullshit needs to just go away. I hope she doesn't apoligize this is just stupid. Pretty soon no one is evem going to be allowed to speak because they mighht offend some thin skinned overly sensetive idiot.

  47. 147

    Uh oh! I just thought of this! When I am trying to get my contacts in my eyes and one goes all wonky, I pull my eye over, and it slants. OMG I am racist! And when I tan, I guess I am offending all of the darker skinned races as well as my own, because you know that must be OFFENSIVE to them! Yeah. I could go on.

  48. 148

    I don't see it as hurtful at all. I think it was way more hurtful to WATCH the Olympics games knowing what happens in China.
    BTW, asian people mock western people all the time simulating "owl eyes", it's not such a big deal. Another thing is to insult or imply inferiority.

  49. 149








  50. 150

    sooo ridiculous..shes just a teenager she shouldnt be forced to apologize for this, people need to grow some thicker skin.

  51. 151

    this is absolutely RIDICULOUS. first of all, it was a personal picture. its not like she was making fun of them in the public eye. second, there was an asian dude RIGHT next to her. people just want to find ways to bring her down. poor thing.


  52. 152

    This young girl needs to grow up and act her age. It's always one thing to the next with her. She's not so innocent!! She may not have portrayed that photo to be racist but it is. She is only human and yes everyone makes mistakes but she needs to learn from her actions and think about what's she's going to do before taking action. The good girl image is fading every day with her.

  53. 153

    OMFG! This is how the US is turning into being so friggin PC that it is destroying us! Can't ANYONE take a joke anymore? If the Asian guy had rounded his eyes out would whites be screaming that he was being racist and demand an apology?? It's ridiculous!

  54. 154

    whoa whatt? asian people DONT make fun of white people for their large eyes- that is simply preposterous.
    also, perez, i think you're justified in treating miley like an adult. with her slutty leaked photos, shes made it clear that she wants to be seen as one.

  55. 155

    this is ridiculous! she is a teenager that took a stupid pic!!!

    Miley shouldnt apologize for anything!!

  56. 156

    Jesus Christ!!! You just LOVE to hate her, don't you Mario? I don't like her either but she's just a kid, cut some slack!!!

  57. T & B says – reply to this


    shit, people need to lay off miley. this is honestly so ridiculous.

  58. 158

    omg leave her alone already
    im no fan of hers, but I really think this is blown way out of proportion. No matter what she does someone critisizes her. I think people need to get lives. Its pretty sad to be a real-job-less man way older than she is, and look for things to bash her on. Im a fan of yours perez, but sometimes it goes too far. its one thing to comment on obviously stupid stuff she does, like those pics of her showing off her underwear, but another story to look for stuff to bash her on…she's still just a kid…and we all do stupid stuff at 15…

  59. 159

    wow…how lame. wasnt even racist gosh. there was a fricking asian dude in the picture as well. -_-.

  60. 160

    When I looked at the photo, nothing Asian came to mind — what came to mind is that all of the people in the photo, including Miley - look seriously FUBAR-ed.

    Personally - I think the controversial crap she does is probably going to help her career a whole lot more than hurt it. The paps keep people famous way past their expiration date nowadays - if Jessica Simpson had come out in the '80s - she'd have been a one hit wonder never seen again — but she is still here and still making money.

    Every stupid thing Miley does gets her out there in the press and gets her a little further away from the Disney stigma that isn't exactly a good formula for career longevity. Unless she wants to be the next NKOTB - she should be out there being controversial.

  61. 161

    Re: HellenKiller – cuz you're a stupid whore

  62. 162

    Re: graceyd

  63. 163

    this is stupid, get over yourselves. when i hang out with my friends we poke fun at eachother all the time…sally has a big nose, tina has weird ears…its obvious that the guy in the picture was in on the joke…being laughed with–not laughed at. this is just silliness.

  64. 164

    this is ridiculous, i dont find it offensive in anyway and i'm asian
    compared to all the mean things you say about her this is nothing

    besides she uses the peace sign all the time the way asians do

    but you know what we're american!

    get a life -_-

    its not like she's using her personal photos to promote anything

  65. 165

    Re: miley_fan_of_canada
    Uh, are you kidding?? Lots of people cared! Actually, the same group (OCA) had gripes with the team's photo. Even though one was made public while the other was intended to be private, it doesn't matter, because now it's all out in the open.

    I find her gesture to be offensive…and everyone that's pulling that look in the picture, but I know no one's gonna care about the rest of them. I'm not gonna cry about it, but I'm not gonna deny that it's not there.

  66. 166

    As they say Miley, "With great power comes great responsibility" aka Watch who takes your pics and remember the wonders of the delete button.

    Why is no one concerned about the alcohol at the party?

  67. 167

    Oh please, she shouldn't have to apologize for something that wasn't meant for other people to see. And please get a hobby douchebag.

  68. 168

    The sensitivity in modern day society is nauseating

  69. 169

    I dont really see how this picture is racist… at all! I mean, I take pictures with my friends all the time where we do this kind of stuff and I am by no means racist.

  70. 170

    OMG… why wont this chick just go away? Shes just some stupid untalented piece of white trash that needs to just disappear! Why are Americans letting their children look up to such a piece of garbage! Cant you find a better role model for your kids than her? For crying out loud her MOM was a Billy Ray Cyrus groupie stalker that got preggers on purpose with slutty so he would marry her!

  71. 171

    Re: Lene – Why Miley??? Hmmm, maybe because she works for Disney and girls from 5-16 want to be like her. The price you pay for success is that you may need to be accountable for what you do and who you affect. Sorry, it is offensive and people are on here saying it's not offensive and 90% of them are white.

  72. 172

    What she did was racially offensive. And I personally despise people making fun of asian eyes. Grow the fuck up, and stop being so stupid. And maybe she was joking, but it still may be offensive. People don't understand because they're not asian. And if they were making fun of your race, I'm certain you would be offended as well. Besides, Miley knows that at some point these pictures she takes are going to get out at some point, they always do.

  73. 173

    Re: miss.independent – "that's how asian eyes look like, anyway". Gosh your fuckin stupid. I think you need to go slap yourself for making an idiotic comment.

    anyway, i'm asian. I don't find it offensive only because the area that we live in, everyone makes fun of everyone, but it's nothing racial. Maybe to others where they live at, it's probably a racial gesture; so to everyone who says it's not a big deal, it probably is to other people and maybe you guys don't understand that only because you haven't been "attacked" in that way.

  74. 174

    wow. i hate miley cyrus just as much as the next person… but this? this is rediculous. theres an sian dude like right next to her. and everyine has done that once in there life.

    the are " demanding she apologize for lanitng her eyes"

    wow. that just makes them sound fucking retarded.
    it does look like she might have been doing a little partying though hahaha.

  75. 175

    You're not asian, so you don't understand how offensive it is to those who are. It's rude and not funny whatsoever. Sure, I know some teens do this also but Miley is in the public eye and whether or not this photo was private or not she should still know that it'll be leaked anyways.

    This girl needs to grow up and stop acting like white trash.
    Ahem, racist remark right there. I'm pretty sure if she read this she'd be pissed or 'offended'.

    What goes around comes around, bitch. :P

    Another thing, not ALL asians have slanted and small eyes; I don't. So shut up before you say stupid shit that isn't true.

  76. 176

    That picture doesn't look offensive! Its not a big frikkin' deal.

    Asians know their eyes are slanted. They aren't nearly as offended as we are.


  77. 177

    im asian. fuck that bitttttttttch

  78. 178


  79. 179

    i think that Disney should fire her ass. seriously im tired of her washed up self.

  80. 180

    im asian and it doesnt offend me at all

  81. 181

    Perez, I've seen the pics, and for someone who stalks her so frequently, you should know that it's not her. It doesn't even bare a slight resemblance in the eyes of the Paparazzi and the fans, and who cares if it is Justin Gaston in the pic, I hope that it was, I'm sick of him in media and people need to realize he's an attention whore, and not dating a teen girl. The true crime is being in the tabloids every day for doing nothing at all.

  82. 182

    I can't believe Miley Cyrus! She is soooooo mean. And she wants to be a role molder? Forget it. She mocks people way to much able to be arole molder.

  83. 183

    give me a fuckin break.

  84. 184

    That photo was offensive.
    If she were painted black from head to toe and had on big lips which she was pointing to and making a goofy smile at, African Americans would be offended.
    Same can be said for other nationalities. Asians have eyes like that but you don't pull yours back to imitate them. Come on! a nationality is so much more than looks.

  85. AMO says – reply to this


    Oh I just can't wait to see her damage control vlog with the explanation…

  86. 186

    I think everyone needs to leave her alone!!!! she's a kid! think about the things you were doin when you were 15….The whole thing with her eyes everyone has done that once, she's just getting grilled for it b/c of who she is!! back off bitches!

  87. 187

    Re: miss.independent – You have got to be kidding me, are you dumb or just a complete moron? I guess you are both. Please jump off a bridge so that the collective IQ of the world can go up a few notches.

    This photo is ridiculous in every way. Asian Pacific Americans are offended (I should know because I am one) and anyone who has any sensitivity to the ways that cultures and ethnic groups are treated (n* word promoter, are you? Jew-hater, are you?) smack down anyone who has no frickin idea what is sensitive or not.

    People like you are why there are hate crimes and why countries go to war. Think about it if you can even process the information.

  88. 188

    Re: twilightislovex3 – Take it over board?

    Are you telling me AL SHARPTON wouldn't be all over this if it had something to do with blacks??? Are you telling me that Steven Speilberg wouldn't make a movie about this if it had something to do with someone mocking the halocaust? Get a life and a brain and a perspective

  89. 189

    Re: fluteline24 – You are retarded. Haven't you ever seen a photo of a smiling negro with his white slave masters making fun of him? Jeez. Get real. it's NOT the Asian guy's fault he's with a bunch of frickin racist exclusionists.

  90. 190

    Re: aaallleeexxx – Hey why dont you let the affected group speak as to what is something and what is nothing? When we are discussing brain damage, you don't hear me saying it's no big deal with respect to the fact that you have brain damage do you?

  91. 191

    shes 15 right? Honestly, I used to do a lot more offensive things when I was that age, not because I was racist, ignorant, or stupid, but i was immature! Kids dont realize that small things like this can affect a huuuuge population. AND if miley WAS TRYING to be racist and offend people than yea she made a huuuuge mistake. But obviously SHE WASNT so yea she should apologize but dont get into it too much.

  92. 192

    Re: Funkish – Ok clear evidence that you are a moron: 1) you think Miley Cyrus is amazing 2) you don't understand how this is offensive. Grow up, grow a brain, get some world-awareness and realize that Asian Americans are the brains and drive behind much of the world and deserve to be treated and understood like humans not like some forgotten lower class. When you are working at McDonalds we are graduating from Harvard, joining big companies and firing your lazy relatives

  93. 193

    Why is everyone acting like this was ok? I'm not saying Miley's racist, but the fact that she made the gesture was stupid and insensitive and she should apologize. What do you do when little kids say racist things and they don't know it? You tell them what they did wrong, tell them to apoligize and tell them not to do it again.

    So because there's an Asian guy in the picture, that's supposed to make every Asian person that sees this picture feel light and dandy about it? I think not.

    Miley should apologize. Again, I don't think she's racist, but the fact is the gesture wasn't necessary and it wasn't very considerate of her Asian fans, was it?

  94. 194

    oh god…who the fuck cares??!?!?!

  95. 195

    I don't understand why people defend her so damn much! She's a fucking idiot okay! She's so stupid! People over sensitive about race, it's a known fact. If you're white you don't understand shit cause you wouldn't know the history behind it. The thing is that the mockery of the Asian slanted eyes is was an old practice, used to degregate Asians. It's like in Minstreal shows when white actors would put on black make up, and have on fake huge lips. There are so many things that we don't find offensive and others do. Sure people shouldn't be so touchy but then again don't just brush it off due to your stupid lack of knowledge. Even if she doesn't see it as being all that bad she should fucking apologize, and who the fuck cares if there was some asian kid involved. That doesn't justify it. Gosh I'm so fucking sick of poeple just defending Miley Cyrus though, when I was that age I was no where as stupid as she is, I had a bit more common sense and knowledge. Don't defend her every action just because you have her poster up on your wall. A girl like that, who knows that her every action is being monitored should have more common sense to be more responsible. Don't give me the "oh she's just a kid leave her alone" She's a role model to millions of kids so yeah maybe she shouldn't be running around like a whore! Hopefully she will drop off the face of the earth once Disney is done with her! Fingers Crossed!

  96. 196

    i dont even care about that i just hate herrr ugh diee

  97. 197

    she may be joking but its still hurtful. not all asians have small tiny eyes. there are just as many asians who hav "big" eyes as there are who have "small" eyes. i think the only reason this has become such a big issue is because miley is a heavy influence on children so they might take it as being okay to mock asians soo.. thats why miley has to apologize.

    and for those of you who are complaining and saying its just a joke, young children dont always have the capabilities to tell between what's right and what's wrong. i'd love to "joke" about how fcuked up your mama is :P haha

  98. 198

    I don't understand why this is insulting. Are they ashamed of how they look? If Miley was posing as a gangster throwing fake signs or wearing an afro wig, would African American groups be chastising her? Most likely not. I can't understand why this is offensive really. I mean all ethnicity's have their identifying features. The only time it becomes offensive is when one is embarrassed or ashamed to begin with.

  99. 199

    Maybe they were making fun of pot heads. That is a VERY offensive gesture to all the people stoned out of their minds with eyes of slits! How dare she make fun of the people on the pot like that! Just because they smoke a lot of pot and their eyes swell shut.. that gives her no right to do something like that! Geez people. I'm Southern and people make fun of my accent (in my face) all the time. No one has ever apologized for that. I find that more offensive than this.

  100. 200

    America has become the land of the "politically correct". Bummer! I will ask the Asian community the following: Your race have "slanted eyes"..yes or not? Yes, right? So what is the fucking problem? …Jesus we are all becoming sisiies…There, I'm now probably homophibic for saying that….

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