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"Racist" Miley Cyrus Offends Asian American Community Leaders

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Miley Cyrus is making Disney proud again!

Leaders of the Asian American community are demanding that the problem child publicly apologize for 'slanting her eyes' in a racially charged and insensitive picture that is circulating on the internets.

The OCA, an Asian American advocacy group, wants Miley and everyone to know that this image falls within a long and unfortunate history of people mocking and denigrating individuals of Asian descent.

George Wu, the group's exec director says:

"Not only has Miley Cyrus and the other individuals in the photograph encouraged and legitimized the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent, she has also insulted her many Asian Pacific American fans. The inclusion of an Asian Pacific American individual in the photo does not make it acceptable. OCA hopes that Miley Cyrus will apologize to her fans and the APA community for this lapse in judgment and takes the opportunity to better understand why the gesture is offensive."

If Miley's craptastic parents don't make her apologize, you should step in, Disney, and encourage her to do the right thing.

What do U think about the latest controversy surrounding Slutty Cyrus?

[Image via WENN.]

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353 comments to “"Racist" Miley Cyrus Offends Asian American Community Leaders”

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  1. 201

    Re: Mwahxo – When you feel INFERIOR, everything the other person do is a "racial" thing agaisnt you…..You are wrong, this is not racist…FUCK the word RACIST…This is a 16 year old girl making faces, Get over it.-

  2. 202

    EL EM fuckin AY Oh!

    dude. a freaking person slanting there eyes dont mean that they are being raciest.
    now i am NOT a huge Miley fan. I like some of her songs yeah.
    but shes a fucking slut, she doesnt know how to dress her self, and she is soooo freaking despreat fer a boyfriend that she has to go an get fucked by a 20yearold. she cant act fer shitttt~ she over does her acting. ugh. shes just NOT a good person. But im gonna keep my comments to myself.

    other then that people are just trying to start shit with her. just because someone has their eyes partly closed dont mean nothing. maybe she had a light in her eyes, or she was tired and couldnt open her eyes right. or she was trying to had something and wore too muchh make up, god knows she needs it.

  3. 203

    i'm half asian, and my friends and i do stupid shit like this alll the time. just the fact that it's miley pisses me off. she could be so successful but she keeps fucking up. she's had tooo many strikes, and i'm just fucking sick of her.

  4. 204

    Why didn't these people shit a fucking brick when Amy Winehouse did the same damn thing???????

  5. 205

    This is stupid. Anyone who is offended by this, offends me for being so fucking stupid. THE GIRL IS LIKE 16 YEARS OLD! STFU! I hope she doesn't apologize, it just condones the stupidity and allows them to think they are right.

  6. 206

    Maybe she should pucker lips to make them look really big or pretend to have a bug pointy nose. that's not being racist either.

  7. VGirl says – reply to this


    OMG!! This is so stupid please like she is the only one! is not even offensive is just how they look like and there is an asian guy there too who seems fine! BTW Disney and parents should be more concern with the 16 taking pics with much older guys drinking alcohol

  8. 208

    it is totally offensive and racist. it doesn't matter what asians look like or that she's only a child. she's in the public light and she should know better than to do stupid controversial things that people see. it doesn't make it "right" if most white people/ other races do it. i'm sure they do. but its still racist. like putting a red dot on your forehead to represent an indian is racist, like putting a turban on to represent a sikh or a middle eastern is racist. it may seem like something "funny" or stupid. but its offensive and it shows other people that its okay to mock cultures.

  9. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: alicialicious – My god! she is 16! and yes, is ignorant…DUH I'm sure she though was a simple funny thing I don't think a disney child star gets lectures on asian history !!!!!!!!!

  10. 210

    i'm asian and i don't really care about the picture..
    BUT she is annoying, gross, and immature. how can kids seriously look up to her??!

  11. 211

    Re: Lene – Regardless of where she was it is still a racist action and the picture is now public so how is this issue private? Quit defending her immature actions.

  12. 212

    Puh-leaze. There's an Asian guy in the photo. He was probably in on the joke. If she was standing in front of a Chinese restaurant or something, I'd see how this would possibly be offensive. But not when there's an Asian guy in the photo. It's like when I'm with my White friends and they joke around with me because I'm half Asian. If the guy had a problem with it, would he had been in the photo?

  13. 213

    I don't care what she makes. She is just an annoying
    no talent and I wish she would go away. Her face is
    annoying to.

  14. 214

    So now everyone wants to stand up for her and say "she's a kid, she's a kid," yet no one is appalled that this KID is fucking a grown MAN.

  15. 215

    Re: VGirl – That is a good point, nevertheless she is a role-model for a lot of younger children, they're seeing pictures of her slanting her eyes with her fingers (which is traditionally a way of mocking asian people and I have seen this for myself). At 16, it's commonsense that this is not okay regardless of whether their eyes look like that or not, it is a racist stereotype against asians.

  16. 216

    Enough with the "she's a kid" defense already! She is 16 not 5! That is old enough to know right from wrong. And it applies to everything she she does now and in the future. She needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. We as a society need to demand that everyone take responsibility for thier own actions starting at earlier ages and then we wouldn't have to have these stupid debates!

  17. 217

    She's just white trash, what do they expect? Why do people want white trash to say they're sorry for being white trash? Who cares?

  18. 218


  19. 219

    Its not about having a thick skin or getting over it…. Miley and her friends are being disrespectful. There is only one Asian guy there .. he isnt doing anything characature like behavior.. Everyone else in the picture are doing very overt facial expressions or pulling their eyes with their fingers or squinting their eyes. Very insensitive. Its so easy to go after minorities… Cheap shot!! Also yeah their is an Asian guy there.. he is the only asian guy there.. and the only guy who isnt doing any mocking kind of behavior… She should be setting an example and think before she does any stupid behavior and think twice before doing anything like that.. She should apologize for her and her friends stupid facial gestures and expressions

  20. 220

    "If Miley's craptastic parents don't make her apologize, you should step in, Disney, and encourage her to do the right thing."

    Is Perez fucking kidding me? He really thinks she did someting wrong? This gay is officialy part of the problem now because he obviously does not understand the difference between being racist and having fun/being playful.

  21. 221

    Things like this are PERFECT EXAMPLES for people who ask and want to know what is wrong with our society today. A PERFECT EXAMPLE, IT DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS. The world would be a much better place if those who find this offensive were taken out ot pasture. Honestly, if this is how you view life, your not helping anyone. If you consider this racist or offensive, you have no concept of social skills or what those two terms essentially mean. Your opinions about anything are skewed and thus devalued in comparison to someone who actualyl uses their brain intelligently to assess situations. I'm sick and tired of this oversensitive shit. You can't coddle anyone. GROW UP AND LET TRIVIAL THINGS ROLL OFF. THAT IS HOW YOU LIVE A GREAT LIFE.

  22. 222


  23. 223

    ok i agree that it's really not that big of a deal

    but everyone here who are saying that it's not such a big of a deal leave the girl alone blahblahblah.. and "the "slanty eyes" don't even mean the same thing to her - this was before her time. " (savage72)
    FIRST OF ALL "BEFORE HER TIME" ….WTF? you're kidding right?

    what she did is the equivalent of SAYING a racial slur.

    if a child or teenager is caught using a racial slur IN PUBLIC are you just going to say "oh s/he's a kid, kids do that all the time leave him/her alone"

    you pull them aside and tell them it's wrong. obviously kids will joke around amongst friends about different races..but you have to reiterate that you must not behave in a certain manner on certain occasions..

    in miley's case she's a celebrity and she has to watch what she does like every other celebrity or she will be upsetting fans&her employers..

  24. 224

    I'm pretty sure she did not have the intention to offend anyone. She is only 16 and probably wasn't thinking about how it could have offended Asian people. And I don't think she wanted people to see this picture, but what can you do.

  25. 225

    To be honest when i saw that photo it actually stung.
    I'm asian and people honestly think its ok to make fun of asian people infront of me
    just because they say i'm "asian on the outside but not on the inside." what the fuck does that mean! but its not ok. i'm totally for the apology, thats not what we actually look like its rude and appalling, when you get mad fun for a great amount of your life for being asian and having small eyes it tears you to shreds just to let you know how it feels so when we see photos like that it just brings back those memories . oh and just because theres an asian guy in it it makes no difference.

  26. 226

    I saw those pictures and there is nothing wrong with them YEAH it's pathetic

  27. 227

    I swear if Miley apologizes for this I have no more faith left in this world. Society as I know it is no longer something I can stand to be a part of. People should be embarassed for making this an issue.

  28. jax says – reply to this


    miley makes me want top make fun of gooks!

    ching chong chang!!

    and group porn whith cum on a chinese hores face!!!!! and little peepees

    hahaa!! loves it!

  29. 229

    Sad that so many people commenting on your site are so ignorant, Perez. They don't even realize that this is offensive to Asians. It's so dumb of her to get photographed doing that.

  30. 230

    Just because there's an Asian dude in the picture doesn't make anything right. If there were a black dude in the picture and everyone were stretching their lips to make them look bigger, it'd be just as racist. Asian or not, that's freaking racist and she needs to grow up- whether its a private picture or not. (She needs to be a lot more thoughtful and think her actions through more- Especially because of the fact shes a Disney star) She needs to apologize.

  31. 231

    "Sad that so many people commenting on your site are so ignorant, Perez. They don't even realize that this is offensive to Asians. It's so dumb of her to get photographed doing that. "

    Again, anotehr person that is part of the problem with American society these days. Learn what the word intent means. And please, don't sound even more dumb by saying that intent doesn't matter because lets face it, it sure as hell means everything.

  32. 232

    They should be more concerned about cleaning their image after that many killings done by asians in american schools… what about trying to give a positive example or having asians promoting something really interesting… asians are the most self centered hypocrite human beings… they are psycho and out of control, at least that's what you can conclude after reading the newspapers…

  33. allyk says – reply to this


    hello!!! asian people have slanted eyes. maybe someone should tell them. what the hell do they see in the mirror? and if that is what they find offensive then they have their priorities all wrong. what i find offensive is the fact that they take advantage of everything that provides them with a much better life then they came from and yet they refuse to have the decency to learn english. SO PEREZ, YOU LOSER 30 SOMETHING FUCK, STOP PICKING ON A 16 YEAR OLD CHILD. SHE DISSED YOU AND DISSED YOU BAD AND THAT IS WHY YOU HATE HER. GET OVER YOUR SAD SELF.

  34. 234

    Are you KIDDING ME? Miley falls and someone will say shes suicidal! GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK! I bet she is actually not a bad girl. It looks like they are having some good fun, which is what most teenagers do, LAY OFF, really.

  35. allyk says – reply to this


    Re: Mari9924 – wow .you are ignorant beyond belief. your use of the english language is negligible. you spew opinions and nothing based in fact. your anger and lack of empathy will rot away at your very small brain and even smaller heart. and by the way do you have slanty eyes?

  36. 236

    this shit is so stupid i'm sure you asshole asians make fun of us white people too. they "slanted" their eyes why does that automatically mean they are making fun of the asians? get over yourselves.

  37. 237

    I hope she dies in a fire….very very slowly.

  38. 238

    you are f*cking stupid, leave the girl alone, i mean, really??? what did she do to you, have more fans?, money?, boys? what is it? you are an adult man and she is a teenage girl and its getting kind of pathetic…

  39. 239

    Re: miss.independent – i'm fucking asian and my eyes don't look like that. ignorant fuck

  40. 240

    Omg seriously have ppl got nothing better to do than pick on a young girl?! She hasn't done anything wrong and a picture with her eyes slanted is not racist, it's pathetic that people make it about that.

  41. 241

    As an Asian person, yes I do find this picture quite immature. But, to the point where we need to call this girl names? No. However, what I find more insensitive are the people who comment on this post saying "go back to Asia", or "that's what Asian eyes look like." Obviously those who make these types of comments are immature and uneducated themselves. Honestly, people need to look past the stereotypes. Yes, there are a lot of Asians who may have smaller eyes than what is considered "normal" in Western culture. But it's wrong to categorize an entire ethnicity. I think often, Asian people tend to be the butt of racist jokes but because as a culture, they are not outspoken as other minorities might be, these types of jokes become acceptable. Yes, this actress is a young girl and she is going to make mistakes. This picture isn't what is the big deal, it's all of these insensitive comments that readers make. And one last thing, the whole thing about, "did nobody notice the Asian kid in the picture?" Just because there is one token Asian person in the picture doesn't mean the whole of the Asian population is going to condone what is being shown here.

  42. Delsy says – reply to this


    Re: the last star – no she is not this is just another loser trying to get at her becuase she is famous

  43. Delsy says – reply to this


    People are being really stupid it becuase Miley Cyrus did this not becuase it racist i am atully look at this with my freind (she is asain and doesn't like miley) but there is no offense in it people are just saying this becuase she is a celeb not becuase is atully racist

  44. 244

    omg she looks wasted!!! but its not offensive…

  45. 245

    253 comments? ppl obviously care about this girl

  46. 246

    Shut the fuck up you bunch of zipper heads eat your fish heads and rice

  47. 247

    ok, apparently 'asian' means chinese/japanese in america.
    but anyways she should have known it was stupid and would get out even if she was 'only joking'

  48. 248

    She is about as dumb as a bag of hair. Redneck!!! Nice teeth!

  49. 249

    Well this is stupid. Really really stupid. There's an asain dude in the picture with her! This has been blown WELL out of proportion! Just let her fucking live!

  50. 250

    Re: ggloverxx – i was sat there thinking "er indians and pakistanis dont have eyes like that", thats what asian means in my neck of the woods

  51. 251

    Get over it…not like you dont make fun of the Whites or the Blackies…DAmn we all sure laugh real hard when Chris Rock OFFENDS a white person in a joke yet Miley making a chinese japaneses dirty knees face offends you…get the fudge over yourself and grow the hell up!

  52. 252

    I have asian friends myself, and they think it's hilarious.
    There's also an asian in the fucking picture. :\

  53. 253

    Re: Nellygrl – tottally agree with you…couldnt have said it better (:

  54. 254


  55. 255

    I think people take things way to seriously and need to leave miley alone already….

  56. 256

    erm , asian eyes aren`t like dhat ? I`m asian , but my eyes aren`t like that . Din`t you see the japanese guy right there and his eyes are perfectly normal ? Besides that , miley is a celebrity and i`ve never seen a celebrity do stuff like dhat .. laugh on ellen show , and what ? have a 20++ bf and bff ?
    wth she is trying too hard to fit in -'-

  57. 257

    I think Disney should kick this bitch in the ass and show her the door……she is such a scank, I'm tired of hearing about her.

  58. 258

    Miley Cyrus needs some proper parental supervision.

  59. 259

    For god sake, this is no big deal!
    People slag off white folk all the time and we don't care!
    So why do other people care?!
    Oh I see, to get money..
    That's all these people care about.
    Money. And to make people feel sorry for them.
    Shut up already.
    God. How many times have I slanted my eyes? doesn't mean I'm being racist!
    I had to squint them so I looked like a Japanese girl for a photoshoot once. Does that make me racist? no.
    Get over yourselves!

    This is really really lame.

  60. 260

    Miley is well….white trash raised, so sensitivity isn't high in that gene pool. While people are overly sensitive, she has to realize she chose to work for Disney and should be more careful. I personally look forward to her Michael Phelps bong photos later on. What's next Miley? Talk about watermelon, fried chicken and our president? I'm just sayin.

  61. 261

    Yes its lame and out of proportion but thats the price you pay for fame. You have to expect that everything you put on film or in writing will be seen by the world.

    That includes the sex tape she will come out with in…my bet…no more then 5 years.

  62. 262

    Re: hippiehop
    If you tried to open your eyes wide and act white, would we care? no.
    So why is it such a big deal?
    What about those women on Americas next top model who had to get painted dark skinned to look african. .were they being racist?
    it's the same thing.
    Oh cry cry cry someone's being racist.
    No. The KKK were racist. Miley is not racist.

  63. 263

    Who honestly cares if she slanted her eyes…Who hasn't? I've even witnessed my friends 5 yr old chinese sister do it! Anyways, there's an asian in the photo and it doesn't look like he's all that upset about it. Enough about that….Did anyone notice the glass of wine in someone's hand? Isn't Miley only 15? At a party with alcohol..hmmmm. I know people are nut jobs in California, but c'mon! Where are her parents?!?

  64. 264


  65. 265

    Re: Lene – This 16 year old girl is idolized by millions of other little girls, some of them Asian. How do you think they felt seeing this picture poking fun at their features? When you're famous, there are social rules that can ruin your paycheck and she breaks them regularly. With your comment you just supported racism - Who's the idiot now?

  66. 266

    1) I hate miley cyrus
    2) I'm asian and find the picture funny. Clearly everyone is squinting to look asian and the one asian guy there is opening his eyes wide to match their "big american eyes" he clearly doesn't find it offensive and they were doing it in good humor not to offend.

  67. 267

    Re: allykisskiss – You are the perfect example of how racism keeps on keep'in on. Making fun of another race, ie. their features = racism. If you don't like that example / stick your head back in the sand / no one will miss your opinions, I promise. NOTICE: This message isn't just for ally / I'm throwing it out to all you immature imbeciles that think there is nothing wrong with a role model taking pictures like this.

  68. 268

    Really? thats racist no way because i had no idea that slantingyour eyes like innocent school children do when making funny faces was the equivalent of painting your face black and wearing overalls sayin howdy master

  69. 269

    A young, virgin Japanese girl had been taught all her life that when she married she was to please her husband and never upset him.

    So the first morning of her honeymoon the young Japanese bride crawled out of bed after making love, stooped down to pick up her husband's clothes and accidentally lets out a big, greasy fart.

    She looked up and said, "Aww so sowwy, excruse prease, front hole so happy, back hole laugh out loud."

  70. 270

    I know and like many Asian people BUT and I say this right to their faces. THEY HAVE A "SUPERIORITY COMPLEX they think they are better than other people (which thy are not) they think they are smarter than other people (which they are not) they are just a little more greedy and a little more hard working is all? AND the funnyist part is how RACIST they are about other Asians not like them?

  71. 271

    The QUESTION is … do they have a Different Slant on life so to speak? And they do? So shut up and bring my egg rolls?

  72. 272

    Miley needs to go away she sucks

  73. 273

    I reali can't see how anyone can justify this…It does no matter if that is how they look or not…what if some stretched out their noses to imitate black people…or what if some wore trashy clothing and said they were protraying a latino would that be racist?? As a minority i find that extremely offensive..and for the record I hate her even more…She is an overrated BITCH>>>

  74. 274

    what's wrong with people these days, get over it! no one can't joke about anything and anyone anymore without taking offense to it!

  75. 275

    wutever, Miley is a kid who doesn't even have a brain. she doesn't care about her fans just the money that comes with it.

  76. 276

    When is the sex tape coming out starring her and her daddy?

  77. 277

    Being a (slutty and inappropriate) "ROLE MODEL" for kids shes totally encourages discrimination and outcasting asian people…..people who think it was was "just a joke"…it may well have been, but that doesnt stop it being offensive to our asian community. Narrow-minded, intolerant child.
    Her parents did a TERRIBLE job raising her….its on thing after another!

  78. 278

    Re: Pwn3d! – Trust u lot to say that seeing as ur probably racist urselves Re: miss.independent

  79. 279

    teens may do these things as jokes but the fact that MILEY did it encourages people who"look up to the slut" to discriminate.
    Shes a racist slut!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shes a racist slut!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shes a racist slut!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shes a racist slut!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shes a racist slut!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shes a racist slut!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. 280

    People mock and make fun of caucasians all the time and you don't see us calling RACISM and bitching about it 24/7 . This is why marijuana needs to be legalized in this country- People are way too fucking uptight and shit nowadays. Chill out. She's just a kid.

  81. 281

    Why is everyone defending her?! - most of the people defending her wouldnt even feel offended obviously so they think its no big deal.
    But its a big deal to whatever asian fans she has out there coz its racist.
    So dont defend things u dont even understand idiots

  82. 282

    wow if i was miley, i'd take another pic like that lol. Seriosuly people are so dumb, who the heck cares. And even if they WERE doing slanty eyes like an asian, why can't people do anything like that anymore. it's a free country! If you don't like it, go back to your "asian pacific" nation

  83. 283


  84. 284

    oh and as a half-asian i am NOT offended. I wear big girl panties though…no one has to coddle ME, i can take criticism

  85. 285

    Re: Mari9924 – Wow ok first of all, regarding the comments you posted about the oldtime actors who were playing black characters are racist because they painted their skin and made their lips look bigger? Excuse me but isn't that what blacks look like you dumbass? If thats the case, what about the movie WHITE GIRLS in which the "oh-so-funny" Foxx brothers painted their skin WHITE and put on blonde wigs to depict …oh i don't know…."ditzy" white people? Bet you would NEVER call that racist huh?!!! Thats the problem with so many "MINORITIES"…they can dish shit it out but they can't take it back!! (Im not saying all minorities are like this but a VERY LARGE PERCENTAGE OF THEM ARE!!)

    2nd….you really should lighten up. Any realistic and reasonable person understands this picture is not racist, its a group of kids goofing around having fun.

  86. 286

    she likes to do controversial things to get media attention
    and hey-presto! it worked
    stop giving her attention perez

  87. 287

    OMG, are you seriously kidding me!
    It's a picture, she's just playing around- Theres a freakin' asian guy in the picture with her, and he obviously doesn't care. Why is everyone pissed off about Miley doing it, Justin Gaston is also doing it, and same with all the others in that picture. Everyones just saying that it's racist because she's famous, and they have nothing better to do!
    You obviously didn't do it to offend anyone, and it's pretty obvious!

  88. 288

    lol. they all obviously are drunk. how about taking her to jail for once? that's a good headline!

  89. 289

    They always said that she would be like little miss perfect! Now, its like ugh no one likes her. She do too much with her BFF mandy. Always making fun of someone. FIrst it was Demi gap and now asians? She just want publicity always in peoples faces and sh**

  90. 290

    Yeah tbh only kids who don't know what they're doing do that..
    But Miley should know better. She's old enough to know better.
    But I seriously doubt she's going to mature any day soon now.

  91. 291

    okay anyone's who's not a minority can not really talk about what is racist or not. seriously. white people have the advantage in everything. they've never been denied anything. they've never suffered as much as anyone else has.

    miley cyrus isn't racist, but her actions are definitely uncalled for, like other people have said. she's an role model to younger children and she should be more aware of her actions

  92. 292

    Oh boo hoo. This country is too pc. One can't say or do anything without somebody being offended. Might as well stay indoors & never talk to anyone or go out in public.

  93. 293

    and to everyone that thinks it's ok or that's what asian eyes look like you all are ignorant bastards. even normal children are taught to act decently. she's clearly making fun of what asians look like.

  94. 294

    Oh, please. Who hasn't done that?!
    There was an asian guy sitting right there.
    They were just having fun. Loosen up dbags.

  95. 295

    OMG… I'm surprise people don't get offended because she fart/ burp/ breath/ laugh/ eat/ people grow up…and stop making a big deal out of nothing… GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!

  96. 296

    She should apoligize, different things are insulting to different cultures. And it just so happens they take what miley cyrus did affensively what other cultures would not.

  97. 297

    Re: catxcore – Well now you've learned something.

  98. 298

    Re: Juicy84x – You really need a lesson about racism. I think you should keep your uneducated comments to yourself now. Thank God you will never have the chance to be in any position to rule others because if you don't know what being racist means at your age - there is no help for ya chickie.

  99. 299

    WOOOOOW…. There was an asian dud in the fuckin picture with her! OBVIOUSLY they were just joking around! She shouldnt have to apologize for anything! It's not racist! She was probably mocking her friend. I mock my friends all the time, so clearly the picture was taken out of context! It's so ridiculous! First, michelle obama is being "racist" by not wearing a dress designed by an african american, andf now mileys beig alled "racist" for mocking her friend. I swear these lame organizations are just commenting for their 15 minutes of fame.

  100. 300

    Re: THE Bitch – I know exactly what racism is hun. I deal with it quite a bit living in South Florida actually. There are so many incidents that a caucasian person says or does something that is considered racist in this country. Maybe you need to pay a bit more attention to you local news? Or watch some BET comedy shows where they blatantly make fun of white people? That was the point I was trying to make. You can't say I'm wrong because it happens all the time and we are expected to just keep our mouths shut. I KNOW there are many, many people who completely agree with me. I just happen to be outspoken about it.

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