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The Octuplets Mom Has Hired Publicists!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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With each passing day, the octuplets story makes our stomach turn more and more!

The latest??

The mother of the octuplets AND 6 other kids (pre-octuplets), Nadya Suleman, has hired not one but two LA-based publicists.

This reeks of famewhoreness and in this case, it just feels gross!

The octuplet flacks have revealed that they've fielded dozens of interview requests and offers for book, film and television deals.

And, some media reports have speculated that Suleman might be paid as much as $2 million for an interview.

To that, the mom of 14's publicist said, "The money itself is not the object. She has her view of her life with her kids as they go down life's highway. She wants to be sure they are well cared for."


But, the flack declined to answer questions about the sperm donor or where she sought fertility treatment.

Of course they wouldn't answer that! It would drive her interview price down!

The mouthpiece went on to say that us, the public, will be persuaded that "she is a very good person and someone they should support" after they learn more about her.

Doubt it!

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129 comments to “The Octuplets Mom Has Hired Publicists!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 1

    She makes me sick.. die already! should have died while giving birth!

  2. 2

    They should have accidently punctured something while they were in there pulling those babies out.

  3. 3

    i hate this chic and i have yet to even see a picture of her!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Re: Perezisbiased – HORRIBLE BUT SO TRUE!

  6. 6

    Re: Perezisbiased – exactly!
    selfish fucking poor excuse of a woman!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    "Someone we should support"…..with 14 kids she is someone we WILL be supporting wether we like it or not.

  9. 9

    SHIT she must be one loose bitch!

  10. 10

    I don't support dogs disguised as welfare whores. 2 mil for an interview? HA! what's that gonna do? pay for the first month's hospital stay?

  11. 11


  12. 12

    " there was an old woman who lived in a shoe who had so many kids her uterus fell out , OHHH!"

  13. 13

    "The money itself is not the object. She has her view of her life with her kids as they go down life's highway. She wants to be sure they are well cared for."


  14. 14


  15. 15

    Fuck that bitch! And her reamed out uterus.

  16. 16

    Re: Mike_Rotch – Where did you find harry's baby pic?

  17. 17

    Would somebody please tell this bitch that a vagina is not a clown car!!!

  18. 18

    Of course she hired P.R.'s! TLC, here are your new "reality stars"!!!

  19. 19

    Oprah…DO NOT PUT HER IN YOUR SHOW. Ellen…you are forewarned.

  20. 20

    Why bring all these kids into the world when there's millions of poor children out there who need homes?

  21. 21

    Re: M*I*A*R – STOP! You're turnin' me on!

  22. 22

    What an irresponsible and inconsiderate bitch to have 14 children on her own! Go ahead and try to get book deals and whatnot to support you. It's a pipe dream. She's going to end up on welfare for thousands of dollars a month and we're all going to have to suffer because of her indignation!

  23. 23

    Re: harrybalsac
    Haha, classic!

  24. 24

    using your kids to get money is horrible!

  25. 25

    Cockroaches carry over 40 different pathogens which risk being transferred to humans. Included is pneumonia, plague, hepatitis, and typhoid fever just to name a few.

  26. 26

    Yea whatever… Fucking irresponsible mother should not be allowed to bear anymore kids… Dr's should have fucking kicked her tubes off of her…

  27. 27

    Those publicists have their work cut out for them. It's hard to imagine ever thinking she is a good person, and like it or not, we WILL be supporting her through taxpayer dollars. If money wasn't the object, she wouldn't be talking through publicists to the media. Disgusting! I hope people don't tune in to the interviews.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Disgraceful and disgusting.
    Nobody is going to give her $2 million.
    That is fantasy.
    If she gets $10,000 that will be a lot.
    Social Services needs to remove these children from her.

  30. 30

    This unwed mother of 14, living with her parents in 2 bedroom house and exploiting her children for profit has no shame ! :-(

  31. 31

    YEA! The little dog is back!

  32. 32

    she prolly wants all the $ so she can get out of her moms house and then hire nannies to take care of her kids so she doent have to .

  33. 33

    I say take the kids away from her, put them up for adoption to responsible people, and don't pay her one cent. Then fine the doctor who implanted so many embryos in her and monitor him/her to make sure they don't do it again. This kind of irresponsibility should not be rewarded with outrageous sums of money.

  34. 34

    And why shouldnt she ask for money? She is expected to go on national tv and be made fun of and insulted and not get paid? fuck no….Id ask for money for that kinda bullshit too. You know damn well she will use ot for those bazillion kids and thier care so go for it

  35. 35

    gonna fukin
    cost about
    400,000 to
    feed those fukers
    for one fukin year..
    My fukin granny had 12 kids ..2 died..but not the fuk all at fukin
    once……..and she's a fukin retard Republican for doing that.
    That's what the fukin church teaches them..fuked up..

  36. 36


  37. Liani says – reply to this



  38. 38

    Re: harrybalsac – LOL! Perfect!

  39. 39

    Re: harrybalsac
    Is this titty shot better ..harrybaby..xxxxxxoooooooo?Re: LettyB

  40. 40

    Re: harrybalsac – lol.. it was nailed to california bitch's vaginal wall… i was flabergasted at how easily it was to rip out.. a keepsake if you will

  41. 41

    what a dumb lady!

  42. 42

    You know, if she were like the Duggars — able to support her family — then, I'd say 'to each his own'. Her fertility doc should lose his license, she needs to get a job, and everyone should boycott any media appearance she makes. Hope they did a hysterectomy while they were in there.

  43. 43

    erg , this makes me mad ..
    i think its her choice ..
    and i don't know why you're all saying "she should have her children taken away, because she is irresponsible for having that many kids .."
    how does having that many children make you irresponsible ?

  44. 44

    Re: SheriMoonZombie – THAAAAAANNNKKKSSS!

  45. 45

    They give this mother of SIX fertility treatments when there are women who cannot have ONE child who would have TRULY benifited from the treatment! Her and her doctors are selfish morons. I feel sorry for the kids, definitely not their fault. Give this woman a couple months and she won't even be taking care of her own herd, she'll have a full staff compliments of the idiots who will pay her for her STORY. Gaggg

  46. 46


  47. 47

    Why hasn't CPS ever visited this home? They NEED to!!! This is such a joke and I am sick that it has so much media attention.

  48. 48

    Re: SheriMoonZombie – NICE! ( tug, tug)

  49. 49


  50. 50

    Re: Mike_Rotch – Cool, I miss that doll, her name was Pokey!

  51. 51

    OMG this woman disgusts me sooo bad! I can't get insurance or Medi-Cal for my family because my husband is self-employed and makes $500 per year OVER the maximum for Medi-Cal. If something happens to him, myself or one of our kids…we loose EVERYTHING WE'VE WORKED OUR ASSES OFF FOR! But THIS breeder has got ALL OF US PAYING FOR HER KIDS MEDICAL CARE! I give her a year before CPS is over at her house. There should be a law that prohibits people with multiple kids from fertility treatment to be eligible for gov't medical care…HOW DID SHE AFFORD THAT SHIT? Sorry, I'm really enraged.

  52. kev says – reply to this


    sounds like Angelina Jolie to me…maybe this could be her new best friend..let's see, they both have a million kids, they both pimp their children out for pics when they need some fame, they both have publicists telling them when and where to pimp their kids out…yep, maybe this is her long lost sister! LOL!

  53. 53

    Why isn't Discovery Health doing any shows on the abuse of fertility treatments, instead of gmaorizing it with shows like that Mary Kate woman? Why aren't news outlets reporting on what this kind of crap will mean for our taxpayers and population control efforts???!!!

  54. 54

    Yeah, we'll be supporting her alright, with our tax payer dollars while she collects welfare! This whole situation is disgusting. This woman has no job, lives in a 2 bedroom bungalow with her mother, has filed bankruptcy in the past and the list goes on and on. Supposedly she is highly educated, well, then why doesn't she have a job? I honestly feel sorry for her, she is obviously ill and the doctor that did this should face disciplinary charges. Why would you implant that many embryos in a woman who already has 6 kids and doesn't even have the means to support them? I heard on tv that the "sperm donor" is someone she met while they BOTH worked at a fertility clinic.

  55. 55

    I really think she should have gotten 8 Surragate families. There are couples out there that cannot have children and have the financial means and want children desperately. Shame on her to have all those kids without any financial support. I would never have kids if I couldn't afford it!! Now it's too late.

  56. 56

    Oh please…..a publicist???? No….she's so not in if for the money! I think I'm gonna be sick

  57. 57

    Re: harrybalsac – i renamed her Practice

  58. 58

    Re: cassyb – Are you fucking stupid or what? She doesn't have the means to support her children. That's why everyone is making these comments. I bet right now CPS is investigating as it is. If the grandmother, grandfather, mother and 6 kids are living in a 2 bedroom house…there are codes as to how many people can live in a certain size house. So, now they're going to add 8 more kids so there will be 17 people living in a 2 bedroom house. That's disgusting.

  59. 59

    Re: cassyb – DO I get to choose to not pay for her family of 15 (I included herself in the family count - also not 16 because there is no daddy). How about this chick's mom? Does she get to choose not to be grandma to 14? From the sound of it, she's not supremely happy about this either? It seems like the only person making choices here is the one person who can not afford the choices she makes. YOU ARE FOOLISH AND NAIVE IF YOU THINK THIS IS A RESPONSIBLE CHOICE, CASSYB. SHE IS UNABLE TO CARE FOR THE OTHER KIDS SHE HAS (THAT'S WHY SHE LIVES WITH HER PARENTS). Yes, it's irresponsible.

  60. 60

    Sorry, I don't support any asshole that's filed for bankruptcy TWICE. I think my tax dollars would be better spent elsewhere than this dipshit. I wish her nothing but media scrutiny and public derision. I am also interested in hearing what CPS has to say when they're done with their investigation.

  61. 61

    What makes what she is doing any different than the celebs who sell thier babies pictures for millions? Also, if you were her and you saw the opportunity you would do the same. And you know what, she'll get her money and you all will watch her on the talk show, read her book and watch her reality show. I say, smart woman. You go girl!

  62. 62

    This woman is an irresponsible, crazy bitch, and now she'll be a famous irresponsible crazy bitch. What a world. This is why they hate us.

  63. 63

    This woman is certifiable! She should be committed and those kids taken into custody, and so should the Fertility clinic that performed the implantation of 8 embryos into a jobless single Mom with 6 kids at home.

  64. 64

    She is GROSS! Someone should send her some rope.

  65. 65

    someone had this planned

  66. 66

    Re: Ma the meatloaf – Why don't you make a sizable donation to her fund? I'm sure she could use the support of ignorant suckers such as yourself. Perhaps if you give her YOUR money, she will stop taking MY tax dollars.

  67. 67

    I heard this women was some kinda middle eastern. Those kind are greedy ass users!! she shouldnt get paid shit!! in fact, she should have her kids taken away from her!

  68. 68

    OMfg I hate this trashy bitch. The fucking gosselins already scamed americA and fucking bought a 1.2m house in pa and cry poor and as for donations at churches I hope no one will watch the new show shell get stupid greedy bitch my mom had 5 kids no one asked to help her out as a single mom so fuck you just coz you had 14 on purpose don't mean you deserve to get special treatment. Suffer the consequnces

  69. 69

    I feel so sorry for the American Tax Payers that have to pay for this woman's greed. I hope they check out if she is in the US legally. Tie the whack job's tubes! Take the freakin Duggers with the 18 greedy spawn. The oldest freakazoid that got engaged to that stepford looking girl, told her 3 times how big her diamond was. Total Greed. Take Jon and Kate off the air, all the greed tummy tucks, big homes, hair plugs, weddings in hawaii, only give these whack jobs ideas. There are thousands of children looking for a loving home already, you don't have to create these familys for your own financial gain.

  70. 70

    fuck, I am gonna produce 20 kids to make myself rich!!!!

  71. 71

    The only way the "public will be persuaded that she is a good person" is if she hands over all 14 kids to Social Services for adoption and then she jumps in a pool of lava. How can this whore be an inspiration? She's a freeloader with no father for these kids who's living off the state. And probably an illegal alien to boot. Fuck her!

  72. 72

    1. I will boycott any company that gives this breeder any free products.
    2. A single parent raising 14 kids under the age of 7 is guilty of child abuse so the state should take every one of these kids and adopt them out.
    3. I don't want to hear a word of this idiot's journey "down life's highway".
    Thanks, reality tv!!! You are responsible for creating this disaster!!

  73. 73

    Re: cassyb – #45 How stupid are you?! She is irresponsible because she can't afford to feed these kids, much less give them one mote of personal attention, to say nothing about the autistic kid rotting at home right now. She is the height of irresponsibility, ignorance, narcissism, and the poster mom for shittiest mother out there. A crack whore would do better than she.

  74. 74

    Re: harrybalsac – heheheheeeeeeeeeRe: RedWingsFan – really? this old thing..I have no tits!Re: LettyB – hehehehehe
    so is my fukin granny…shitfukfukedherselfinto 10kids..

  75. 75

    I am saying a novena right now that Nadya Suleman has a prolapsed uterus that renders her a vegetable and all the kids in her illegal alien mid-eastern tribe are drop-lifted to her hometown in Iraq so they can take care of them. Oh, wait, either way the U.S. will be responsible for this whore's bills. Let's be fair about this: Drop lift those shits on Crawford, Texas, where the Bush losers can pay for this mess.

  76. 76

    Re: cassyb – Because you should never have more children than you can afford or PROPERLY take care of.
    14? -there is NO WAY one person could! Do you have any experience taking care of kids on a fulltime basis? Then you would know that there aren't enough hours in a day to care for that many by yourself, not to mention how unfair it would be to the kids.

  77. 77

    This bitch is getting more negative publicity than positive. I hope someone does pay her all that money, then she is forced to pay all the hospital bills she incurred, out of that money. Or she gets paid and NOBODY is fucking interested cause we all can't stand her. Why should she collect any money with all the outstanding bills she has. It should go to the hospital for taking care of the kids, who will, no doubt, need some kind of long term care. I hope she ends up with nothing. For somebody who wanted complete anonymity, she sure did a 180 on that one. Fuckin loser.

  78. 78

    Disgusting. I hope they nail the doctors who performed the procedure TO THE WALL.

  79. 79

    Re: Ma the meatloaf – Ma the meatloaf, you're just fucking ignorant. PLEASE use birth control.

  80. 80

    I don't know if anyone mentioned it yet, but her mom said that she worked at a fertility clinic and that's how she got away with implanting so many embryos at once. The sperm donor also worked at the clinic and is said to be the father of her other 6 kids.

  81. 81

    The Vag is not a clown car…

  82. 82

    Oh come on - she's doing the interview not the kids. She has 14 children, very much wanted and loved, it's not like she has 14 kids by 14 different fathers and she's only 14 for god sake. Anyway, if I had 14 mouths to feed, clothe, school and transport around and someone offered me 2 million to do an interview and let them take some pictures of the kids, then you are a damn right hypocrite if you can sit there and say 'I wouldn't do the same' - get real people!!!

  83. 83

    Normal people make sure their kids will be "well cared for" BEFORE they have babies. This whole situation is gross, no matter what happens. Bitch gets rich off of being a mentally twisted baby machine and society will pay the bill. Everyone should boycott every magazine, tv show, publisher, etc. who rewards this woman for her sick babies-for-profit scheme.

  84. 84

    Re: sjcullum – But no one's offering her money: She's going after it. Her excuse: "I have an obsession with having babies." What about people who have an obsession with killing? Or with pedophilia? Or with raping or robbing banks?!? This woman is guilty of murdering the futures of 14 children AND ruining the lives of her parents AND conning California's government out of millions of dollars in welfare, which is at least what it will take to house and treat all these losers and their inevitable psychological problems. Lock up this whore and send those babies to good homes.

  85. 85

    Please stop talking baout her P, you give her cred

  86. 86

    $2 million?? Damn, ya'll can criticize her all you want for having so many kids, but she is making bank from it. Maybe she's not so dumb after all. Not to mention with that many kids, you have to make money to support them somehow. If pimping them out in a $2 million interview means they'll be secure for life (if shes not a complete retard and spends it stupidly, that is), then go for it.

  87. 87

    I think this girl has a very twisted Brad Pitt fantasy. Now Brad will notice her and love her and her 14 children. I'm sure Spider Woman Angie would claw her eyes out and shove them down her throat .. or his throat .. or her own throat. You know how those Jolie-Pitts are.

  88. 88

    Re: frondsbite falls
    Wow, are you really comparing her having a bunch of babies to murder, pedophilia, rape, and bank robbery?? Congratulations! You are officially an idiot!
    Not to mention calling her a whore is pretty fucking stupid too, considering all these babies she had with the same donor, by ivf, so they didnt even have sex necessarily. Way to use a common derogatory towards women when it doesnt even apply here. I might as well call you a brainiac for all the sense that comment makes! Fucktard!

  89. 89

    She wants to make sure that SHE is well cared for, not the babies. She had those babies knowing early on that there were 8 of them. She knew she had no means to provide for them. No job living at home with her bankrupt parents. She knew they were going to be cash machines. The whole family is off.

  90. 90

    not enuf puke in all the world!!! is social services investigating this crazy bitch yet>? even her own MOTHER said she was nuts!! WHAT THE FUCK?!

  91. 91

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where she is getting the money to hire publicists let alone raise 14 kids?! I'm clearly doing something wrong.

  92. 92

    Her IVF Doctor's license needs to be taken away! What a pathetic Moo! How dare she risk those tiny lives - how dare she do that to her previous 6 children, her husband and her parents….she is as selfish COW! I think her little scheme backfired….the public isn't worshiping her crotch-dropplings the way she planned. It's called a recession you stupid bitch! The economic system is already stained beyond repair and you want to burden this Country and Planet with more of your DNA?! What the fuck makes her so special to want to cripple this Country's welfare system even more? I'm glad the public has (mostly…still some idiots out there) turned on her. Unfortunately, we're all going to end up paying for her frankenlitter in one way or another. Can't say it enough….STUPID COW!

  93. 93

    Re: Freebird – I seriously hope you're joking…otherwise, you have no conscience and no soul.

  94. 94

    Re: Freebird – No, YOU are officially an idiot. You don't even understand what "frondsbitefalls" is saying. Your comment about how she is "making bank from" having so many kids shows that you clearly watch too much reality tv. You don't have kids to "make bank", unless you are a sick and twisted f*ck. This woman chose to bring 8 new lives into the world at a time when she already had 6 she couldn't properly care for. And now she's going to get paid big bucks for having a litter while charities all over are desperate for funds to help struggling, hard-working and responsible families who have always tried to live within their means? It's wrong, pure and simple, that this woman would use IVF to conceive so many babies at once so she could simply exploit them.

  95. 95

    Did someone call DCFS yet? (Dept. of Children & Family Services)

  96. 96

    The Dr. should lose his licence and she should have her tubes yanked out of her stretch marked body.

  97. 97

    Re: Freebird – No, you are the fucktard if you think what this woman did is okay. She's on Medi-Cal and we pay for her and her kids' medical care and food. Her own mother is appalled by her actions and has said that when she gets out of the hospital, "I'm out of here". Yes, this woman is as bad as all of those scum because she is making babies specifically to exploit them at the cost of their mental health and my tax dollars - no dad, overwhelmed mom who doesn't work, grandparents who don't have any energy left, not to mention a huge medical bill that the government will foot. Go donate your own hard earned $$ to this chick and see how you feel about it in a year. I'll pass.

  98. 98

    You guys with negative stuff to say about this woman are a a bunch of judgmental idiots!! Let's talk about somthing real here like maybe drug
    addict bitches who expose their kids in eutero and damage them for life!!!! I don't see that making the news and it happens everyday and leaves such a horrrible effect for these kids and those that love them!!!!! Get real ya'll

  99. 99


  100. 100


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