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Christian Bale vs. Bill O'Reilly: The Mash-Up!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaChristian BaleBill O'Reilly

Most amazing thing ever (at least for today)!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most amazing thing ever (at least for today)!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most amazing thing ever (at least for today)!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most amazing thing ever (at least for today)!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most amazing thing ever (at least for today)!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most amazing thing ever (at least for today)!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most amazing thing ever (at least for today)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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84 comments to “Christian Bale vs. Bill O'Reilly: The Mash-Up!”

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    Actually, I didn't think it was that funny. Whoever did it could have done a better job… the O'Reilly piece didn't mesh with Bale's.

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  6. 6

    Sounds just like me at home…love it.

  7. 7

    luvs it!!

  8. 8

    who cares

  9. 9

    I fucking hate both of these cocky motherfuckers. They think the sun rises and shines on their miserable asses. Fucking die already…

  10. 10

    AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH……… and so on and so forth.

  11. 11

    Haha. To funny. I'd love to see someone bully tv's biggest bully.

  12. 12

    this is fabulous . . . !

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  15. 15

    Oh why is everyone in Hollywood such a DIVA?!

  16. 16

    What what what say you?

  17. 17

    Coke vs. Even More Coke

  18. 18

    hahahaaaaaaa. fuck it!

  19. 19

    That's amazing

  20. 20

    All I can say to that is I LMAO !!!!!!!

  21. 21

    ha geez

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    Re: Paprika888 – B/c ppl constantly cater to these asswipes who don't do shit besides bitch n moan about their retarded existence..

  24. 24

    Re: Paprika888

    Because people pay them to be. They make more money than you or I will ever know and THAT'S okay for some reason while the rest of America falls apart financially. They don't deserve it. They make millions for acting. Not for enforcing law, not for saving lives, not for educating, not for feeding the homeless, not for doing good… they make millions for acting. Can someone explain that to me in a logical manner?

  25. 25

    Re: JuneGordon – uhuh

  26. 26

    lol 2 assoles

  27. 27

    Okay-Okay, O'Reilly is an ass, but he doesn't come close to the PSYCHO Christian Bale is! Man, that guy needs MAJOR therapy!

  28. 28

    They're like two turds in a toilet! FLUSH! That was pretty funny! It makes you wonder how they would react if people treated their bitch-ass that way! It's called the Golden Rule for a reason kids.

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    OMG I almost pissed myself laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 31

    LMFAO haha

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    OMG that was f'n hilarious!!

  34. 34

    I think there are 2 men here that NEED TO GET LAID

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  36. 36

    That's fucking high-larious!!

    This thing is being WAYYYY overblown!

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    Re: Dr.Jezzebelle – I'll help Christian Bale. Any volunteers for Bill?

  38. 38

    Boo!!! Not funny! They're both diva douche bags, that need to get over themselves seriously

  39. 39

    Brittany spears can't sing- OMg I applaud you for saying that. Some people are so happy these fools are racking in millions while everyone else is out of work poor. Fuck these overpaid ego maniac bitches

  40. 40

    Sounds like both of them have anger issues - I love it! Too funny!

  41. midi says – reply to this


    brilliant! i love it!

  42. 42

    HAHAHAHA! Awesome!!!!

  43. 43

    Dear God: I haven't asked for much -ever. But please, please, please make certain that Bill the Ass-o-Reilly hears this.
    And lord, can we have a re-mix of Bill O'Reilly's gross-out sexual harassing phone call, too?

  44. nh22 says – reply to this


    Truly hilarious!

  45. Haylo says – reply to this


    Holy Fucking Shit!!! this is super hilarious. I decided to watch while in class and I cant stop snickering….awesome.

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  47. 47

    Dueling douchebags.

  48. 48

    freaking hilarious!!! I'm deaf and can't understand what they were saying….but i sure can read O'Reilly's lips when he's hurling out cussy terms!

  49. 49

    This is fucking hysterical!!!

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    This is comparing apples with tigers…I can understand O'Reilly, he supposed to read from a teleprompter that had NOTHING written on it.- So, he got a little mad, so what? But this asshole Batman, verbally abused a guy that ask to be forgiving again and again…..Why putting O'Reilly in this deal, it's sooo stupid!

  52. 52

    hahahah Love it!

  53. 53

    Christian sounds just like Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen.
    They should let him do that show for one episode….get all his ragin' out.

  54. 54

    …not that funny

  55. 55

    Oh my gosh, thats farkin hilarious, I love it!!

  56. 56

    lol funny

  57. Mich says – reply to this


    lol that pretty much made my day

  58. enen says – reply to this


    I love Bill O. NO SPIN ZONE!!!

  59. enen says – reply to this


    Bill O'Reilly is a great man. He always tells it how it is! Yea sometimes he is a little too conservative and loses his temper, that doesn't change the fact that he has strong morals and values! There are lots of people in American that agree with him and want to keep things the way they are. Everyone is so gung-ho about this liberal bullshit that frankly it scares the crap out of him and even makes him a little pissed off. I couldn't agree with him more.

  60. 60

    they are both assholes..

  61. @v@ says – reply to this


    Clever, and the perfect juxtaposition. Kudos to someone. Lolol.

  62. 62

    Why would you promote this? I am no longer visiting this website.

  63. 63

    great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. 64

    God I wish that was real…and then Bale goes and kicks his fuckin' ass. THAT'S good TV. O'Reilly is a douche.

  65. Pike says – reply to this


    This is as old as your dust blowing dick.

  66. 66

    bill o'reilly = howard stern ripoff.

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    LOL what an azz

  69. 69

    lol Im never going to get tired of listening to this shit.

  70. 70

    I don't get it!

  71. k-lee says – reply to this



  72. 72

    I am laughing so hard I am crying. Thanks for posting this, it made my week!

  73. 73

    I am SO happy this is on the internet. What an asshole Bill O'Reilly is, shitting his pants over a teleprompter.

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    Oh da da da da…That part and Bill O Riley's face is the funniest ever!!!

  77. 77

    this was fucking awesome!!!!

  78. Meggz says – reply to this


    lmfao if this were serious christian would win cuz that was just amazing lol :) still love him though

  79. 79

    What a louse!!!

  80. 80

    Perea, You have a stolen version on your site TheSexyPatriot should change her name to Pirate Bitch! She is a thief and has NO talent!
    Hey confirmed Smoke Filled Rooms had it up first. I did meet one of them in France last year at a festival. Lots of talent Smoke Filled Rooms Rocks! This is a great mash guess thats why people copy it. Rock on Smoke Filled Rooms!

  81. 81

    But I hope you realize that these are two completly different clips, okey? The audio of Bale comes from a set from a movie he was ( is? ) making and O'Reilly…well.

    Anyway, now you know! :)

  82. 82

    yeah this is fucking awesome. i'm pretty sure the O'Reilly one was just done for publicity though. and i'm wondering why the studio even released the Bale audio. more publicity? probably. anyways i'm happy lol

  83. 83

    Its the producers fault for hiring unprofessional idiots on the set! WAKE UP PRODUCERS! Bunch of fucking bean counters who take all the money and hire NOVICES!!!! I worked with Christen on 3:10 to Yuma and he was Great! he can ride me any time….

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