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Holly Madison Quits!

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Talk about being a hypocrite!

The former ultimate Playboy lover, Holly Madison, is officially no longer a part of the bunny empire.

Aside from no longer dating Hugh Hefner and being his "number one" girl, it turns out Holly is no longer working for the company either.

Reports state that Madison has resigned from her position as "Playmate editor" for Playboy magazine.

Apparently Holly wants to spend more time with that douchebag magician, Criss Angel.

Sources say she hasn't even been working at the Playboy offices for a while now.

Guess when the cameras aren't around there's no need to pretend to work!

[Image via WENN.]

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67 comments to “Holly Madison Quits!”

  1. 1

    In 5 years I see her begging Hef to take her back (if he is still alive in 5 years that is)

  2. 2

    she'll probably be begging Hef for another cover cuz no one will remember her in 5 years

  3. 3

    her face is odd. it's bent on one side.

  4. 4

    i'm a queen tonight. huge queen.

  5. 5

    Anybody that'll pay the bills.

  6. 6

    career sucide she's not good a anything else ~S~

  7. 7

    She's crazy!

  8. 8

    she'll probably be working the corner in her little bunny get up and hooker heels

  9. 9

    She's a whore. With he hickey's blah no thank you
    but she was my favorite gnd

  10. 10

    good for her
    I think ppl would still criticize her if she was with hef
    saying she's a golddigger which she may be, but
    who knows

  11. 11

    and yea no one might remember her in 5 years

  12. 12

    The same thing he is doing now,, but with whom is the question?

  13. 13

    Shes loaded, she doesnt need to be doing anything in 5 years

  14. 14

    Which one is she? Hef's girls are all too Stepford to remember.

  15. 15

    People move on and do other things in their life. Do you expect her to continue to work for Hef her entire life… or shall we say his entire life?

  16. 16

    She'll be a housewife with no friends because all the other wives' husbands have seen her naked.

  17. 17

    and calling chris angel a majician is a bitch slap to actual majicians.

  18. 18

    Arghhh! there be a treasure chest alright!

  19. 19

    she will be just as wasted as pam anderson, but she wont have any paps around her

  20. 20

    shes probably not loaded, they only get allowances as hefs girlfriend. so im thinking she'll probably use her "editor" experience as a reference and who knows? I hope the best for her.

  21. 21

    Nice…..( . ) ( . )'s………..

    Two women were sitting together, quietly.

  22. 22

    Selling Playboy memorabilia on eBay!

  23. 23

    A greeter at the Magic Castle.

  24. 24

    Re: Sensitivity – Hey blackbeard…i bet you would like to drop a load on her chest……ARGGGGGG

  25. 25

    Re: baba booey – Hello, baba booey, my favorite Thespian. :)

  26. 26

    Hef made the biggest mistake of his life when he split with Holly….she actually seemed to truly love him I still dont get exactly why he split with her? Was it that he couldnt have kids any more? Those new girls blatantly only want him for his money I mean their like 18 years old for gods sake…..I know this may sound mean but I bet they are repulsed when they have to sleep with him, I mean their still teenagers!! Eventually he will die an old lonely man bcos he will have pushed away every1 who actually cares about him for goldigging whores, it's actually really sad when u think about it!! I really liked the previous 'girls next door' they were sweet funny girls.

  27. 27

    I really used to admire Holly a lot, but in reality she would be nowhere without Hef and I really don't like the way she disrespected him after they broke up. I really didn't expect that from her! Hef deserved so much more respect than that….Anyway, I hope his new girlfriends treat him well, because he really deserves it….

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Five years from now, she will give birth to nine babies at one time with the hope of getting freebies from idiots who are gullible enough to give her crap. She will never have to work more than she “worked” for Hef as an “editor” (what was it…a few months?).

  30. 30

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons… – Hello!!! LOL!! You just made my night. I was not having a good night, but you just changed all of that. Thank you! :)

  31. 31

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons… – I can't wait to perform for you again. Something Oscar, no, Tony nominated (hopefully!) for sure!

  32. 32

    hahaha she used to be my favorite, but man what an airhead she turned out to be. yesterday i was at the market and i saw her on the cover of lowrider magazine wow how low could she go.

  33. 33

    what else is she gonna do..basically she just used hef for 15 min in fame..and now shes with that nasty criss angel!

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Why is this a surprise or even news? Did anyone expect her to keep working at Playboy? If you watched the show enough you could tell she pushed her way into being a "photo editor" anyway. Hef never seemed thrilled about the idea. She also mentioned she tried to do some interior decorating at the mansion and Hef wouldn't let her. If he wouldn't let her hang some pictures and pic out some carpet or furniture, you think he would want her in charge of part of his company?

  36. Tonka says – reply to this


    OOOOOHHH! AHHHH! Let's watch the baby batter disappear into her "secret parts"!

  37. 37

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Arghhhh!!! darn tuten donger!

  38. 38

    Re: baba booey – Can't wait…. :)

  39. 39

    She's sooo dick whipped, its starting to look DESPERATE!

  40. 40

    Wonder if Angel made those boobies bigger!!

  41. 41

    awwwwwwww Hef really screwed things up

  42. 42

    Holly 'quit' because it was either that, or be let go.
    Playboy is losing huge money fast and they are getting rid of a bunch of people.
    It looks a lot better for Holly to have left on her own, otherwise Perez would be reporting a story that Hef fired her! ; )

  43. 43

    Ick, what an idiot she is. I used to actually enjoy the 'girls' on E!. but, she has proved to be truly dumb. Criss Angel? Yuck. Does she not realize that she has lost any respect anyone ever had for her…stupid question. Did anyone respect her in the first place????

  44. 44

    I don't understand how she is a 'hypocrite' though ??

  45. 45

    The walking corpse threw the talentless ho a bone by letting her pretend to work. Hope Chris makes her dissapear for good.

  46. 46

    damn i though she wasnt a whore…but she is……hef is 3 000000 times bettter that fucris!!…i don nou how she change him!.wtf was she thinkin?

  47. 47

    WOW. What the hell is she going to do for money? That new condo aint gonna pay for itself honey.

  48. Bytch says – reply to this


    I love Holly. Its not really appropriate she continue to work at the mansion if she's no longer with Hef? Duh? She'll probably work there later on after the ackwardness passes.

  49. 49

    Seriously, either love is REALLY BLIND or i'm REALLY SHALLOW cuz there is NO FUCKING WAY I would date that mindless freak!!!

  50. 50

    Re: p*vixxxen

    That's if Hef is alive in 5 years!! LOL

  51. 51

    duuuuumb. especially when criss is about to loose his job!

    i was guessing she would be bringing in the income.

  52. 52

    Lol… what a loser! Like she will ever do something better with her life!!! Anyways I am pretty sure she didn't quit, she was most likely invited to quit… noone there liked her, she was there just because she was the boss's gf… now that it's over… let's see how well she will make it in life…. hey maybe hooters is hiring!

  53. 53

    All SPN fans know that Criss Angel is a douchebag!!! LOL

  54. tetzy says – reply to this


    She's despicable.

  55. 55

    perez you are so right.
    criss angel is the biggest douchebag out.

  56. 56

    You know what?! When i first saw their show i thought that girl is full of shit, theres no way that girl is in love with Hef… Then as the years went by i thought maybe she does…Love him, but surely not?! And it turns out she wasnt in love with Hef!!!!! She just loves the attention… Holly is going to be gutted when she realise's that we have forgotten about her sorry ass!

  57. 57

    She was the only one who trully loved Hef and wanted to marry him and have babies, he obviously doesnt want that at his age so had to move on.
    So why would she stay working at Playboy… her ex's company!

    She found a wonderful guy & I hope it works out for them both.

    All you Chris Angel haters SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  58. 58


  59. 59

    Don't you think the girls got some money from their show? They probably socked away a nice little sum and don't need to worry about money. Briget seems to have the most sense so she wont need to work for a while. Kendra is nuts and Holly is a user who will always land on her feet. They don't need a Playboy, whose stock value is down to $2.00 a share. The old guy is going broke, too much competition on the web. If you think about it the reality show brought Playboy back to front and center so who needed who?

  60. AMO says – reply to this


    DUMBEST MOVE EVER! Playboy's kind of a big deal. Why would you leave a job of such a profitable magazine/empire?

  61. 61

    Expect a marriage proposal from Criss MADISON any day now.

    She HAD to quit Playboy, not only because she found a YOUNGER, STUPIDER SUGAR DADDY BUT because bringing this trash into Criss' GREEK family was shot down -

    R U THIS STUPID CRISS? Just because the HO changes her SPOTS (not because of LOVE, but because she needs your $$$$ SUPPORT - she OBVIOUSLY CANNOT MAKE HER OWN LIVING) doesn't automatically make her PURE….

    You need to change your name PERMANENTLY to either CRISS ANGEL or CRISS MADISON - because if you give your current "real" last name to this WHORE - you dishonor your Father FOREVER….. and I don't want to hear anymore "lying sputom/lip service" in your show about who he was your hero -you know damn well that if your father were alive today - he would NEVER welcome this type of person into the Family - not even if you take off her FAKE eyelashes, FAKE boobs, FAKE personality, etc. NOT EVER


  62. 62

    And as for Hef's comment on some other site - about how Holly would make a good wife for Criss or anyone?


  63. 63

    Come on, she said she quit that job like if she had earned it hahaha! I don't think she even finished elementary school!

    She just used to be a poor Hooters whore, what can she know about magazines?

  64. 64

    Holly Ho has been working hard these days for Criss, greasing up the douchebag's magic wand.

  65. 65

    She's so phony ~ I can't stand her!!! :p
    Good riddance, Hef!

  66. 66

    not a smart decision holly

  67. 67

    Finally heard a great moniker for these 2 (like Speidi) "MANGE" (MA from Madison and ANGE from Angel)
    Mange = any of several chronic skin diseases caused by parasitic mites and characterized by skin lesions, itching and loss of hair. Whenever I see these 2 together - I start itching.

    We were in a shop in Vegas after his show and these 4 girls were waiting for him, like over an hour to come out - he walked right by and ignored them. I felt so bad for them. I don't care if HO-lly was on FIRE or he was meeting the President, if you no longer have TIME (because in your insane mind you THINK YOU ARE THAT GREAT) that you cannot give 4 measly fans 10 mins. of your time you are DOUCHE TRASH to me. You both belong together IN HELL. Now watch, Criss will ATTEMPT to "make up for it", so his press/career doesn't sink further into the toiler. Too late man, those 4 girls SAW THE REAL YOU.

    And what's with Holly's PLASTIC FACE always looking so haughty for? Like she OWNS Criss. She has NOTHING without Hef. Smartest move Hef ever made was dumping this BORING SLAG. Criss couldn't even hook the attractive, fun one! And why is she all of a sudden wearing a HUGE cross (instead of her Playboy bunny) - now after she's shown her Tits & Vag for 6 yrs. The word "decency" has NEVER been in her vocabulary! Yeah, bring that trash home to Mom - look Mommy, she's wearing a cross, she must be decent!