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Brangelina Do The BAFTAS!

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bafta_2_wenn2280462.jpg bafta_3_wenn2280463.jpg

Angelina Jolie braved the London cold on Sunday night to show off her lovely dress at the BAFTAs, the British equivalent of the Oscars.

The Best Actress nominee, along with her babydaddy Bradley Pitt, a Best Actor nominee, dazzled the red carpet with their star power.

They may not take home any awards, but they win in life!

[Photo via WENN.]

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325 comments to “Brangelina Do The BAFTAS!”

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  1. 301

    Re: MaryRachel – "At least Aniston tries to do things beyond her secure zone," ????!!!?? Now I know you JenHens really have your heads in the sand. All Aniston could ever pull off was that sitcom character's variety. Oh and try not to close-up — her hair needs to be in place hiding about 40% of her wide face at all times. NO MOVIE ACTRESS does that on big screen. You are a joke, so is Aniston, the CLOWN. So where is her Oscars with her "beyond secure zone" role? Huh?

  2. 302

    BUT you didn`t answer my question……… "If Mangelina is sooooo talented why she doesn`t do any comedy???????" because a real actor is supposed to be versatile and if she`s the super actress as you claim she sholud work in comedies too - Kate Winslet or Reese for example- don`t you think I`m waiting…………., tic,, tac, tic, tac

  3. 303

    What's wrong with her face?

  4. 304

    Looks like Angelina is a Steelers fan.

  5. 305

    Re: Jenfraud

    I heard she is planning her 40th birthday lol she is going to sit and count her gray hair thats what she was talking during one of her interviews how she discovered gray hair lol you see how mature she is hahahah

  6. 306

    Re: Kate27
    ya I'm sure your ugly Jen will hide her face so we don't get scare you stupid jealous slut, how dare you say things to Angelina, It is Brad who keeps her next to him she is not desperate at all, your girl Chinifer is the desperate one who can't keep a man next to her I wonder why she gets dumped all the time because she is a loser just like you.


  7. 307

    JenFraud used to be the whore of some married guy who used her dry and then left her, that is why she is such a Whorelina champion and Jen hater; it's her only way to relive her haunting past and feel like she "won" over the wife by living vicariously through Mangelina.

  8. 308

    Re: .perezhilton.com

    actually i love reading jenfraud's comments everything she says about chinifer is right Jennifer is a loserrrrrrrrrr even her dog movie failed awwwwwww no nominations NADA lol bring the doggy bag hahahaha loooooooooooooool

  9. 309

    Re: Mrs. Palin-Carmody – hahhahaha

  10. 310

    I actually think the dress is nice - different for her…….but I am so sick to death of hearing about these two "do-gooders"…..their only REAL concern is keeping their big fat heads in the spotlight.
    Can't wait until Ange changes her mind and her opinions on LIFE again - leaving Brad with 15 kids to raise by himself……..
    They deserve each other - neither of them have any real morals in life……

  11. 311

    wow she looks goooooorgeoussss

  12. 312

    Re: gorgeousdollRe: Stevie.
    you two are amazing. i seriously think these things everyday. she is a fake. yeah if i stole 2 guys and made out with my brother i would adopt tons of kids and do all kinds of charity work to make people forget too. i'm on team aniston but either way it's wrong. brad liked angelina when it was just angelina, i'm sure when he got into it with her it was for the sex and he wasn't expecting her to start a new hobby by adopting tons of kids. perez get a life and stop writing about how great she is. she is def no angel. get over it. i just feel bad for these children, they are carted around everywhere. probably get hardly any attention from brad or angelina. and will be the ones hurt when brad splits.

  13. 313


  14. 314


  15. 315

    Let's hope this is just another stop on their "irrelevance tour."

  16. 316

    Re: Jenfraud – UR a piece of poop that just fell out of my cat's ass and plopped into the litterbox just now.

  17. 317

    Re: thats_right – you`re sooooo ridiculous,"Brad and Angleina for ever" .. pleeeeease!!!!!! are you 12????????????? btw is that you the one in the avatar???? couse if it`s you how you dare to say Aniston is ugly when you look like that????????????

  18. 318

    Re: Mrs. Palin-Carmody – EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey you missed that she`s so bitter too because all the friends and parents of the married guy liked the wife better!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 319

    Re: MaryRachel

    Maniston isssssssssssss soooooooooooooooooo ugly so get over it, no idiot thats not my picture thats Angelina Jolie you moron what planet are you talking from? you will see my picture coming soong then you will realise who you are talking to and you wil bow in front of me, now move on go make your maniston pretty and worthy lol tomorrow is her birthday she will start counting how many more gray hair she hahahaah lol worthless unwanted Maniston, angelina is always WANTED thats how she proved from movie WANTED unlike Jen playing a movie HE IS SO OVER YOU hahaah ya JEN Brad is so over you, you got the right script to play though I give you that much credit lol

  20. 320

    Re: thats_right – I`m so sorry, the picture you had before looked so deform that I thought it was you!!!!! btw why did you remove it??

  21. 321

    Re: MaryRachel

    you were not looking at my picture you were looking in the mirror so you are excused I wont be harsh on you scince you are already punished with bad looks and same goes for Chinifer, as I said I was going to put my picture is it really hard to get it?

  22. 322

    Re: thats_right – Hahaha that's why you changed your avatar?
    since you're not offended? HAHAHA

  23. 323

    Re: I love my life

    ok moron lets see who gets the last laugh haahahahahahahha

  24. 324

    Re: thats_right – o.k you´re 12 for shure.

  25. 325

    Re: thats_right – you changed it again lol what a loser, whatever
    I have better things to do then waste my time talking to a stupid ass bitch online,
    an online fight is like the special Olympics even if you win you're still retarded Re: MaryRachel – yea, she must be 12 lol!

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