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Chris Brown Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Rihanna!!!

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Nobody messes with our Princess RiRi!!!!

There's a reason why Rihanna and Chris Brown were NOT at the Grammys on Sunday night..

Chris Brown is being investigated for allegedly assaulting Rihanna after the Clive Davis pre-Grammys tribute event on Saturday night.

According to an LAPD report, cops arrived at the scene early Sunday morning - around 12:30 A.M. - after receiving a 911 call reporting a disturbance.

A woman, who insiders name as Rihanna, was found with visible injuries and identified Chris Brown as her attacker.

The 'victim' revealed they were arguing in the car, which escalated when they stopped.

Chris had reportedly already peaced out when authorities arrived.

Brown turned himself in to police around 6:30 P.M. on Sunday. He was officially booked at 7:41 p.m. for making criminal threats.

Brown posted $50,000 bail and was released.

This is just awful if really true.

Violence is never, ever the answer. BUT, we are gonna fuck up that man vile shit-stain of a human being for hitting our Rihanna!!!!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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485 comments to “Chris Brown Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Rihanna!!!”

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  1. 301

    fuken bastard!

  2. 302

    Re: RedWingsFan – Morning dude…..Go leafs go…..WTF
    CHRIS BROWN …. lock him up…..
    ((((Moon ass grab)))))))))

  3. 303

    You are gonna fuck up someone Mario? Just when I think that you've lost your sense of humor you really surprised me with this gem. Very funny.

  4. 304

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Guten Tag schatz!

  5. 305

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Hell yea that was a great game Saturday night-second period got real chippy-My Wings have won 4 in a row now!Wooo Fuckn Hoo!

  6. 306

    Chris Brown fucked up

  7. 307

    oof so intense

  8. 308

    Re: tee15 – MORON SAID : yo honestly…we dont even know what the hell rihanna said/did to him in the car..soo lets not start hating on chris just yet..and no he shouldn't of hit her but lets be real here chris was the same guy who was in germany at a club ready to beat the shit out of the guy who was talking shitt about rihanna..so there must have been a reall good damn reason :
    This kid is what? 18-19? So mhmm where did he learn violence.. home maybe? Where did he learn it was OK to hit a woman, mhmm home maybe? and damn piggy what are you gonna do to Chris Brown even if he did hit your precious "RiRi"? You would be like a dog chasing a car, wouldnt know what to do if you caught it,, wanna be badass thats nothing more then a dumbass. If this is all true and she stays then no body should feel sorry for her at all, shes got the money and the power to get away from him, the 2 things most women in her postion dont

  9. 309

    I hope that if he did hit her, that she presses charges. Too many young girls look up to her for her to put up with that kind of garbage. No woman deserves to be hit and no man deserves to get away with it!!!!!!!

  10. 310

    Re: SusyQ – #220 you're another idiot do you realize hes 6'2? if she was hitting him then he could have pulled off the road and got out, also if that had happened they BOTH would have been arrested because he would have had some marks on him too. NO MAN SHOULD EVER PUT THEIR HANDS ON A WOMEN IN VIOLENCE.

  11. 311

    Re: 2bebica3

    So because YOU don't like her it's ok she got hit??? WTF is the matter with you???

    What a loser!

  12. 312

    Very sad but the Grammys still sucked. Where the fuck was Pink??? Why the fuck was she again not recognized for her incredible talent? I swear she is the Kate Winslet of the music industry - both are awesome, sexy, beautiful women who can sing (Pink) and act (Kate) their butts off yet they never win any awards!

  13. 313

    he sort of looks like a psycho… his career is completely over, what a scumbag

  14. 314


  15. 315

    So Riri gave Chris the BIG H (erpes). There is no cure for that. Bruises go away not saying it was right for him to hit her. A man should never raise his hand to a woman. Riri is a dishrag, all used up and passed around like a glass of water.

  16. 316

    Any man that hits their wife, girlfriend or otherwise is the lowest form of pond scum there is. If she's smart she will run and run fast! Once a hitter always a hitter. This goes for women that hit men too. I hope he gets thrown in jail for a nice long time. So shameful! I'm not a Rihanna fan, but she certainly doesn't deserve this crap.

  17. 317

    Re: Snickers – nobody deserving ever wins and now its sad because now no one who is deserving is even seen at the show any more :( I stopped watching a while ago

  18. Haylo says – reply to this


    Fucking asshole. Someone should shove a stick up his pee hole.

  19. 319

    not true, it wasn't rhianna, she just didn't go because chris was in jail she went to fix her own personal problems

  20. 320

    Why did this take you so long! Every other Web site, TV show, and news organization reported this during the Grammy red carpet show!

  21. 321

    Woah that's crazy…..

  22. 322


  23. MissT says – reply to this


    well his career is over! I'm proud of her for calling the police though, many women aren't strong enough to do that! She knows she is better than that! I hope he rots!

  24. 324

    Re: stars101 – Mario would probably piss himself so hard it would leak out of his adult diaper.

  25. 325

    she sucks but he sucks even more.what an asshole.he is no man.no man would do that.its ridiculous.what an animal.

  26. 326

    hOly chIt! :O

  27. 327

    Irregardless, you can't fuck up anyone Perez.

  28. 328

    Wow, that's a pretty crappy situation. Sounds like a pretty passionate fight that ended with a 911 call. Celebrities + Cops = Sucks For Them.

  29. 329

    He should fucking die. NO MAN SHOULD EVER HIT A WOMAN NO MATTER WHAT ever happens. That fucktard learned that from him mother and step dick. FUCKING ASSHOLE.. He should sit in jail forever and let some dude name TANK handle him.

  30. 330

    YAY..way 2 go Chris Breezy!!
    I wanted to that…THANK YOU

  31. 331

    "Violence is never, ever the answer. BUT, we are gonna fuck up that man vile shit-stain of a human being for hitting our Rihanna!!!!!!!" First of all, I don't think that we have to worry about any writer of perezhiton f*cking anyone up. Second of all, she's not "your" RiRi. Pfft…the writing on this site is starting to sound like it comes from a two year old.

  32. 332


  33. 333


  34. 334

    that's really nasty!I hope he didn't hit her very badly because otherwise dude is going down for sure.and yes it's like Ike and Tina Turner all over again.this woman better sue him and dump him because this thing will happen again.

  35. 335

    I don't believe Chris would do it, I just don't.

  36. 336

    Do any of you dumb flucking retards know what happened? Exactly so reserve your judgement until you know the whole story

  37. 337

    Re: sk8terboy1983 – I bet you would fuck him you fag bitch

  38. 338

    HaHAHAha they are the new bobby and whitney!!! How much you wanna bet if he did hit her, that her dumbass will go back for more..I love her music but her and him are hoodrats have you ever seen her give an interview? GHETTO

  39. 339

    Re: bunck – The tip of the spear is up PEREZ"S ass

  40. 340

    How Ike & Tina!

  41. 341

    Re: keybeats00 – If that's true I don't blame him for being mad. I remember when she was messing with Josh Hartnett the first thing I thought was she's going to catch herpes because he has laid every ho in HOllywood and you know they all have it. I still think Chris was wrong to hit her though. WOW that really sucks for both of them. :(

  42. 342

    ummm it's "allegedly" rhinna. way to spread rumors, perez.

  43. Lucas says – reply to this


    I don't know the whole story, but he obviously hit someone (look at CNN). Violence against women is never the answer and his career will pay for it - like it or not. Why can't people just walk away instead of resorting to violence. It's beyond my comprehension.


  44. 344

    Perez, wake the hell up! You call yourself the queen of all media and you are soooooooo behind everyone on this HUGE story! I'm embarrassed for you.

  45. 345

    'Visible injuries' oes not necessarily mean he hit her! Perhaps she went to hit him, and he grabbed her arm… wait until you know the whole story before accusing him!

  46. 346

    That S.U.C.K.S!!!!!!
    She should kick him to the curb
    And Move ON!!!

  47. 347

    *gasp* poor rihanna i really feel really bad at her chris u suck i dont like ur song or everything

  48. 348

    right tho chris, fuck that over hyped, no talent bitch.

  49. 349


  50. 29 says – reply to this


    you annoy me perez, but i love the threats!! woohoo!!

  51. 351

    Re: allykisskiss – What is wrong with you?

  52. pomme says – reply to this


    i prefer Christian Bale and his flare-up mind! defitinitely

  53. 353


  54. 354

    This is messed up to hear about chris brown because I am one of his fans and also rihanna. I am from Barbados like her and I really admire her.(He is a coward if it true)

  55. Cynt says – reply to this



  56. 356

    Calling him a vile shit stain: are you being slightly racist there, P?

  57. 357

    OMG! Shizzle! This sucks!!! WHY? You don't put your hands on a woman!

  58. 358

    Obviously he wouldn't hit her for no reason, something MUST of happened.

  59. 359

    I can't believe this shit….his career is done after this! Nobody touches Rihanna!!!

  60. 360

    Dang, I hope that isn't true! If it is; he's a TERRIBLE person!

  61. lOkA says – reply to this


    damn ii wiish would hiit me like that so he can get fuked up

  62. 362

    wow wow wow! this is nuts! she better realize the cycle of abuse. this is far worse than u can imagine. Being in an abusive relationship in the past? he will shower her with love and ask for forgiveness… but most likely it will happen again unless he gets REAL HELP. god bless :)

  63. 363

    About time is right!!! VERYYY LATE on the news Perez.. I expected a lot more for you considering this is your "claim to fame"

  64. 364



  65. 365


  66. 366

    Here is my version of what happened. Jay Z was at the grammy's by himself, because Beyonce found out that he was still sleeping with Riri, and that's why Chris Brown whipped her up in the street like that!

  67. 367

    if it was for sure Rihanna he hit, i predict his career will die, and he is going to get his ass smeared all over the place…more than once. what a jerk

  68. 368

    chris brown is an ass wipe, anyone who beats up on someone else is just crappy

  69. 369

    I hope Perez is charged for threatening Chris Brown in his comment below:

    Violence is never, ever the answer. BUT, we are gonna fuck up that man vile shit-stain of a human being for hitting our Rihanna!!!!!!!

  70. 370

    GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE you go accusing Chris of being the only one in the wrong. Truth is your "Princess RiRi" is a possesive, obsessive nut job and he has been trying to get away from her for some time now. If you pay close attention to many of your beloved pap shots you can see that his body and facial expression are of someone in distress….meantime she is holding on to him for dear life in just about every picture.

  71. 371

    Again, young age and drama comes hand in hand.

  72. 372

    Last Year Chris Brown was in South Africa and the 21 year old actress Khanyi Mbau claimed that he violently beat her up when she turned down his proposition to have sex. Despite having physical wounds proving that she had been beaten up by him no one believed her at the time. Members of his entourage gave him his false alibi that he was not with her at the time she claimed he had beat her up and everyone said she was after money even though she only cried out for justice and that he be investigated but he never was. Now that he has beat up someone we all know I wonder if anyone will consider looking into that attack that happened in South Africa. Its sad that he is only being investigated after he beat on another known celebrity however when he beat a poor unknown African girl, no one cared and everyone called her a liar. SMH. He needs to pay for what he has been doing to women.

  73. 373

    I like both Rihanna and Chris Brown, and I don't think we should judge when we haven't heard the other side of the story, plus, Perez is always biased

  74. 374

    omg thaht can't be real, so bad!

  75. 375

    What the hell is wrong with guys that hit girls??

    If the want to fight with someone. Find someone their on size.
    Chris Brown can find a twelve year old. What a asshole.

    Rihanna should go learn some martial arts and beat that chris bitch!

    I hope more people stop buying and listening to CB's music now!.
    Rihanna is way more talented!


  76. 376

    I like both rihanna and chris brown, and I dont think we should judge when we haven't heard the other side of the story. Plus, Perez is always biased.

  77. 377

    Why would you beat somebody up and then get out and leave them in your lamborghini on the side of the road……think about that for a minute.

  78. 378

    Domestic violence is never the answer. As a Proud Bajan, we want Rihanna to know we love her and we have her back and as for Mr. Brown - our country opened its arms and heart to you because you were with our Bajan Princess…. I know we will feel the same again - Rhanna walk away NOW. How horrible! how horrible!!!

  79. fogee says – reply to this


    just when you though gossip couldn't get any sweeter…

  80. 380

    This is such a horrible and sad situation. :(

  81. 381

    This is absolutely disgusting. I dont care how fucking hott he is, she better not take his woman ass back.

  82. 382

    Maybe Tina stepped outta line again….. sometimes a itch needs a scratch.

  83. 383

    ewww wtf perez, how can you even like rihanna, she has like a forehead the size of texas and she thinks shes a style icon or something when really black women before her had short hair (i.e. halley berry); she deserved it. she gave him herpes. im not pro womn beating or anything but that hoebag deserved that shit.

  84. 384

    Oh RiRi baby, when will you learn that hot, light skinned black women need to fuck white men and not these gorillas. Don't waste your best years like Halle Berry did with those smelly apes Eric Benet and Dave Justice before she saw the light and started fucking that hot white model. It's not too late for you RiRi…your singing sucks, but any white man would want to tap that ass.

  85. 385

    Re: SaniClarke
    Yeeah i'm in total agreement. I bet he like shook her something and left a mark and she overreacted. I love Chris Brown but i don't think he would have really hurt her anyway cause of the whole thing with his mom.

  86. 386

    We on some Ike and Tina shit, right about now. Yikes.

  87. 387

    Herpes? Let's wait to hear the real reason for the assault (if that's what really happened).
    If domestic violence really did take place, it is very common for men to justify their reasons for bullying or hurting women. Even if the Herpes story turns out to be true, be a man, Chris. Walk away and deal with it, as anyone else would have to do in that circumstance. Can't be justified - grow up. Breaking the law, or somebody's face, is not the answer.

  88. 388

    UPDATE:TMZ has confirmed Rihanna is the named alleged victim in the Chris Brown case and the allegation is that she was assaulted with a deadly weapon.

    Law enforcement sources tell us the crime report calls the incident assault with a deadly weapon — we do not yet know the nature of the weapon.

    The crime report gives the victim's name as Robyn Fenty — that's Rihanna's real name.

  89. Daxie says – reply to this


    [re=3415642]Re: icandyish

  90. 390

    Re: blasastter – Wow, your racism is very creepy. Are you for real? Are you sure you are living in the right century?

  91. 391

    with any luck he'll slap some talent into her

  92. 392

    chris brown =asshole really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    even if she was a biatch there wasnt any reason to hit her and with a deady weapon wtf was he thinking????
    did he think he was famous and he would be able to get out of this ???
    well he is in deep shit right now .
    f— k him for all i care

  93. 393

    His career is over, and oh the fuck well, he shouldn't have put his hands on ANY woman! Now he pays the price, and I can't wait to see it. And Rihanna better not even THINK about going back to that dude, I'll beat her ass again if she does.

  94. 394

    Re: PoisonBitchyIvy – 296……seriously??…..updates please :(

  95. 395

    Chrissy is just typical of most lower class blacks in Los Angeles. When you grow up in homes with no fathers and your mother has 5 different boyfriends and your best friends are gang bangers and drug dealers what can you expect????????????????????

  96. 396

    we can talk all the shit we want about how fucked he is bla bla bla! they'll be beack together in a week or 2 like nothing happenend. they're used to it, it's how he was brought up. hope she doesn't continue the circle.

  97. 397

    this is just awful!!

  98. 398

    God how horrible. I hope she can stay the hell away from him. But in these cases, often the abuser will stalk the woman and everything. It can get sooo bad. I had an aunt who was abused for decades by her husband. She only left him after her stepdaughter (yes, his super-cool daughter) told him that he'd never stop hitting her untill he killed her. Rihanna, I hope you'll be safe. Keep the fuzz and 911 on speed-dial.

  99. 399

    why are you so fucking emotionally involved Perez.. what, just because you like rihanna's music and fashion style? that's effing ridiculous dude. yes, it's terrible and no one should ever resort to violence but calm down you don't know these people and werent there. jesus.

  100. 400

    Fuck chris brown, i can't believe he did that to my RiRi!! =(

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