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Michael Cera Gets In On The Action Too

| Filed under: Christian BaleMichael Cera

The Juno/Superbad cutie has a Bale Out on the set of his new film!

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133 comments to “Michael Cera Gets In On The Action Too”

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  1. 101

    That's gotta be a joke. Definately using his sense of humor to fuck with Christian Bale or whatever that fucking guys name is.

  2. 102


  3. jg5 says – reply to this


    that's not real…

  4. 104

    i think it's a joke. he would do something like this to be funny…

  5. 105

    this is a joke.
    way to fail

  6. 106

    if he doesnt do the 'Arrested' movie, his career is finished

  7. 107

    LOL! i love him.

  8. 108

    i sent this one to you:) thanks for putting it up

  9. 109

    i think it's ridiculous that some ppl dont get that this is a joke. r ppl really that dense????

    he's such a cutie.

  10. 110

    I think this was a joke!!

  11. Low says – reply to this


    This clip is old.. many on YouTube thought it was real… LOL And it seems we have some not so bright ones here too.

  12. 112

    canadian cutie pattootie!!!

  13. 113

    i don't get it, real or fake?

  14. 114

    LOL Mikey cera is so cute when he is angry.

  15. 115

    LMFAO … unlike Bale's bs,

    this is cute ^_^

  16. 116

    Love him.

  17. 117

    LOL! So good, At first I thought it was real and he had me going but then it gets pretty obvious its making fun of Bale :) so good

  18. 118

    I dont think this was a joke. He sounded like his feelings were hurt and he wanted an explanation of why the crew was talking about him behind his back.

  19. 119

    Perez, you are a complete waste of space.
    You know that right? I am not telling you anything new. I have even blogged how much the world hates you. snarkhunters dot com slash perez. How do you feel about being the object of hatred and scorn?

  20. OSSIM says – reply to this


    Over-done…Stop that shit!

  21. EMJ3 says – reply to this



  22. 122

    aweh; this is like a sketch on snl; is he like serious??

  23. 123

    This is so fake, especially the whole robe and slippers part. AND, I doubt that movie crews would take this shit, but it is pretty funny though.

  24. 124

    I remember when he did something similar with Judd Apatow in Knocked Up. He wasn't even in that movie.

  25. 125

    If only this were on the set of the Arrested Development movie…

  26. 126

    Michael Cera seems really cool but this isn't that funny. i wouldn't have released it.

  27. 127

    cute. haha.

  28. 128

    OMG! this is so funny and so fake. He is taking the piss out of the Bale rant. Well done michael truly funny

  29. 129

    this is fake. he was joking. duh.

  30. 130

    he sounds so nice when he is mad…..

  31. 131

    It's def fake.

  32. 132

    is this for real?
    it seems like he is kidding
    but I kinda think he is serious, and he is being really rude but i dont think he is like being really mean

  33. 133

    its fake :P
    he's pretending to be Christian Bale lol

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