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Organization Of Asian-Americans Not Satisfied With Miley's Half-Ass Apology

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The Organization of Chinese Americans isn't letting Slutty Cyrus off easy for the lame picture she and her friends took of themselves slanting their eyes and mocking Asian people!

The OCA have called her out on her half assed apology, demanding more.

Executive Director of the OCA, George Wu, said, "It's not a real apology. We're not backing down without a fuller apology."

Of course, nothing can make up for the visual offense of Slutty's face.

[Image via WENN.]

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154 comments to “Organization Of Asian-Americans Not Satisfied With Miley's Half-Ass Apology”

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  1. 1

    Gee, what a shock, a red-neck who managed to earn some money is pissing off some people. Look Miley is one step away from going on the Jerry Springer show to find out "If my baby is my step brothers or stepdadd's" so what do they expect?

  2. 2

    This is getting really BORIINNNGGGGGG

  3. 3

    why cant miley just get it over with?
    it was OBVIOUS that she was slanting her
    eyes to look 'asian'. whether or not it was
    done to hurt the race, she needs to apoligize
    so the press will get off of her back..
    and i saw her preform at the grammys. can you
    say suckish?

  4. 6969 says – reply to this



  5. 5

    Who remembers the ennie meeni miny mo poem? It is way worse than this stupid shit…

  6. Synik says – reply to this


    What is it with her ever-hunched shoulders? Get her some medical help! A brac, maybe? At this rate, she's gonna look like a troll by the time she hits 30.

  7. 7

    This bugs me so much! There was an asian kid in the picture AND she's sixteen.

  8. 8

    Say your solly Mirry!!

  9. 9

    if someone would get this girl some
    home training then this wouldnt happen.

  10. 10

    All they deserve is a giant fuck you and to do something more deserving of their members time and money then pick on a superstar teenage girl.

  11. 11

    Oh, and EVEN Lindsay Lohan would say that her leggins are ugly. I have a feeling that this girl looks at people like Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan as competition rather than as a warning of what not to do.

  12. 12

    do they understand that people off all races including asian take pictures and slant there eyes and do peace signs? they always say before, do the asian look. atleast one of you have done it. so i dont understand why this is such a big deal.

  13. 13

    who cares……next**

  14. 14

    Boycott The Organization of Chinese Americans. It is disgusting that they are only using her to draw attention to their organization. She didn't do anything wrong. We have all done and you do it all the time Perez.

  15. 15

    I think it's great that this teenage girl gets under your skin, Mario.Keep the hate -the more you post the more she wins.Numbnut

  16. 16

    they need to get over it, she doesn't need to please them. she made her apology which she thought was appropriate, and it WAS. it's REALLY not that big of a deal.

    the OCA needs to focus on more serious issues rather than bugging the crap out of a 16 year old girl. It's not like she made an actual statement saying she was against asian people. It was a harmless picture.

  17. 17

    only a matter of time until she is living in a trailer and pregnant

  18. 18

    George Wu can suck her ass!

  19. 19


    once again…Asians make fun of us, opening their eyes really wide and calling us "wide eyes". Where's my fucking apology?

  20. 20

    The Mexican in the background is hilarious. Checking her flat ass out.

  21. 21

    Chinese are not the only Asians in the world, I don't see Japanese organizations or Korean organizations complaining about this.

    When does it end with the racism cries?

  22. 22

    uh yeah they need to get over that quick. of all the "photo scandals" she's been involved in this is the most lame.

    they just want their organization's name in the press

  23. 23

    That comments about her face was grim, Perez - she's a child, albiet a self-absorbed one. Adults can take your version of "humor" with a grain of salt, not so easy for kids. That being said, big fucking deal about her stupid "insulting" pic & all the nonsense that goes with it.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    this is the dumbest thing i've ever heard, people nowadays get offended by the simplest things. first off she was just goofing around being a teen and second there was an asian person in the picture too.

  26. 26

    Re: harrybalsac – OMG, you crack me up! I can't get by anymore w/out my daily does of Harry!! XOXO

  27. 27

    my god, can she be any more annoying? she totally ruined Taylor Swift's song last night at the Grammys

  28. 28

    You need to get real. She is 16 years old and having fun with her friends. Leave her alone already. I think she's great and EXTREMLY TALENTED!

  29. 29

    FUCK YOU Perez, you only wish you looked as good as she does.

  30. 30

    Re: luvlee987 – yeah, I want one of those too!

  31. 31

    Im just wondering why this Chinese organization didn´t make such a big deal out of this when the Idiots from the Spanish basketball team in the Olympics did the same thing. I dont recall the organization asking them to apologize or anything….And what they did was mucchhh worse, I mean it was the entire team slanting their eyes like a bunch of idiots for an official group photo!!!

  32. 32

    she's an obnoxious twat.

  33. 33

    mileys apology wasnt an apology. she was just making an excuse for her behavior. Miley: if you wanna roll with the "grown-ups" learn how to be humble and except that you made a lapse in judgement and fucking say you're sorry. god, i really hate you.

  34. 34

    Mmmm and when will the "asian americans" will issue an apology on the Virginia Tech crimes??? When will they issue an apology for comming ilegally to this country and kill so many americans????
    They are taking this way too far, Miley already issued an apology and they should feel happy about that, she didn't have to, she was just having fun with friends… they sooo idiotic!

  35. 35

    I didnt even see the pic, the link you provide is not working, and i googled it up and nothing came up … but t all sounds pretty retarded to me. What is she now … 15? I bet everyone has done politically incorrect stuff when you are 15, and when you were older too! so everyone should stop playing the saints and stop judging everyone for every lil thing they do. I dont like miley but that doesnt mean im gonna grab anything i can to throw it at her …

  36. 36

    They want "more"?
    How can she give more of an apology after that.
    "I'm really sorry", as opposed to just "I'm sorry?"

  37. 37

    I know im not the only person to do that chinese japanese lookie these boobies things, sure i was WAY younger then miley when i did it, and doesn't make it right, but geez, she wasnt out to dishonor Asians. They need to save their bitching for bigger insults, if they dont they will become just like the naacp. fighting huge battle that people no longer care about cause they find the organization annoying

  38. 38

    "the organization of chinese americans" can fuck off and get a life. all those people form these stupid "organizations" should get real jobs and real problems so that they wouldn't have time to make shit up and pretend they're offended.

  39. 39

    Re: MsChez – since shes in such a hurry to grow up (i.e., hang out with grown friends and a MAN for a boyfriend) then that whole "she's 16" excuse is obsolete.

  40. 40

    I personally feel this is not even an issue at all. Go around and look other other TEENAGE girls myspaces. Everyones not going around putting all the some what "racial" photos on the news.. because im pretty sure there would be millions. Everyone has probally 'slanted' their eyes before? i dont understand why this is "affending asian people" like what!? are you people serious? cry meee a frigggaaan river? that shouldnt affend anyone. i think you need some thicker skin. and i dont love miley and i dont hate her. shes 16 years old! everyone needs to give her a break. your all pathetic for seriously taking the littlest things so far.

  41. 41

    A smart consumer would simply BOYCOTT this no talent Disney created train wreck!

  42. 42

    In other news… did you see her at the GRANNIES????? She was amazing next to Taylor, the song was soooo beautiful, she looked like a star!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 43


  44. 44

    those fucking asians are assholes…
    she apologized, now lets move on already!!!

  45. 45

    The Organization of Chinese Americans needs to take that stick out of their ass.

  46. 46

    oh and to number 39.. the whole "16" thing is getting oldddd? fdo you kno how many 16 year olds older guyyys. wereee have you beeeeen?

  47. 47

    omg… get over it. she is 16 i'm sure every normal 16 year old girl has a picture of them making a chinese face. and if you don't want to see it then people shouldn't go digging looking for it.

  48. 48

    However common, it is upsetting that someone was made fun of right to their face. She is and will be another dumb, young, rich celebutant. What is more disturbing is the fact that she is being raped by her boyfriend who is about five years her senior.

  49. 49

    Re: luvlee987 – True, they owe us a lot of apologies yet no one is doing anything about it… They have a missconception of us americans, I went to china town here in SF a couple of times and they are very rude with us…
    The pic Miley took was personal, it leaked just to give her a hard time, that's ridicolously lame!

  50. 50

    seriosuly people need to leave the THE FUCK ALONE
    learn to laugh she is 16 she is just learning
    like fuck this si so annoying

  51. 51

    Wow the Mexican guy in the picture checking out Miley's ass…

  52. 52

    Re: Charmer – Just happy that little gem didn't go to waste.

  53. 53

    I understand them being offended.

    But is it just me, or do people ( in general) feel as though they are entitled to things.
    Someone has eight babies, and she feels as though she is entitled to gifts, money, etc…I could go on with other examples.

    Life isn't perfect, people aren't perfect. Sometimes you get offended, distressed by others, your feelings might get hurt, sometimes things aren't always politically correct.
    She didn't have to apologize and she did, I'm sure she regrets it to some degree. And people want more? I just don't get it.

  54. 54

    Oh, why you people call her slutty?

  55. 55

    who cares! Perez can call Miley Cyrus all kind of disguting names and make fun of her and no one cares one bit..We.ve ALL done the slant eye thing bitches! Afteall they are pretty fug lookin'!

  56. MLE says – reply to this


    Re: Kate27 – That has to be one of the most disguting things that I've ever read. Asian Americans in general did not have anything to do with the virginia tech incident. It was unfortunate that it happened to be ONE Asian person. And when did they kill Americans by immigrating illegally? Do white people have to be held responsible when one member of their race commits a crime? No. But Asians do because someone Asian commits a crime individually?
    Miley should be held responsible. She's 16 and should know better by now. She's in the public eye and so should know what that entails. And just because an Asian kid was in the picture, that doesn't make it all the better.
    It's insulting to think that black people can call fowl on racial issues, but when Asians do it, they're being unreasonable and ignorant.

  57. 57

    Fuck off, get over this already. We've all done it, people seriously need to lighten up, the racist card is used waaaaaaay too often these days.

  58. 58

    ew miley cyrus

  59. 59

    you really hate this kid……..why???………..you are a grown "man"………she is just 15………it really looks creepy…….you are a creepy "man"……..also your obssesion with the jonas brothers make you kind of a pedophile…….are you a pedophile???……yeap i think you are…….you fit the profile of a pedophile………you are fucked "man"…….

  60. 60

    This is stupid. And it's stupid that it's making the "news" & Perez your stupid if you think this is something really worth writing about!

  61. 61

    Oh shut the fuck if Miley didn't mean it in an offence way than she didn't mean it in an offence way. It's like when you hit someone when youre walking through a crowd… you say sorry and they are still complaining. Grow a dick OCA… a BIG DICK. If she took a picture wrapping a scarf around her head would Nation of Islam start attack her? STFU OCA go try to help the asian slums in Cali and leave a 16 year old alone

  62. 62

    No one should have to apologize for something they did privately - not when it's something as stupid as this. She was goofing off w/friends. Big fucking whoop. They images never should have been leaked. The assfucker who did leak them should apologize to Miley for trying to fuck her career up.

  63. 63

    She's an idiot. Her performance last night was horrible!

  64. 64

    Why dont you talk about Miley at teh Grammys? Huh? Miley and Taylor were AMAZING, youre so bias

  65. 65

    The orginization really needs to grow up! She didn't do anything wrong!

  66. buck says – reply to this


    i guess its a big secret so don't tell anybody but Asian people have slanted eye's! Who really cares!!

  67. 67

    If it's not such a big deal then she shouldn't be making such a BIG DEAL non-apology avoidance and just address it and be done with it. There's something called maturity, where adults accept and OWN their faults, no matter if they are blown out of proportion or not. If it offended someone, then APOLOGIZE properly and be done.

  68. 68

    Miley needs to do a character on showbizzle.com!!!! then she'd have some street cred! I can see her doing something with Fran Kranz. I

  69. 69

    This organization needs to shut the fuck up quickly! Leave the kid alone. Should everyone, who ever did that face apologize? That would be a lot. Shut up!

  70. 70

    This is the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time.
    There was nothing wrong with Miley's eyes.
    There was an Asian dude right beside her who obviously didn't give a shit.
    That George Wu is just looking for attention.

  71. 71

    So true, Perez! So true!

  72. 72

    Re: MLE – Yeah, blacks take advantage of that whole 'you owe me everything' thing as well. Good catch!! :D

  73. 73

    soo true

  74. 74

    SOOO FUCKIN WHAT! china men , need to learn how to fuckin RELAX, AND TAKE A FUCKIN JOKE!…. thye got ll pissy when the DOGHOUSE did that one radio bit!, got them fired from the radio , and now this?… common, this is just a way to get attention

    oh and check em out 'doghousefm.com'

  75. 75

    lol she wuz just having fun! hav u ppl never been teenagers!?

  76. 76

    omg this is so retarded and stupid. im asian i didnt feel offended at all. what more can they possibly want??

  77. 77

    LEAVE MILEY ALONE!!! There is an Asian in the freaking picture and obviously he wasn't offended. It's just a bunch of kids being stupid. LIke there supposed to act. Remove the stick from your ass and find something else to talk about.

  78. 78

    Sorry BORRRINNNGGGG. First off, why isn't the Asian dude in the photo apologizing to his people????

  79. 79

    who fckng cares?

  80. 80

    yeah, she's obnoxious, nauseating, and halfway to being a hasbeen. yeah, she was definitely mocking asians. yeah, her "apology" was half-assed. but why does she need to apologize at all? she doesn't owe the asian community anything. if she wants to be racist toward them, so what? everyone feels so fucking entitled. miley made fun of you. so what? does it really matter? it's not like she's the covergirl for your community. she can hate on whomever she wants!

  81. buck says – reply to this


    its funny how Mario tries to take the high road but i believe its more offensive to draw a fake cock the mouth of a 15 year old girl.

  82. 82

    what a bitch.

  83. 83


  84. 84

    People people….. lighten up…….. Jeez you cant do anything anymore without offending somebody, lay off her already!!

  85. 85

    they need to get over it already.

  86. 86


    those people need to get over it and shut up already, no one fucking cares.

  87. 87

    Oh my gosh - give her a break - whether you like her or not, she's still a teenager. She didn't mean any harm - she's just being a kid.

  88. 88

    Re: PunkyBrewstein – LMFAO! Agreed!

  89. 89

    It wasn't an apology at all.

  90. 90

    me chinese
    me play joke
    me go peepee
    in your coke!

  91. CHA says – reply to this


    Miley be careful….somebody is out to fuck you up. As a kid My peers all did.. slant eyes…no big deal……

  92. 92

    These OCA people need to get over themselves. She apologised - even though I don't think she needed to!

  93. 93

    Dude you saw worse things every single fucking day on here. Leave her the fuck alone already. Hypocrite.

  94. 94

    Yeah it's not like the asian in the picture wasn't making a "I'm a white guy" face so let's all pick on the 16 year old girl that's having fun with her friends. Yeah, the asian guy, the one that is opening his eyes as much as possible.

    It's called teens doing what teens do. Wtf is with all of you retarded people who will jump at her just because she does something inappropriate. I bet all of you douches here have done it before as well, so stop being a damn hypocrite and take your douches out of the hole.

    I'm asian btw and I don't give a fuck about what she did. She's a teen doing what all teens and half of adults will do. Fess up. you've all done it before, and are probably still doing it.

    As for the Chinese American organization, Shut the hell up. Why go after one person when almost ALL of the US citizens, and probably a third of the world is and has been doing the same damn thing?

  95. 95

    Re: Exoticvista – As for you, learn to type before insulting someone won't you?

  96. 96

    The OCA needs to stop being a bunch of pussies. And if she does give them a "real" apology, it doesn't mean that she means it. Leave her alone and stop over reacting to every tiny thing she does.

  97. 97

    I want to thank all of my fans for their support not only this week, but always! I really wanted to stress how sorry I am if the photo of me with my friends offended anyone. I have learned a valuable lesson from this and know that sometime my actions can be unintentionally hurtful. I know everything is a part of GODs ultimate plan, and mistakes happen so that eventually I will become the woman he aspires me to be. Peace and love, Miles

    This is from February 8th, posted on Mileyworld.

  98. 98

    The OCA needs to spend their time a little more wisely - like teaching it's members how to DRIVE.

  99. 99

    STFU slanty eyed fuggers

  100. 100

    MILEY… Tell those slant eyed freaks to go back to Hong Kong, this is America and you can say what you want about there odd eyes. They need to go back to what they do best Mistreating American Prisoners Of War? If that's what they do?

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