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Organization Of Asian-Americans Not Satisfied With Miley's Half-Ass Apology

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The Organization of Chinese Americans isn't letting Slutty Cyrus off easy for the lame picture she and her friends took of themselves slanting their eyes and mocking Asian people!

The OCA have called her out on her half assed apology, demanding more.

Executive Director of the OCA, George Wu, said, "It's not a real apology. We're not backing down without a fuller apology."

Of course, nothing can make up for the visual offense of Slutty's face.

[Image via WENN.]

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154 comments to “Organization Of Asian-Americans Not Satisfied With Miley's Half-Ass Apology”

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  1. 101

    She shouldn't have to apologize.

  2. 102

    seriously!! GET real you asian people!

  3. 103

    How would anyone even know Slanted Eyes was Asian. Unless it Were True?
    Now shut up and bring my egg rolls Kimchee?

  4. 104

    Hey, I am Asian myself and honestly I always make fun of my ethnicity, but seeing Slutty Cyrus do makes me feel dirty….. ewwwww!!!
    K thanx now going to go change my race now thanx!!! bye

  5. 105

    I just saw the transcript of Miley's apology that she plans to read tomorrow: ME SO SOLLY! ME SO SOLLY!

  6. 106

    I like Miley, but she needs to step up and fully apologize. It was so obvious that she was slanting her eyes. She is famous and making tons of money off her image, and she should be fully aware that any photos she takes will be seen by the public. She needs to act like a role model, not a moron!

  7. 107

    What IF Americans STOPPED eating in these Asian Restaurants, UNTIL THEY apologize for being butt wipes? They would soon sing a different tune and a lot of cats could sleep a lot easier for awhile?

  8. 108

    Re: Exoticvista – Are you Retarded?

  9. 109

    Re: Neverevenknewhim – """ BEAUTIFUL COMMENT, JUST BEAUTIFUL (LOL) """"

  10. 110

    she should tell to all to go fuck themselves because its gone too far now.there milking ity get the fuck over it.who cares????she should not say sorry they should all just shut up about it already its not a big deal.i think we have all heard and seen worse cop on to yourselves people.

  11. 111

    SURE, people make fun others all the time like Christian Bale dropping F-Bombs or Jessica Simpson being FAT….BUT these things are within control of these people and perhaps they deserved being made fun of.

    Asians were born that way and to mock them is (racially) rude. It amuses me that more people bent over backwards to protect Jessica Simpson from ridicule from being fat.

  12. 112

    Re: MLE – Asians are the most uneducated people, you need to go around China town in SF the streets are completely dirty and make our city a shitty one! Everyone in SF knows that you need to stay away from Chinatown after 4:00 pm or you can get killed!
    They brought their mafias and their erratical behaviour to our country!
    It was not just one crime at Virginia Tech, there where at least 3 performed by asians…

  13. 113

    As much as I don't like her can they not just get over it? If they're gonna force Miley to apologize they should probably make the other half of the population who take pictures like that apologize too.

  14. 114

    she has no need to apologize….jeez people

  15. 115

    this is soooo lame, it's not that they're not happy with the "apology" that she shouldn't have given in the first place, it's that they see an opportunity for some free press for their little club, get the fuck over it, little kids make funny faces in pictures!

  16. 116

    who cares
    i make asian face sometimes does that make me racist

    IDIOTS get a fucking live

  17. 117

    she doesn't have to give any apology to anyone she didn't do anything wrong at all they are just using her to get attention

  18. 118

    Miley, a 'goofy face' is what you make when Billy Ray cums in your mouth.
    Slanting your eyes is racist and offensive.

  19. 119

    hahahahaha she is a fug bitach!

  20. 120

    fuck those slanty eyed mutha fuckers. come up to vancouver one day and you will understan the problem with asians. they move in like cockroaches and infest cities.

  21. 121

    Since when was "everyone does it" an argument? I don't know how you can justify what she was doing, and I think it would just be better for everyone if she just properly apologized. And I'm someone that believes Miley IS being picked on, but this is just plain ignorance on her part. She's making everyone else look bad.
    I also don't see how the statement "they're taking it too far this time" makes any sense at all … when was the last time any of you have ever heard of the OCA before? Probably never. They didn't say anything about how the news media reported on the Beijing Olympics, when they should have, but they remained silent.
    I also love how many of you are demanding the OCA apologize to regular americans, because according to you, the majority of Asians are illegal immigrants … wow, thanks for that. Oh, or how ’bout demanding they "grow a big dick" … and "all asians are assholes". You guys do realize you can disagree with the OCA and not insult Asians as a whole, right? Apparently not … and you wonder why the racism-card is thrown around all the time.
    Her behaviour is just creating unnecessary racial tensions.

  22. 122

    why they making such a bigdeal out of this
    leave her alone

  23. 123


  24. 124

    Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd. LET IT GO ALREADY. Who seriously cares? Nobody even knew there was an "OCA" before this shit happened. Miley doesn't have to apologize and shouldn't. If everybody who got offended by a celebrity complained and bitched, there would be apologies every fucking day. It's called LIFE. And nobody is in it to please lame organizations that just want some publicity.

  25. Low says – reply to this


    She grew up in the sticks… she just needs to grow up a bit and learn. I live in the city but I am from her hometown and it's AWFUL back home. It's really bad…… they have little culture.

  26. 126

    the guy in the picture is staring at miley's butttt

  27. 127

    Re: luvlee987
    lmao i really doubt they do that
    but good try lol

  28. 128

    Re: Kate27
    your a retard
    Virginia Tech Crimes werent against any one race, it was a asian american who went loco.
    Its like telling the black community to apologize for chris brown hitting rihanna.
    You a retard.

  29. 129

    Re: ailabobila
    I care =(

  30. MLE says – reply to this


    Re: Kate27 – I hope you realize how ignorant you sound. Because ALL races have issues. It's not just concentrated within one race. If YOU were well-educated and better informed, then you would realize that. Asians are the most "uneducated' people? Really? Yeah, let us dwell on that little notion…
    it's the people who think like you that are breeding ignorance in this country.

  31. 131

    Miley obviously can't apologize when she has a mouthfull of dick!

  32. 132

    Are you serious right now? These Asians need to get over it. Who hasn't taken a picture like that? Get over it. Seriously.

  33. 133

    this is so stupid!!!
    the poor girl didn't do anything wrong leave her alone !

  34. 134

    Re: Kate27
    I read your comments and OMG seriously? WOW!!! How fucking stupid are you? Where do you get your logic? Do you have like just a first grade education? Someone has been watching too many television shows. Why don't you go to a public library, pick yourself up a couple hundred books so you can stop talking out of your ass!

  35. 135



    perez, i can't believe your stooping this low. she made a funny face and you call that a weeks worth of news? cmon man.

  36. 136

    what pisses me off about the whole miley incident is the lack of sensitivity everyone else has. if miley were to do something demeaning to hispanic or african-american people… everyone would be on her ass like they were with don imus. ANY type of racial insults should NOT be tolerated by anyone- especially from someone that's such a public figure like miley is. i think that she needs to stop being a brat and own up to her mistake.

  37. 137


  38. 138

    Girl's got no class. How hard is it to admit that you did something offensive, your sorry, and move on? Apparently very hard for this brat.

  39. 139

    Re: Mentalist – Actually, that would be futile, as for the other Asians will still go to the Asian Restaurants. And if you are talking about Panda Express or something like that, it's not Asian food. All of your comments are biased. Enough said.
    Re: Kate27 – What the heck are you talking about? Making such assumptions. Do you even know that hygiene does not always equal intelligence? You should have looked up the estimated IQ of an average Asian before making such a statement.

  40. 140

    I don't know what people on here are talking about when they say "everyone has made the slanty eye pose in pictures before." I've never done it, nor know anyone who has. It is racist…PERIOD. Miley is an idiot who, regardless of racist intention or not, should have thought about the consequences before taking the picture (she is a public DISNEY figure). And don't give me this crap about "she's only 16!! how is she to know whats better?" She's well aware of what she did.

  41. 141

    Re: dumbfounded
    damn right. i totally agree. if she was 8… then maybe it's understandable. but at 16? nope, not so much…

  42. 142

    Honestly Perez,

    Love the blog, but I dont understand why, if you have such a fucking problem with the girl, do you keep blogging about her.

    The OCA need to take the damn stick out of their ass and leave the girl alone. She is a fucking teenager. Seriously, eveyone has done the "asian face." She took priate pictures, some douchebag of friend leaked them out to the press just to get a rise out of it. Let me guess, net we are going to call chick-fil-a cow haters because you can dress like one for a free chicken sandwich. Just leave it the fuck alone already!

  43. 143

    Perez, you are a complete waste of space.
    You know that right? I am not telling you anything new. I have even blogged how much the world hates you. snarkhunters dot com slash perez. How do you feel about being the object of hatred and scorn?

  44. 144

    Re: lbreezy
    you can't compare offending a chain restaurant's marketing (chick-fill-a cow) to offending an entire ethnic group. if you're going to make an analogy, make it an intelligent one at the least, dumbass. get an edumacation!!! (that last statement was directed towards to 90% of the people on here who made ignorant comments).

  45. 145

    wtf is she wearing??????????????????????????

  46. 146

    I really can't stad her. I mean i'm like a half asian and yes I have humor but its like, Miley in generally..can't stand her. She really needs to grow up by now..

  47. 147

    Special interest groups only exist to be offended. You can never satisfy them. Your apologies will never be enough. So, in that spirit: HEY GEORGE WU! CHING CHONG WING WONG NIP FONG! WE ARR ROOK THE SAME!!!

  48. AMO says – reply to this


    What about that Asian guy that was in the pic with them when they were all making those faces? What was he doing there? And why were they making fun of him in his presence?

  49. 149

    It's funny that there's an Asian man in the background of the picture you used. She should have given a full apology the first time around. The first apology was basically her saying "I'm sorry you took it the wrong way" not "I'm sorry for what I did". The second apology was better.

  50. 150

    Re: jonaslove715 – Mexican**

  51. 151

    she shouldnt have apologized in the first place.
    who gives a shit if she slanted her eyes. honestly, i would just tell that organization where to go..
    this is so pathetic.. everyone says miley cyrus should stop acting all grown up, so she takes a god damn picture like that?
    this is bullshit.

  52. 152

    shes annonying!Perez! youre just making her more famouse!

  53. iFFYx says – reply to this


    HAH. They kicked her out of the store! xD

  54. 154

    pwned :)
    and she has NO right to wear that beautiful iron maiden shirt

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