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When MIA met Katy Perry

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A very street chic and pregnant MIA got cozy with pretty in pink Katy Perry on the Grammys red carpet.

M.I.A.'s outfit looked comfy and - if she happened to go into labor - it's something she wouldn't mind, um, mind getting all dirty.

Major props to the Paper Planes singer/rapper for going through with it, showing up on the day she was due(!!!), and performing with four of the best rappers in the game.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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83 comments to “When MIA met Katy Perry”

  1. 1

    Nice -hahahahahahaha

  2. 2


  3. 3


  4. 4


  5. 5

    Katy's make up looks kinda weird

  6. 6

    M.I.A did awesome last night katy ya not so much

  7. CHA says – reply to this



  8. 8


  9. 9

    mia is amazing.

  10. 10

    Going "threw" with it??

    Perez, seriously, what is your last level of education completed???

  11. 11

    Katy looks like the new orange dita ….with extra squared forehead to boot….FUGALICIOUS…

  12. 12

    Is the bitch wearin' the drapes outta her hotel room? WTF! I was on a mutherfuckin' boat! And I fucked a mermaid!

  13. lnp87 says – reply to this


    THREW - throw
       /θroʊ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [throh] Show IPA Pronunciation
    verb, threw, thrown, throw⋅ing, noun
    –verb (used with object)
    1. to propel or cast in any way, esp. to project or propel from the hand by a sudden forward motion or straightening of the arm and wrist: to throw a ball.
    etc etc etc

       /θru/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [throo] Show IPA Pronunciation
    1. in at one end, side, or surface and out at the other: to pass through a tunnel; We drove through Denver without stopping. Sun came through the window.
    2. past; beyond: to go through a stop sign without stopping.
    3. from one to the other of; between or among the individual members or parts of: to swing through the trees; This book has passed through many hands.


  14. 14

    hmmmm not sure about Katys look here… It is a bit like a soap star or something, something doesn't quite work.
    LOVE MIA here, working that tent!

  15. Patsy says – reply to this


    Perry looks horrendous with her cuckoo eyes

  16. 16

    holy shit she's huge! but katy looks scary…

  17. 17

    Is it me or does she look a little tranny in this pic?

  18. 18

    Someone forgot to tell MIA you can still be very pregannt and still look classy. Eeeshh!

  19. aw says – reply to this


    PEREZ!!! Katie Perry sucks, her song is stupid, she looked stupid last night, shes annoying, acts like shes better then everyone and worst of all has no ass! Can you get over her puhhhhhleaseeeeee!

    MIA rocks though!

  20. 20


  21. 21

    So she should be having her baby anyday now..
    kate beckinsale said her due date was that same
    day as the grammy's lol!

  22. 22

    Katty Fucking Perry looks terrible, gosh she is the biggest slut, bitch, whore on our mother earth….

  23. 23

    M.I.A. was greeeeeat with all the guys last night, Katy did ok I thought she looked as through she was trying too hard to impress, now M.I.A pregnant or not she killed it.

  24. 24

    Hmm Perez…please tell your girl Katy that anarex doesn't look good on her

  25. 25

    KATY PERRY LOOKS LIKE A HORSE! I love how the camera zoomed in on her when the Rock was talking and she looked like a cross eyed retard. I can't wait for this talentless ho to fade out.

  26. 26

    KP has a giant head

  27. 27

    Swagga Like Us was shit. Just a bunch of self-important rap pricks stroking their egos…Comparing Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin to Kanye West, Jay-Z, T.I and Lil Wayne!? The fact that the screen became black and white too…I mean I laughed out loud. How cheesy can you get?

    Too bad M.I.A. didn't pop her bun during the song - that would have improved the segment quite a bit.

  28. 28

    so why are you not saying how much katy perry's performance SUCKED ASS last night? or how stupid her set was … or how bad she looked and how bad she sounded sounded??? TOTALLY EMBARASSING!! check it out on youtube!

  29. 29

    Katy looks like a 50 year old chain smoking alcoholic in this picture..while MIA looks like something out of Lidsville!

  30. 30

    What the hell is that blue thing she is wearing? The dress makes her look like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Umpa Loompa Duppity Do, I have an Ugly Dress for you!

  31. 31

    Who is that old woman with pink terrible dress? is she 50?

  32. 32

    Mad props to MIA for making music history.
    That was pretty cool and amazing.

  33. 33

    Katy looks really skinny. She needs to fatten up….

  34. 34

    What's with MIA's dress? I thought it was joke, some tranny guy in a crazy dress getting his picture taken with Katy Perry. ANd Katy Perry looked a lot better on tv than she does in this picture.

  35. 35

    Last night was the first time I heard Katy Perry live and dear God, she was awful, really embarassing. MIA on the other hand, she may have looked a little crazy but she is the shit.

  36. 36

    wow ugliest shit ive ever seen, why does katy look like she is 50 in this pic? her hair is fug! i like her, but man she looks like shit~ and mia looks like violet from charlie and the chocolate factory after she ate that full meal gum, mmmmmmmmmmm blueberry pie my favorite~ then she turns into a giant blue ball! MIA is one ugly bitch who needs a stylist desperately!

  37. 37

    i WAS shocked that MIA wore that atrocious diaper looking turtle polka dot ensamble AND she was grinding.. what the fuck was really going on.. IT WAS AWFUL.. I love preggos and it can be sexy but leave something to the imagination… it was a disaster ..for real

  38. 38

    Come on Perez, post that video of Katy's shiteous Grammy performance last night. Then everyone will see that this isn't a general gossip web site, it's a PR site for your friends.

  39. 39

    I know you love Katy but her performance was just HORRIBLE!! MIA absolutely rocked!!

  40. 40

    Sorry Mia but that outfit is gawdy! How come all the stars are soo skinny? Come on Katy Perry not you too!

  41. 41

    Katy, not very photogenic! MIA, the girl deserves a medal or something……

  42. 42

    I usually love the way Katy Perry Looks…



    She looks straight Crap-tastic!!!!

    but I love MIA!!!!

  43. 43

    her performance wit jayz ti lil wayne and kanye was the best perfomance of the night the grammys werent so good this year

  44. 44

    Shoot the hair- and makeup stylist! These two look like old trannies! Sorry to say that! …ehmm thinking twice, actually not sorry :-D

  45. 45

    Perez, you fat piece of shit! You call Paula Abdul worse dressed and think Mia's outfit is "cozy"???? You are a low-life ass kisser.

  46. 46

    wow, katy perry sucked so badly last night. it was just terrible. get off her cock.

  47. 47

    MIA sporting her violet blueberry willy wonka outfit.

  48. 48

    Re: slooshy – I totally agree with you! What a mess. MIA has a good song, but she looked like a fool.

  49. 49

    katy perry sounded like shit in her performance….MIA was great

  50. 50

    what the H is that pathetic, nasty looking, mess standing next to Katy? Is it even human? I'm ready to puke up my breakfast?

  51. 51

    MIA was so fricken cute,lol.
    I like Katy Perry but her performance last night was not so good :(

    PEREZ make sure you update us when MIA has her baby!!!! :)

  52. 52

    I love how without her massive padding Kate Perry has almost no tits-Double D my ass! what a pile of shit she is. She can't sing and she has micro tits! LOSER! and a perez style corporate music whore!!


  53. 53

    That performance was amazing
    but after the first couple "swagga like us" from MIA you could totally tell she wasnt singing anymore.
    but i mean who can blame her, she looks like she's gonna burst.

  54. 54

    Love that blueberry!

  55. 55

    Katy Perry looks wretched. I call WHITE TRASH.

  56. 56

    katy looks pretty but who in the hell let mia come out of the house looking like that its bad so so so bad

  57. 57

    Your dear friend Katy looks like she has premature hair loss….that is not a natural FEMALE hairline……so so sad

  58. enen says – reply to this


    how about katy's AWFUL performance??? WHY DOESN'T SHE EVER SING THE HIGH NOTES! LOL. she thinks if she talks through all the hard parts we won't realize that she can't sing. what a fucking JOKE.

  59. 59

    So Perez, let's see Kate micro tits Jesus swill Perry's performance last night.

    What? can't bear to show us the truth?

  60. 60

    M.I.A. was amazing last night. Jay Z, T.I., Kanye, Lil' Wyane, & M.I.A. totally killed it last night at the grammy's!

  61. 61

    usually, i love, LOVE katy…but why does she look so strange in this picture?

  62. 62

    Katy's grammy performance made me think of the two ingredients to help constipation, fruit and her horrible "music".

  63. 63

    What the fuck is MIA wearing? So basically the Grammy's are made so a bunch of douche bags can meet each other? That's what it looks like from your pictures.

  64. 64

    what ever happened to real hollywood superstars??? katy perry is talentless and looks just like frankenstein

  65. 65

    i dont like that pic of Katy, shes making a funny/wierd face, actually they both are

    ~jus my thoughts

  66. 66

    MIA looked cute on the red carpet, she lip synched her performance

  67. 67

    Really??? And you still think that Paula was the worst dressed??? What about M.I.A. wearing blue snickers??? she looked awful!
    So all your "friendship" and fanatism over Katy and the bitch was unable to get you a backstage pass or go with you to the awards??? After all you are investing big bucks in her last tour… WTF???

  68. 68

    Katy Perry is

  69. 69

    Katy looked gorgeous last night though her performance was mediocre *sorry Katy still love ya* but M.I.A had be worried I just KNEW one of them guys was gonna accidentally hit her in the tummy and hurt her or the baby.. I just kept waiting for the damn thing to plop out right there on stage..now that've upstaged the whole Chris Brown/Rhianna thing! haha

  70. 70

    love M.I.A.
    love the kicks too

  71. 71

    M.I.A tore it up!

  72. 72

    FABULOUS! lol

  73. 73

    D-list x 2

  74. 74

    man, m.i.a's a beast. i love her.

  75. 75

    this is one awful pic… katty perry or mia can't dress how about a grammy for that, it would've been a tie… who is their stylist? ugh… lol… mia i give u props for performing but damn, act like your pregnant

  76. 76

    this is one awful pic… katty perry or mia can't dress how about a grammy for that, it would've been a tie… who is their stylist? ugh… lol… mia i give u props for performing but damn, act like your pregnant… what a mess

  77. 77

    Perez, i know Katy is your homegirl. so while you're losing weight, tell her NOT to. she's getting TOO fucking skinny. i'm a thin girl myself, but that is NOT cute.
    love love

  78. 78

    katy perry's perfomance was AWFUL. She should have worn high heels, not those stupid flats. It made her legs look extra chunky and not sexy at all! Her voice wasn't too bad, just the song really sucked! SHE CAN"T DANCE!!

  79. 79

    katy perry looks great. MIA jus looks like a joke, she sucks

  80. 80

    Katy Perry looks like Tammie Brown from RuPaul's Drag Race in this pic. MIA looks like a parade float, but she should have worn this at the Grammy's instead of that polka dot mess.

  81. 81

    katy looks like man now wtf.she is looking old

  82. 82

    oh gooooooood…..what is m.i.a wearing..she looks like a - i have no words for that.

  83. 83

    that is an extremely ugly dress! it doesn't flatter her at all!