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Chris Brown To Rihanna: "I'm Going To Kill You!"

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As more and more radio stations across the U.S. and Canada decide to stop playing his music….

The horrific details continue to come out about exactly what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna last weekend.

It's been revealed that after pulling over in Hancock Park area of Los Angeles, RiRi snatched Brown's keys from the ignition and tossed them out onto the street. Chris became livid, and he "put his hands around her neck and said 'I'm going to kill you!'"


It gets even worse. "(She) told police that she lost consciousness… her right eye was blackened and badly swollen and she had handprints on her arms." Rihanna was in such bad shape when police arrived, the officers decided not to take any chances and drive her straight to the hospital instead of taking the time to wait for an ambulance.

And where was Chris Brown during all of this? The douche fled from the scene!!!!

Not cool, Chris, not cool at all.

[Image via WENN.]

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168 comments to “Chris Brown To Rihanna: "I'm Going To Kill You!"”

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  1. 101

    Re: Supergirl – I know this information because I LIVE here! I went to the same school, and lived in the same town. I am sick and tired of people like you getting on here bad mouthing our home because of something like this. You have the nerve to tell me to grow up when you are on here and tell me to lose weight & get some friends? And you know I need to do this how? The only sad individual here is the hypocrit that you make yourself sound like. I guess people like just want to be judgemental and assume that because he is a young african-american in hip-hop he's ghetto. I only hope some day my 3 children grow to understand "Do unto others" and not to stero type people by color, religion, and background. Guess you weren't taught "sticks & stones" Have a nice day & God Bless you! :-)

  2. 102

    if this is the full story & all she did was snatch the keys out of the ignition—then he had no right whatsoever to lay a hand on her, but if she started beating up on him–he technically has every right to defend himself….even if it means hitting her back! but– it sounds like he beat her pretty badly, which is totally unnessesary.

  3. 103


  4. 104

    Re: quEEn B – you should not forget that every cause has a effect…whether or not she initiated the insuing FIGHT should not allow her the right to hit him or on him…ALL of you on here know very well that you have a limit to which ur buttons will be pushed…

  5. 105

    If she was hitting him while he was trying to drive he should have just stopped the car and put her out. There is no excuse for a man hitting a woman. They are strong enough to get you off of them without having to hit you. If she was dancing with other guys and being flirtatious he should have just left her there. Now he's screwed.

  6. 106

    Re: the picadilly – he has probably apologized…but due to the legalities of the matter at hand, he would basically be incriminating himself by admitting to it all and "apologizing" to the public…after this all is resolved, im sure he will be making a public apology…

  7. 107

    Re: lilbit24 – stick up for ur hometown!!!

  8. 108

    For those of you claiming that Rihanna drove herself to the hospital after refusing treatment, I would like to know what your source was. It has been reported AND confirmed that she agreed to treatment. The police were so concerned about her, they did not wait for the ambulance because she was capable of riding in the police vehicle with them, so they drove her directly to the hospital. She was checked into the hospital on Sunday and released on Sunday. She went into hiding on Monday, which is understandable, considering how much attention this case is getting. She needs to heal on her own, in private. You cant just make up 'facts' and pass them on, if you dont like what you hear, you cant just fix it to make anyone else look good or bad. Facts are facts, deal with it honestly, not hiding behind your screen name. As a victim of domestic violence, you grow tough skin. People can make victims look like criminals, and that says a lot about society.

  9. 109

    I've heard so many stories from jealousy to std when will the truth be told.
    This story here is new. Every day a different spin. All people want is the truth. If that ever happens. Still Chris was wrong for hitting that young lady!
    If I go out with friends I make sure to wear 4 inch Marc Jacobs they come
    in handy! JMO!

  10. 110

    what!! that is horrible..oh my gosh.

  11. 111

    We will never know the truth. We'll know the truth that they want us to know.

    And Princess Rihanna? She seems like a stuck up, snooty, snob to me. Someone that has let money and fame go to her head and swell up her ego. If he did hit her, then he's in the wrong. But she seems like a total biiiiatch to me!

  12. 112

    as I do think it is sad she is hurt, I cant help but feel bad for chris. Nobody (but the police and lawyers) knows what really happend and his career and rep is getting shit all over by people like perez giving out info that may not even be correct.

  13. 113

    Re: Hills_obssesed – Ignorant much? Stupid Fool

  14. 114

    Re: plintetaakoo – I agree totally

  15. 115

    Look, there's no excuse EVER for assaulting someone like this, but everyone seems to be making Rhi out to be some kind of saint. Sorry, I may be wrong but I got the "bitch" vibe off of her from day 1. Everyone has their limit and if you push too hard, they're gonna cross. Unfortunately, Chris apparently lacks the self control to flip her off and walk away.

  16. 116

    im not a fan of chris but we dont know both sides of the story yet! no man should ever hit a woman period but again we dont know both sides, i heard she was going nuts on him and hitting him too… drama gone bad

  17. 117

    Re: Tinkerbell – i agree too! everyone is making him the monster when his side of the story hasnt come out… its kinda messed up how she is being portrayed as the victim… i mean yes its fucked up she got beat but we dont know what she did to him either… maybe he just reached a boiling point… who knows!

  18. Naz says – reply to this



  19. 119

    Where are the TRUE sources?? I don't believe any of this.. If Rihanna did say this, I think she is lying.

  20. 120

    what do tell riri with two black eyes. nothing she did not listen the first 2 times

  21. 121

    I never been a big fan a Rihanna, have a few songs but thats all. Either way it sux that this has happened to her. Love doesn't beat you up. Chris Brown has a lot of explaining to do in jail. I hope she gets better. She's so beautiful. Get better Rihanna.. My prayers are with you.

  22. 122

    The really crazy thing is YOU WILL PROBABLY GO ON TOUR WITH CHRIS BROWN NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. binka says – reply to this


    Awe poor Rihanna I feel so bad for her. I can't imagine what she is going through right now.

  24. 124

    Re: CaryBear – I cannot believe you … it's not such a big deal?

    Abuse is a big deal wether verbal, physical or emotional … intent is enough … it's what's wrong with the world.

    When we stop saying "it's no big deal" things will change for the better.

    My god … to say she probably deserved it … wtf …. nothing you do gives anybody the right to hurt you.

    Why are people such idiots?

  25. 125

    wow…and you go on about mischa's thighs…

  26. 126

    Re: lilbit24 – Do you read your comments before posting them? I'm the hypocrite? That's a laugh. You called me a "dumb@ss" out of the blue and yet you're telling me that I wasn't taught "sticks and stones". Did your parents teach you the real meaning of that phrase? If they did you would realize that by calling a complete stranger a name (for expressing their opinion) would contradict that. I hope you teach your children the REAL meaning of it. Also, I wouldn't be proud that this pile of human garbage is from your hometown. It's like saying OJ Simspon lives next door to you. Have a great day too!

  27. 127

    seriously making fun of her thighs? first of all they are not thunder thighs at all AND she just got assaulted by Chris Brown.. not the best time to be shitting on her body. as for Chris Brown, seriously that is fucked up.. he is literally the last person I thought would ever resort to violence, especially to women. SORRY RIHANNA you are amazing and a great singer. I really hope you will not get back together with that asshole under any circumstances!!! PEACEEE

  28. 128

    ummmmmmmmm ….

    that was a RENTED lambo she threw away the keys for. I'd be hella pissed.
    Chris Brown is insane for beating her but then again Rihanna aint no saint! That bitch is a madwoman and who knows what she did to Chris to get him to that point … let's hear Chris' side!! lol

  29. 129

    Re: Supergirl – As for reading what you post, you should have done that as well. Me calling you "a complete stranger" a dumbass is exactly what you were doing by calling CB ghetto. I am however gonna be the bigger person here and apologize for the dumbass coment. It was out of anger and offense to the many people on here that are trashing our town. As for your remark about being proud that he is from my town, you put words in my mouth, much like everyone is doing with this WHOLE situation. I only said I was from the same school, same town. But you are comparing a 19 year old boy that had an altercation with his girlfriend to someone that was on trial for double homicide and then wanted to write a book about if he had done it how he would have gotten away with it. Not a very fair comparison.

  30. 130

    Re: CaryBear – You dumb bitch, you deserve to get punched in the face. Lord please tell me you don't have children- you will do nothing but continue the cycle of abuse. Would you say the same if it was your daughter??

  31. 131

    Re: Courtneylvgrl – i heard she snatched the keys because she wanted to avoid argueing more so she got out.he grabbed her arm wanting her to get back in.this ticked her off so she grabbed the keys and threw them

  32. 132

    i always thought women could be sort of pathetic and desperate about guys but my god, the foolish foolish women who come here to defend chris brown like the one idiot that said she deserved it for throwing the keys out the window.


  33. 133

    can you guys at least wait til the whole story is out because yall really dont know what actually happened that nite. yall are quick to judge Chris but you guys dnt even know for sure whether or not he really bruised her effin eye. Watever "poor lil RiRi" did probably wasnt so great either. I am not saying that it was okay for him to put his hands on her, but what wasnt okay was her takin the keys out the ignition and throwin them out the window. When have u ever heard that to stop a fight? Thats only going to fuel the fire. All i want to express is that you guys havent seen the pictures of her face bruised nor anyother part of her body so u dont know if its true at all.

  34. 134

    How come all you people are experts when you weren't even there? I poop on you all.

  35. Joom. says – reply to this



  36. 136

    It's getting worse… If it was even half as bad as the information tell, Chris better get arrested for the rest of his life… How can you beat up a woman?

  37. 137

    Guess you have to be a celebrity before the LA police will take you to the hospital in police vehicles over a black eye….what about people who are seriously injured (being run over, gun shot wounds, etc). BTW, watch after all this has blown over; they get back together


  38. 138

    obviously she must of done something to piss him off…people need 2 look at it from both ends…everyone wants 2 go and take that bitch side.. she was probably looking for it..needless 2 say it isnt right to a hit a woman under any circustances but i just think everyone is putting the blame on him and not knowing the full story!!!!!

  39. 139

    Forget this looser….Oh my God,girl,dont put up with this! Go to the pollice,for sure.I dont listen to his music,wish i had,so i could stopo listening to it now!

  40. 140

    Brings a whole new meaning to his song "No Air" with Jordin Sparks… What a douche nozzle this 'man' is!!

  41. 141

    Wait a minute, something is really fishy here. We don't know the whole story so don't just into conclusions so easily. This story reports that once she tossed the keys out he choked her…well what happen to her being punched around did that happen in the car before she blacked out/got chocked or what.. makes no sense

  42. 142

    oh yea, I guess that means Rihanna needs to get that matching tattoo removed now. See kids ..don't do stupid shit like marking yourself for some douche

  43. 143

    Ok Now You Guys Are Getting Carried Away With Trying To Make Him Look Bad. Im Far From A Chris Brown Fan But At The Same Time Enough Is Enough Why Arent You Guys Talking About How Rihanna Hit Her Borther In The Face With A Glass Bottle Before, Or How Jealous And Controlling She Is. I Understand Chris Hitting A Female Isnt Right But For All You Know She Hit Him First And It Isnt Right For A Female To Hit A Man Either.

  44. 144

    Get Better Soon Rihanna !! Keep that fucking idiot away from you as long as possible …

  45. 145

    So it's been 4 days and so far NO statement from either camp… this really makes me wonder does Rihanna really wants Chris to pay for what he did? Is she that innocent???
    The only real facts we have are:
    - Rihanna has injuries (not sure where or how severe they are) but visible enough so her publicist needed to come with an excuse.
    - Both Rihanna and Chris cancelled their scheduled presentations.
    - The time and the place of the beef.
    - Radio stations, Wrigley and Got Milk cancelled their deal with C. Brown… unless they know something we don't know I don't see why they where so quick to condeem Chris.
    Hitting a woman or just any other human being is NOT acceptable, the victim shutting about it is NOT acceptable too… however this sour story turns they are both equally responsible so far, this is really fishy and I am sick of the *updates*, just a bunch of nobodies saying whatever they wanna say and blogs and others posting this theories… this is getting old and boring!

  46. 146

    Re: Marrakesh – … what?

  47. 147

    Re: Angus8 – what? omg!

  48. 148

    i lost all respect for chris brown. i was actuallly starting to like his music but not anymore. hes disgusting for laying his hands a girl and hurting her. i hope people dont support him AT ALL! go rihanna stay strong

  49. 149

    Re: KBA802 – what!!!! omg this site is filled with racist ass assholes lol….

  50. 150

    that makes no sense at all.. in an earlier post, you said that rihanna didn't get any help and didnt want to go to the hospital after it happened, but now your trying to post false things that say she went there immediately. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT

  51. 151

    Re: MizzEvil – Agree hard! Cant wait til i hear about him gettin his lil virgin (?) ass hammered by his new boyfriend…Hopefully he will end up with permanant jaw lock afterwards too & never be able to sing his stupid shit again

  52. 152

    Bet she threw the keys out of the window because he was drunk and she didn't want to be his passenger in his death car.
    And he ran off because he thought he could avoid the DUI that way. Nice guy.

  53. 153

    What the hell..
    Well, at least we know that his car is his real love?
    BUT, even though I hate the fucktard bastard, he has a rough childhood, And his Step dad, pretty much, Beat Chris' mom in front of him, Thats like metally damaging, and now me know the results.

    BUT STILL, Don't fucking take out your child hood on Rihanna, Bi-polar?

  54. 154

    Perez, you need better sources. I just read on E Entertainment the Chris tried to strangle her and after she passed out he took off and left her for dead. He thought she was dead so he just took off. That's attempted murder. When she regained consciousness, he was gone and she was alone. That is F-ed up. That guy deserves to go to jail, trying to murder his own girlfriend, just because she threw his keys out of the car. He has some serious anger management issues. LOCK THE FUCKER UP! She must be heart broken right now.

  55. 155

    Okay…on account of what he said on tyra "i can't believe what that man did to my mom, i mean i really don't treat woman that way." WTF!! okay to start off i honestly think that he's not dumb he knows what he's doing. I love chris brown and Rihanna too. Now i hate him to death i was his biggest fan, but now he's a sissy and a hoeface for doing that. STAY STRONG RIRI.

  56. 156

    furthermore..wtf does she have on?lol anyways i lk rhianna music 2 but i still think she a biatch,she drove chris 2 do what he did..its so sad,he so talented…i wish he never met her..stupid stuck up biatch.

  57. 157

    sad sad sad……I thought CB was better than that. =(

  58. lolli says – reply to this


    say it aint so! omfg, this is bad, so very very bad, I love riri, she didnt deserve it.

  59. 159

    cops didnt wait for the ambulance, um yeah i dont think so. cops aint gonna rush her to the hospital, if they did bring her is wasnt cause she had bad injuries. it was cause she was famous and they wanted to . end of discussion

  60. 160

    ok yeah…
    but what about the fact that everybody is saying that SHE gave him herpes?
    i think its all exageration but w.e
    both of their careers are over because chris brown fans hate him now…
    and rihannas fans dont like her anymore because of she was the one that started everything.

  61. 161

    what an assehole

  62. VDUB says – reply to this


    so if she got choked out where are the bruises?? there were no bruises on her neck.. Perez u r waaaaay to old to be so naive… stop reporting false reports, u dont even know what happened.. i mean why r so angry.. chris brown never did nothing to you, and rihanna probably dont even like you….

  63. VDUB says – reply to this


    and how dare u say TI is a criminal giving another criminal advice.. ur gay (nothing wrong with that) but youre giving a straight person advice, u dont know what a relationship between a man and a woman is like so shut up…

  64. 164

    Come on now… you all can't be seriuos. You all really think she's the victim just because she's a female. Get real and be real. That's what's wrong with this country now…..everyone waiting on the next wave of victims to cry out about. If she's really innocent and tore up then why won't she show up? She's pulling your easy tails and hooking your dumb asses in to boost her own career. And, Jay-Z ain't gone do shit but ride this thing on out to help her get the boost if he pays attention to his inner marketing manager. This is some bull. She should be glad I'm not Chris' sister, because I will let her ass have it dirty south style. We don't play the bullshit ass games down here. This story would have been dead the day the it came out.

  65. 165

    Re: Stevie D.
    Can you say that again. I'm sick of females starting mess with men, punching, and hitting on him and then playing the victim after he hits her back. In any case I don't think she intended for it to go down like this, the media blew this out of proportion again. Sorry as media.

  66. 166

    He was probably thinking what the hell is wrong with this crazy broad.

  67. 167

    Poor Rihanna. Stay strong :-)

  68. 168

    Sick Brown.

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