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Jessica Simpson Continues to Expand

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…her clothes line, bbs!

Jessica Blimpson is turning into America's fat Jordan!

According to a new report, she's expanding her Jessica Simpson collection beyond dresses, handbags, shoes and boots.

Blimpy plans to add lingerie, nightwear and even home stuff to her line! And, mommy Tina will be helping her out with some of the designs and stuff.

In a recent interview the former reality star said, "I'm blessed to have so many ways to express myself. The ability to sit with my mum and find patterns, to go vintage shopping and create dresses - that's a mother and daughter's dream. We're talking luggage and bedding now. What I'm really looking forward to is jeans and all the comfy clothes. That's what I wear every single day of my life!"

So where's the plus size line then, Jess?

[Image via WENN.]

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231 comments to “Jessica Simpson Continues to Expand”

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  1. 1

    ahah shes fat..

  2. 2

    i don't really like her but i'm tired of everyone giving her such shit…she just got some healthy chunk on her like Dolly Parton had in the 70s

  3. 3


  4. 4

    I'm actually wearing her jeans right now that i bought 3 years ago

  5. 5

    hahahh fattie.

  6. 6

    for real fatass perez is going to talk about weight?? Her jeans are probably the size of one of your legs….get over it

  7. 7

    I'd love those high waisted jeans so I can look like a blimp too.

  8. 8

    Fuck off.
    If you think she's fat, take a look at Reuben Studdard.
    THAT'S fat.

  9. sil says – reply to this


    ok…you should leave her alone. First you are jealous because you wish you were a woman, second you are FAT YOURSELF, SO GET A CLUE

  10. mee2 says – reply to this


    perez youre such a douchebag. have you looked in the mirror? who are you to be calling ANYONE fat? shes a human, she cant look perfect forever. its awful that this is what the world has come to when girls have to look at magazines and websites like yours and they think that its wrong to not be a size 2. get the hell over yourself and before you start calling people fat..take a trip to jenny craig..actually take a couple trips. asshole.

  11. 11

    I agree Jessica has picked up a lot of weight but she isnt plus size yet… As for Perez's weight: he has lost a lot of weight! Give him some props people. I dont like him as a person but he is a great journalist with very acurate information! And he has the decency to say when he has a story wrong!

  12. 12

    Jessica "Blimpson"? Way to be an asshole. As I recall, you used to be/are still rather chunky yourself, Mario. I like reading your website but seriously am reconsidering it. The majority of your readers are women. How do you think you are making them feel by putting down a woman whose isn't overweight?

  13. sil says – reply to this


    tHERE are other ways to report things without being nasty. You could go further if you were more professional. HOW YOU FEEL IF PEOPLE WOULD PUT YOUR PICTURE AND LAUGHT AT YOUR FAT ASS

  14. 14

    Perez you are mean! Don;t forget that you are fat too….. and ugly. At least she has a talent, not like you that have to talk about other people cause you are nothing, sad very sad

  15. 15

    #1 she's not fat
    #2 you are

    shut up

  16. 16

    Perez…..girrrrl, you should NOT be talking about other people's weight! Need we remind you that you are in fact, a PORKER! I keep telling you dude, cut back on the Ho-ho's and invest in a mirror!

  17. 17

    Perez shame on you! SHAME on you! You were once fat you know how a sister feels! Give her a break! We all go through heavy periods.

  18. 18

    Oh for pete's sake the girl is not fat Perez. You're a dumbass and are contributing to the deadly disease of anorexia that we're seeing in younger and younger girls every year. Shame on you. Jessica is a refreshing change from those walking clothes hangers that are forced on us from Hollywood that we're told we're supposed to look like. To me they look like they're escapees from starvation camps who are about to faint any second. I hope Jessica doesn't give in to pressure and remains true to herself. She's a beautiful girl and if she's happy where she is then that's where she should stay.

  19. 19

    MARIO……… most of your readers are fatter than jessica……… and so are you.. find someone else to pick on

  20. 20

    seriously perez stop calling her fat, you are not helping the whole 'girls hating her body' issue….thats so messed up im really disappointed in u saying that

  21. 21

    Ouch, Perez! You jumped on the wagon, too? She's not fat, just average, but I guess that equates to "blimpy" and plus size in Hollywood. lame.

  22. 22

    k really though.
    thats not cool.
    dont call her fat.
    shes not fat.
    shes just not jessica simpson circa 2005.
    who cares.

  23. 23

    lay off…THIS is the reason that 15 year olds have eating disorders…because of people like you in the media who call someone fat when they gain 10 pounds….you're fat too, remember??!

  24. 24

    first line was very funny
    last line was meannn you meanie

  25. aj says – reply to this


    well if this isn't the pot calling the kettle fat

  26. 26

    You know… I think Jessica Simpson is an idiot and her voice is grating… however… I find it REALLY hypocritical, disgusting, and irritating that YOU of all people are saying such shitty things about her weight. Take a look at pictures of yourself just a year ago. You need to keep your BIG MOUTH SHUT on this one dude.

  27. 27

    She already did a plus-sized line several years ago for plus-sized chain The Avenue. She had mostly jeans but a few shirts too.

  28. 28

    No dickhead …size 4 isnt considered a PLUS size………but dont worry …YOU can still buy from the womens PLUS size section for YOUR personal clothes ya wanna be tranny

  29. aj says – reply to this


    Re: RiaanDuRand – great journalist? you're being sarcastic right? he copies all his posts from others except the ones he gets inside pay for, like that slut Angelina, Katie Perry and mug head Gaga

  30. 30

    really mario, she's not fat. j hudson is. so is fantasia barrino, y r u going after jessica simpon? is it because she changed???? and there really is nothing to her besides her looks, which may be fading?

  31. 31

    Hey Perez, make up your mind. One minute, you're crying about people being TOO thin. YOU'RE on a diet and exercise routine. She's a size 8. When you can get your hairy fat ass in those size jeans, THEN you can call her fat. She's healthy. It's more than I can say for your sick mind. Who pissed in your Wheaties when it comes to Jessica Simpson? Oh wait, you're not on the Simpson payroll yet like you're on the Spear's payroll. GOTCHA!

  32. 32

    She made a career out of being "hot". She had no problem flaunting herself in her Daisy Dukes. Now she's chubby so she should take the hit. I don't feel sorry for her in the least.

  33. 33

    wow…you know it's a slow news day when the major topic is Jessica's weight gain……how very sad the media is

  34. 34

    again, fuck off you guinea fag, iv had better looking shits than you, you fat fuck

  35. 35

    Re: RiaanDuRand – ok…clearly you do not read this blog!!!

  36. 36

    Perez is like the fat kid in third grade that is made fun of and goes home to cry and then sits in his smelly room to plot his pathetic revenge. Most people just grow up and survive childhood but not our Perez, he secretly hits his own pleasure button when he puts down others for the same things he was hurt by as a kid. Pathetic loser, as Jess has earned and worked for everything she has earned not Perez he just copies and pastes other peoples articles and draws stupid childish pictures. Perez your an empty jealous bitch.

  37. 37


    She is far from fat, just look at most of the country anywhere out of the big cities, people there are very obese. This media attention is what causes young impressional girls to have weight issuses. She looks great, who cares if she has gained a few pounds, as woman we all gain weight as we age. Woman are supposed to be curvy, not look like prepubesant boys.

  38. 38

    Your horrible. Live with it.

  39. 39

    whoever is in charge of perezhilton.com(because it's certainly not miss.perez herself-she hires people to do that for her)is a total disgusting excuse for a human being-she's not fat!she's just not the anorexic bitch tween girls are used to seeing in the hollywood media spotlight,she's a normal human being,not a mindless dieting machine,and it's really her outfit that makes her look out of shape,she needs to hire a wardrobe person because it's too small on her making her look bulgy and unattractive-but it's all an illusion because she's just as beautiful as ever.Get over yourselves people,when you have time away from your finger being down your throat out of the desperation of approval from society and wanting to be like someone your not,maybe you can stop being ignorant and realize what we all already know.STUPID.oh..and the chick that commented saying-"ahah shes fat.. " looks pretty miserable and fat herself so talk about spite out of envy at it's embarrasingly worst.HAHA to that dumb star obsessed bitches,put down the speed and learn what's healthy and what's not!PS(perez is a fatass if you haven't noticed…where's the blog on that one?and he;s not even successful for doing anything worth while so how pathedic.i feel bad for him and everyone else who says something as naive and shallow as "lindeezy"-which im assuming means a chic named LINDSEY is "eezy"..go figure)

  40. 40

    oh shut up that's mean.

  41. 41

    OH she is looking just like Fergie in this pic..

  42. 42

    Hey Perez, Honestly it was kinda funny to joke about Jessica for a little while. But you know what its getting ridiculous. She is just like any other person, you dont think she feels insecure just like the rest of us. At least our own personal insecurities arent exposed to the whole world, so cut her some slack. And plus, you do realize that your "fat" too, doesnt that bother you? doesnt it? Imagine if all these gossip magz were talkin trash about how ur so fat etc …dont u think it would hurt ur self-esteem. Be a Role Model, not a Hater!

  43. 43

    She isn't fat. Anyway, at least she is pretty. Some people can lose weight and still be ugly, right mario?

  44. 44

    WOW Perez. by calling her blimpy you are only becoming apart of the epidemic in america of eating disorders!!!! Jessica is NOT FAT and by all you making so much out of nothing, it is engraving into the minds of girls thinking omg this girl is not that fat but people are calling her fat so i need to get skinnier. its disgusting!!!! be a good role model and stop setting such an impossible standard!!!

  45. 45

    Just because Perez has lost wait doesn't give him the right to call other people fat. It's ugly. That's one thing, you can lose the weight, but you can't cure UGLY. Inside and out.

    Jessica looks fine. She is a normal woman. And this is why girls have such a hard time with weight issues, because of morons like this harassing women for being normal sized.

  46. 46

    Perez sounds a little more bitter than usual. How's your clothing line going chunks? If Jessica does start up a plus size, maybe you'll finally get yourself a pretty dress…

  47. 47

    I can't stand this heffa. I wish she would go away forever!

  48. 48

    Lost weight I meant.

  49. 49

    Pig have you check yourself on the mirror lately??? Even with the dark clothes you wear 24/7 you can still see that the fat is back!!!!

  50. 50

    Enough already. Leave her alone. She is NOT fat!!! There are millions of young girls who are thinking that they need to be rail thin in order to not be called fat. I'm not a huge JS fan but I certainly don't think she deserves to be teased so mercifully.

  51. 51

    you all r crazy, she looks good, shes thick not fat!!! Thick is better than skinny like lezlo!!!!

  52. 52

    she is not fat

    you are you big ass hole

  53. 53

    Re: aj – good one

  54. 54

    now you're talking shit about jessica simpson. i won't be surprised to find out you will be part of her tour, you sick son of an accidental fuck.

  55. 55

    Re: RiaanDuRand – Sorry I'm still laughing - "journalist" you say. Hmmmm. The Queen of All Cut & Paste is our Mario - not to mention that since he became "famous" he is no longer the first with anything anymore. TMZ trumps him daily which is sad, because before he had his head on TV this used to be a pretty good blog with stories worth reading. Now he could hardly be bothered - he's got better things to do - but he'll catch up with us all again on his way back down.

  56. 56

    Perez, stop being an ass. You of all people (a former fatty) should know what it's like to be made fun of. And please, this girl is not fat. She's not a Posh size negative zero. She looks normal. There's not too many girls out there who weigh 78lbs. US Weekly estimated her at 135. Wow..she's such a cow. Come dude…find some new material.

  57. 57

    Okay dude - let it go now - she's not fat… seriously… let it go.

  58. 58

    How can anyone who weighed as much as Perez used to pick on this woman who's NOT FAT?! She's not starving herself and looks healthy as opposed to the skanky dipwads like Victoria B and all those other morons who eat just a salad a day and give teens and young ladies a bad view on themselves.

  59. 59

    "BLIMPSON????????" Oh fuck, that just made me laugh very very hard!!!! It's funny, see, because she's fat, like a blimp, and it's a play on her name. BLIMPSON!!!!! Man, you're killing me, keep up the good work….ha ha ha ha ha

  60. mw says – reply to this


    that's…giggle…not…giggle…very nice…

  61. 61

    it's people's influence like your's that really affect the young women who read your website. it's disgusting how you're calling her a fatty. she is perfectly healthy looks even though she has put on weight. HOW DARE YOU continue to speak of a woman this way. If you want to call someone fat, then call a real fat ass just that. how about carnie wilson or something..even then..it's pretty fucked up.
    your calling her fat, is a piece of the puzzle that adds up the thousands of women with problems with anorexia..it's ok to be a bit chubby

    so…fuck you perez

  62. 62

    Perez, you're a coldhearted dick. It's like the more people stand up for her, the more you try to bring her down.

  63. sushi says – reply to this


    It's amazing how you feel comfortable talking about people being fat. You claim to have lost weight and yet everytime I see you, you look like the same fat fuckpig you've always been. I don't like Jessica Simpson but I bet even homos woudl rather fuck her than you.

  64. 64

    Perez…do you even know what plus sizes are? Generally 16-18 and up are considered "plus" sizes and there is NO way Jessica is a size 16…because it sounds like that's what you're insinuating.

  65. 65

    Re: Mistress – Lol wonderful the Queer of all cut & paste… so true!
    How are you doing today darling?

  66. 66

    Dude Perez! you of all people should not talk shit about weight! Not cool! I love your page for all the up 2 date gossip but you could do without the shit talking! its not fierce! You guys talk shit about celebs if their too skinny, then you talk shit if their over weight! its lame! Leave Jess alone

  67. 67


  68. 68

    OK tubs, lay off the poor girl! You of all people should appreciate that being skinny isn't exactly easy. People who live in glass houses and all that…..

    Just be nice, for once….

  69. 69

    um, a size 8 is not fat.
    Perez, you yourself are no thin mint.

  70. 70

    Re: Kate27 – Hey Katie - good thanks - finally found some time to just sit and enjoy today. Normally I'm flitting about like an acid butterfly. (o:

  71. 71

    Fuck you! She's not fat at all, i'm so sick of everybody saying that about her.

  72. 72

    Perez, I know you lost SOME weight, but you seem like pot intent on calling the kettle black. The term Blimpson as applied to Jessica is not only for someone who CLAIMS to have respect for women, but is also not true. I don't see you harping on Oprah.

  73. 73

    I honestly think twice about hitting up your site lately, especially because of posts like these. Perez, for someone who's fat enough to be shopping in the maternity section, you have an awful lot of animosity towards Jessica.

    Since when is it a crime for a girl to gain a few pounds? Since when does it become headline of the fucking year? Why don't you cover Janet Jackson's mad yo-yo'ing fat ass on a daily basis? I'd rather see the evolution of her going WAAAAAY up and WAAAAAAAY down than see a beautiful girl like Jessica being torn down for absolutely no valid reason.

    Leave. her. alone. She's absolutely beautiful and 90% of girls on this site would kill to look like her. Listen to your readers, and lay off these bullshit posts.

  74. 74

    Leave her alone. She's not obese, she has a healthy weight.

    Not all celebrities can be perfectly skinny for you, Perez.

  75. 75

    I don't like Jessica Simpson's or her music but she is NO WHERE NEAR FAT!!! She may have put on some weight - good on her, she looked terrible too thin. You are amoung the other idiots in the industry that contributes to super thin stars and anorexia of those girls who idolise these girls. Not to mention you aren't exactlty skinny yourself. Shame on you Perez, I actually liked you before - but these kind of comments are becoming a pathetic joke

  76. mee2 says – reply to this


    ahahahahha perez you lost weight? i had no idea you fat fuckin pig! i really dont know how you sleep at night. at least she tries to make a living while you sit your monkey ass behind a computer all day talking about other people who are more famous than you could ever dream of being. she has more talent in her than you do in your fatass pinky toe.

    you are the definition of pathetic, as are the other idiots who keep commenting that shes fat.

  77. 77

    i like u perez, i do but as a former "fattie", why are u jumping on the "Bash Jessica" wagon? u would think u would be a little more sympathetic and cut all the criticism.

  78. nyc13 says – reply to this


    she weighs 135 now..which is normal and even skinny for any woman. With all of your fat comments your going to go make ppl have eating disorders and whatnot

  79. 79

    duuude get off her nuts.
    at least she's not ms anorexia
    setting a "great" example for little girls.

  80. 80

    For someone who has openly spoken against eating disorders, Calling someone fat who is clearly not fat. Seams hypocritical.
    Seeing as young girls will read you calling jessica "blimpy" when she's the average sized women, and think that what they are isn't good enough.
    She is tons more attractive than some of these size 0 girls I've seen out there.
    And if she's okay with the way she looks who the fuck should have anything to say about it?
    And the fact that you yourself have struggled with your weight, you should be the last to call her hurtful fat names.
    How old are you? 12.
    I think she looks great. Which is more than can be said for yourself.

  81. 81

    Does anyone know what "bbs" means in Perez's language???

    "…her clothes line, bbs!"

    Just curious…

  82. 82

    Mario, Jessica may have put on a few pounds but please STFU about it!! And stop ridiculing her because it's just stupid & insensitive of you! And by the way, considering you yoyo between being a fatty yourself & a skinny minny, YOU SHOULD TALK! People who live in glass houses, y'know! Seriously, go pick on Rasin face or something, just shut up already about Jessica's weight!

  83. 83

    Oh up shut Perez, your a greasy bloater to. You should be one to talk about camel toes and fat people you god damn hypocrite.

  84. 84

    I don't care for her either, but you are just an asshole.

  85. 85

    Perez, I love reading your blog. I don't like Jessica Simpson any more than you do, but you're really being an asshole about her weight. Judging from the previous comments, many people feel the same way. Way to alienate your readers, idiot.

  86. 86

    i'm by no means a jess fan but jeez perez, where's your plus-size line? you still have no room to make fun of anyone weight-wise.

  87. 87

    I find it a little Ironic that a Fat Ass like yourself has the nerve to call Jessica Simpson a Blimp. All your working out and trying to eat healthy and your still fatter than she is, get over yourself. Hey at least she's beautiful, you're still ugly and thats something not even plastic surgery can help You with!

  88. 88

    Just because you lost some of your chunk doesn't mean you can ridicule everyone else because they are no longer rail thin.

    Thanks for making a contribution to anorexia. Ass.

  89. 89

    OK, ok, we can all agree that BLIMPSON is a big fat slob…. But let's not forget that she is also a complete pea-brained idiot, who puts forth the image, and makes money by portraying a brain-dead moron and a stupid fucking hick. This fat whore is just straight-up dumb, and there is no excuse for that. Stay in school, kids….

  90. 90

    Don't call her Blimpy. It's insulting for you (or anyone), who has had weight issues in the past, to cast judgment. I'm no fan of hers but…she's curvy, not a stick figure. Deal with it.

  91. AGSTL says – reply to this


    You know, I find it funny, but at the same time wholly hypocritical of Perez for ragging on Jessica Simpson. While I don't like her music, I find it amusing that Perez can call other celebrities, namely Beth Ditto from the Gossip (who is at least 250 lbs, maybe more) and Adele (who is no skinny girl either) beautiful women.

    It's just hypocritical.

  92. 92

    To see REAL fat people all you have to do is walk into any Wal-Mart at any time. I guarantee you will see at least one or two obese bitches on scooters buying pizza and doritos.

  93. 29 says – reply to this


    Re: RiaanDuRand – keeping your head stuck up p nasty's fat ass isn't very flattering dear.

  94. 94

    :( Perez. I'm disappointed in you. I'm normally tolerant of your mean comments but you went over the top with this one. I had to create an account just to tell you that. No more of this. She's fabulous!!!

  95. 95

    She is nowhere near plus sized, but it would be nice if her line carried extended sizes. She is probably a 6 or an 8. She is just bigger than she was before.

  96. 96

    First of all, shes not fat !
    and half of the people on here are proably fatter then her !
    calm down perez i love ya but your proably 10 jessica simpsons in 1
    just sayin..

  97. 97

    Perez, please tell me you are joking… First of all, NO ONE should rag about anyone's physical appearance; most people fluctuate from time to time, and even when you're weight is consistent, NO ONE is perfect. Now you…well, you are far from perfect dear. What's sad is you use to that that, you use to be (seem) quite humble and modest. Then after the "fame" came, and after losing a few lbs, you seem to think you are much better than everyone else. I guess that comes with the territory, huh?

  98. 98

    Well, I wish you would not forget WHY you are at the point where you are, because of all of us hitting up your site, because of all the love (and hate) you have gotten from all of US! Over the past year or so there has been a ton of 'Personally Perez' articles than actual Celeb Gossip, you sometimes deliver news a day or two late, and you obviously think you are better (or possibly jealous?) than many other celebrities. Some of which took a lot of hard work to get where they are! I'm not a big fan of Jessica Simpson, never even owned an album of hers…but she wasn't handed everything she has; she actually worked. She has always had big boobs and some meat on her bones, now a few years later she's this huge pig? C'MON! There would be an issue if she was heavily overweight or obese, and even then, you don't rename her a BLIMP, or compare her to some skinny half-witted British model. You make comments about these mad skinny bitches, calling them anorexic or saying they need to eat a cheeseburger, then you do this shit…what the fuck dude??

  99. 99

    What did Jessica Simpson do to you? In fact, what did Jennifer Aniston do to you?? She says nothing to you, and you call her a 'MAN' and 'Desperate' because her ex-husband cheated on her and screwed her over? What sense does that make?? Get real dude, seriously. You are becoming this semi-celeb jerk guy, and it's really unbecoming. Perez, if you read this, I suggest you come back down to reality soon. It's going to hurt more if you wind up falling down.

  100. 100

    its pretty clear that perez is a misogynist who hates women… over and over again he says horrible things to make himself feel better, and put everyone else down.

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