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Jessica Simpson Snubbed By Country Music Awards

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The nominees for the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards were announced Wednesday morning and Jessica Blimpson was conspicuously absent from the list, which included multiple nods for Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Carrie Underwood.

She had ZERO nominations!

CLICK HERE to see the full the list of nods.

[Images via WENN.]

Entertainer of the Year
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
George Strait
Keith Urban
Carrie Underwood

Top Male Vocalist
Kenny Chesney
Toby Keith
Brad Paisley
George Strait
Keith Urban

Top Female Vocalist
Miranda Lambert
Heidi Newfield
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood
Lee Ann Womack

Top Vocal Group
Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts
Randy Rogers Band
The Lost Trailers

Top Vocal Duo
Big & Rich
Brooks & Dunn
Joey & Rory
Montgomery Gentry

Top New Male Vocalist
Jamey Johnson
James Otto
Jake Owen

Top New Female Vocalist
Sarah Buxton
Julianne Hough
Ashton Shepherd

Top New Vocal Duo or Group
Eli Young Band
The Lost Trailers
Zac Brown Band

Single Record of the Year
Miranda Lambert, "Gunpowder & Lead"
Jamey Johnson, "In Color"
Heidi Newfield, "Johnny and June"
Brad Paisley, "Waitin' on a Woman"
Trace Adkins, "You're Gonna Miss This"

Song of the Year
George Strait, "I Saw God Today"
Jamey Johnson, "In Color"
Heidi Newfield, "Johnny and June"
Brad Paisley, "Waitin' on a Woman"
Trace Adkins, "You're Gonna Miss This"

Video of the Year
Heidi Newfield, "Johnny and June"
Carrie Underwood, "Just a Dream"
Taylor Swift, "Love Story"
George Strait, "Troubadour"
Brad Paisley, "Waitin' on a Woman"

Vocal Event of the Year
Josh Turner featuring Trisha Yearwood, "Another Try"
Brooks & Dunn featuring Reba McEntire, "Cowgirls Don't Cry"
Kenny Chesney with Mac McAnally, "Down the Road"
Sugarland featuring Little Big Town and Jake Owen, "Life in a Northern Town"
Brad Paisley duet with Keith Urban, "Start a Band"

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74 comments to “Jessica Simpson Snubbed By Country Music Awards”

  1. 1

    P, you put the Spit into Spiteful Bitch!

  2. 2

    well….she's not even good. at all.

  3. 3

    She is a fucking washed up fat nobody these days. With a creepier than fuck Daddy.

  4. 4

    WTF! harry got snubbed for " If sis ain't good enough me , then she ain't good enough for my friends!" or for " Now stop that Uncle Dad!"

  5. KBF says – reply to this


    fuck you, Perez. I used to think you stood for good things and respect, but clearly you're as disgusting as traditional media. Blimpson? You should really come speak to the girls in my outpatient eating disorders clinic. We love thinspirations.

  6. 6

    snubbed b/c she's not nominated for an award……….what….is everybody supposed to get a trophy just for participation?

  7. 7

    Tell her to come over here Lizard king will comfort her.

  8. 8

  9. 9

    Sorry Jess, Carrie is the hot version of you!

  10. 10

    I'm sure she realises she has a long way to go before expecting any awards!!

  11. 11

    Jessica seems to try too much at things she's not particularly good at. She tried to be the next Anna Nicole Smith with her reality TV show, but even sucked doing that.

  12. 12

    Hmmmm..now why would Jessica be missing from this list? Oh yeah. SHE'S NOT A SINGER! I don't hate her or anything but she is not a vocalist at all.

  13. Yokel says – reply to this


    how can you say her album is CONSPICUOUSLY absent when it was universally panned. wouldn't it have been more conspicuous if she was nominated?

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Blimpson? Wow…she's still smaller than you are, Perez. Remember that.

  16. 16

    Re: mamajud – Mario's Book got snobbed by the New York Times Best Seller List so he a little bitter this month.

  17. 17

    At some point she'll realize country music is not going to embrace her. I love that she wasn't even nominated for Best New Artist. First of all, none of her singles released have gotten crap for airplay on country radio. And her CD didn't even sell that well by country music standards. It's one of the few formats that still sell millions of CDs!

  18. 18

    She needs to go to the County Fair where she can compete for "best" Cow or "best" Hog

  19. 19

    … Jessica didn't get any nominations because she is horrendous!

  20. 20

    blimpson? you should talk, fatty!

  21. 21

    I'm not surprised at all. I doubt she'll ever be embraced by country fans. Can't believe how far she's fallen. It's pretty sad.

  22. Sonas says – reply to this


    Yay Taylor.

  23. 23

    Well I'll say a big ol' DUH……………..!

  24. 24

    wow…..blimpson. that's really a good one, considering she weighs less than you. you really need to stop being such a dick to these women.

  25. 25

    really perez? BLIMPSON??? thats just too far this time. Weight is not something to make fun of… EVER> :( im disappointed :(

  26. 26

    Perez your a fat ass yourself, so who are YOU to comment on anyones body? I find it really interesting that your such a bully with those you think are failing, perhaps you were bullied yourself and now think you "have the right", to pick on those who can not fight back. You use this site to cleanse yourself to feel better about yourself, but really you just look pathetic. And for myself I will continue to call you names in defense of those due to their media position can not do so, heres some more "love" just you fat petty piece of lard.

  27. 27

    maybe she wouldn't get snubbed if she actually sang COUNTRY music. her "country" songs sound a lot like her other crap.

  28. 28

    Later peeps,me and harry gots sum ho's to smack up.

  29. 29

    Go Taylor :)

  30. 30

    "Jessica Blimpson"? That's rich coming from you Perez! If she is a blimp, what does that make you? Shamu?

  31. 31

    WOOHOO BRAD PAISLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 32

    Jessica Blimpson?
    That's harsh Perez…

  33. 33

    its simple math jack ass…carrie underwood has always been country…jessica simpson was a shitty pop star for one song and then decided to try country because she sucks so much. fat body fuck you shut up go eat lunch, a cock sandwich of course

  34. 34

    You're in no position to call her Blimpson. You're still over weight and pretty fugly too.

  35. 35

    "Snubbed" or Rightfully left off the list?

  36. 36

    And this is a surprise?????

  37. 37

    I just HATE how Jessica looks when she is singing! She has these weird face movements, just FUGLY!

  38. tasha says – reply to this


    Why would you think she would have gotten any nominations? Her album has barely sold over 100,000 copies since it's release and the singles have pretty much done nothing. She's horrible as a country artist.

  39. 39

    It's really sad…failed pop stars keep converting to country singers because they think it's an easy audience to fool. Seriously…Jewel??!! Can't sing country for a crap. But she's married to some rodeo star so she thinks she's country. So here comes Jessica Simpson…from TX so I guess she thinks where you're born makes you a country singer? Um hello…no. You DO have to be able to sing, my dear. So sorry you can't. Go back to being a dumb blonde, that's the only thing you've gotten right this far.

  40. 40

    She just got into country music, why would you expect her to be nominated anyway?

  41. 41

    No SHIT! Her music sux ass!

  42. 42

    well, that's what she gets for having AN EPIC FAIL in her (so called) country music career….she's never been good…ever….so what does she expect?

  43. 43

    Every time she sings she looks like she has a hot poker up her ass.

  44. 44


  45. 45

    You seriously need to lay off calling her fat. This was a shitty pic with bad jeans but she is NOT fat. Blimpson wtf Perez your acting like a hypocrit stupid little douchebag bitch

  46. 46

    What made you decide to start a gossip blog? To report stuff……copy TMZ butin a blog.get a little juicy? This kinda shit reamrks is gonna drop your fan base . NOBODY IS LAUGHING WHEN A FAT SLOPPY FLOPPY FAG MOCKS SOMEONE FOR BEING OVERWIEGHT AND ESPECIALLY WHEN LIKE HER ITS ONLY LIKE 10 LBS. ARE YOU GONNA START MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE FOR BEING QUEER NOW OR HAIRY LIKE A FUCKIN APE? HYPOCRIT!

  47. 47

    Jessica is trying …. but she's somewhat of a has-been. Girl, just retire, you have plenty of $$$$$ and are very successful with your products. Just stop trying to be Carrie Underwood!!!If you're insecure about yourself,your career and Tony Romo ,well work on yourself-workout/plastic surgery/botox-:career-go contemporary,find a good song writer- ballad/disco:Tony Romo…cute but I would come 1st. Hope for the best!!!!!!!

  48. 48

    Jessica needs to stick to what she did best- Pop. You cant just one day decide to jump to Country music! What the….?? That's like Bono from U2 dressing up like Jay-Z and rapping about bitches 'n hoes! Hellll no! Some stars can make the transition, but they are few and far between! She suits country appearance-wise, but just doesn't back it up with the music…. I totally expected her not to be nominated. Carrie keeps herself well-presented and she's won heaps of awards for herself, Country is her thing. So, sorry Jess- but you just aren't all that as much as you used to be! You need to get back to your Daisy Duke days…you were f*cking HOT back then!!

  49. 49

    Did you actually have the balls (doubtful) to refer to her as Jessica BLIMPSON?? Seriously you fat, saggy boobed, jello assed tub of lard?? Jessica may have put on a few, but she looks like a nice soft,curvy woman. You, on the other hand Hilton, you fat tub of rancid lard, look like a deflated balloon. Once a fat ass always a fat ass, Hilton. And you have a nose like a pig snout, too.

  50. 50

    Re: YODA SPEAKS – True Yoda… just when Jess thought people forget about her this douche needs to pick on her weight once more… but did you realize how much weight Piggy put the last few weeks??? EVen though he is only wearing black you can still see that he is back on being xtremely fat!

  51. 51

    WTF would Jessica be nominated FOR by the CMA? Getting fat?

  52. Bree says – reply to this


    Blimpson…wow. And to think you were fatter than that and calling her names?. I am so sick of this.

  53. 53

    Re: KBF – I totally Agree! Perez is the original Fat Ass!!

  54. 54

    Blimpson…that's freakin funny!! And why is anyone shocked that she wasn't nominated? Why is even on this website…she sucks. Her dad is totally creepy…eww!!

  55. 55

    I'm not a big fan of Simpson, it's the whole, jaw warbble thingy oh, & the pervy father, but Underwood, meh…no talent…meh

  56. 56

    how dare u call her blimpson..who are u to talk..it's sick that u feel fine throwing out how "fat" stars are, then think it's SO awful to wear fur?? fuck u man

  57. 57

    taylor taylor!

  58. 58

    Ok, enough with the fat jokes on McMeltdown. No one is surprised because her album sucked. And if she thought she could hang with Carrie Underwood, than she's crazy!

  59. 59

    so what if Jessica simpson wasn't nominated? she seems like a nice enough girl, but she's only been in country music for a very short time.

  60. 60

    Jessica + Nick = glamorous stars
    Nick + Vanessa = cute and interesting
    Jessica + Bam
    + Dane
    + John
    + her secret lovers
    + Tony
    + whoever will be the love of her life in 2010 = pathetic!

  61. 61

    Yeah I wouldnt be surprised they left her out. The 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards are full of poop. This is not the first time they snub good artists. For example the Dixie Chicks. Anyway I purchased her album and I loves it!!!

  62. 62

    ew piggez using the whole "fail" and "win" think is the epitome of FAIL. good job fatass.
    ew piggez using the whole "fail" and "win" think is the epitome of FAIL. good job fatass.
    ew piggez using the whole "fail" and "win" think is the epitome of FAIL. good job fatass.
    ew piggez using the whole "fail" and "win" think is the epitome of FAIL. good job fatass.
    ew piggez using the whole "fail" and "win" think is the epitome of FAIL. good job fatass.
    ew piggez using the whole "fail" and "win" think is the epitome of FAIL. good job fatass.
    ew piggez using the whole "fail" and "win" think is the epitome of FAIL. good job fatass.
    ew piggez using the whole "fail" and "win" think is the epitome of FAIL. good job fatass.
    ew piggez using the whole "fail" and "win" think is the epitome of FAIL. good job fatass.

  63. 63

    Carrie Underwoods legs are freakin HOT-Her whole self is HOT-Talented,Smart
    Jessica Simpson-um NOT

    Tony Romo kicks himself everyday for screwing things up with Carrie and then he was an idiot to think she would take him back last May. She has a hot hunk hockey player Mike Fisher. He's 28 and good moral unlike some people that stumble around drunk all the time.

  64. 64

    Since when is a fat gay Mexican better than Jessica Simpson? NO TIME SOON ASSHOLE

  65. 65

    Go Carrie! :) Entertainer of the year, baby!

  66. 66

    it's about time jessica and her fans realized that pop music with some twangy guitars in the background does not equal country music. she's not a real country artist and doesn't deserve to get an nominees. good for the cmas for not nominating her.

  67. 67

    DOES anyone else think Carrie Underwood looks like an older Jamie Lynne Spears??
    What happened to Jamie Lynn spears, you havint talked about her in ages!?

  68. 68

    Jessica is no Carrie when it comes to charisma on stage and vocals, their beauty is equal but if the country crowd could accept Kelly Pickler, what's wrong with Jess?

  69. 69

    perez ur a fat fuck u know that

  70. 70

    she got snubbed because her country album sucked.
    is it really a surprise?

  71. 71

    woo taylor is nominated :)

  72. 72

    Who's surprised by this? Chick can't sing!

  73. 73

    first of all, check your info fatass. jess couldn't be nominated for a country music award because no one has yet! the nominees announced are for the ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC aka ACM'S not the CMA's. secondly, stop worshipping hacks like carrie underwood. shes a polished american idol as are kellie pickler with her implants that no one dares mentions. julianne hough danced her way (on her back) to a country nomination. jessica just seems to get criticized for being fake when in reality she's the most real of all celebs. she messes up, she cries, she forgets lyrics, she dates and breakups, she gains a little weight and loses it. shes a girl and shes not hiding it. if i had money too, as a girly girl id get collagen and what not. my public expects me to be pretty. and for the record, she sings amazing. shes just learning how to perform. big difference when it comes to a different demographic. get a clue you bunch of staffers writing for perez who is prob lookin fugly somewhere and has no diction. his radio blurbs are stupid. a high school cheerleader can intro a song better than he can. hurts my ears. no talent.

  74. 74

    woot i hope taylor wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!