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Octo-Mom Has Moment Of Insane Clarity

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The tale of Nadya Suleman raises many questions:

Why is bitch so crazy?

Why did her doctor let her have 14 kids?

Why did her parents let her have 14 kids?

Why is bitch so crazy?

And if Octo-Mom doesn't think that food stamps are funded by taxpayer's money, where does she think they come from? From food stamp trees?

Today brings us this little gem: When Octo-Mom's mom said that there's no way in hell one person can raise 14 kids, Octo-Mom said, "What human on this planet is capable to take care of 14 independently without support from family, from friends, from church? No human is."


Octopussy also reveals that she is (finally!) done having children. Oh, and she also denies she's had her lips plumped or a nose job.

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90 comments to “Octo-Mom Has Moment Of Insane Clarity”

  1. 1

    The doctor should have to pay for this Angelina wannabe kids…

  2. 2

    Yah right! And I didn't get my butt implants last week, either! Um…ooops! ::runs::

  3. 3

    "Why did her parents let her have 14 kids?"

    Tell me, how would you propose her mother stop her?

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Crazy Bitch… thats all i can say..

  6. 6

    The fat lips came from licking the food stamps.

  7. 7

    Re: bizzatch – Chastity belt. duh.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    She's a moron.

  10. 10

    She it totally trying to look like Angelina ~ give me an effing break! She is a freak who is trying to get money with a book deal or something. OBVIOUS!

  11. 11

    Re: LizardKinG – Back up the cement truck and fill in her vagina!

  12. cmpp says – reply to this


    The biatch is crazy..is it me or is she getting the plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie. Hmmmm she has enough kids like her!

  13. 13

    She must be deformed if she really has never had plastic surgery.

  14. 14

    Re: harrybalsac – ILL HOLD HER DOWN YOU POUR….

  15. 15

    I would like to know where in the world she got the money in the first place, in order to be atifically spermed? And how did she afford her plastic surgery face?

  16. 16

    They showed pics of her as a child on 60 minutes….her lips have CLEARLY been ridiculously enhanced! She's lying like Michael Jaskson…like we don't have eyes and can't see!

  17. 17

    Someone needs to find her high school year book and check on those nose and lips. On top of it all, they are bad nose and lip jobs.

  18. 18

    WTF!!! The lady is "loca" (yeah, like a fox!), but are the doctors that did this crazy too!? She wants help? No, she wants fame and her own reality $how!!

  19. enen says – reply to this


    her family is pissed at her. she has no friends. those poor 6 children live in a disgusting sea of mess (check out the photos on datelines website). there is food on the walls, clothes all over the place, 3 bedrooms for 14 children? their only chance of survival is simply this: adoption or sign up for a cult community that will gladly take on 14 new minions.

    she's DISGUSTING

  20. 20

    Re: Dana1963 – She worked this little corner in LA at nite.

  21. 21

    This bitch is simply dumb. It's painfully obvious she wants to be like A. Jolie. It makes no sense that she looks plastic as hell in the face and is living off the system? Sorry, but those kids need to go to an orphanage… there are a lot of adults out there that 1) Can't have kids 2) Don't live off the system 3) Can raise their child in an environment fit for a good upbringing.

    It grosses me out… ForrealZ! lol

  22. 22

    maro this girl is a angelina wannabe

  23. 23

    Re: harrybalsac – #11. LOL! And nail a sewer cover on top for good measure.

  24. 24

    omg! i was thinking the same thing about her face. how does this woman get all this money to do these procedures??? what a psycho!!

  25. enen says – reply to this


    Re: Dana1963 – she collected 175,000 in disability or a law suit or something and that was her ONLY source of income. she now says that her ONLY source if income are her student loans (what the fuck, college loans to pay for her babies?) That makes her an even bigger idiot because she keeps claiming her college degree is going to be able to support her and her "babies" YET she is using her degree money to fucking support the kids. It's just a really fucked up situation and honestly I can't talk about it much longer because I can feel my blood pressure rising.

  26. 26

    Instead of telling the press about despicable conditions the first 6 babies were being raised in, and knowing that her daughter was carrying a whole new litter of babies , the octo-grandmother should have called the Child Protective Services a long time ago.

  27. 27

    Her attention seeking is success.Next!

  28. 28

    Re: momofthreekiddies – click on the today show or dateline websites-they should have pictures of her when she have the first child and her as a child. amazingly, her hair is a lighter shade, her nose is larger, and her lips are smaller. and she says she really doesn't know much about angelina just another one of her effen lies. ann curry did a CRAP interview and did not call her on anything

  29. Sonas says – reply to this


    Re: LizardKinG – None of her kids were conceived naturally so what the fuck would that do? Dumbass.

  30. 30

    She IS a natural beauty — what is wrong with you people?
    What's next…you're going to tell me that Pam Anderson and Lisa Rinnah aren't a natural beauties either? The horror!

  31. 31

    The doctor that agreed to do the invitro is the one that should pay the bill…because if he already knew she had 6 children how in the hell are you going to do this again to a woman with no man in her life to help her or without even checking on her relatives or something to see if she is really capable to take care of her children…the doctor should pay the invitro and take care of her little 8 children not the tax payers…there are really many other people out there needing the tax payers $…no one should help her or give her anything you wanted the kids well now you take care of them and her parents should stop helping her they are corrupting her by helping her out…if my parents would have done that with me I would have not 14 maybe 18 kids and freak it let somebody else do the work…not cool not right…

  32. Sonas says – reply to this


    Re: justtfax – Yeah in that photo she looked sweet and normal.

  33. 33

    WE the taxpaying American which includes most of the posters here I am sure are getting Sick and Tired of TRASH abusing the system for all it is worth. To Help Someone in need is the American Way, to ENABLE some ho, is not?

  34. 34

    why should her parents be responsible for her???? she is 33!!!!!!!! the only thing that they did was take her in and I think the only reason her mother took her in was because she did not want to see her grandchildren on the street. Yes, her mother seemed a little off, but that probably was because the last 2 months she has been the lone support of 6 kids, including 1 autistic child, all under 7 in a 3 bedroom house, her nerves are shoot, she is retired, should be enjoying it and now 8, EIGHT, MORE , are coming. and bubblehead daughter is like, well, I am going to move into a bigger house with my kids, alone, without any job or support and take care of my kids. and go to school. and I owe already $50k in student loans. THIS IS THE GRANDPARENTS FAULT HOW???????????? WHY THE HELL DID THE DR. KEEP DOING INVITRO ON HER???????

  35. 35

    It's only a matter of time until the media "outs" her in regard to the plastic surgery. And hey, once she realizes the public isn't in her court, and the book and TV deals fall through, she will have to sue the doctors and hospital to make her millions.

  36. 36

    I think this chick has serious issues. I think she truly believes that she is the latina version of Angelina Jolie, minus a man, money, fame, and intelligence. This is a shame that we even support this chick by watching her on t.v, the sad part is the kids are going to suffer.

  37. 37

    I want to know how she paid for the fertility doc. I don't know about Cali but in the Midwest it's something that is reserved for the wealthy. Each try runs 10k-15k, so how? Now everyone says she had plastic surgery! WTF! Maybe I should move to so I can get atummy tuck for free.

  38. 38

    Re: Jubilee
    Butt implants ??? :-)
    Basil :"Oh spiffing. Absolutely spiffing.Well done. Two dead, 25 to go ."

  39. 39

    She is more shrewd and cunning than insane but at the same time, in complete denial. Grab those babies and put them somewhere safe while this famewhore does the media circus she has orchestrated for herself.

  40. 40

    why didnt she stop at 6 kids? thats more then enough for anybody!!

  41. 41

    I don't even know how the hospital is going to release any of these babies when they are ready. A social worker at this point is going to have to interview her at this point and see if she is ready and she will not be able to give these vague, well, then, my friends, and ….blah….my family.. answers. I love her -growing my family was dysfunctional-my mother did not give my siblings, did not play with me-how many of you had mothers who played with you? and there had to be a reason why her mother did not have another child-alot of kids are only children, but it was a punishment for her awwwwwww

  42. 42

    She can afford to get her nails done… I didn't know nail salons took foodstamps :P

  43. 43

    I would love to see a reality show with her and the 14 kids and the mom and dad it would be a great train wreck.

  44. 44

    Maybe Angelina will help you pay for all these kids…CRAZY BITCH!

  45. 45

    Aren't there some kind of laws out there to protect these poor kids? This poor man's Angelina is obviously off her rocker.

  46. 46


  47. 47

    Erm..Mario…just for your information..your precious Angelina has had a nosejob and had her lips plumped too so i'm not quite sure why you keep laying into this woman. But then again you are a two faced fag so i'm not surprised.

  48. 48

    I really wonder how long it's going to take child protective services to step in and determine that she is incapable of caring for all those children. It's not fairr to the kids, her parents and the taxpayers. The doctor should be in jail and octo-mom should be put in mental hospital.

  49. 49

    There will be a old picture of her out in the media in the days to come to prove that she (has) surgery… someone will bring it to light…

  50. 50


    bitch is a LIAR
    you can go to radaronline.com and see pics of her pre-lips and pre-nose jobs…
    does she really think we'll believe her?!?

  51. 51

    She's a fucking psycho who shouldn't be ALLOWED AROUND CHILDREN, much less produce any more. And the doctor(s) who helped her create this little "miracle?" They should have their fucking licenses taken away. I feel sorry for the taxpayers of already-broke California getting stuck with her medical bills. Why doesn't some fucking über-Christian group squander millions from THEIR members to pay for this dumb bitch's mistakes? I'm so sick of people who think they can have a free fucking handout because they're just goddamn weak. She's a fucking WHORE.

  52. 52

    Its no doubt she has had a nose job and her lips done. They have showed before pictures and she WAS a beautiful girl. Now she looks like a freak! Now we know where part of the 167,000 went to! Anyone thinking that they can raise 14 babies on top of 6 kids with no income and no funds have to be CRAZY..I WOULD PUT THE GYN BEHIND BARS FOR LISTENING TO THIS CRAZY WOMAN WANTING TO HAVE SO MANY BABIES. I feel very sorry for these kids. This only shows how f'd up people can be! All these kids should be put up for adoption!! Baby making factory!

  53. Sonas says – reply to this


    Re: italianvenus – There already is, idiot.

  54. 54


  55. 55

    Re: Lisa W a Lil L – Wow. I just went there - clearly has had surgery.

  56. 56

    some of her kids have autism this is a dumb bitch i have a autistic child does she know all of her 8 kids could end up having autism then what 9 kids with autism she is crazy it si possible to have more than 1 child with autism instead of trying to produce more kids why not work on the kids that have autism so that they can have a good quality of life then to bring in more kids to a already unstable and chaotic situation she is very selfish and arrogant

  57. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    Perez, sometimes your ignorance just blows my mind… You cannot be serious asking: "Why did her parents let her have 14 kids?"
    She is not a juvenile, for pete's sake, sometimes you are such a dumbass.
    What a stupid fucking thing to say.

  58. 58

    Re: Sonas – Thanks for the update, nice person. Because looking for these pictures is clearly on top of my "to -do" list everyday. Jesus.

  59. 59

    when you have kids, its not about what you want. it's about what they need.

  60. 60

    There is an earlier picture of her on AwfulPlasticSurgery.com

  61. 61

    Her parents totally enabled her. But then, what are you going to do? Put babies out on the street? This bitch is a total manipulator. Those children should be taken from her and put up for adoption.

  62. 62

    This stupid whore doesn't deserve any sympathy from anyone. Fucking much more the economy which is already bad enough!

  63. 63

    This is sick! I could not live like that. No way!

  64. 64

    YEAH RIGHT! go watch the video on Radar dot com and you will see the grandmother interview and see the pics of her from her previous pregnancies and she looks like a diff person! she fucked up her face.

  65. 65

    She denies she's had surgery? Um, excuse me honey, but what planet are you fucking living on?? We have seen your BEFORE pictures, you did not look like that. Besides that, it's so obvious. You can spot it on anyone a mile away. We need to dig up her plastic surgeon and throw it in her fucking face.

  66. MP says – reply to this


    When you bring a child into this world it's YOUR responsibility to take care of it, not your parents, not your church, just YOU. If you can't take care of a kid don't bring one into the world. I hope Child Protective Services pay this woman a visit sooner rather than later.

  67. 67

    This woman is fucking crazy! Social Services need to take her kids now!

  68. 68

    she's done because she used up her fertilized eggs. If she can get some more, the biotch will be back.

  69. 69

    Maybe she can clone herself to help out.

  70. 70

    Re: Live Gently – hahahaha, brilliant comment!

  71. momee says – reply to this


    Another thing I'd like to know after watching a minute(all I could stand)of her Ann Curry interview, how does she have money let alone time to get her nails done. Nice french tips.

  72. 72

    Damn! In that photo she looks like Jack Nicholson's version of the Joker. That's not a good thing, folks!

  73. 73

    Looking to her picture, she reminds us another bitch… kkkkkkkkkk

  74. 74

    I am going to put it every single place I can as if ….1. the Doctor should be held financially responsible for all 14 for his stupidity 2. Repo the kids give them to real homes with loving parents that can AFFORD them and give them the attenntion eveyr child deserves..IF YOU CAN'T PAY FOR IT SURRENDER IT 3. She is only 33..oh my God she can actually surpass Michelle Duggar and have more! Scary thought but she clearly admits that when she gets sad/depressed she has a new child…oh gosh so probably next year we will hear about a few more popping out of her. Seems like every time one of her spawn starts walking she needs a new one for new happiness……..

  75. 75

    Why you keep on giving so much space to Angelina wannabe??? She is obviously a total moron and her kids are gonna suffer a lot by her side. She is expecting help from church, family and friends duh! She is sure some idiot will feel sorry for her and send her money so she can finally be done paying for all the plastic surgery she had over the years… This kids need to be raised with a foster family or someone RESPONSIBLE and caring and not some wannabe famewhore! What is it that so far no authorities pronounced on this??? Haven't heard about social services saying they will care and try to give a good living standard to this kids as in being raised away from cookoo mom!

  76. mduck says – reply to this


    food stamp trees…hahahahaha brilliant!

  77. 77

    Re: i4sandy – TRUE!!!

  78. 78

    "she also denies she's had her lips plumped or a nose job"

    LOL - yeah I bet Michael Jackson does too :P

  79. 79

    I detect cheek implants, a bad nose job, which is very noticeable, and obvious restylane! Her lips look like Chers!

  80. 80

    "she also denies she's had her lips plumped or a nose job"…are you shitting me? we're not stupid…or blind (well most of us…to those of you who are i'm truly sorry you don't get to enjoy life in that respect…but trust me, in this one situation you are actually blessed)

  81. 81

    LMFAO @ 'food stamp trees"!!

  82. 82

    i hate her so much, my tax dollars are paying for all her welfare babies, that shes had before and now these 8 too… DAmn, i hate her….

  83. 83

    Re: Jubilee

    Damn jubillee that is a nice butt too. id love to tap that

  84. 84

    I left her a message saying any donations should go to the hospital to pay her big bill.
    The state of California should track any donations she receives and cancel her benefits and hold her liable for her medical bills.
    If she got pregnant the conventional way I would be more charitable.

  85. 85

    Damn Perez leave the crazy bitch alone! You dont have to have had a nose job or get your lips plumped to look like that! (look at angelina jolie or me) It's not our fault you werent genetically blessed.

  86. 86


  87. 87

    Oh and yes I agree with MILFLover crazy bitch isnt getting a dime from me.

  88. 88

    Re: bizzatch – by not funding her rediculous wants. telling her no. can't stop her, but SHOULD stop supporting her.

  89. Muse says – reply to this


    I'm betting she's keeping all her disability money for herself and only spends the foodstamps & welfare cheque on the kids. After all it's HER MONEY, not the kids'. She doesn't want to spend any of her "hard earned" money on her children so now she's asking for a handout since she doesn't want to dip into her own personal account on her children. Sounds like my husband's ex - she's had 10 kids by 7 different dads & keeps all the child support money for herself, sells the children's birthday and xmas gifts for cash on her fat ass for tanning, manicures and hairdos. After all, she can't be expected to get a full time job - what would she live on if she's gotta give all that money to the children.

  90. 90

    oka dis is my 1st time the only reason i signed up is cuz im sick and tired of hearing bad stuff about octo mom ….you dont know her , even if it was all for fame , its her buisness , she dont got a job because obviously she is or was in college ….like really her 8 kids are going to grow up and be thankful there mom had them , she has 14 kids ..she has to be stressed …btw bunks beds are effective and take alot of less space …no joke …….anyways you calling her physco cuz the whole angelina thing …..weather she did have or didnt have surgery thats her buisness ….i dont think shes obsessed with her …i dont aqpprove for surgery tho cuz i wud neva have plastic surgery even tho im not perfect but w.e ……and yea she doesnt have a job …i wondeer why ..14 kids duhh ….she lives on food stamps but so do many people in the world ……14 gifts of lives which i know she wont regret ………so really ya saying it shud bebanned when she can have as many kids as she wants ……personally i wudnt have that many kids but everybody is different …..