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Prince Harry Schooled In Diversity, Literally

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The Royal Family and British Army are finally fed up with Prince Harry's repeated racial insensitivity!

After learning of his most recent fuck-up, army officials are going to make Harry complete classes in diversity and equality lessons.

They should throw in etiquette classes for good measure!

Reps for the Prince informed reporters Thursday that Prince Harry has said he is sorry for his latest remarks.

"You don't sound like a black chap," the royal told comedian Stephen K. Amos after watching a performance of his.

Harry's rep adds, "He has been subjected to the normal army disciplinary procedures."

Will the prince finally learn his lesson????

[Image via WENN.]

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81 comments to “Prince Harry Schooled In Diversity, Literally”

  1. 1

    What's the big fucking deal?

  2. 2

    Because in the Army you need that if your going to travel to foreign lands, meet people of different cultures and kill them.

  3. 3

    Please, I lived in England for many years, if Americans think racism is rampant here, they have no idea how BAD it is in England!!

  4. 4

    Good for them! Good ol' Brits. Whenever Paris Hilton or her spoiled brat cronies slip racially insensitive language, they just pretend it never happened.

  5. 5

    Aww…cut the little racist kid some slack. He is struggling with the fact that his dad is not really his dad.

  6. 6

    Hey Perez,

    I just wanted to tell you that YOu are officially a Creepy Guy. You are In your 30's, have loose rubbery skin from being overweight your whole life, You are not even a cool gay, you are a flaming homo who has no skills and talks like he is a 15 year old girl..Gay people are already somewhat outcast and you are an outcast to among gay people..hahaha

    What else..hmmm You are just a plain ol creepy guy…A 30 year old gay homo who is interested in hollywood teens, and stalks them from his shit stain condo everyday..umm..Yeah that is very creepy.

    Oh yeah even the weirdos who visit your site constantly are weird lil kids who dont know any better, but they will soon get sick of you..

    Btw you dont know anything about anything so just stfu commenting on every fucking thing..

    Back to TMZ for me El Creepo homo

  7. 7

    please, that is so far from being racist.

  8. 8

    Nope! If he feels the way he feels, no amount of reprogramming or whatever will change that. He didn't get that way on his own.

  9. 9

    He's the King….fuk them………

  10. 10

    Re: harrybalsac – haaaaaaaaaa

  11. 11

    who the fuck cares about "prince" harry he has no power…since the british monarchy is irrelevant, the government should take some of their billions and use it toward a financial stimulus plan

  12. 12

    hes HOT!!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    He comes by it honestly. Check out some of old Grandpa Prince Phillips' racist quotes. Google it. I dare you. It's totally inappropriate and awful but hilarious all at the same time.

  15. 15

    As a royal, he's probably better-educated than 99.9% of the world. I'm not sure additional schooling will teach him sensitivity or tact. Some people just can't be taught.

  16. 16

    this is soooo silly! seriously, most people in the uk say comments like that and no-one means any racial offence by it!
    if the press didnt know about the comments i can guarentee that the person involved would not have said anything. BECAUSE HE WASNT BEING FUCKING RACIST!
    its soooo stupid!

  17. 17

    in our US military we would be reported to the social actions office for this kind of thing- both active duty and their family members as well.

  18. 18

    The beret is sexy….

  19. 19

    Re: WakeUpPeople "Please, I lived in England for many years, if Americans think racism is rampant here, they have no idea how BAD it is in England!! " – I've noticed that, actually. I've noticed some highly-educated white people in England using the N-word as a substitute for "mate," "man," "dude, " whatever. In America, it's pretty widely-understood that African-Americans, for better or worse, have license to say the word, but white people absolutely do not.

  20. 20

    not really news.

  21. 21

    Re: EFF YOU – nice retort….

  22. 22

    it's a free country and he can say whatever he wants about whoever he wants and if you get your feelings hurt - GET OVER IT!

  23. 23

    Maybe the guy didn't sound black. Is it racist to point out that blacks and whites talk differently?

  24. 24

    hes such a steamy ginger

  25. 25

    fix yer teeth…….

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Re: AlliTheGreat – Now you got white teeth…..!!!!

  28. 28

    He needs a spanking.

  29. 29

    Seriously, why is this even an issue? Black people talk differently than white people. This is not news, and it's not racist to say that either. If a black person said that to a white person no one would even blink. GET THE FUCK OVER IT, Harry isn't doing anything wrong.

  30. 30

    So what on earth is: "He has been subjected to the normal army disciplinary procedures."
    This means he won't be eating any "special" brownies for a week???
    Come on! Let's hear from the commedian… is he really that offended???
    We should pair the prince up with Miley!!!

  31. 31

    I don't think anything he's said is all that offensive. People are making a big deal out of nothing.

  32. 32

    Good for him, at least he's going to try and right it.

  33. 33

    Re: Six7Six7 – #23 I don't think the issue is the meaning behind his statement. The problem is that Harry clearly doesn't know when it would be better for him to hold his tongue. Tact. This obviously isn't as bad as the Nazi Halloween costume, but the boy clearly has no filter.

  34. 34

    Good Lord soon if you're white even saying the word black is going to be considered racist. Oh well I'm so happy that I can be called whitey,honkey or little white girl by african americans and they're not racist for saying it. I just love double standards.

  35. 35

    Does it matter? He'll never be king & he's the ugly one. I kid, I kid, but yeah, he's a moron.

  36. 36


  37. 37

  38. 38

    poor kid. WHO FUCKING CARES IF HE SAID THAT. i say worse fucking things than that in my sleep for christs sake. come on. THESE PEOPLE ARE HUMAN TOO just b/c they are unwillingly photographed for the better part of their day doesn't mean they should curtail the normal conversations they have with those around them. COME ON. When my friends and I are together we say waaaay worse shit than that… everyone DOES!

  39. 39

    I'd still let him ram me anytine :)

  40. 40

    The prince's comments are representative of the Protestant view of the world:

    1. We're right in our beliefs, everyone else is wrong.
    2. If you're not a WASP, you're fodder for racially insensitive remarks.
    3. The world is black and white (we prefer the white version)

  41. 41

    perez when will U learn that making fun of white people is also racist

  42. 42

    British people of all colors sound the same to me. I have never once heard a black British person talk the equivalent of American 'Ebonics'. Either way I think the prince just likes making controversy no matter who's getting the brunt of it.

  43. 43

    oh for f*cks sake. the british really need to get over their imperialist guilt or they are finished as a nation.

  44. 44

    Why not just send him to his biological father James Hewitt and be done with the little trouble-maker.

  45. 45

    No one cares about Prince Harry. He's ugly and he's British. That's enough to not like him right there.

  46. 46

    Haa doubt it…

  47. 47

    i don't blame him and his Not a racist do you know how many Pakistanis and Indians live in England and they don't even respect british in his place i would exactly same thing

  48. 48

    he doesn't have to care what you think.

    Plus Caucasians can't say anything about anyone without it being racist. NO chinky eyes, no racial slurs can ever leave the mouth of a Caucasian.

  49. 49

    What did you expected from a kid that from the moment he has borned they told him that he was superior to everybody else in the world. Anarchy U.K.!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 50

    Re: Cleopatra – lol

  51. 51

    Re: blue99 – Then tell me. What are black peopel supposed to sound like then??

  52. 52

    Oh brother. The royals go PC. Yeah, what he said was stupid, but he's so hot I can forgive him.

  53. 53

    Re: New Yawk Punk – TOTALLY AGREE

  54. Nimue says – reply to this


    "He has been subjected to the normal army disciplinary procedures."

    Bare bottom spanking?

  55. 55

    Re: Six7Six7 – Yeah it is racist. Why? Because in this day and age there is no "black way" or "white way" to be. And implying there is, is basically admiting to the fact that you beleive in, and perpetuate stereotypes.

    If you lined up a set of people and they were of all shapes and sizes and you went down the line making judgements : "oh that guy eats lots of curry..", "that guy probably steals" etc etc. —its the SAME THING.

    You cant just assume you know what someone should be like based on THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. HHHELLLOOO????!! Its the 21st century and someone shouldnt have to explain that to you….

    At best this stupid douche should have kept a comment like that to himself.

  56. 56


  57. 57

    Re: jimmyjazz – #56.

  58. 58

    he needs to just learn when to shut up!

  59. 59

    Re: WakeUpPeople – have to disagree race is a MUCH BIGGER issue in america than over here, to be honest the majority of kids of similar racial backgrounds to me get more stick in this country for being from manchester than for being half black. whereas all a lot of american celebrities seem to talk about is race! ive never really experienced people being racist towards me to be honest, only some kid in primary school who didnt really know what their words meant. lol you have no idea how wrong you are. america is obsessed with race, were obsessed with class

  60. 60

    This is all blown out of proportion. People have carried this type of correctness too far. "You don't sound like a black chap"….please…if I hear a black person speaking, they do have a certain way they speak and tone….what's wrong with the truth?….doesn't mean it's flaming racism.

  61. Chely says – reply to this


    Re: New Yawk Punk – Very well said. Kudos to you.

  62. 62

    His most recent Fuck-up??? That was November, slow reporting…. if I didn't make one mistake in three months, that's not a bad ratio! And some black people do talk different than white people, it's not racist it's the truth - what's the big deal?? Etiquette Lessons…whatever for? So he can be very nice before he kills people??

  63. 63

    This is such a crock of fucking horseshit. The guy probably didn't sound "like a black chap!" Political Correctness sucks asshole and cock! Go Miley Cyrus too! Joke them if they can't take a fuck!!!

  64. 64

    its a sorry state of affairs when you have to be schooled in what is and is not acceptable to say and what may be racially offensive etc any normal person knows what is right and what it totally unacceptable - unless they are going to rewire his brain it wont be too long before he screws up again

  65. 65

    I think that what he said would be termed as racism…in America. In other countries, you can say things like that and its not offensive. Its hard to explain but when your in a lax country like New Zealand, and you're in a really diverse community, it doesnt matter what colour you are, you can say things and its ok. Its when theres a negative tone to it that its offensive.

  66. 66

    I like black chaps :)

  67. 67

    Re: booznbabes – I meant DID sound like a "black chap"

  68. lemon says – reply to this


    I am really getting tired of everyone be offended by something. Its out of control. People have to lighten up a little bit.

  69. 69

    He should tell them to kiss his A**, many blacks DO talk in a very retarded manner, everyone knows this, what's the problem? Ya'll knows dat it bee's true, don't be lyin on me dawg?

  70. 70

    Re: lemon – Too bad those blacks can't lighten up so to speak LOL….

  71. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    What a shame that the poor boy isn't allowed to say anything anymore for fear of pissing someone off or offending…
    So stupid.

  72. 72

    I don't see anything racist in that statement…it's like saying you don't sound like an American, Aussie, whatever. It's a neutral statement.

  73. 73

    I love this HoT ugly picture of HiM!!! damn wut is wrong with me?!

  74. 74


  75. 75

    Theres no changing a racist.

  76. 76

    what do you expect with morons for parents/grandparents

    its exactly how they act

    beyond the morals that others are governed by

    just plain creepy
    his real dad should step in …

  77. 77

    What a bloody legend! Good on him

  78. 78

    The black comedian in question has said way too much is made of all this.He never took it as a anything but a joke and was never offended ,and people need to fucking chill out .It has all been taken WAY out of context.
    Having said that UK is extremely racist and Xenophobic..hell they hate everyone from Franc to USA…. white that is never mind the black and browns.Small minded slobs

  79. 79

    Omg, i am from the UK and there are so many people who say things a lot worse than this! Imo Harry is NOT racist at all!!!! He's just stating facts. Great Britain is behind u Harry, we dont think that u r racist & i must say that u r by far the hottest member of the Royal Family ;-) .

  80. 80

    Right on Iwildonkeypunchyou and harrybalsac.

    People need to lighten up, good grief, the way people are sensitive today and how they take offense to the littlest thing and all the measures in place to "protect" us, it's a wonder those of us who grew up in the 70's are alive and functioning at all today.

    Get the F. over it already.

  81. Laxer says – reply to this


    I volunteer to provide Harry with the necessary discipline.