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Zuma's Getting Irie

| Filed under: Baby BlabberGwen Stefani


Little Zuma Nesta Rock Stafani Rossdale was giving a shout out to his namesake, reggae king, Bob Marley on Friday.

As y'all know, mommy Gwen and daddy Gavin gave the little one Mr. Marley's middle name, Nesta.

His Rastafarian themed hat looks so adorable on him!

Peace, y'all.

[Image via PacificCoastNews.]

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37 comments to “Zuma's Getting Irie”

  1. 1

    aww what a cutie :-D

  2. 2

    whoa, i was the first to comment! where is everyone today?

  3. 3

    =O HIHIHI!

  4. 4

    is anyone out there?!

  5. 5

    no seriously

  6. 6

    FIRST! isnt zuma a girl???

  7. pomme says – reply to this


    there is a bug in the item :why write "gwyneth palthrow"?

  8. 8

    wrong qwen, perez!!!!!

  9. 9

    what a cutie!

  10. 10

    Firstofall , u said filed under gweneth paltrow. it should read: gwen stefani. Secondofall u spelled Ms Thangs name wrong, its STEFANI. Not stafani…juss sayin'..

  11. 11

    do you mean gwen steffani??? not geweneth paltrow

  12. 12

    aww! I want one!

  13. 13

    only second hand smoke til he gets older!

  14. 14

    Zuma's a girl!

  15. 15

    The Huffington Post. … By naming their newborn son Zuma Nesta Rock

  16. 16

    you mean bob marley's FIRST name before the white man made him change it

  17. 17

    anyone ever notice how this kid is N E V E R with his parents?

  18. 18

    Of couse with a nanny. Again. Dude, Gwen, RAISE YOUR KIDS.

  19. 19

    they have the most gorgeous kids

  20. 20

    Zuma is so cute. He looks just like Gwen. It just seems like Gwen and Gavin are such a great couple and parents. Can't wait to see Gwen with No Doubt. Of course I'm sure she'll bring her kids like she did last tour.

  21. 21

    the rasta colors are actually green yellow & red. dumbass

  22. 22

    Just so you know he was with his mom, Just go to TMZ they have some pictures there of both the kids, Gwen and the nanny.

  23. Jai says – reply to this


    Yeah co-opting someone elses culture to sell your mediocre albums and clothing line is so adorable!

  24. 24

    hey perez, the kid may be cute, but the Rastafarians HATE the queers and have a history of killing us.
    marley may be a great musician, but he was part of a religion who hates gays.

  25. Ava J says – reply to this


    He has that same look that Jayden James Federline has…

  26. 26

    yeah! peace and love mon gotta love some rasta bob marly love

  27. 27

    i love it, she's such a cute rasta baby :) she wears that nesta name real well too!

    one love!

  28. 28

    Her kids are FUG. Dressing them up like fashion models is DUMB. Whatever they named him - he's forever going to be white and privileged unlike Bob Marley. This is a classic example of no one telling Gwen she's being STUPID and PRETENTIOUS.

  29. 29

    yeah she needs to start being with her kids instead of using them as props and models for her clothing line.

  30. 30

    Big Ups BOB!

  31. 31

    Re: Moonmoth – shut the fuck up!! How dare u speak like that about someone who dont know. You are the stupid and pretencious. And what do you know about Bob marley anyway?

  32. 32

    Ganja in the breast milky

  33. 33

    He is totally adorable! I don't know what's your obsession with Gwen's kids but it's just creepy!
    Is it legal to publish pics of celebspawn without the celeb????

  34. 34

    You all are idiots. Why the fuck would it be illegal to post pictures of a kid without their parents? You've got to be a complete moron to think that.

    ZUMA NESTA ROCK STEFANI ROSSDALE IS A BOY, NOT A GIRL. He doesn't even LOOK like a girl. He's even named a BOY in the article.

    Although, going by the article wouldn't help much seeing as how 'Stefani' is spelled horribly wrong.

    Also, GWEN WAS WITH HIM IN THIS PICTURE. If you cannot see that this is enlarged to show Zuma, you're an idiot. Do you typically see everything in a zoomed in photo? No! Because no matter how far in you zoomed, you'd NEVER see any of your dicks.

    You have to be pretty damn pretentious yourself to call Gwen Stefani pretentious for putting a HAT on her baby. I don't see why putting a hat on your baby makes it look like you are dressing your child up like a model. In fact, it makes her pretty god damned responsible, unlike most celebs who let their kids run about with no clothes on (I'm looking at you, TomKat and Billy Ray Cyrus.)

    Finally, Gwen Stefani has a beautiful family. and the hat is just too cute. I am sure Zuma will grow up to be just as beautiful as his brother Kingston McGregor.

  35. 35

    all i have to say is this kid better be a stoner when he grows up, if your named after bob marley you best be rocking the gonj

  36. 36

    I think saying Gwen Stefani uses her children as models is absolutely ridcuolous! Gwen Stefani ADORES her children, Yeah she dresses them in her clothing line but why not…If she can get it for free? Putting a hat on a child is in no shape or form seen as 'wrong' in my opinion…It's good if anything keeps the warmth in.
    HA! I think it's crazy for you to say this, YOUR parents dressed you in what THEY wanted when you were little as you couldn't make your own choices.
    I read that Kingston points to what he wants to wear now.
    I literally think it's pathetic that people are bitching about this picture…Gwen is in the photo and like esocksLAMB says it's zoomed in so we can get a better view of Zuma…
    Also, Gwen and Gavin are constantly with their children, every picture I've seen of Gwen these days is with her children with her.
    Fair enough if your not a keen No Doubt fan like I am and look at pictures of them…But don't EVER say that Gwen should spend more time with her kids!
    Gwen even brought Kingston along on tour with her, I don't think you realise how much her children mean to her!

  37. 37

    that baby is so cute