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Lindsay Lohan Is Looking Scary Skinny!

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So either Lindsay is on the Drew Barrymore tongue ring diet, or she and saMAN gave each other eight balls for Valentine's Day.

The couple who blows together makes a no show together?

LezLo showed up to the Matthew Williamson New York store opening Sunday night looking reminiscent of her hard-pAArtying DUI days.

With that extreme push-up bra she looks a little Posh Spice, but bitch can only dream of being so fierce!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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141 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Is Looking Scary Skinny!”

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  1. 1

    Nice boobies though!

  2. 2

    yes, they did indeed give each other eight balls for valentine's day

  3. 3

    That makes her boobs pretty suspicious…if they were real they would get skinny with the rest of her body…when you're anorexic you loose everything (remember girls, you will have no boobs or ass if you starve yourself!)….

  4. 4

    Why does she think she is still relevant?

  5. 5

    First. Looking good, Keep at it and lose more weight.

  6. 6

    you smart little bitch, you
    i'll bet a lot that's what they were up to

  7. 7

    I dont think she looks bad in this pic…

  8. 8

    She has implants though, right? So those won't go away, but it's gonna look freaky if she keeps losing weight.

  9. 9

    Indeed, she is a bit too thin–but her face is very, very beautiful these days.

  10. 10

    Are those boobies full of Silicon ?

  11. 11

    Skinny but still has HUUUUUUUUGE breasts!

  12. 12

    Can somebody feed her, please?

  13. 13

    Well she did say in her blog that her and Samantha made a pact to stay skinny! There you have it!

  14. 14

    how the hell can u be skinny like that with big tits!

  15. 15


  16. aj says – reply to this



  17. 17

    What happened to her lips?

  18. 18

    I can't believe she is only around 22, she looks like a well preserved 40.

  19. 19

    the old lindsay is back

  20. 20


  21. 21

    oh, so its just okay for victoria to look like a rale? i get it now. dumb ass.

  22. 22


  23. DH says – reply to this


    She's so fucking weird

  24. 24

    Oh my God that is sooo bad. With pockets there, it'd make a normal girl look fat but even in this she looks tiny!

  25. 25

    she is giving the people what they want……..sickness and near death cuz if she actually was at a normal weight she would be burned at the stake like Jessica Simpson who is a size 4 prolly 125 lbs and called fat!

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Drugs or heartache..?

  28. 28

    make up your freaking mind perez.
    do you want her to look like this?
    or jessica simpson (whos not even fat to begin with)?
    make up your mind. you bash simpson for being like 5 lbs overweight and now you bash lindsay for being too skinny.

  29. 29

    "eight balls for Valentine's Day" LMFAO!

  30. 30

    Eww. I'm soo sick of her. She can't even get an acting gig anymore because of her attitude and diva-ness. She's soo overated. Move along…

  31. aj says – reply to this


    she gives decent lesbians everywhere a bad name. Ugly tranny mess

  32. 32


  33. 33

    she looks disgusting.

  34. 34

    Holy MOly!

  35. 35

    she gives the human race a bad name.

  36. 36

    Pretty dress. Why was she at that event? She doesn't need to be around /

  37. 37

    I love her dress.

  38. 38

    She's looking a bit like a bobblehead.

  39. 39


  40. 40

    She's lost so much weight, it looks like her neck shouldn't be able to support her huge head… sick.

  41. nigra says – reply to this


    There is NO DOUBT that she's fallen off the wagon again, this picture is proof. You're not supposed to have bags under your eyes, sinus lines, a lazy eye and a grey complexion when you're "sober". She clearly doesn't care to save her career. She had this one last chance to recover publicly (like britney), but she's blown it. Now her prime has past, and next year people won't even know her name.

  42. 42

    is there such a thing as too skinny??? www.ThisIsWhyYoureSkinny.com

  43. 43

    according to several blind items, she's using meth now! that's why she's wasting away & sam keeps dumping her. so sad but true!

  44. nigra says – reply to this


    if she thinks it's not obvious, the joke is on her! and i bet she doesn't even get it!

  45. 45

    This bitch needs to eat again.

  46. 46

    To be that skinny and still have huge boobs (in other outfits too, not just this one), it's obvious she had her boobs done.

  47. 47

    Can we all move on from this ginger kid please? I will care again when she does something relevant again that doesn't involve sitting in a dj booth with her butt ugly girlfriend.

  48. 48

    eh, she's always this skinny who cares

  49. 49

    Oh god she's skinny. She needs to EAT!!!!

  50. 50

    She looks like Keira Knightly!

  51. Cora says – reply to this


    She's back on the blow.

  52. 52

    Im no big fan of Lindsay or anything but NO she doesn't look too skinny she actually looks really good in this pic + her dress with it's beaded detail is gorgeous!

  53. MilaP says – reply to this


    coke will do that to you! LMAO eight balls for V-day…

  54. Toby says – reply to this


    Looks like the weight she's lost on her body has gone to her lips….good lord!!!

  55. 55

    shell be dead by 2010.

  56. 56

    Oh the irony of skinny celebrities…people are actually starving because they can't afford food and then the rich and famous starve themselves and they can afford tons of food!!! Makes ya kinda sick huh?

  57. 57

    I hope they drive head-on into a Kenworth hauling manure.

  58. 58

    shit me!

    someone give her a big mac and fast!!

  59. 59

    People are really starving because they are poor and she is choosing to starve? thats so weird to me!

  60. 60

    her boobs are for sure fake. they're the same size when she is normal as when she is super skinny.

    also i think she looks terrible. her fake tan makes her looks so dirty. like she has a rash on her face or something.

  61. 61

    back on the blow

  62. 62

    damn Lindsay ur d new Nicole Ritchie eww +o(

  63. 63

    Re: MackAdocious – I couldn't agree with you more!

  64. 64

    i wish these fucktards would just drop dead already. they dont appreciate life and dont deserve a fucking penny .

  65. 65

    No wonder she's been such a freak out lately. When you're that hungry, you become a major b!tch!

  66. 66

    Yeah. Shes a skeleton, what else is new?!

  67. 67

    How on earth do you think she will be able to buy food if you keep on posting shit about her and ruining her career????
    Your beef against too skinny ppl or too fat ppl is sooo tiring! Get over it already and start worring about your own image… those black outfits from head to toe won't distract us from the fact that you are gaining all the fat back!

  68. 68

    Re: RedWingsFan – totally agree, great boobies!!

  69. 69

    I think she actually looks good

  70. 70

    Who is she again?

  71. 71

    Re: JenCorley
    then apparently your an idiot to think that shit is hot. Its an eating disorder.

  72. 72

    I don't understand how some of you say she looks good. Look how thin her arms (and what we can see of her legs) are, her collar bones are sticking out, her fake boobs are lopsided. She looks nastay!! Someone order her a double cheeseburger…quick!!

  73. 73

    i think she looks nice for the first time in a long time

  74. 74

    she looks fine

  75. 75

    Re: natalie22

    not necessarily. I don't lose that much of mine. She has lost some of them. It's different for everyone. We all hold onto weight differently.

  76. 76

    it isnt the skinny that bothers me-I'm really skinny..but it's the fact that she looks like she is a 40 years old who just got her lips done. Her face looks HORRIBLE.

  77. 77

    still looks better than posh aka victoria beckham

  78. 78

    I'm not a Lohan fan by any means, but that pic looks Photoshopped. Look at her arm on her right and how it looks against the background. Compare that to her left arm. And the sides of her torso are *too* straight.

  79. 79

    Cute dress though

  80. 80

    Skinny but still so pretty

  81. 81

    why does she always look like she needs a good hot bath? she's one step away from Amy Wino, or the ER.

  82. -liz- says – reply to this


    In that photo she doesn't actually look that skinny. I used to think Lindsay's boobs were real but in this photo they're not in proportion to her body. Fabulous dress! Of course the gorgeous Cheryl Cole wore it before Xmas on the X-factor…first bitches!
    And Eve Longoria has already worn it! Cheryl looked the best but it looks like it's a pretty flattering dress!

  83. -liz- says – reply to this


    BTW Lindsay looks better than Posh! Posh has the grossest hair in the world, she looks miserable, is a pack of bones, with two boobs just stuck on to her body, doesn't eat.
    Lindsay is naturally pretty. And she looks well there!
    Posh's dress sense has got pretty boring of late…don't really care about her anymore! Becks, although i've always liked him, is clearly a money-obsessed selfish person, he got what he wanted out of Galaxy…status in America, now he wants to actually get back to a real soccer club. I really think it would be wrong if Galaxy let him go. Like why should he just renege on his contract.
    His career went dooooowwwn hill once Fergie got rid of him. SInce then he's just been a celebrity and not a real footballer.

  84. 84

    Starvation in H-town always means more attention. Can her career be any more - OVER? Where are her fellow power lesbian in Hollywood to help her get work? Gag. She looks OLDie OLD

  85. 85


  86. 86

    If there was ever any doubt her boobs were fake, now you know! That's about the only thing left on her body…..

  87. 87

    I love drugged out Lohan the best. She looks the hottest. The only thing her boobies are missing is my face.

  88. 88

    her face always looks dirty or something .. she shood gain some weight and hire a new or better makeup artist?

  89. 89

    She should think about…eating sometimes.

  90. 90

    more like lindsay lohan is lookign scarysexxy

  91. 91

    Man her boobs are only big because of those damn implants! Otherwise she'd have a caved in chest too

  92. 92

    UGH this bitch makes me SICK what a fucking attention whoreeee!!! ew she is so ugly and maybe she will die of her "eating disorder" then i wont have to look at her anymore! sorry that was harsh. lol but definitly true i have no respect for this good-for-nothing shit

  93. 93

    YEAH RIGHT!!!! posh may be dolled up in 5 thousand dollars worth of couture every day but she will NEVER be this pretty

  94. 94

    holy hell she looks fat there

  95. 95

    Just look at those tits, though!

  96. 96

    Perhaps she saw your alleged 'fat porker' comments several weeks back and now she has an eating disorder. Good job Perez you dickhead!!

  97. 97

    i think she's looking real good…a bit skinny though…

  98. 98

    Someone give that girl a glass of milk and a banana!

  99. 99

    What a skank. Why is she so famous again? For her short lived Disney career with tons of screwups to follow? She and her UGLY dyke "friend" need to move to Tibet and never return. Fucking two of the grossest, ugliest, untalented coke-usking skanks alive. But, at least Lezlo is fairly pretty… SamMAN is homlier than shit after it's been dried on the sidewalk.

  100. 100

    Re: natalie22

    Not necessarily. She actually is known to have like double D's and hers don't fit the mold of fake… they're very pear shaped and droop big time. I'm sure SamMan LOVES to rub her bush on them.

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