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Madonna To Be Involved In Twilight Sequel!

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Everyone wants a piece of the New Moon pie - even Madonna!

Rumor has it that Her Madgesty is in talks to somehow be involved in the Twilight sequel, although in what capacity is unknown.

What is known is that the Queen of Pop's manager, Guy Oseary, was one of the producers of the first film.

Ryan Seacrest first teased the news of Madonna's involvement, but he did not say if she would be acting in New Moon or just contributing a song to the soundtrack.

We think she could star as Queen of the Vampires. It probably wouldn't require much acting on her part, since we're not quite sure what exactly the secret to her eternal youthfulness is (besides, you know, hours of Photoshop).

[Image via WENN.]

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268 comments to “Madonna To Be Involved In Twilight Sequel!”

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  1. nh22 says – reply to this


    What a joke! FYI: There is no "queen of the vampires" in the Twilight series….anywhere.

  2. 202

    i will not be seeing new moon if madonna is in it
    its like when there were rumors about nsync in one of the star wars movies…please popstars i am begging you.. do not kill this movie before it even starts filming!
    dakota fanning is enough in this movie.
    whos next? recasting bella with miley cyrus?!
    leave new moon alone hollywood!

  3. 203

    There is no queen of vampires in the books. I don't see how she would fit into the movie at all. I hope she doesn't make an appearance. She needs to stay away.

  4. 204

    Last act of a desperate 50 year old. When all the plastic surgery runs out become one of the undead! Yeah, that figures. Vadge can torment us for another few centuries or at least until someone drives a stake through her heart!

  5. 205

    MADONNA? She cannot be in it… no… NO! She kind of ruins the whole… twilight-ness of it, the same with Dakota Fanning:( They are good at what they do, but stay away from twilight pretty please:)

    Sure, sing Madonna, just not on the twilight soundtrack if you mind..

  6. 206

    I hope she just does a song for New Moon. Pleassssssseee don't let her in the movie hahahaha

  7. 207

    There is no role for a middle aged woman in New Moon so I don't see how she could get one…she may have a cameo as a member of the Volturi clan but that will just turn the movie into a joke!

  8. 208

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. That bitch ruins everything.

  9. daboi says – reply to this


    HOT madonna+twilight

  10. daboi says – reply to this


    madonna and robbert Pwoof woof loads of sperm and kids lol

  11. 211

    this wouldn't work for a number of reasons.
    one - there is no queen of the vampires
    two - she's old
    three - she's doesn't even look like any of the characters would, especially since she's too old
    four - it would be stupid

    i think all the big hollywood names would shut up and stop jumping on the bandwagon…
    i liked twilight because of the fact that they had small names in it
    now with a new director they might have a chance to make the movies a bit better
    but if all these fame whore actors are jumping on the bandwagon they might as well just not make it at all

  12. 212

    ewwwwww!!! fortunately there are NO parts in the story she could even remotely play. and if they write one i will boycott! loved those books. don't mess w/them!

  13. 213

    Perez, this is the biggest Twilight-related lie I have heard in quite a while. Everyone I know has never even heard Ryan actually say that, and who the hell would Madonna actually play? Sorry, but this is just one big fat rumor. Prepare for it to be squashed.

  14. 214

    Re: PatriciaCakes
    Psh. That wouldn't surprise me. Ew.

  15. 215

    Ewww no.

  16. 216

    she would ruin the movie…literally ruin it!

  17. 217

    no…..no no no no no no no…. they cant put fucking madonna in new moon. is this a joke? first they don't give it a big enough budget, then they rush it into production….then they put satan's spawn and no talent hoesbeast in it…

    if madonna is in it, im not seeing it

  18. 218

    if modannna is in the movie i wont see it

  19. 219

    EW VOMIT please NO…ugh!

  20. 220


  21. 221

    omg are you serious…i have nothing against madona but wtf she duznt need to star in twilight….sorry but she is juz way too old

  22. 222

    NOO!!!!! ENOUGH with the big names trying to get a part of the Twilight fever!!!!

  23. 223

    Oh bloody fucking helll! I'm so fuckin' SCARED for my man, Robert! I fear Madonna is gonna snatch him away to her castle & do freaky stuff to him!
    Plus Madonna can't act if that would have saved her life! Epic FAIL as an actress!
    But she can sing as fuck! Record a soundtrack but stay the fuck away from Robert and Co!

  24. 224

    Oh no…

  25. 225


  26. 226

    Re: DanielDaxRe: stars101 – I recognize your log in names! Anyway, I've read your comments…have you noticed that Vadge is houvering around young meat more and more lately? As I have stated in the past: narcissists refuse to grow up…their minds are not in sync with their aged bodies! I haven't seen Twilight but I know others that have; and if Twilight fans feel that strongly about Vadge being affiliated with this movie, they should write the producers of Twilight or boycott! Vadge is narcissistic in nature and refuses to grow up; hanging around young people which makes her highly dangerous. And, yes, I believe that Perez is taking jabs at Vadge now…it's about time he woke up!…the narcissist uses people as objects ONLY. By the way, the octomom, Nadya Suleman is narcissistic, too. They have infantile minds, demand adulation and adoration, exude haughty behavior, are self-absorbed and see people as mere objects!

  27. 227

    face botox

  28. 228

    That would be like so freaking kewl seriously my favorite singer, and one of the best movies/books ever.

  29. Lamee says – reply to this


    ah NO.

  30. 230

    What the fuck…!!!
    Hell no!!!
    She is too old for those kind of movies…
    And why the hell are they gonna put an old slut in that awesome movie?!?!

  31. 231

    can she be the one of the people that dies? she'll win an oscar for that!

  32. 232


  33. 233

    I think Madonna should jump on the re-making horror movies craze… I think she'd make a great Freddy Kruger. I know she's in my nightmares

  34. 234

    Perez, I'm long-time reader, first-time commenter.

    I'm a huge Twilight fan. The first movie wasn't brilliant, but if Madonna is in New Moon - I can guarantee that the current fan base will diminish significantly.

    She just can't relate to the younger generation anymore, certainly not enough to successfully have a role in the movie.

    Dakota Fanning on the other hand, would be a brilliant Jane!

  35. 235

    Urgh. New Moon is going to turn out horrible if all this shit doesn't stop. Is Summit dying for publicity? Cuz they have all they publicity they need. It's like Twilight was not done horribly enough, they wanna make the sequel twice as bad.

  36. 236

    Re: LizardKinG

  37. 237


  38. 238

    give me a fucking break.

  39. 239

    Re: Sherry – I agree with you.

  40. 240

    Re: love_madge_ass – Rather than blog 100 times a day, you should take a course in English. Your grasp of the English language sucks and so does vulgar Vadge, the whore. Look at all the new people (not you or me) that left comments bashing the whore, Vadge for trying to get in on the movie, Twilight.

  41. 241

    There is no "Queen of the Vampires" in the book series, however, she could play in as one of the wives of the Volturi, they don't speak a word, lmao

  42. 242

    Re: SeekTruth – listen fuck off gay asshole.u learn more aboyt madonna too.and change ur fuckin opinion.madonna is amazing and she is not making part of the show ,she probably will do a song asshole.she doesnt want to act.she said she is not a good actress.asshole.her own fans dont want to see her actimg.u are retarde.u are a lonely person.maybe a fat one.go away.madonna is so superiror than u fuckers.she is 50 and still toping the list.sorry asshole.she survives without ur love slut

  43. 243

    Widespread Internet chatter that Madonna may participate in some capacity in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, may be only partly true, a source close to the production tells EW. Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the movie series, has no plans to cast the pop star and sometime actor in New Moon. However, because Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, is a producer on the project, there is some talk of her providing songs for the sequel. Still, no deals have been made yet, and the plans haven’t progressed beyond the that’d be cool stage.

    source : entertainment weekly

  44. Crasy says – reply to this


    she's healthy because of her determination and commitment to total health care… its interesting to think of how she stopped being a smoker~

  45. 245

    Re: love_madge_ass – #283. Hi Hoto or Puta! I think you are too hilarious because you write crap. You write to others and say to stop listening to what the media says and then you 'copy' what an entertainment source says because you can't write yourself…you illiterate fool!!! You are an obsessed, delusional, psycho vulgar Vadge fan. By the way, she looks so stupid in this picture with her tongue out…signs that she isn't maturing at all and trying desperately to be accepted by the youthful crowd, something she is not!!! Ha-Ha, Puta!!!

  46. 246

    this is ridiculous!
    she would RUIN New Moon, and so would the JoBros.
    whats with everyone wanting to suddenly be a part of New Moon?
    please just stop yourselfs.

    madonna cant act im sure, and i hate her music.

  47. 247

    Re: peacelovetwilight – #287 A bozo like vulgar Vadge wants a piece of the pie because, not only is this whore addicted to money, but to adulation, adoration and attention. I haven't seen the movie myself but it is evident what Twilight diehard fans think about her. Hence, vulgar Vadge would completely destroy the movie! The whore needs to give it up!

  48. NJK says – reply to this


    can you IMAGINE her being a vampire!? xDDDDD

  49. 249

    ok for some reason i think she would make a good Jane i have no idea why ???
    but i dont like how everyone just wants a hit of the new moon trend but then again what does it matter as long as it is and done good :P

  50. 250

    i'm soo tired of madonna
    she needs to retire or something!
    sick sick sickkkkk of her

  51. 251

    AWWW FUCK NO!!! they can't let that old hag be in the movie, do they have any idea how many people will be turned off?!
    this is a TEEN flick, old hags should stick to movies about old hags

  52. 252

    Okay, this is the last straw! I wasn't gonna see the 1st film, because I think the books are s**t, and stephanie meyers isn't all that she's cracked up to be! Now I'm definately not gonna see this film! It's just another way of showing me that the books and the films are s**t! And for those of you who are in love with Edward and/or Jacob, I have one thing to say… they are characters in a book! They are not real! Hell, I have an overactive imagination and it just won't stretch that far as to think of those CHARACTERS as hot! There, my rant is over. Thankyou for reading.

  53. 253

    please no.
    she irritates me
    she'll kill the movie

  54. 254

    Uhmm, first of all, there is no "Queen Vampire" and why
    are all these @#$!ing big name actors getting into this,
    they're all gonna ruin it.

  55. 255

    shes a hot cougar. she would be great.

  56. Neal says – reply to this


    lol she could probably pull off the vampire in voltera that traps people. dress sense would fit

  57. Picho says – reply to this


    I wish!

    If she does not act in it , I hope she would add some tracks to the soundtrack but all brand new songs! :) It would be amazing!

  58. 258

    Finally one good thing about all this.
    Madonna is actually going to make this movie good.

  59. JBxx3 says – reply to this


    Dear Madonna,

    Go die already. The only role in this saga you'd be eligible for is one of the humans the Volturi kills! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  60. 260

    u guys are ridiculous.madonna wont do part of the movie.she will do probably a asong and thats its good.at least she is so popular that everybody will know what the fuck is this show.madona is the best,ovarreted is jackson ,mariah.shitney.madonna never.she still breaking recordes on her sicky and sweet part 2.she still number one

  61. 261

    Re: ciccone – #301. Well, well, well…if it isn't Madgerulla.

  62. 262

    lol why would Madonna want to retire? She just had the most succesful tour of all time and 4 minutes was one of the top songs of 2008! what a joke you people are. Just because shes older she needs to go away? I guess Cher and Tina Turner who are decades older than Madonna should just retire too becuase of their age.

  63. 263

    Re: hard_candy – #303 The difference with Cher and Tina Turner and vulgar Vadge is they don't need to hang around teeny-boppers for adulation and attention and are not narcissistic. I am almost certain the are accepting their age better than the whore, Vadge, too. We got that Vadge is successful so quit repeating the same bullshit! You sound like a broken record.

    If vulgar Vadge, a whore is your role model, then what does that make your biological mother? Just checking since you are a foolish person.

  64. 264

    Re: stars101 – #306. Hello Stars101. I see that hard candy is also blogging on octomom's most recent story. It is totally hilarious because hard candy writes in favor of octomom while the vast majority don't feel sorry for her. It is amazing that both vulgar Vadge and octomom suffer from the same deluded ideas (they are ill in their minds) and hard candy is electrified by these two sub-humans who use their children to get attention. Hard candy says the same bullshit over and over…"Vadge made this much money, give her respect, blah, blah, blah"…who gives a rat's ass? At the end of the day: vulgar Vadge is deluded beyond repair and whores generally are not respected.

  65. 265

    Re: the_executives_wife – Noo? Madonna Is Old. She Had Her Fame..She Should Settle Dwn…! Hatee Er..She Looks Retarded In That Pic..And Perez.. Theres No Queen Of The Vampires?

    If Katerine Hardwick Was Directing It It Wouldnt Happen…And Dakota Fanning? Then Littlee Happy Go Luckyy Actress? She Wont Be Ablee To Do It..They're Gna Ruin It.. :P

  66. 266

    Re: xlollyxE – #309 Vulgar Vadge isn't capable of acting in movies because her 'real' life is her movie for all to see. Everything vulgar Vadge does is cold and calculated, and for self-promotion. She can't be an actress on screen and in 'real' life…it's either one or the other. If she tried, she would struggle in film because she is already the actress of her life. Remember, the narcissist is smart and clever but the narcissist is also deluded and suffers from grandeur. Imagine Meryl Streep, a fine actress, or Al Pacino, a fine actor, trying to 'act' their parts in their real lives? It wouldn't work because they are truly actors in film. Make sense?

  67. 267

    her sound doesnt fit with the feel of the twilight saga or with anything on the last soundtrack, plus she cant act her way out of a paper bag, its probably just another crazy rumour

  68. 268


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