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Pete Wentz Wants To Kills Perez Hilton

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Fall Out Boy Trail - COMING SOON from clandestine on Vimeo.

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36 comments to “Pete Wentz Wants To Kills Perez Hilton”

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  2. 2

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh its my first first woohooooooo gooooooo me :P

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  5. 5

    I love the new & improved Perez Hilton … he should kill Jessica instead !

  6. 6

    Getting your face in wherever you can.

  7. 7

    If anyone else wanted to kill you it would be fine, they could go right ahead and do it, but hes probably the only person in the world that is a bigger fucking tard than you Mario.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    No, thanks…
    Peter Wentz wants some free publicity!!! Ugh…….

  10. TSS says – reply to this


    That beats my Perez Hilton dart board and toilet seat…

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  12. 12

    besides you,he should be the one being killed by a bigg evil dildo.

  13. 13

    But assholes like pete are real quick to use PH whenever it benefits them…. whatever…

  14. 14

    Re: MizzEvil – Too bad we ran out of the fruit cake's we usually give out….

  15. 15

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – at least there using it for what its good for a target…..

  16. 16

    Funny; I want to fling poo on both Perez and Pete Wentz.

  17. 17

    I wouldn't worry about this panty waist Mario,he gets tired breathing let alone kicking anybodys ass

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  20. 20

    wow thats pretty mean but atlease we ALL know they come to your site


  21. epic says – reply to this


    oh wow, has he had a GOOD idea for promoting his stuff…

  22. 22

    Not only celebrities…

  23. 23

    I hope Pete knows that it will take more than a stake through the heart to kill Pervez. I think he'd need to chop off his head too - not that I'm advocating anything like that - just sayin…

  24. 24

    neeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you`re not that important……..

  25. 25

    We won't shoot you Perez!

  26. 26

    Only difference is I am not joking, I will kill you, I know where you live

  27. 27

    Like Oregon Trail … hahahaha. Pete's from Chicago — so am I. And we played Oregon Trail in grade school. This probably predates a lot of the 'kids' looking at this site. Too funny, yo.

  28. 28

    whats wrong poor pete, did you not lend him eyeliner one evening. maybe he woke up and realized instead of inpregneting a talentless douche, he should have come out of the closet and enjoyed the feeling of warm semen running down the crack of his ass

  29. 29

    Re: hardcore head banger

    wow, that is really hard!

    just send him a mirror, means the same, but it is not that cruel!

    honestly, I think it is a very good way to promote stuff, someone is finally doing to perez what mr. hilton is doing all the time

  30. BJT says – reply to this


    I really hope his kids turn out a lot more talented then him and the simpson our poppa joe the pimp family they are all fame whores. I hope that they will move to another country where we dont have to keep seeing there faces 24/7 just sick of looking at them have'nt they made enough money with there bull shit out there. my advise to petey boy is to keep making the clothes and stay away from the stage.

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  32. tinny says – reply to this


    WHAT….. IS THIS?!

  33. Delsy says – reply to this


    i wouldn't mind if someone killed perez

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  35. Laxer says – reply to this


    I actually like Pete. Great talent and sense of humor.

  36. 36

    Let's kill Pete! Or ashley! Or Jesiica! Lets kill em all! Leave the drummer alone though. Sure Fall Out Boy sucks, but don't take it out on hottie.