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Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes In Trouble!

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Guy Ritchie has been ordered by execs at Warner Bros to re-shoot a number of scenes from Sherlock Holmes that were filmed during the beginnings of Richie's divorce from Madonna!

5 weeks' worth of scenes, to be exact!!!

Ritchie is reportedly "fuming" at the claim that the first cut of the film is not up to par and that one scene in particular is "ridiculously unrealistic"!!

The former Mr. Madonna is racing to meet a November release date for Sherlock Holmes.

Don't you know not to let your home life effect your work life, Guy???

[Image via WENN.]

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43 comments to “Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes In Trouble!”

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  2. 2

    Spike Lee says that Guy can't make a descent movie.

  3. 3

    It probably took 6 weeks to get the bitches stink outta the house.

  4. 4

    Anything he did while married to Madonna is suspect. She is a black hole that sucks the talent out of anything she touches. Especially acting talent. She is the anti-acting talent.

  5. 5

    Not surprising at all.
    Wow, I bet the recordings of "her " voice go around and around in his head.

  6. 6

    give him a break…his a good guy

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Uh oh…movie studio execs usually don't know what the hell they're talking about though. They always try to step on directors' artistic style.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Hey, divorce is no picnic. Guy needs to grab a piece of humble pie, eat it, and reshoot. There's no shame in upgrading a work in progress if it's found lacking.

  10. 10

    Re: harrybalsac – Its gonna suck big surprise…

  11. 11

    Re: harrybalsac – lol she does have a pungent aroma…like a moldy wedge of cheese….

  12. 12

    Re: Jones19

    Trust me, I've seen a lot of directors cuts and the exects are usually right on the money. Most of the directors are out of touch.

  13. 13

    Why ruin Sherlock Holmes with a movie. They are and always wll be fantastic books.

  14. 14

    Re: LizardKinG – I heard it was more akin to the smell of the toilet seat on a tuna boat.

  15. 15

    :::::::: Wonder if Guy will stay skinny now that Madge is gone :::::::::: www.ThisIsWhyYoureSkinny.com

  16. 16

    Your getting this information from The Sun tabloid? Why even bother spreading this garbage when you could have just made something up of your own and it would have been just as likely to be untrue as this story is.

  17. 17

    Gotta suck that she's got the taint of A-Roids cum on her.

  18. 18

    he is so skinny.he looks sick dont u think.and madonna is a little skinny too.but thats ok.u know its sad.he is a good guy and madonna relly likes him.they stay a lots of time together.they are keeping it friendly.he already bought a home in nyc.they go together to kaballah center.its good see then act so civil.u go madonna and guy.u will be together some day

  19. 19

    Re: OLIVIA JONES – yeah he likes madonna and madonna likes him too.she defends him by saying he is not taking her money.they just concern about the kids

  20. 20

    Widespread Internet chatter that Madonna may participate in some capacity in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, may be only partly true, a source close to the production tells EW. Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the movie series, has no plans to cast the pop star and sometime actor in New Moon. However, because Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, is a producer on the project, there is some talk of her providing songs for the sequel. Still, no deals have been made yet, and the plans haven’t progressed beyond the that’d be cool stage.

    source : entertainment weekly

  21. 21

    he didn't care after the millions that he got from Madonna !!!

  22. 22

    I agree with EasyDoesIt, why spread something concocted by The Sun? I'll wait for a reputable source.

  23. 23

    they will be together some day

  24. 24

    Re: DSummerfan – he didnt take madonna money .because they still be friends and go to kaballah together.so its not true.she even defends him-her madgesty is the best

  25. 25


  26. 26

    You have no idea what you're talking about. PH check your sources before posting something so crazy. I hear the studio and Guy couldn't be more happy with the movie.

  27. 27

    Re: love_madge_ass – What I mean he didn't care work hard in the film, he got so much money now from the other girl… girl !

  28. 28

    Re: IntheBiz – guy is always happy but his movies are always crap unfurtunally

  29. 29

    Warner Bros has denied this "story." Funny, The Sun prints crap and it spreads through the internet like roaches to become even more regurgitated crap.

  30. 30

    TEAM GUY!!! madonna's a whore!!

  31. 31

    Re: wasilla00 – #30. That's not true! Vulgar Vadge isn't a whore; she is a narcissistic old whore!

  32. 32

    Re: silly billie – #2 Spike Lee may have some envy toward Guy Ritchie…it could be a competitive thing between them…we really don't know. I've seen a couple of Spike Lee's movies and personally, I wasn't impressed with his work!

  33. 33

    Re: DSummerfan – #21 Guarantee there was some 'shut up' money involved. I am sure Guy Ritchie paid his price for being married to the most famous whore in the world!

  34. 34

    Re: wasilla00 – lol.ur ridiculous.madonna is not a whore asshole.whore is ur mother.and guy said he has lots of respect for his ex wife.and madonna and guy keep it friendly.they spend a lots of time together,u dont know nothing.the reason for the divorce was guy bad behavior.madonna treat him always with respect and really loved him.i think she still love him thats why she wants him so close.get a fucking life.madonna is not dating .its the press that sells a lot with "her boyfriends" u moron.she is an wonderful mother

  35. 35

    Re: SeekTruth – listen asshole.u are disgusting.she is a mother of 3 kids , and a wonderful mother.guy ritchie has lots of respect for her.and they still close friends.they just want to protect their kids.the press is saying crap things about her cause madonna sells a lot.a lots of things are totally false.and u are so dumb that believe.madonna has lots of friends.and guy still very close.she already bought a home in nyc to be close to her and the kids.they go together to kabbalah center all weekends.leave her alone.she is just a woman that go divorced and worls a lotand u dont do a shit.u must be some gay fat man.

  36. 36

    Re: SeekTruth – fuck off u old man.im tired of u.we dont care about ur opinion.madonna fans dont even come to this blog.and she got thousands of then

  37. 37

    good luck for madonna and guy.she still the eternal mrs ritchie "fly like a bird"remember guy??

  38. 38

    Re: SeekTruth – fuck off retarde

  39. 39

    Re: SeekTruth – .i.

  40. 40

    guy and madonna together

  41. 41

    Re: love_madge_ass – #35. Horale, Puta! Why don't you give us a list of all people, male and female, that vulgar Vadge boned for fame? Now listen, jackass, vulgar Vadge is real old so you have to go way back!!! You had no problem giving us the list of which entertainers made the most money. So, now shut up and break it down for us: Exactly how many people, according to anybody's media, did vulgar Vadge bone to get ahead and become the richest and most famous whore on the planet?

  42. 42

    Madonna rocks!

  43. 43

    AFFECT your life work, not effect.
    Hire a proofreader, please.