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Lily Allen Has No Sense Of Humor

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We thought our little "feud" with Lily Allen was all in good fun - playful bickering.

Unfortunately, it seems like the British singer, whose new album debuts at a disappointing #5 on the U.S. Billboard charts this week, is taking this silliness between us way too seriously.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Lily says that she hates Perez.


That's a shame. We like Lily. We like her music. And we really like talking about her boozy ways, her outlandish statements to the media, her childish fights, her unprofessionalism, her self-sabotaging and her all-around fuckery.

Allen loves to dish it, but she can't take it!

We just call it as we see it.

Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet….

CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo of Lily's vagina.
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo of Lily's vagina.
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo of Lily's vagina.

[Image via Celebrity Vibe.]

aacvecannes051508_01.jpg aaacvecannes051508_01.jpg

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271 comments to “Lily Allen Has No Sense Of Humor”

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  1. epic says – reply to this


    "i don't like you both. i think you both are childish, selfish, irgnorant, talentless ignorants."
    blabla: ignorant, talentless idiots. sorry.

  2. 102

    It truly looks like a hatchet wound with mold around it.

  3. 103

    Parez, you can't obviously take the shit you dish at everyone else. Grow a pair.

  4. siggi says – reply to this


    PEREZ you are one hell of an arsehole.
    some one says they don't like you, tells you to leave her alone SO YOU PUBLICLY HUMILIATE HER BY SHOWING A PICTURE OF HER VAGINA ON THE WEB?

    i hope you get sued.
    us brits seriously dislike you with an incredibly passion.
    and FYI she reached a higher place on the chart than katy perry did so STFU

  5. 105

    Eww so disgusting!

  6. 106

    You go Perez!
    bahahaha she looks horrible with blonde hair.

  7. 107

    She needs to go wax ALL of it off…
    and people can catch an std just by looking at her picture lol!

  8. 108

    EEEEEEEEEW what tha F is this … Lil's Kitten or your face?

  9. 109

    just stop already, i hope she sues you.

  10. 110

    I love you, Perez, but LEAVE LILY ALONE, ALREADY! :(

  11. 111

    I'D HIT IT HARD!!!!

  12. 112

    fuck lily allen

  13. 113

    at least she is shaved

  14. 114

    real mature perez. i guess i shouldnt have expected you to take the high road. i cant wait to see what she has to dish back at you. everyone knows shes burned you so many times, now youre just asking for it.
    and disappointing #5? did katy perry debut at #5 as well?. hypocrite.

  15. 115

    I'd probably hate you too. Posting that picture again is just proving her point.

  16. 116

    An album debuting at #5 is far from disappointing. You only like Lily or her music because it gives you something to talk about -something that you didn't plagiarize from other websites. This feud thing is really silly, yes, it's true. But Lily Allen is far from the sillier one here -you are. Posting pictures of her vagina just so you could get the upper hand? Yeah, real mature Perez, and real original. And the only person who can dish it but not take it YOU!

  17. 117

    One yeast infection coming up!

  18. 118

    It's really creepy that you posted that Perez.

  19. 119

    NICE!!!!!!!!! id love to give that pu$$y a taste.very sexy pic.would have been nice to see her feet and more vagina

  20. sushi says – reply to this


    It appears you, fuckpig, are the one who is so thin skinned that you can't take it either. Maybe the reason she hates you has nothing to do with your comments about her and more because like most of us she is so fucking sick of your self-promotion and pimping of acts to pad your bank account.

  21. 121

    mmm… landing strip…

  22. 122

    Re: kerkieberkie – It was almost 2 years ago. Keep up with the news honey.

  23. 123

    if you all hate perez so much why do you read his blog?
    there are plenty of other media outlets and blogs to get this same information from..
    nobody is FORCING you to come here!
    if you don't like what he has to say/his opinions.. click the red X and get over it.

  24. Suelu says – reply to this


    LOL poor girl…

  25. 125

    Obviously, you've never been close to a vagina, Perez, because that's not a vagina. That's her mons veneris — Mount of Love. Her vagina is hidden inside her body.

  26. 126

    Perez you are the one adding fuel to the fire of course she doesn't like you. Your little bitch Katy Perry started talking shit on her and not too soon after that you started talking shit on her. In this regard you are acting like a 7th grader Perez.. Let it die dude, Let it die.

  27. 127

    So sick of women with no self worth.

  28. 128

    How was it that Lily refered to you in an interview once, Pervez? "…A mere wasp in the garden of my life?" I bet that hurt.

  29. 129

    also, for those of you who question her "no sense of humor" thing.. try and catch some clips of her from ellen this morning when ellen made her part of her bathroom concert series.. most celebs get in there and act so goofy but she just mouthed the words to womanizer with a fake smile plastered on her face. she needs to lighten up.

  30. 130

    Very Petty Perez…boo hoo lily doesn't like me…I'll show her….very childish…take a look at her interview on The Hour on CBC…it was great!

  31. 131

    i cant see her vagina, perez.
    because its not. its her pubic area. if it was her vagina, your would see EVERYTHING…
    youre such a raging homo that a.) you dont know EXACTLY what a vagina is. and b.) you act like a 6 year old boy around "icky" girls. youre so ignorant its not even funny.

  32. 132

    She's only got a recording contract cos her dad was a big comedy star in the 1980s - no talent at all. I sing better than her in the bath!

  33. 133

    Since when is #5 disappointing? Out of the thousands of albums out there right now? Really?

  34. 134

    posting vag shots and what not is so degrading. imagine if you are kind of tipsy and forget to close your legs when people are taking shots of your snatch.

    stop this shit dude. theres a line and you cross it way too many times.

  35. 135

    ugly ass bitch.

  36. 136

    lmao!! i knew she wasn't a blonde.

  37. 137

    I hate you perez, are you going to post a naked picture of me?

  38. 138

    My fucking eyes! Why did I click on that!??!?

  39. 139

    That's not a vagina - it's pubes trimmed into a landing strip. I'm not suprised that Perez can't tell the difference.

  40. 140

    hmm, #5 disappointing? I believe that's higher than Katy Perry and Lady Gaga's albums reached on the billboard 200, stupid fat fuck.

  41. 141

    Eww! This skank just goes from bad to worse. I'm ashamed to be British!

  42. 142


  43. 143

    she deserves this but it still doesnt match denise richards she never should of pissed off elton shes a mega loser and a stupid childish little girl hammer her perez xxxxxxx

  44. 144

    At least it's waxed…

  45. 145

    nasty ass hoe lol

  46. 146

    hahahaha I love a good cat-fight…

  47. 147

    what kind of pig would sit like this knowing that she had no pants on totally classless

  48. 148

    You have NO pictures of vaginas on here, and NEVER HAVE! Only labia and landing strips. Learn ENGLISH, Mario. Vaginas are on the INSIDE. What these girls are showing are like KEN DOLL nothings…

  49. Linny says – reply to this


    I miss the good old days when we didn't all know what everyone's vadge looked like!
    A little mystery in life is a good thing.
    I blame Madge for all the vadge as she was the one who started it w/ her silly book Sex years ago(back when people wanted to see hers..although almost everyone already had!)

  50. 150

    She's Hott! you only Love the artists who will let you hang out with them and smooch.

    Lady Gaga
    Katy Perry
    Were's your talent- you look like a gay Walrus with Bad Breath.

  51. 151

    You're such a catty bitch, Perez - and I think it's fucking hilarious!

  52. 152

    TEAM PEREZ!!!!!!! I love you, Perez. Ignore the haters!

  53. 153

    LMAO I Like her though. i think she is a tons of fun, and pretty talented, though aside from your every now and then compliments of her music, most of the time you are pretty harsh with her…and not in a fun funny like you are now, most of the time you are simply mean….does no one remember what lead to the blog off? it's true.

  54. 154

    Considering no one knows who she really is besides people who come to your site. I think #5 isn't bad at all for someone not that famous here.

  55. 155

    ok first and foremost, debuting at 5 is NOT disappointing at all. secondly you say she can dish it but not take it? hello pot meet kettle.

  56. 156

    ahahah… you're awesome, perez!

  57. 157

    perez this post makes me love you more than ever! hahaha this is great!

  58. 158

    youre such a bitch!
    She says she hates you and you post a pic of her VAGINA!!

  59. 159

    looks like someone put their cigarette out on it.

  60. 160

    umm i love you perezzz!!!!!!!

  61. 161

    Vaginas are weird…

  62. 162

    ugh. she's a disgusting pig. i heard her new cd is good but i can't support her.

  63. 163

    I LOVE YOU LILLY! and id choose her over that ghtto rif raf hoe bitch slut dyke katy perry anyday.

  64. 164

    lol, someone doesn't like you so you show off her vag… that strikes me as absurdly hilarious as an answer.
    hate is a strong and ugly word, that sucks that she has that attitude about it, even though you have beaten her into the ground picking on her "in fun".. she would do better to just let it go. Showing off her crotch won't help though :p

  65. 165

    ROTTEN FISH. This chick is sewer scum. Agh!!

  66. 166

    5th-rate stripper club bimbo. You know, the club only poor men can afford. Go there, please, Lily. GOOOOOOOOOOO.

  67. 167

    lily allen has gotta learn to shut the fuck up..seriously..im gettin so sick of reading about all the stupid bullshit she says..just do ur job and shut up!

  68. 168


  69. 169

    team perezzz

  70. 170

    hahahahaha, this post actually made me laugh, you're such a bitch! hahahaha I love you.

  71. 171

    atta way to get the last word P…

  72. 172

    hahahahah BIEN HECHO IMBECIL te la pasas jodiendola y no la dejas en paz. Ella es la primera de muchos que se van a vengar de ti por cabron

  73. 173

    Perez! You rock! You're very loved by this particular Canadian fan! Lily Allen is a no talent, you are a star!

  74. 174


  75. 175

    Good grief! She needs to learn some self respect, that picture is just wrong. Thank goodness she doesn't have any children yet!!!!!

  76. 176

    hahahahahahah lilly got a clit hehe

  77. 177

    Your shitting me right? You have been bullying her like mad. Your sadistic, the things you have said about her are not in good fun at all.

  78. 178

    Who could hate such a love, all in good fun. . .and media. A year from now who will still be on top of their game? Perez! Lily who?

  79. 179

    Such a lady. Her mama must be so proud.

  80. olive says – reply to this


    her middle finger looks freaking weird.

    and i don't know how you thought it was in "good fun." you always seemed to have it out for her… if you guys weren't cool like that in the first place, what basis do you have to assume you could share humour like that with a stranger?

  81. 181

    Re: LizardKinG – Look again buddy.. there is NO landing strip there at all. Its a bald eagle baby..

  82. 182

    She needs to shace the landing strip-someone might get tangled up on the runway-like a bunch of dead bird feathers…………………..

  83. 183


  84. 184

    You're so retarded. If Katy Perry or Lady Gaga's albums debuted at #5 you wouldn't be calling it "disappointing." Shut up already.

  85. 185

    hahaha.. whoa whoa on the Labs there Lil!!! haha cover that stache!

  86. 186


  87. 187

    what a beautiful vagina…i would so eat that!

  88. 188

    disappointing #5? On the contrary you pig ignorant fucker, I think a number 5 album is something to be proud of. Maybe if you didnt have your nose so far up Katy Perry's arsehole, maybe you'd see that. You need to grow up. Seriously.

  89. 189


  90. 190

    .. you'd hit that? do you really wanna know how many others have hit that too? I'm sure its more than she can count on her 10 fingers… dont hit that - its probably disease infested… ew the nastiness of it all.

    .. funny Perez, you end it all with a picture of her vagina! way to kick her bb!! she's a douche… good riddance.

  91. 191

    How big of skank do you have to be to flash your privacy to the public? Thats what panties are for, especially when you know there will be lots of cameras. Disgusting.

  92. 192

    Well, considering the things you say about her, it's no wonder she feels as she does. But I must admit, she deserves all that you throw at her.

  93. 193

    Actually Perez, you gay-wad, that's a vulva, not a vagina :-D ~

  94. 194

    Lily allen just dedicated a song to the Gossip Gangster on KCRW's "Morning becomes Eclectic" how's that for a first mofo!

  95. 195

    "all in good fun" my ass.
    she has the right to hate you, trust me.
    I don't even like her, but still

  96. 196

    Perez, u're a jealous, attention seeking asshole. Leave Lils alone.

  97. 197

    …sigh…you're such a bitch Perez. She's just correct, and you're mad and bitter and lonely and sad and pathetic and self-hating and trashy and small and pitiable.

  98. pmfj says – reply to this


    isn't this old?

  99. peno says – reply to this


    well shes no lady, but i must say that index finger looks like its off ET, and as for the brazilian shave it off it looks like somethings crawling out of there,

  100. 200

    looks a lil crusty! ;p i don't get this no pie hair thing! like a child! gotta keep some on the mound!

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