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North Dakota's House of Representatives Passes Abortion Ban!!!!

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THIS is awful!

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522 comments to “North Dakota's House of Representatives Passes Abortion Ban!!!!”

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  1. 1

    Nobody lives there anyway.

  2. 2

    Good to see that the home of the brave and the land of the free continues to be so progressive. NOT.

  3. 3

    BOOYAH! Hat trick 4 harry!

  4. 4

    North Dakota..get out your coat hangers!!!!

  5. 5

    This is great..more white trash to be born in North Dakota! I love white trash!!

  6. 6

    Thank god, stop killing babies. Take responsibility for spreading your legs, you secular progressive whores.

  7. buck says – reply to this


    and millions of unborn babies celebrate!!!!!

  8. 8

    this really surprises me.
    never thought they would do this anywhere.

  9. 9

    I think it's great. A women has a right to choose to keep her legs shut!

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Wtg North Dakota taking away a womens rights are you glad you don't live in North Dakota Perez

  12. 12

    It's good to know some people cherish life in all forms.

  13. 13

    Awesome! How exciting!

  14. 14

    the price of coat hangers just tripled in ND!

  15. 15

    You're a failed abortion aren't you Mario?

  16. AMO says – reply to this


    More "change" from Obama…

  17. Uker says – reply to this


    more proof that America is a backward country.

  18. 18

    this is soo wrong der killin babies

  19. 19

    Good! I believe that life begins the moment that egg is fertilized and hooks onto the womb. I don't see how people can say otherwise.

  20. 20

    This will get overturned. The legislative intent of Roe does not stand for this. If this were to hold up, people could be prosecuted for using birth control which will never pass. This will ultimately be a success for reproductive rights because, it will be overturned.

  21. 21

    Re: LondonHockeyGurL – So I guess the baby has no rights, eh? Tell the woman to do the BC/condom mixture and their pregnancy chance reduces greatly. Don't kill the baby for your moronic choices. Only instances that babies shouldn't be allowed to live: mother's health. There are other routes that can be taken.

  22. 22

    this is amazing! stop killing babies!

  23. 23

    Wow that sucks….I guess there will be a lot of slut road trips.

  24. 24

    Oh it's soooo awful we can't kill babies?!?!

  25. 25

    THATS NOT AWFUL THAT'S FREAKIN GREAT!!! YES a woman does have the right to do what she wants with HER body.. but the baby's body IS NOT HERS!!!! That is like saysing your husband or wife can kill you because when you got married you became one… THINK ABOUT IT!

  26. 26

    hahahaha. stop having unprotected sex you sluts.

  27. 27

    Re: AMO
    this wasnt obabma's fault so keep him out of this

  28. 28

    Re: harrybalsac – AGREED.

  29. 29

    How can anyone tell us what to do this our bodies!? Those assholes!!! Women should have the right to choose whether or not they want an abortion! This is absurd! How can anyone agree to this!?!?

  30. 30

    That makes me sick.

  31. 31

    Fuck North Dakota Dumb Fucks!

  32. 32

    Re: louisiana_mommy
    WTF ?? just shut up …..

  33. 33

    The government has taken over major industries and now is telling women what they can do with their bodies. This is not good unless you like fascism. Where's my change?

  34. 34

    This law won't stand. The US Supreme Court has explicitly avoided the argument that life begins at conception. That language in Roe v. Wade wasn't meant to leave a loophole for states to decide when life begins, since it's a moral debate. Roe v. Wade says the right of a woman to have an abortion is absolute up to 3 months of pregnancy. After 3 months, you can only limit that right with parental notice and similar provisions. However, those are only limits. As long as Roe v. Wade stands, this law can't as well. All it will take is one person to sue, and the law will be off the books.

    Maybe the idiots in North Dakota should have done their research before enacting this law.

  35. 35


  36. Sho says – reply to this


    Awww No more killing babies? That Sucks!!!!!!

    How awful! now people will be forced to take responibility for their actions and not go out and get an abortion!

  37. 37

    "THIS is awful!"

    Not if your a fetus in North Dakota. It's called a state law. States have sovereignty. Get used to it.

  38. 38

    HMMM…. filthy, selfish breeders….. I will never understand people who call this women's rights. The woman has a right to have responsible sex. DONE. THAT'S IT. It never made sense to me, anti death penalty, stand up for the animals and wildlife and go green, minimize your carbon footprint BUT kill all the babies. STUPID, SELFISH, HYPOCRITICAL LIBERALS WHO PREY ON UNEDUCATED POOR PEOPLE TO FURTHER THEIR AGENDAS!!!

  39. 39

    Re: maurak – Uhm, that's a FAR stretch to say that the birth control pill will be illegal.

  40. 40

    Fuck..fuck..fuckity fuck.

  41. buck says – reply to this


    finally!!! someone stepping up for the rights of unborn kids!!!!

  42. 42

    yeah fluffyGB land of the free and home of the brave.. brave enough to kill our unborn children…. finally a state stands up for life, and realizes that no child should be MURDERED because of your stupidity and lack of responsibility– don't want a baby? keep your legs closed, end of story… why this is still even QUESTION is beyond me

  43. 43

    Re: BennyScrap – So I guess if the womens raped or if she continues with the pregnancy her and the baby's life could be in danger she should continue with the pregnancy ?

  44. 44

    This is bullshit, so a handfull of old men have taken it apon themselves to tell all women in their state what to do with their bodies. Fucking horrible

  45. 45

    Seriously, methed out backdoor abortions for everybody! woo!

  46. 46

    Re: FluffyGB – Why are you so pro-abortion? What if your mommy had an abortion? Think about it.

  47. 47

    Nice. Perez deleted my post. GO figure. You say something against his belief's and he deletes it. Perez apparently doesn't believe in free speech.

  48. 48

    Oh no…… how dare they protect unborn children? What a crime.

  49. 49

    i'm sure people will find their way around this… couldn't you just get an abortion done in another state?

  50. 50

    Gee, I didn't know Caribou Barbie Palin had instilled her antiquated morals and tenets into the House of Representatives of North Dakota. Government in all forms should STAY OUT of a woman's right to opt for an abortion. This is SO terribly wrong…

  51. 51


  52. 52

    Why does the state of North Dakota have the right to tell what to do with my uterus?
    How did this happen? And where is Obama?

    Does this include rape victims? Or failed birth control?

  53. 53

    The women who thought that was a form of birth control are screwed now!!

  54. 54

    I live in North Dakota and surprisingly we are NOT hicks you ass hole. Perhaps before you judge us you should see what North Dakota is all about.

  55. 55

    Re: Uker – Maybe someone should tear you limb from limb with suction while you are still alive.

  56. 56

    Wow, wonder what it's like to live over in North Dakota.

  57. 57

    time to get out the coat hangers again.

  58. 58

    wonder if any other states will follow their lead?

  59. 59

    Okay Perez, killing animals is SOOO horrible, but yet, you think it's okay to kill innocent humans. what the f*ck is wrong with that picture??? how is SAVING babies AWFUL?? people are soo backwards on everything.

  60. 60

    GOOD!!! If people would use condoms this WOULD NOT be an issue.

  61. 61

    Re: omgzwtfbbq – um, if they can't take responsibility for as you so eloquently put it -spreading their legs- how in the fuck do you think they can be responsible for a child?

  62. 62

    What is so bad about babies not being allowed to be murdered anymore?!

  63. 63

    North Dakota hates women and wants them to die in back alleys.
    What's with the apparent regression occuring in the Land of the Free?

  64. 64

    Good for them. Why shouldn't that baby be given the same rights as the mother?

  65. 65

    It should never be someone's right to kill an innocent baby. No one should have that "right". Take responsibility for your actions.

  66. 66

    Honestly, Perez, fuck you. How is saving a child's life "awful"?! I have supported you on almost every little thing until this. It's disgusting that you promote the murder of children. This is one of the BEST things that could happen.

  67. 67

    Yeah.. I live in the town that news station is in.. KXMC. (who's website is on the verge of crashing, hehe)

    North Dakota.. Minot in particular.. is ridiculous. I vote that anyone who thinks the state they live in sucks should move here.

    The guy they mention in the article.. Dan Ruby.. my dad ran for his position the last local election as a democrat and lost badly. North Dakota is so frightened of change.

    I guess it doesn't really surprise me that it happened here first.. It's just going to make the problem we have here worse. ND has a horribley high teen pregnancy rate.. I graduated with 400 students (that's roughly around 200 girls)… 40 of them were pregnant at graduation… some of them with their second or third kid. Most of the fathers are Airmen from the Base 10 miles from here. Then there's the huge drug problem we have here.

    This only makes me want to move back to Minnesota more.

    Fun fact.. Minot is where Josh Duhamel is from. Fergie occasionally comes here. Josh's mom was my gym teacher in high school.

  68. 68

    Re: TwoGoofballs – exactly

  69. 69

    Nothing like reverse progression. Very scary.

  70. 70

    I'm a mom, and couldn't imagine ever having to face such a choice, but I'm supportive of exactly that; choice! Let's face it, though, with all of the new innovative forms of birth control and "Plan B" available these days, the need for the procedure should drop if we would just educate ourselves and our kids!

  71. 71

    Re: Milky! – It's called adoption.

  72. 72

    Re: Uker – Ahhh shut the hell up already… Stay in the UK, we Americans don't give a damn….

  73. 73

    Harry, your ball gravy is a crime. You are wasting all those potential offspring!

  74. buck says – reply to this


    Re: amylynn – i like you Amy Lynn!

  75. 75

    How is this AWFUL??? Abortion should NOT be an option. You can't decide whether a baby lives or dies, it isn't right. What this country needs is better SEX EDUCATION…people have to learn to be responsible for their actions..including getting knocked up! If you aren't able to take care of the child then let a family who can give it a good life do that..don't just kill it! Everyone has a right to LIVE. There are plenty of methods to prevent pregnancy, condoms and birth control pills, or no sex at all. It's not rocket science!

  76. 76

    Re: GosssipGirl23 – Exactly

  77. 77

    Re: omgzwtfbbq – You sound very pessimistic. In fact, some people may use abortion as a form of birth control, but many do not. Abortion could also be used for medical reasons either harmful to the mother or child and even in those situations (hopefully) they are determined before the fetus has grown. You should really get your facts straight before posting such ignorant comments.

  78. 78

    Praise God!
    I thought I'd never see the day. Amazing. The silenced finally have had their voice heard. I'm sure if any of those unborn babies had the ability to "choose" they'd make the choice not to be killed. Just go ask any child that can speak if they want to die (not really). Guarantee they'll always say no. I was 14 and pregnant and I kept my child, and graduated from high school EARLY! And went to college. It made me grow up and see the error of my ways. Nothing is too hard when you have will. Everyone else is just too lazy. Poor little babies. Now the unplanned babies in ND can be adopted and live THEIR lives.

    One more down.

  79. 79

    Re: astewtee – I live there too. And yes, most of the people here are hicks.

  80. 80

    It won't stand. First, it still needs to pass the ND Senate. Second, even if it does pass the Senate the ACLU has attorneys with documents already prepared in order to file suit to stop it. Don't sweat it.

  81. 81

    Re: louisiana_mommy – The baby's body is not the woman's? Are you serious? The baby is apart of the mother because it feeds of the nutrients FROM woman, and has the woman's blood cells running through its body for it for growth…all together now….INSIDE the mother's body. So…you're saying that a baby is separate from the mother - and basically can grow to full term in a petrie dish?

    This argument of "abortion is murder" can go on forever - but you definitely can't argue that the baby is separate from the mother….until birth…it's not.

  82. 82

    Re: louisiana_mommy – I couldn't have said it any better…

  83. 83

    How in the Hell is that awful? GOOD for them!! About time someone cares about human life. Use condoms for God sakes or keep your legs closed.

  84. 84

    Anyone out there from ND? I'd like to know how you feel about this ~ is it representative of the state overall ~ or a few freaks?

  85. @v@ says – reply to this


    A giant leap for man, a giant leap backward for womankind.

  86. 86

    I'm such a conflicted person….while I support the gays full force I have never been for abortion. YUCK deal w/ it, you got yourself into it. adoption is always an option

  87. 87

    YeY finally. I'm all for people who've been raped. or health endangerments to be give the option for an abortion…but when you have people killing off babies because it's not the gender they want…thats effin ridiculous. and yes that does freakin happen! i believe there needs to be a guideline. like you have this long to have an abortion or you don't get it at all, and if a state feels like it should be banned, then fine. technically that fertilized egg is still a human, even if it doesn't look like one. and you either chose to open your legs, or stick it in, without thinking of consequences so thats your own fault, why should the child pay for your idiocy. (cause no birth control is 100% effective)

  88. 88

    this is fucking wonderful.
    now young whores will think twice about spreading their legs everyone from their BF to the mailman.

  89. Arshe says – reply to this


    Well of course an unborn baby is alive and a person but its just inconvenient for many of us to think that way. This is wonderful and a step forward not backward.

  90. 90

    THERE'S NO BABY KILLING, they are some inconscious, meaningless little cells. It's like killing a steak = not that important.
    a woman right to own her body = very important.
    Anyway, the way you think about life and death isn't my matter: I, READ THIS *** I *** decide for my uterus AND everything inside it.
    Blame North Dakota.

  91. 91

    THATS NOT AWFUL THAT'S FREAKIN GREAT!!! YES a woman does have the right to do what she wants with HER body.. but the baby's body IS NOT HERS!!!! That is like saysing your husband or wife can kill you because when you got married you became one… THINK ABOUT IT!

    I know that sounds far fetched but it's the same thing. All your pro-choicers are blinded by the abortion security blacket. In reality there really is no difference… your husband/wifes body is not yours, just as your unborn child's body IS NOT YOURS!

  92. 92

    I don't think a total Ban is the best thing I think Victims of rape should have the right to abort but, I do think certain restrictions need to be placed because lets face it as a women we do have a choice and it starts with so many options of birth control being lazy and killing your unborn child just because you didn't feel like being on birth control and you couldn't keep them closed is just wrong.

    Now that I'm here I also would like to mention that women that continue to have unplanned pregnancies one after the other with countless baby daddies after the 2nd little "accident" tax payers should not be held accountable they should be cut off from all services. All of these welfare people that know how to milk the system are the only ones not affected by these economic times and its because we continue to go into debit for paying for their "mistakes" ….

    Ahh I feel better now

  93. 93

    What do you expect from a state full of inbred bible bouncers? If they really were pro-life, maybe they would offer to adopt or be a foster parent to all the unwanted children out there. Let's face it, once the kid is born, they stop caring. They make me want to vomit.

  94. 94

    Re: litzie – And what about the baby's right… Who is standing up for their rights… It sure isn't the women who choose to kill them… Women have a right to protect themselves and many of them against their better judgement choose not to, but then woops an innocent being is formed and now all of a sudden it's the woman's right to kill it b/c of her irresponsibility. Absolutely not.. Women are responsible for their body, not the babies. Where are the babies rights….!!

  95. 95

    WOW A LOT of you are very ignorant!! Not all abortions are due to women acting uncarefully with their sex lives. Get your facts straight. Open your minds and realize that there are many MORE reasons, possibly medical reasons to perform abortions.

  96. 96

    That's odd, as North Dakota is an abortion.

  97. 97

    To all you backwoods dipshits screaming, "Don't kill babies!" "Keep your legs shut"…Please be sure you get in line TODAY to begin taking care of unwanted foster children. Otherwise you run the risk of people figuring out what moronic, simplistic, hypocritical fucking idiots you are!!! Wait…too late.

  98. 98

    Re: amylynn – You hit the nail right on the head. I totally agree:
    A woman has the right to responsible sex. AMEN!!!

  99. 99

    I wish the crazed McJesus Freaks in America would start minding their own fucking business, no matter what they think their Imaginary Friend in the Sky whispered in their waxy ears.

  100. 100

    I just love how over half of the people who are disagreeing to this are guys.

    And the girls who are disagreeing with this are probably some ugly ass whores who fuck guys 24/7 and are getting abortions twice a year.

    LEARN SOME RESPONSIBILITY, if you don't want a baby, then close your god damn legs. Easy as that.

    And the baby is not YOUR BODY. It's a different human that's only residing inside of you. But you do not OWN it, so you should not have a right to KILL it because you're an irresponsible whore.

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