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R-Patz is Back!

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L.A. just got a whole lot hotter!

On Tuesday, Twilight star Robert Pattinson was spotted window shopping with a friend on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

R-Patz is looking mighty yummy, as always!

Did you pick up something for us, bb?

[Image via WENN.]

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250 comments to “R-Patz is Back!”

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  1. 101

    im happy that hes presenting at the oscars hes an amazing talent and i think he needs to be rewarded for it but i rather that he was in england he gets into too much trouble in L.A

  2. 102

    OMG omg omg im hyperventilating!!!

  3. 103


  4. 104


  5. 105

    aww I missed him! He looks to be enjoying himself, being able to walk down the street without being bothered! relief Im sure he needs to come hide out in a small town in indiana hang out with me! haha cant wait till sunday.Thanks perez i love to see him doing well and enjoying himself!

  6. 106

    ohh baby he's so hot.

  7. 107

    robert patts needs to come to queens, new york to see me =]

  8. 108

    hell yea!!

    time to go whore myself around L.A.

    i love you rpatz!!


  9. 109

    *licks screen* Okay, bye Perez.. and Thanks! *wink*

  10. 110

    love the heart over his 'special place' hee hee

    glad he's here safe. now if he could just visit the east coast


  11. 111

    What a babe. I check Perez every day just in case there are new Robert Pattinson pictures :) Thank you Perez.

  12. 112

    God bless america! He's back, bitches!

  13. 113

    Re: RachelWantsACullen – this Rachel wants a Robert……

  14. 114

    DAYUM! He looks smoking as always! Hope he loses the scruff before the oscars though, he's gotta look better than Zaquisha!

  15. 115

    oh yay he's back! i missd seeing rob :) thanx perez! Lov u!

  16. 116

    hawt? i think NAWT

  17. 117

    oh beloved r-patz

  18. 118

    Myy God,
    he is soo hot :)

  19. 119

    Now do tell us…… is he at the studio rented apartment or at a hotel ??? & will he be staying around after the Oscars. New Moon goes to production in March and I hear they are shooting in Italy first….. Come on P-Nasty give us the dirt !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. jg5 says – reply to this


    perfection. thanks perez

  21. 121


  22. 122

    I've missed you Rob, welcome back. So when are you having that lunch date with him Perez? Can I come too? His prob bring something to wear at the Oscars.

  23. 123


  24. 124

    Aaaah, I feel better just knowing he's back on American soil.

  25. 125

    looking forward to the oscars, hope he shaves before then lol

  26. 126

    It's actually his manager, Nicholas Frenkle.

    And as I told my friends, bitch better hide.

    If he's actually presenting on Sunday, I hope he shaves that shit off.

  27. 127

    aww hes so hot! hes in LA for the oscars on sunday. then going back to vancouver to film twilight.
    I should co ordinate when i vacation down to Van city when twilight films ;)

  28. 128

    god rob is looking soo good and georgeous as always thank god he is back in LA , but Puerto Rico could use some spunk ransom love !!!!

  29. 129

    i hope they dont eff up New Moon.

  30. 130

    hes so not hot these daYS.

  31. 131

    Who is his friend? The gay version of Jerry Seinfeld?

  32. 132

    amen, someone please steal that sidewalk!

  33. 133

    damnit! he looks amazing. jesus christ.
    The things I would do to that man…

  34. 134

    I hate R-Patz.
    Almsot as much as I hate that fucking nickname!

  35. 135

    Re: Nikki Rose – If he's gonna visit you in Queens, he should take the RFK bridge over to the Bronx to pay me a visit afterward!

  36. 136

    god that man is handsome!

  37. 137


  38. 138

    Awe…Rob, how I missed you. Welcome back. :)

  39. 139

    robpattinson.org said the guy was his bodyguard. YAY im glad hes back in the US where he belongs BAHA we OWN him now :) jk…sorta

  40. 140


  41. 141


  42. 142

    hes buying me langerei sorry we're getting it on tonite

  43. 143

    Re: JustJenny – Jenny Dear i am relieved that someone else fucking hates this piece of Douche.. I cant believe that this piece of shit is presenting at the Oscars!! The idiot looks like he is in a perpetual state of HANG OVER. God damn you.. God damn you President George W Bush for causing the economic crisis that has led to the most prestigious events hiring Z-list talent in order to rack up viewers (most of which will have not hit puberty). I honestly expect them to hire Paris Hilton next for host with Lindsay Bihan as her own personal Side-show bob. HE HAS NO TALENT!!! HAS anyone even heard him sing like he did for those tracks on the twilight sound track, it was painful to listen to, i was peeing with laughter because it was so ridiculously horrible, his voice is just as shitty as every other aspect of his shitty dejected career… And i dont need Simon to back me up on this, he has no place on the charts or in the box office…Will this nightmare that goes by the name of Robert Pattinson never end, i await the day when he crawls back into the vodka bottle that he came out of and stays there..

  44. 144

    OMG!!! *drools* he is so breathtakingly beautiful. He is otherworldly. Godly in fact. Can't wait to see him in something dark blue, and shiny this Sunday, maybe a blue steel tux, um hmmm. Perfect.

    Have you guys checked out the new clips of "Little Ashes?" He looks amazing in it. Everyone will see his brilliance in his portrayal of Salvador Dali on March 27th when it opens in the USA.

    He is going to Japan to send off Twilight there on Feb. 27th before going to Vancouver to start shooting on March 23ish. So I hear.

  45. 145

    this man simply cannot be more sexier!!!!

    love you man (L)!!!

  46. 146

    i want robbeerrtt in my pants. nbd

  47. 147



  48. 148

    he's beautiful!!!!!

  49. 149

    his hair lookks hawwttt like that

  50. 150

    Hollywood, British Columbia? That's new. Perez, I don't think you should love everyone's genitals. You could get sick if you love the wrong ones.

  51. 151

    he's looking fucking sexy!
    i love you rob!

  52. 152

    Perez I hope you know Rob's mother tells rob when he has a story on your site:p

    He may be a lil weirded out:p But lol we all love RPatzz its ok:p

  53. 153

    Anyone notice the BC license plate downstage left?!?! Haha, go Canada!

  54. 154

    Anyone notice the BC license plate downstage left?!?! Haha, go Canada!!

  55. 155

    in true OME style…oh Dear Lord he is back and he looks hot as a sunny August day…looking forward to seeing more of him and his crazy hair


  56. 156

    So hot, now if he could only shave!

  57. 157

    that is his manager, i think his name is Mark

    leave poor rob alone!

  58. 158

    Re: Alana143 – Dont waste your sympathy on "Rob" or any of his douchebaggery..

  59. 159

    Re: Alana143 – You have more dignity and self pride as a person that to affiliate/associate yourself with him, safe it for someone who's worth it, someone talented.

  60. 160

    Re: Jolly Olly

    Jolly Olly are you really Zac Efron? hehehehe

  61. 161

    Re: Gypsy_Moon – LMAO, normally i would be offended by being associated with Zaquisha..But you are random and hilarious and..I think i love you..LoL, breathe im not some creep.. Its just that i think its horrible that the Academy is hiring people like Pattinson and Effron in order to get viewers…. This is what i think of him presenting the oscars:
    What really sucks, and I mean really..Is that this son of a bitch can not act for shit..Im sorry but that Twilight Movie was total garbage and you know it (mind you i am a devout fan of all of the books).. He is disgusting, he can't act, and he has done nothing major other Than harry potter and twilight..The oscars is supposed to feature quality actors, the big stars not disgusting people like this who have zero talent.. I wasn't shocked to hear that Miley Cyrus was performing because unlike Pattinson, she possesses something that resembles talent.. The only reason why people like him is because some think that he is good looking (and i man you Mario you fat fuck), and if you like him because of his looks, then put him on a fucking runway and get him off of sets..I cant believe that a ton of TALENTED actors ( meaning people like Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt) struggled for years to make names for themselves and a PRICK like this is getting hired just because he has a super natural ability to not Shower and give a horrible accent..
    Thanks for a great laugh Gypsy, you made my night ;)

  62. 162

    YES! im glad he had a good time back home in london but im glad he is back here again but stay away from paris hilton she is CRAZY!!!!

    haha keep the R0Patz stuff coming perez

  63. 163

    by the way why is this only number 3 on the most commented posts like seriously? he is always number one when he is one here! he deserves it! i cant wait for little ashes!

  64. 164

    Re: Jolly Olly – LMAOOOOOOOO get a grip fella, rob's gonna present the oscar and the end. You don't need to be all bitter about this. Brad Pitt, talented? he may be good but he never was ALL that, and you should see another rob's projects like the bad mothers handbook which rob's pretty good in it and there is now little ashes and how to be. So you suck for judging him without knowing shit

  65. 165

    Re: Jolly Olly

    Haha. I love the affect he has on you. Writing a damn book like this sh!t is serious. It's the fvcking internet dumbsh!t. Don't get all drama queen. You are filled with with such hate. Go get laid. Find a dog or something.

    PS- remember this.. no matter how sh!tty you say he is, he will always be better than you. IN EVERY WAY.


  66. 166

    Ok I totally LOVE his hair…Just…like…that…

  67. 167

    yey! the hotness is back!! his hair is already long enough for new moon coming next month!

  68. 168

    i love rob pattinson!

    wait! isn't his hair longer?

  69. 169

    Mmmmm…..Damn he's so hott!!

  70. NJK says – reply to this


    his hair!!! :')
    it's comin back

  71. 171

    love it!!

    cant wait to see him at the oscars!!

  72. 172

    omg. he is so lovely. im so happy hes back. how bout you me and rob have threesome? that would be so hot.

  73. 173

    SO HOT!

    and hes really tall!

  74. 174

    this guy needs a bath.

  75. 175

    Love love love him - he is just pure sex on legs that man!

  76. 176

    told ya

  77. 177

    omfg yey i'm soooooooooo happy he's back

  78. 178

    well his hair grew back….

  79. 179

    Are those skinny jeans/pants?

  80. 180


  81. 181

    GODDD he's soooo hot.

  82. 182

    my yummy BF

  83. 183

    looking mighty sexyy
    lovee his hair right now
    ya i want him.

  84. 184

    Re: SilverStar – Thanks for the reply Silver, i really mean it. I love to see how people end up reacting to my ranting. To be honest, the only reason the entertainment industry is what it is, is because of people like you and me..We pay to be entertained..Sadly I was not entertained, and believe or not i am not the only person who shares that opinion..I do not judge Robert Pattinson as a person, because i do not know him personally. I judged him as an entertainer ( you could get angry at me for judging at all but seeing as we on Perez Hilton's site, that would be a little hypocrite). As an actor and a singer i felt that Pattinson did not deliver. If you think he did, than that is your opinion and i will respect it greatly. But this is my opinion and i have every right to have one. I love that i could get to know what you thought and i guess that the anger was mainly because of the Academy Awards thing. The economic crisis has wreaked havoc on all of us and this is a hard time for the world, even the entertainment world. Had the Academy not been pressed for both money and viewers, i just dont think that such a prestigious institution would affiliate themselves with anything other than the best. I am dismayed that you beleive that Pattinson is better than me in EVERY SINGLE Way, you don't know me at all.

  85. 185

    Re: SilverStar – And frankly there is no basis of comparison between us, we are completely different people… from what i see in interviews we have nothing in common. How can you then have the audacity to tell me that he triumphs over my in every aspect of my life. Thankyou for the comment silver, I Love you, seriously. ANd i hope to see you around the site more often. Please dont be offended by anything i say, i meant it all in the spirit of respect. Bye :)

  86. 186

    Perez you really love Robert…
    Thanks for that
    When i want to see robert i just come to perez web site :=)

  87. 187

    Ah yes…. my week week just got better. Sure he looks like a bear…but its okay. Scruff is good….good to have in back in North America… next up Vancouver.

  88. 188

    Re: lolipop – Id like to first say that i judge based on his work as an entertainer, not based on his personality because i dont know him personally. I am not a fan of Brad Pitt, but i think that as an actor he is extremely talented and most definitely "All That" he hold a 22 awards to his name, one of which is a Golden Globe, and has been nominated for 2 Oscars. I really don't think that you can compare his work to that of Pattinson, because there is no comparison. The Bad Mother's notebook was a low-budget TV movie in the UK… Robert Pattinson had a small role and i didn't see him do enough for me, the movie was literally carried by Catherine Tate whose performance was stunning. In any case, it was too small a role. His performance in twilight was absolutely horrendous, id like you to name one critic (and NOT PEREZ) who would say otherwise. The movie was bashed and only made money because of the hype created by the books (which i loved). Little Ashes has yet to be released, and i watch every movie with an open mind regardless of who stars. I only judge after the end of the credits. If he gives a good performance (not even great but good) i will be the first to denounce everything i said, it would make me happy even to see another actor who gives quality work that can be enjoyed by everyone.

  89. 189

    As for now i remain unconvinced, the only semi-decent performance he gave was in Haunted Airman and even then he was Meh… but i definitely do my homework about an actor before i say that kind of stuff about them, thanks for your response dude, much love ;)

  90. 190

    he needs to shave, jesus !

  91. 191

    hes so hott ♥

  92. 192


    sex hairrr
    sex body
    sex for me

  93. 193

    Perez… that is FakeRPattz on twitter along with FakeRPattz agent. FakeRPattz sees $$$$$ Struck it RICH with that one!

  94. 194

    I think that he is walking w/his body guard. RobPatz = Hot. Can't wait to see him presenting on the Oscars this Sunday. Yummy!

  95. 195

    That is his manager. I'm pretty sure that they were looking for an outfit for him to wear for the oscars.

  96. 196

    Re: NiKiRoLLeRbLaDeS
    Wats SWOON?

  97. 197

    ooh im in LOOOVE
    if only…. if only

  98. 198

    id like 2 put him on a stick and lick!
    yummy yummy

  99. 199

    he's so sexy doing his scruffy thing

  100. O_O says – reply to this


    Yum, he is looking fin and dandy. His sex hair is growing out.
    Oh, We forget that he is an unknown last year. He dosent have many role under his belt. Granted Twilight sucked, at least it put him on the map for other great roles. So dont judge him too harshly. Let see what kind of role he will be taking. We havent seen all his abilitys yet. There always gonna be bad or great roles for every actors. Just have to suck it up and move on.
    I cant wait for How to be and Little Ashes. Totally different genres from Twilight…

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