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Chris Brown Did This (According To Rihanna and The Police Report)

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That picture speaks for itself!

Our heart breaks for Rihanna. This is beyond horrible and inexcusable.

Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!

If that monster has smart advisors, then Brown will issue another (better) statement and apology RIGHT NOW.

P.S. That picture was taken very soon after Rihanna's horrific beating, so it was BEFORE the full extent of bruising and swelling could manifest.

[Image via TMZ.]

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2026 comments to “Chris Brown Did This (According To Rihanna and The Police Report)”

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  1. 2001

    Sad Princess

  2. 2002

    To be honest, I still like Chris Brown. Even after this

  3. 2003

    ohh how sadd))):

  4. 2004

    OMG!!! its worse than i thought!!! :(

  5. 2005

    Beating a woman is disgusting. No matter what she said or did (nobody is reporting that she hit him first) I will personally boycott him & really hope America does too. To allow him to come back & make hit records (& the millions that go along with it) is saying to every little boy & yound man out there that beating your woman is OK & it is NOT!!

  6. 2006

    Holy smokes she look'Zz dead… Poor girl =[

  7. 2007

    ive been wondering if it was tru or not. that is sooo bad. i loved chris brown, hes a f-in jerk

  8. 2008

    Poor girl. But because he is a celeb Chris will get away with it. Unfortunately anyone who is a celeb will get away with anything.

    Sad but true.

  9. 2009

    c'est un gros ENCULE, ce CHRIS BROWN,fuck you!!!!!chris brown ,i love rihanna she's a very good singer.i'm french i'not writing english!!!!!!y a le que le trompette qui tape les femmes.ouh!ouh!

  10. 2010

    What. An. Ass.
    I was so angry when I heard.
    They seemed to be so happy together… what a lie.
    Grr, wanna kick him right in the face.

  11. 2011

    LOL!!! How many people in this world actually care about this shit!? It's pointless, and it's their business. Get a life. I only did this so that maybe some of you guys would..oh, wait. Nevermind. This is pointless.

  12. 2012

    i know this guy(who looks like CB) and he adored CB and when he heard of this his sister(my BF) made fun of him. he had pictures of CB and took them down the day after he heard the news. i went to his room and they were gone! haha lol.

    its true that his music is something i'll listen to but i will never cheer for him again!

  13. 2013

    oh my…. :(
    tsh i don't care what chrisbrown's reason is but he (and not anybody!) has the right to beat a WOMAN up like this. damn.

  14. 2014

    Re: tnj041806 – Her lips and nose look that big because she was punched in the face ya fucking retard. of course they'll look bigger. let me punch you in the face and see if your lips swell. It's her, her tattoo, hair, everything, looks like her

  15. 2015

    danm thats SCARY!!!! cris brown is a women beater!!!

  16. 2016

    i used ta b in love wid him
    now i hate him so much

  17. 2017

    first of all let me say poor,poor riri ANYWAY! i dnt like how everybody is puttin the blame on my baby chris, u kno it do takes 2 people 2 make all this mess, all i gotta say is if rihannna woulda never went thru his phone & bein so damn jelious none of this woulda happen. she had 2 put her hands on him first in order 4 him 2 woop her ass she had already thru his car keys out the window & shit went down hill from there & he got tired of her hittin him so he went chris brown on that ass lol. but i dnt approve of violence & me puttin their hands on women but if u ask 4 it u ask it. LIVE & LEARN RIRI.

  18. 2018

    Ohh my god y iz every one lookn at chris n a different way now we all used to luv em but now yall ppl thinkn her a worman beater she deserved it.I would of beat her up like dat to.yall dnt even kno what happend really.yall all hype i dnt care about riri cuz i dnt like er..dats not even what she reallly looked like after he hit her he only hit her 2 times they put more affects on it yall aw dum for sayn dat cuz look who website chu u perez hilton..duh!Ima still like chis no mateer what yall say.if yall really look at the pic'z rir has a tattoo on her neck dat not really her..

  19. 2019

    Re: Nikkilicious123 – im rite with chu

  20. 2020

    Fuck you Chris Brown. Your career's over. What the fuck was the whole thing about anyways!?

  21. 2021


  22. 2022


  23. 2023


  24. 2024

    I think its not our business to judge them if they want to stay together. Im sure she pushed his buttons and he pushed hers. They are HUMAN!!!! Shit Happens….

  25. 2025

    oh my god guys, its a FAKE picture!!
    im not saying chris' beating was fabricated, or that its right and all but seriously!

    yes, he beat her.. yes its really terrible and yes he should pay for it.. but you have to be so naive to believe this pic! its photoshopped to add more to the publicity! all the recent pics or sightings of rihanna show that half of this isnt visible on her face!

  26. 2026

    Re: maxinae – You are one stupid little bitch- This is a POLICE PHOTO dumbass, it's not photoshopped. Are you the last person on Earth that doesn't know this yet? It's not a fabricated story, it's not a fabricated picture, it's not a fabrication-PERIOD. He beat the shit out of her and that's her. Why is it so hard to believe? Because he's famous? Because you think he's cute? Because you like his music? None of that means shit because he did what he did regardless of what your pitiful little pea brain believes.

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