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Chris Brown Did This (According To Rihanna and The Police Report)

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That picture speaks for itself!

Our heart breaks for Rihanna. This is beyond horrible and inexcusable.

Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!

If that monster has smart advisors, then Brown will issue another (better) statement and apology RIGHT NOW.

P.S. That picture was taken very soon after Rihanna's horrific beating, so it was BEFORE the full extent of bruising and swelling could manifest.

[Image via TMZ.]

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2026 comments to “Chris Brown Did This (According To Rihanna and The Police Report)”

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  1. 201

    Wow. I wonder if this is a real picture. One of the sad things about this situation is that reportedly, she wants to get back together with him.

  2. 202

    OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. 203

    Perez, please remove this pic. This is a total invasion of the most personal tragedy a young woman can go through. If you have any respect for yourself as a fellow human being, don't do this to her!

  4. 204

    Give me 5 min with him. A man should never put his hands on a women. Its disgusting to see a women that beat from a PUNK!!

  5. 205

    Re: .perezhilton.com

    wow. racist, much?

  6. 206

    This is horrible. It makes me so angry to see this come from such a talented young man whom I recently applauded for his song about street signs with Elmo on Sesame Street. I just don't understand.

  7. 207

    omg! i thought everyone was being dramatic or something! but omg! thats effing horrid!

  8. 208

    damn, Chris is such a idiot!

    God Bless Rihanna!

  9. Laury says – reply to this


    Even if his record label didn't drop him, his career is still over. No one will ever support him again or buy his albums after what he did. You know what, he did more harm to himself than he did to RiRi. She's free to live her life the way she wants and she still has family, friends and fans who support her. Now Chris, on the other hand, will probably never see the end of this. His reputation is tarnished for life and his career will most likely never recover. Trust me Perez, karma is gonna bite him in the ass big time, even if he does release a better statement.

  10. 210


  11. 211

    MOFO - WTF WTF. chris brown should go die in a hole

    poorr girll

  12. 212


  13. 213

    This is sad, but the picture really looks fake to me. It's hard to believe in this day and age that a police camera would take a fuzzy picture like this. And the tattoo on her shoulder looks out of place, like it isn't meshed with her skin. I don't know. If this is really what happened, that's fucked up.

  14. 214

    Douchebag needs t go to jail NOW! Poor RirRi! Geet better soon! Stay Strong!

  15. 215

    Re: SWEETPIECE IS ME! – #152 WORD!!
    MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

  16. 216

    perez, i love ya but it was really really not okay to post this…

  17. 217

    is this real????? shit

  18. 218

    Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with that fucker.
    He should be in jail for this!
    I love her, I hope she never goes back to him.

  19. 219

    I dont thinnk thats her. her nose is way to wide and pig like and the lips are way to big. Even if there puffy from getting socked they wouldn't puff out evenly. I dont think its her.

  20. 220

    fuck chris brown. what a bastard. i pray rihanna is okay. chris will get whats coming to him.

  21. 221

    OMFG ! ARe you kidding me ?! Rihianna needs to speak out about this he CANNOT get away with this . I loved Chris BRown as an artist but I will NOT support this blasphemy.


  22. 222

    WOW! I will NEVER EVER listen to anything by Chris Brown. What a DIRT BAG!!! Hopefully he will have his ass handed to him in court!!

  23. 223

    He needs to go to jail ASAP!!!

  24. 224

    OMG!!! I feel for Rihanna so much. I was in an abusive relationship a few years ago. Ladies out there, if you are in a bad relationship PLEASE GET OUT! There are support groups all over the usa to help.
    Rhianna, we all love you and support you. Get well soon.
    And FUCK that piece of shit chris brown. I will not buy anything he endorses, records, ANYTHING!

  25. 225

    Re: JoshuaBrody – Did you ever think her lips were swollen from being beaten you fucktard?

  26. ambam says – reply to this


    Totally inexcusable!
    No one should do this to another person.

  27. 227

    i wonder if she has face insurance

  28. ttt says – reply to this


    thats FUCKED UP

  29. 229

    WOW!!!! There is never need for violence, especially against someone that you love in care for. They are celebs so I know that's why people are even more upset but I hope people look at the fact that this kind of crap takes place in everyday homes around the world and it's sad. I feel for Rhianna but I also feel for everyone else who has gone through situations like this. There is no need for any women or man to put there hands on another. Rhianna fans I'm sure she will be just fine… and I wish her the best! Chris Brown; wow he has alot of explaining to do… All I can say is Wow!!! Look at her forehead he must have hit her EXTREMELY HARD for her head to have swelled up like that. DAMN very on called for.

  30. 230

    Re: gdeeaz
    i think he's just getting out that people need to boycott him, and show that these things happen to even famous people and that they should do something about it.

  31. 231

    oh my God, what a fucking PIG he is, i can't believe this…Poor baby girl Riri :( (( A man should NEVER touch a girl, in any fucking circumstances! I bet Chris would like it if a much stonger, bigger person (like Jay-Z) was to beat HIM up till he's half dead. Fucking pig, I hope he gets a LONG time in prison and gets fucked up his ass by big black cock 10 times a day, fucking shitbag…

  32. 232

    Seriously… what a piece of shit. That man has no right to wander the streets let alone make millions of dollars with his terrible excuse for "music" and endorsements.
    Screw him, and his so called smart advisors for helping him after this brutality. He's a lost cause and a pitiful human being. I can't wait to watch his career sink to the bottom i know i'll be laughing. Until then i will be one of the thousands boycotting ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that he has had a part of.
    That's karma for the woman beating PRICK!

    by the way…. i think someone should let chris know that he isn't so different from the man he hated growing up that beat on his mom. Like father like mother fucking WORTHLESS son.

    Thanks for bringing him down perez..

  33. 233

    Omg this picture is disturbing! I think you should take this down! Rihanna wouldn't want this all over the internet. Be a good person and give her some privacy.

  34. 234

    This is so sad….

  35. 235

    you know i didn't think it was that bad until now this is just wrong

  36. 236

    oh hell, this is so awful :(

  37. 237

    how do we know that this isn't just a fat lippe dlook-a-like?

    If it is real WTF C.B????????????????

  38. 238

    And Will Smith and Terrence Howard can go fuck themselves for defending his sorry ass. Terrence Howard and Chris Brown are both a couple of pussies for beating on women, pick on someone your own size you teeny tiny little poor excuses for men.

  39. 239

    I hope someone really fucks him up!
    Feel better Rihanna.
    Take all the time off you need!
    So sad. Violence is never the answer.

  40. 240

    OH MY GOD! I didn't even believe this was her, I had to look up to see if she had that tattoo on her shoulder!!! That is so crazy! Chris Brown really effed up his life.

  41. 241

    This picture looks NOTHING like Rhianna. Even if her nose and lips were swollen, they wouldn't look like this. This is obviously NOT Rhianna. Sick and wrong of people to post it.

  42. 242

    OMG! It's hard to believe a guy can do something so horrible to a woman and then say "I'm sorry, and Jesus will help us through this". So sad their relationship had to end like this………

  43. 243

    This simple motherfucker will pay-I'm surprised nobody has tried to take him out already

  44. 244

    Re: piratecookie – I like you …stay close!! Arghhhh!!

  45. 245

    Re: RPATTZLVVRR – You're an idiot…

  46. 246

    o my lord……speechless

  47. 247

    Fuck Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 248

    boycott the crap out of chris brown… unacceptable!!!

  49. midi says – reply to this


    he's not a monster, he's just like any other person who uses violence to control their partner. domestic violence - it happens all the time, around the world, every second of every day.

  50. 250

    THIS ABSOLUTELY MAKES MY STOMACH TURN!! FUCK CHRIS BROWN! This is bullshit! No woman should ever have anything like this done to her!

  51. 251

    Wow!~~~~The picture speaks for itself! This will be on the news for days to come and Chris is probably shitting bricks right now.

  52. 252

    Rihanna please stand up for yourself! Dont let that monster get to u bb

    She NEEDS to press charges for this. It's not a question of if she wants to. I will lose so much respect for her if she doesn't. I feel that if she shows that she can press charges she will influence other young women to stand up for themselves.

  53. 253

    Perez at least put this under a link. Some people might be offended and not want to see that as they're going through your page. It's horrible though. Fuck Chris Brown, I would beat the shit out of him if I ever had to see him in person.

  54. 254


  55. 255

    Wow, poor Rihanna. She looks horribly messed up. Chris Brown beat her up pretty badly!

    Of course the Brown apologists are going to make up excuses, but nothing excuses this. No one has any right to put a hand on a woman in anger. Chris Brown needs to go to jail for his. What kind of man could do this to a woman and still call himself a man?!

    I will NEVER buy anything Brown is involved with ever again.

  56. 256

    I feel sick to the stomach looking at this picture, my heart goes out to Rihana and her family. It also shocks me that this picture has been released as it is only adding to the families pain. Chris Brown is obviously a sick individual for doing this he obviously needs help. Personally i feel jail is the only option for him. His apology was pathetic to say the least a few words compared to the pain and damage on this amazingly talented and beautiful girl. Ashamed he and his family should be. Rihanna stay strong your family,friends and fans love you. And i no i speak for thousands get back to health soon. Love to Rihanna xxxx

  57. 257

    I run a nightclub and our dj's are not permitted to play Chris Brown, he has also been removed from our countdown.

  58. 258

    That sucks. He needs a couple of years behind bars to think about what he has done.

  59. 259

    that's absolutely disgusting, He's an animal

  60. 260

    GIANT knot on her forehead!!!! Looks like a morgue photo!

  61. 261

    Haha she looks like she has horns. Chris Brown is done… how stupid to attack the IT girl

  62. 262

    Re: Elrania – Don't be stupid, TMZ is a reliable source!

  63. 263

    That's her; the tat definitely confirms it…her lips are swollen because she got smacked around.

  64. 264

    oh my god!! thats so not right, that fucker better go to jail. what a fucking douche!!

  65. 265


    oh poor rihanna!

    chris brown is completely FUCKEDD!!

  66. 266

    This is Rihanna you fuck faces, look at the fucking lips.

    it makes me want to cry looking at this.

  67. 267

    He is a piece of shit…but because they are both famous he will get what is coming to him. I worry about all of the un-seen injustices happening around the world right now. I don't even know what that Chris Brown thing sings but fuck he is ugly.

  68. 268

    I hate the fact that chris brown got away with it!

  69. 269

    Any of the idiots who may have said in previous blogs that somehow "she deserved it" or that she is "high maintenance" like that is somehow an excuse for him to bash a woman - need to look at this picture and think long and hard about their views.

    What kind of person does this to their partner? A woman ???

    Anyone that would defend or make excuses for Chris Brown is as big a scumbag as he is…

  70. 270

    I feel for her. Let this be a lesson for you women who stay with abusive men, it will only get worse. Get better Rihanna!

  71. 271

    This is beyond horrible… i used to love Chris Brown… I can assure you that i'm not anymore!!!!

  72. 272

    He should be in jail - I don't think she got like that by fucking magic.

  73. 273

    he better go to jail for this! i can't even look at this picture it's horrible he would do that to rihanna. no more chris brown for me.

  74. 274

    Oh my… Riri, lov u :(

  75. 275

    What Label is Chris with and lets boycott them as well until they drop this ass.

  76. 276

    Re: piratecookie – Arghhh!!! I like you and stay close!!You look like fun!!Argghhhhhhh!!ps. and I like your comment.

  77. 277

    Chris Brown can not show his face in public again. He's dead in so many ways.

  78. 278

    has she made a public statement yet? is that really her?

  79. 279

    Unbelievable. That piece of shit needs to get the punishment he deserves and the counseling his obviously needs…and not that stupid shit from his pastor either. I don't care who "started" it ….the injuries in this picture should not have happened. Violence is never the answer…ever.

  80. 280

    That's really sad. The thing that's even worse is that this type of thing happens every minute of the day, but nobody hears about that.

  81. 281

    Sinful - no one has the right to touch ANYONE in such a violent way.

  82. 282

    Kick his ass Rhianna!

  83. slope says – reply to this


    look at her neck … it is like purple

  84. 284

    Re: JoshuaBrody – Um… her lips are big because SHE GOT HIT AND HAS A FAT LIP. idiot.

  85. 285

    OMG this is sooo horrible. i love rihanna!!! i hope she will be ok!! my prayers go out 2 her.

  86. Clair says – reply to this


    I have to say… I understand that all these sites feel they have some journalistic duty to report what they can.. and perez, you have better standards than most. But I really can't agree with the posting of this picture. She cooperated with the police knowing it was going to be found out she was the victim, I'm sure she's asked them not to leak the pics as she's been in hiding. The identity and police photos of a rape or DV victim are considered confidential. I am saddened that this got out. I have survived many years in abusive situation, from home to later with an S/O, and managed to get out.. There is nothing more embarrassing than people knowing and seeing the evidence. I hope you'll remove this, out of journalistic integrity. I know you attempt to report the truth, but that doesn't mean this picture was necessary, let the others sink to think level.

  87. Zip says – reply to this


    How could anyone defend this animal, Chris Brown???? BTW, his statement can no be entered as an admission of guilt. If you didn't think his career was over before, you better know it now!!! This picture, and other soon to surface is his demise!!!! Where is Will Smith to defend this now??? Will, you are a coward!!!!

  88. 288

    Re: JoshuaBrody – That's because they're swollen from having the crap beat out of her. Duh.

  89. 289

    Re: poop coming out is fun – You too! Let's wish a week of constipation on Chris Brown. And a painful rupture upon elimination. What do you think?

  90. 290

    sadsadsad poor RIRI

    what a creep. (brown)

  91. 291

    Unbelievable. And how sad that a woman as beautiful and accomplished as Rihanna stood for this - sounds like it wasn't the first time. Honey, get some help - you deserve so much better than this loser!

  92. 292

    He is a dead man for sure. What a dirtbag. HE can say goodbye to his career. What little his no talent ass had of it anyway.

  93. 293

    Well, I'm going to get chewed out for even sayin this but….that's not as bad as I had expected. It's not that bad. i've seen way worse. And I'm not saying it's ok to hit a woman, but wow….that's not horrible.

  94. 294

    what a monster..that muther fucker

  95. 295

    fucking hate chris brown. what a fucking moron. he has issues. fucking psycho. hate chris brown so much what a fucking douche bag. he deserves to be in jail.

  96. 296

    I'm def not spending any cent for chris brown…
    how could he honestly….
    He really needs to spend some time by himself in jail.
    wow I can't believe how crude! :(
    and now i even love more Riri!
    team RIHANNA! :)
    we love you, and we hope you get better soon!

  97. 297


  98. 298

    This is a horrible image but i do agree with some of the comments posted that Riri wouldn't want this image circulated among gossip sites as this is a pretty horrible situation she is gonna have to deal with.

    Chris Brown use to be a role model but he needs to be put into place by the appropriate authorities so as young boys around the world wont follow in his foot steps. Consequences need to be shown to the world that violence is not and will never be the answer to your problems.

  99. 299

    Chris Brown needs to be in jail right now. I still can't believe people think Chris did nothing wrong. -_-'
    I hope Rihanna's doing well.

  100. 300

    Holy Shit! Poor Rihanna. Fuck Chris Brown. Ri is a fighter she'll come back.

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