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Chris Brown Did This (According To Rihanna and The Police Report)

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That picture speaks for itself!

Our heart breaks for Rihanna. This is beyond horrible and inexcusable.

Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!

If that monster has smart advisors, then Brown will issue another (better) statement and apology RIGHT NOW.

P.S. That picture was taken very soon after Rihanna's horrific beating, so it was BEFORE the full extent of bruising and swelling could manifest.

[Image via TMZ.]

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2026 comments to “Chris Brown Did This (According To Rihanna and The Police Report)”

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  1. 601

    ok, i know she is badly beaten but this doesn't look like rhianna, and is there proof chris brown did this?

    i think he should be boycotted, but also i think a REAL investigation needs to go on. there are no real facts with tabloids anymore…

    if all this is true, and that picture is riri, chris brown needs to get his ass in jail asap.

  2. 602

    That fucker!

  3. 603

    WOW AWFUL!!!

  4. 604

    Oh my god! From what I have read before it sounded bad, but not this bad. That fucker should be in jail!

    Why does Chris Brown still have a record deal? He should lose everything for this. His punk ass seemed to think he was going to get away with it, and his family sure is supportive of what he has done. Makes me sick!

  5. 605

    Re: perezisafathomo – did your parents drop you on the head then drive over you as a kid???????

  6. 606

    Ayy Perecito, quedo super mal la pobre.

    Que lo crucifiquen.

  7. 607

    HE'S GOING TO DIE IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 608

    OMG… this is HORRIBLE. HOW or WHY would someone do this to someone else???? SMDH

  9. 609

    Does anybody wonder if he thought she was dead…since she was unconcious…and fleed…..

    Sick bastard

  10. 610

    D I S T U R B I A

  11. 611

    Re: BILLIELIPS IN THE JUNGLE!!Re: BILLIELIPS IN THE JUNGLE!! – YES!! and he will be the big loser in the end for sure!!!

  12. 612

    datz horrible…y wud u put this picture on here? wutz goin on between them is between them…da only reason yall in there lives is cuz u have no lives of ur own…this is retarded

    good luck 2 both rihanna n chris brown n god bless

  13. 613

    Re: VDUB – umm you're incredibly inaccurate and fucking stupid you piece of shit.

  14. 614

    Re: Patti2009 – (number 611, dun bother lookin for the fuck) WOW well clearly ignorant fucks like you deserve to fucking die. Listen, even if she "provoked" him he doesnt have to "defend" himself by BEATING the shit out of her. Normal people resolve their issues by TALKING to each other. You think I havent pissed my boyfriend off, as bad, as that he wanted to fucking kill me? Fyck yeah I have and he has, but being normal people, we resolved our issues by talking to each other. If a guy jumps to violence, because the GIRL "provoked" him to, that means he's too WEAK to deal with it like normal people do. This is a disability, he should get serious HELP and OR prison! EVERYONE AGREES?

  15. 615

    to all of you that do not believe it's really her, look at the pictures from the clive davis party, which happened the night all this went down. and plus, look at her tattoo on her neck…it's the same one she's always had. and if you examine even closer, you can tell she's wearing the same makeup from the party, so obviously it's her. and this is really so sad. i hope her recovery goes well and it should be interesting to see what happens to chris brown next.

  16. 616

    OMG! That's awful. It makes me want to cry. Chris Brown is a terrible person, I can't believe he could do something like that.

    Rihanna, I love youuu, just know that you have tons of fans supporting you! xo

  17. 617

    holy fucking shit.

    His career is DONE.

  18. 618

    Re: the last star – What's wrong with you? You sound like a complete idiot every time you post! lay off the booze and drugs fucker! You are the dumbest person on this site, really you are! moron!

  19. 619

    Assault with Bodily Harm! Criminal offense!

  20. 620

    ……………………………………..My God this picture breaks my heart :(

  21. 621


    Rihanna will come out of this shining and stronger than ever. Trust.

  22. 622

    Re: Swords Woman – Yes, you are right. Never go back to a hitter. They will hit again!

  23. 623


  24. 624

    why is he out on bail? f* douche should be in jail.

  25. 625

    OMFG! So much worst than I thought it'd be. Poor Rihanna, hope she gets better quickly. Chris Brown's career is over for sure.

  26. 626

    Re: the last star
    By your own admission - didn't you spend time in Prison for nearly beating a man to death? From the tone of your post, you haven't changed!! So much for rehabilitation!! It doesn't matter why you did it, the fact is you are just as prone to violence as Chris Brown!!

  27. 627

    Re: erock2339 – wtf!

  28. 628

    Re: VDUB
    Shut up idiot. Look at the tattoo on her shoulder, it's obviously her. She looks all fucked up because he did this to her. These are police pictures. How could you even stick up for him? The man is a monster.

  29. 629

    Re: Patti2009 – YOU ARE the dumbest person i have ever met. i dont know what is wrong with you but no one should be beaten the point that they can barly open their eyes. You are right that we dont know the whole story but you just said that we dont know the whole story AND YET you just said she PROVOKED HIM. Your a dumb ass and you should just shut up so you dont make yourself look any dumber

  30. 630

    Re: fashionmethat – Thank you and you're welcome. :-)

  31. 631

    alright, so all you people that are defending that s.o.b chris brown, saying riri deserved this, how bout you get your face punched in, and then let us ridicule you and tell you that it's YOUR fault for being abused. yeah, that makes sense, because that's what you're saying about her. a$$holes.

    poor rihanna, i'm praying for her. no matter what went down between the two of them, no one deserves to be physically battered. NO ONE. i hope chris brown gets what's coming to him.

  32. 632

    what a bastard

  33. 633

    My heart breaks for Rihanna, this beautiful, talented girl does not deserve this. I hope Chris Brown rots in jail!

  34. 634

    Re: hard_candy – Don't be putting Michael Jackson into this hooblah… Don't go there! There is obvious evidence being shown and spoken about CB's abuse, there was never a shred of evidence proven against Michael and he went through an unecessary trial; so until YOU provide some evidence then you need not speak on matters that you know nothing about!

  35. 635

    OMG…It reminds me when my mother got beaten by my dad. I jumped at him but he was too strong. I was about to kill him with a bat! I still hate him for that even though he's dead.

  36. 636

    Thank you Perez and TMZ for finding and posting this photo as horrible as it is. People need to see the actual horror that is violent abuse and let it never happen to them and really understand the seriousness of this crime. Great post. It really got people to understand how wrong this is. Our beloved Rhianna had to suffer this at the hands of an abusive fool and now the world is on her side.

  37. 637

    this makes me sick
    chris brown needs to be locked up
    i dont want to hear his shitty voice on the radio ever again
    poor riri, she will def over come this and become stronger and better without that abusive fvck.

  38. 638

    That poor girl. He should be put away for that shit.

  39. 639

    the nose looks to big

  40. 640

    CB is a pathetic pos!

  41. 641

    FUCK him! I've already been boycotting, but it will continue more ferverously.

  42. 642

    WOW…… I completely understand why this is all over the news. Chris Brown is a bitch; he will never be able to show his face in public again. Jesus! . . Ri ri is so much better than him!!! This is terrible! . . . Nobody esp a girl should have had to go through this!!

  43. 643

    i've been boycotting him since the beginning but now you can be sure i'll be boycotting him foreverrrr, fore-eh-eh-everrrrr hahahahahahha DICK!

  44. 644

    Chris brown thinks he's a man?

  45. 645

    This just goes to show you these celeb relationships are not always as they seem. So sad…the media should just give Rihanna her privacy during this time.

    ps-This is most definitely Rihanna for those of you who said it was a fake pic…compare it to other pics of her online and its exactly her nose and lips

  46. 646

    i've seen way worse. i'm sure that sucks, but give me a break. the only reason people are having a shit fit over this is because she's famous, and on top of that, for whatever reason, people love this girl.

  47. 647

    poor riri.. i wonder how long this has been going on for you know? anyway, NO RIGHT for that kid to pull this shit. he's garbage now. let him jump off the b'klyn bridge. game over with him. riri needs her friends, family and STRONG supportors… not the lame type that are afraid to speak out against cb. fuck him… old rat. p.s. love ya perez darling… stay fierce!!! ;)

  48. 648

    Speaking as a woman who has dealt with an abusive boyfriend, Rihanna baby, LOVE DOESNT HAVE TO HURT! STAY STRONG.

  49. 649

    Yeah!, Why would you post this picture? The fact that you did is pretty disgusting and I hope you sleep well at night. Rhianna probably isn't.

  50. 650

    fuck you chris brown. i used to really like you. but seriously. how do you do this to someone. i love RiRi!@!!

  51. 651

    the nose looks too big because he BROKE it…idiots.

  52. 652

    i will never listen to or buy anything associated with chris brown ever again.

  53. 653

    That makes me weak in the knees, poor poor thing. But I have to wonder, how did you get this photo… It seems a bit exploitative (although I can understand being so shocked by it, hat your compelled to post it, but still, seems a bit invasive to Rihanna's privacy.

  54. 654

    Re: Patti2009 – That is very ghetto thinking - like even defending OJ Simpson. Please honey…get out of the ghetto. Regardless of your race. You do not have to think like that.

  55. 655

    it looks like to me that they got a little carried away with the cocaine. drugs can do that to you. moods always up and down

  56. 656

    Re: BITE ME BITCHES – I agree! Last Star is a fucking felon, idiot loser who needs to be banned from this site! PEREZ LAST STAR IS AN ADMITTED FELON! BAN HIM! He scares me! He's so fucking weird and a huge felon tard! BAN HIM!

  57. 657

    pobresita. her heart must hurt more than her face. when's ChrisBrown going to recieve a beatdown??

  58. 658

    oh and yeah… riri leave that bum…FOR REAL…. you are beautiful and talented and loved. kick him off your bus baby doll. you stay in control lovely little baby doll.

  59. 659

    you know what perez your right. fuck chris brown for doing this to her.

  60. 660

    that is horrible. poor riri.

  61. 661

    Chris Brown fi deh a prison. Look weh him do to Rihanna. He is less than a man. Damn woman beater, karma will come back to haunt him one day.

  62. 662

    horrible and unnaceptable. I hope she gets therapy and becomes an advocate to domestic violence. She is lucky in the way that she was able to take pictures and was able to call the police. there are so many cases where someone is unable to contact the police or is non-bruised. If there is no serious bruising and is after the incident the cops usually do nothing besides filing a report. Happened to my friend whos father choked her, slapped her, spanked her and punched her. He took her phone and keys aways. She locked herself in her closet and then crawled out the window. She went to her boyfriends and waited a couple of days until getting the guts to go to the police. The cop was more empathetic towards the angry father than my friend. Because the fight started when the dad called the daughter a slut because of her dress(mind you she is 22) and she walked away and locked herself in the bathroom. He waited until she came out to attack her.
    NO matter if there is a bruise or blood emotional, mental and physical abuse is severely traumatic to someone and affects them for the rest of their life. I hope she stands up and represents. No matter the reason there is no excuse. SHe must be going through alot. Especially since this is her boyfriend.

  63. 663

    i was a chris brown fan now he should friggin burn in jail. poor rihanna. there is nothing that can justify this. HE NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL!!!!!!!! >=[

  64. 664

    Omg i feel sorry for her …. poor riri

  65. 665

    Re: gdeeaz – im sure she's embarassed but DOES want it posted so people can see for themselves that he did this, and he deserves punishment

  66. 666

    Re: jayzee* – Are you kidding me??? So have you ever made anyone mad?? Did you deserve this for it? There is no excuse for what he did. You can't put your hands on people…no matter what–it's against the law!!!! I hope you don't expect this everytime you get in a disagreement or fight with your significant other. I hope you never have kids!!!!

  67. 667

    Holy shit.. I can't even think of what to say seeing this photo..

  68. 668

    Re: BITE ME BITCHES – by the way 683 kudos to you for calling out the criminal Last Star! He's a nut job and sleazy women flirt with him on this site! hahahaha Puke

  69. 669

    Hitting a woman like that….is so….fucking UNCOOL! Chris is a sorry excuse for a human being.

  70. 670

    its over for him- hes goin down for life-god feels shame for him and it will never be ok ever to continue violence- it never was ok in the first place. and rihanna should have seen the signs that she will never forget- being with a playboy pop star is never a good enough reason for letting fame choose your partners- I hope she takes time and lloks into her heart to see what she is to herself first and work on the saddnes and lonliness and conflict of being a socialitepopprincess and still a beautiful girl who needs respect and deserves to choose a healthier match in the future.–and if she has choose him cause he "understands her" cause she is a bit divaliscious then maybe its time to calm the attitude down as well.. just be honest and move on.

  71. 671

    Thas it. this guys history.

  72. 672

    of course this is rihanna look at the tattoo!

  73. 673

    Re: Two Goofballs – You are desperate homo !! I knew I would draw you out and now all persons here know you are not only a lonely boy that your parents should have kicked out years ago !!! But a horrible racist and woman hater and I would love to get my hands on you for 1 minute.Wimp loser!!by the way this is Assume…The Real Orchid.. and Mistress [!]Imposter[as well as many others!!]

  74. 674

    Re: MUMU08 – you are an idiot. did you honestly say 'team chris brown' !??!?!?! WTF.. CHRIS BROWN IS A FUCKING LOSER. I AM FINDING OUT AS MUCH SHIT AS I CAN TO STOP PPL FROM SUPPORTING HIM. sending letters to his record labels, letters to radio stations, making sure i dont have his songs on my comp. or anywhere…. an some ppl say, if it was poor ppl or normal ppl we wouldn't care. MAYBE UR somewhat right, b/c it wouldn't be getting this much ATTENTION, HOWEVER— THEY ARE CELEBS, YES, AND we CONSTANTLY SUPPORT THEM, BY EMAILING, WRITING, SUBSCRIBING TO THEIR BLOG OR THEIR FAN BASE, SO, WHY NOT RALLY BEHIND HER WHEN SHE IS HURT??!!? OF COURSE WE ARE GOING TO. SO THATS WHY, YES, WHEN IT IS SOMEONE FAMOUS IT IS A BIG DEAL TO EVERYONE, B/C WE LOVE THEM. WE LOOK UP TO THEM AND SEE THEIR FACES A LOT. WE LIKE THEIR MUSIC, THEIR ACTING, ETC…

    CHRIS BROWN'S CAREER IS OFFICIALLY OVER. it is her, too, google her tattoos. exact same ones. and the pic is blurry b/c it has TMZ written thru it. it went thru tmz first. SO.. don't say its a fake just cuz its blurry.

  75. 675

    Re: kimm.j – i co-sign!!!

  76. 676

    He needs to rot in jail with all the other losers.

  77. 677

    I would probably rather have not seen this photo but it was the 1st image I saw when I checked in. I feel awful for her. Such a tremendous deep sorrow and agony expression on her face, which likely reflects the violence she endured from someone she had felt deeply for. This is just awful. I'm thinking Chris Brown looked okay after the incident. I hope that public awareness gives Rihanna the strength to press on through and cope. An awful example to have to be, but an example nonetheless.

  78. 678

    Re: myahmoore


    Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
    Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
    Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
    Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!
    Boycott Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!

  79. 679

    This is some messed up shit. Rihanna u will get better in time, just be strong.

  80. 680

    i saw this shit like 3 hrs ago on tmz

  81. 681

    Re: .perezhilton.com – u need to get a grip of your life.

  82. 682

    Even though i believe in non violence i still want to KICK IS IGNORANT UNGRATEFUL ASS.

  83. 683


  84. 684

    Chris Brown is a pathetic loser. I hope he loses all endorsements. Not to mention - assault charges. Stupid bitch.

    *ok have a fabulous night perez xoxo stay fly. hugs. … alyssia

  85. 685

    however…. on a serious note… no one deserves this…. Knowing what is feels like to be beaten up and abused, i can only pray that she recovers mentally from from this incident. The fear that runs through you body while you are being beaten up is something that will always haunt you. She will never be the same after this. Chris Brown took away so much from her. He effected her not only physically but also mentally. I just hope that this sheds more light on domestic violence, rape, and abuse.

  86. 686

    Daaamn Chris. wtf is wrong with u. Being a celebrity u shoulda known better than to even think of hitting a woman. Especially Riri. I hope we see his mug sho up real soon. DUMBASS

  87. 687

    awwww poor riri
    My heart goes out too
    Chingate Chris Brown
    Fuckin stupid
    ass he aint got a dick
    if he hit her

  88. 688

    Re: Patti2009 – you unbelievable moron, i kinda feel sad for you but more than anything i despise you cos that level of stupidity is responsible for so many bad things in the world

  89. 689

    Those Are Rihanna's Lips, Check Out A Cover Girl Ad In A Magazine For Christs Sakes. Theyre Just Brutally Swollen From The Beating You Douches.

  90. 690

    Gross !!

  91. 691

    This is horrifying. Brown should be dropped from labels, commercials, contracts, deals. This generation does not need a Bobbi and Whitney, Tina and Ike. He should lose everything and be made an example of: this is not okay anymore.

  92. 692

    not cool at all, but not as bad as the media made it sound. still very sad!

  93. 693

    OMG!!!! Poor Rihanna. :'( Chris Brown needs to be put in prison!

  94. 694

    Re: the last star – Hey Lone Star! doesn't this asshole sound familiar!! He must be stalking here 24 hours a day!!I have no words to explain this woman hating assume loser!!!!

  95. 695

    I hope Jay Z beats the shit out of him.

  96. 696


  97. 697

    Re: Sensitivity – Moron I have been here for months so don't blame me for being Assume! sheesh you are so out of the loop. shut up idiot. You seem to be in love with Assume. you are now claiming I am him and earlier you said another was him! you're such a loser. Fuck off and go finger orchid and Teddy Hilton

  98. 698

    Chris Brown better see prison time for this. I hope the all the radio stations ban his music and record deals ended. I can't believe he isn't in jail right now!

    This is awful. My thoughts go out for Rihanna. We all love ya stay strong!

  99. 699


  100. 700

    this is just so horrible
    why rihanna? she seems so innocent i dunno why she would deserve something like this!

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