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From Katy Perry's Sick Bed

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As we mentioned on Wednesday, a super sick Katy Perry made her way to the Brit Awards yesterday and picked up the Best International Female award.


But, immediately after picking up her award from Lionel Richie, she puked backstage.


Miz Perry found the strength to take to her blog on Thursday to say thanks to the Brits again and give us all an update on her sicky poo-ness:

somebody open a freaking window. It smells like death in here. Oh my gawd. I’m am SO happy… I’ve won a BRIT. That’s like being knighted practically! Maybe even better. Thank you. Didn’t espect THAT! I just thought I’d show up in my ridiculous hello kitty top and get worse dressed and leave :) I can’t tell you how bad I feel right now. Last night I was sweatin it out (ew t.m.i.) but yeah, lets just say this kitty does not look so pretty right now. Let’s see… we have the vick’s vapo rub (always a must) and thera flu… a zpack… cold wash clothes on standby and tons of water. I have the doctor on speed dial if the fever gets over 101/102. I thought I was invincible and then my body decides to show me other wise. I’m stuck in bed for the next couple of days as I should be. Im upset because Top Shop is right around the corner and I can’t move outta my sweat bed. Fucking flu. I guess we are all human. I can’t wait to come back to the brits next year… and not puke. For the moments I was there it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever been to. I saw Katie from the ting tings back stage and lil’ boots! I wanted to embrace them all but I said back off… you don’t want the chills! ha. Anyway I’m gonna go back to sweatsville and try and sleep it off some more… I gotta get better, I’m starting tour on Sunday here… so say a little prayer if you think of it. I should prolly open a window too… I love you London. You’ve been so good to me.
p.s. if you wanna buy this amazingness… it’s for a great cause!
i swear you won’t get sick :) you’ll look sick though…

Get all better soon, Katy!

[Image via WENN.]

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83 comments to “From Katy Perry's Sick Bed”

  1. 1

    She's so cute!

  2. 2


  3. 3


  4. 4

    ::::: Katy PUKES 2 stay SKINNY ::::: www.ThisIsWhyYoureSkinny.com

  5. aj says – reply to this


    "I guess we're all human" - who the fuck does she think she is anyway??

  6. 6

    Katy seems to have the same issue you have when it comes to spelling grammar…

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Re: aj – Sad that it took her this long to figure out she was a human….

  9. pabst says – reply to this


    I thought this was a gossip site?

  10. 10

    " I kissed a girl with puke breath"….

  11. 11


  12. 12

    This bitch looks like she should be on Rock of Love sucking Brett Michaels dick.

  13. 13

    Who cares!? That's SO NOT news worthy.

  14. 14

    Re: skinny bitch – Uhhh ok

  15. 15

    When will this bitch go away? Soon I hope…

  16. 16

    Re: harrybalsac – yuck harry that was gross….

  17. 17

    I'll fight you for the big chunks!

  18. nh22 says – reply to this


    "I've won a BRIT! That's like being knighted practically! Maybe even better!"

    She's f'in delusional. The fact that Katy Perry won a BRIT just says how insignificant those awards are. And, just to set the record straight Ms. Perry, getting knighted is an incredible honor…much more so than winning a BRIT. Being knighted is an honor you'll never be privy to.

  19. 19

    "somebody open a freaking window. It smells like death in here. Oh my gawd. " - Ho go home and wash out yo beaver.

  20. 20

    u love her perez. she does look cute in this pic tho. her blog entry was kinda cheesy.

  21. 21

    Re: pabst – You must be new. This is a comment and talk shit website.

  22. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: LaDiva delivers KO fatalities – yeah, really. (#14)

  23. 23

    OMG, I think I'm starting to like Katy

  24. 24

    Damn, how many times to we have to read about this woman and her vomit?!!! Jeeeezzzzzz!

  25. 25

    that's not a dress

  26. 26

    has anyone else noticed that katy perry cant sing?
    case and point… GRAMMYS! and every other live performance shes had!!

    shes absolutely horrible. how does she still have fans? i dont know anyone who likes her or thinks she has any talent

  27. 27

    Re: harrybalsac – I'll apologise up front for this but…, that reminds me of a story I was told about this guy at a club at the end of the night who was right in the middle of a very passionate and deep french kiss with this chick and…

  28. 28

    …then he puked!

  29. 29

  30. 30

    I'd give up a kidney for her to sit on my face!!!

  31. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: guilty of being white – Thanks for the heads-up. So I guess this is what toolshed means by "Celebrity Juice"?

  32. enen says – reply to this


    and if lindsay lohan wrote a blog with as many spelling/grammatical problems as this one…..

    who cares?

    I've never even heard of the brit awards?

  33. PMG says – reply to this



  34. 34

    Re: aj – Exactly.

    The gal is really stupid… GOSH what a grammar. Anyway, she seems to see herself like "above all human kind" because she is a singer. Come on katy!!!! wake up!!!! this girl is gonna have a really tough comeback to earth… i feel sorry for her :s (and i'm not being sarcastic this time :p)

  35. 35

    Re: yankees21 – Be careful. She is "sick", so if she ever needs a kidney she can use that as a promissory note!!! :)

  36. 36

    Re: pabst – haven't figured the celebrity juice thing yet. perez likes to think he is the queen of gossip, but he just copies and pastes and we call him on it. queen of mean?-only for the dozen or so that he hates (jealous of) otherwise he kisses ass. As you see. Do we need a blow by blow of katy perry's stomach virus and why did she not have the sense to stay home and not give it to others?

  37. 37

    KP's cool :) Feel Better girly!

  38. Suze says – reply to this


    What crack-pot doctor gave her an Rx for a z-pack if she's got the flu? Antibiotics are only useful for bacterial infections. I smell bullshit. I bet girlfriend was partying a bit too hard before the award show.

  39. 39

    she's sooo beauitful & seems reeeeeal nice :]

  40. 40

    Katie Perry fucking sucks.
    No one likes her but you, &Her being sick is not news.

  41. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: justtfax – Ohhhhhhh, so that's why I see most of what he posts on TMZ or JJ like hours or days before. So indirectly he gets paid for jacking? Hmmmm, interesting.

  42. 42

    She looks gorgeous in this picture. But her live performances are HORRIBLE. Her voice at the grammys was shit.

  43. 43

    Yeah she must be SUPER sick…i know i like to get on my blog and ramble on pretending to be humble when I'm sick….what a transparent wannabe

  44. 44

    I wish I could puke all over her

  45. TLove says – reply to this


    i feel bad she's sick but she has no talent…. did anyone watch the grammys??

  46. 46

    Lily's way more punk rock. It's in her blood. She doesn't have to try so hard.
    Her Godfather was Joe Strummer after all. She grew up punk and fuck you and all.
    Katy is cute… but Pop, only Pop, always will be Pop. Pop makes money, so not all bad. Not punk.

  47. 47

    she sucks. she's untalented and it was fixed to get that award. P!nk rules

  48. 48

    she's awful and untalented. don't buy her songs

  49. 49

    boooh don't buy her songs

  50. 50

    "Didn’t espect THAT!" You MEAN expect?? I'm hungarian, but I still spell better than you, LOOOOOSERRR

  51. 51

    i hate katy perry
    i think her condition is called "twat-itus"
    and no, it's not contagious

  52. 52

  53. 53


  54. 54

    Her outfit looks like a hot shit sandwich. Aren't famous people supposed to have people that dress them for special occasions?

  55. 55

    Peraz why do you keep promoting this mediocre (at best ) talent ?

  56. 56

    Why does she give so many details? I bet she's getting paid by theraflu and vicks. Stop acting like you're special for getting sick biiiiaaatch!

  57. 57

    I know how she feels. I've never had to call out sick to work a day in my life untill today. I'm hoping this is just a short cold that will be gone by tommorow. I hate being sick!

  58. 58

    Learn how to spell too. It's not "espect", it's eXpect.

  59. 59

    no more katy

  60. 60

    couldn't read through half of this bullshit. hate to say this but i loveeee her outift!

  61. 61

    aww love her

  62. 62

    ugly as fuck! she looks like she has turtle shoulders and is wearing a wig over a bald head. no talent shit stick is what she is kind of like you FAT BODY!!!!!

  63. 63

    She deserved that Brit. Well done Katy!!! London loves you too :D
    And to everyone who rote shit about this.. if you dont like her dont fucking comment!


  64. 64

    i wish i could afford the kitty corset :(

  65. enen says – reply to this


    Re: Rhiannaaaa – "rote"…….lol……just as good as "espect"….or even better "get worse dressed" ugh

  66. 66

    OMG I LOVE the hello kitty!! I would soo wear that, I wish I had the money to buy it! She looks flawless!!

  67. 67

    Jesus, why don't you just change the name of this blog to All Katy, All GAGa, All The Time?

  68. 68

    hahaha I bet she looked at herself in the mirror and just started barfing all over the place HOpe she never recovers!

  69. 69

    I guess she wasnt too sick to party like a whore last night

  70. 70

    Get better Katy! love ya!

  71. 71

    Re: nh22

    You either! ahahhaha

  72. 72

    Ya'll are so wrong. Katy is so talent! Buy her songs!

  73. 73

    Is she being sponsored by MAC makeup like a NASCAR driver? Cause what is up with the Hello Kitty corset dude? That is the most confusing outfit I have ever seen.

  74. 74

    Sorry, I just don't like her the way you and some others do. I have to change the station when I hear her affecting her voice. Sorry. It would come across better to me if she was less *efforting*. I hope she feels better though.

  75. 75

    LOL at Perez kissing Katy Perry's ass, when she is all over the tv and internet saying that Perez is nothing but a bitchy, whiney, negative asshole. It seems you have lost your fag hag, Perez. I wonder who can be more ignorant of the two of you, so bring on Bitchfest 2009.

  76. 76

    i'm loving the outfit! you rock it girl!

  77. MP says – reply to this


    If she has the flu she shouldn't be taking a zpack. Flu's viral, not bacterial. This is why we have antibiotic resistance in our society now and no good drugs coming down the pipe really. It's scary. If she has a bacterial infection, drug away. Also, if she's sick she should stay home and keep her germs to herself. I can't stand when sick people "suck it up" and bring their sickness to me. Stay back!

  78. 78

    Aw, Katy, I'm glad to hear you're sick. Maybe you can record your vomiting and release it as your next single.

  79. 79

    My opinon only . . . I think she has a great sense of style (as in future, celebrity short-lived clothing line . .. ) and I really, really to think she has a future in acting ~ I think she's fab-o in her videos, very expressive - agents/casting should be considering her for the big/small screen.

  80. 80

    Re: enen – Its not a fucking english class!

  81. 81

    definetly dont like that outfit

  82. 82

    She kissed a girl and got herpes.

  83. 83

    I love Katy.