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Katy Perry Gets Naked!

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After her over-the-top performance at the Grammy Awards, Katy Perry stripped down to just her and the guitar for her performance of new single Thinking Of You at the Echo Awards in Germany this weekend.

So pretty!

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124 comments to “Katy Perry Gets Naked!”

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  1. 1

    Fuk its awful! YOu give Lily Allen shit about having no talent, this bitch is WAY worse! I couldnt even finish listenin to it, hurts my fkn ears!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I'm glad she's feeling better.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    No, thanks…

  6. 6

    damn i wanted to see the echo

  7. 7

    i thought that was amazing!! :)

  8. 8

    I get it…. she's acoustic… though I really thought she was going to be NAKED. "Like a hard candy with a surprise center"…. what an awful, stupid line. I'm losing interest in Katy… FAST!!

  9. 9

    Where's the stripping?!

  10. 10

    i was there

  11. 11

    this chick actually sang over her own track at the grammys?

    well, the grammys ssssssssuck anyway

  12. 12

    Now THIS shows that the girl has real talent. I hate that f'ing pop shit, but this was bee-yoo-tee-ful! Go Katy!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    First, She is horrible live.
    Second, You tricked me Perez. Your horrible play on words, made me think I was going to see some skin.
    Thank god for fast-forward, so I didn't have to waste the full 4 minutes of my time…

  15. 15


  16. 16

    Re: cheerioko – Hmm, I get it now.
    False advertising!

  17. 17

    omg that sucked big balls perez, r u deaf??? fuck that bitch is awful

  18. 18

    Yeah where is the nekked?

  19. 19


  20. 20

    When you said "stripped down" I was expecting her to play naked with the gitar covering her private parts (like Jenny from "Forest Gump"). I wanted only for only for that and kept expect her to at some point. Then I later went beack and read your comment and figured "stripped down" meant just her and her guitar in the more musical sense. The songs sweet, though. Not one to play all the time and not one that will probably be a favorite for the airwaves.

  21. 21

    I love Katy…but i am not going to deny that she cant sing. And Perez did u say her "over the top performance at the grammys"??!? Her performance that night is what made me lose some interest in her…it was beyond shitty.

  22. 22

    Katy Perry is amazing.
    she sounds so good even though she is sick.
    thanks perez

    oh and lily sucks balls. get over it people

  23. 23

    i didnt know she could play guitar.
    and she sounds pretty live.
    you guys are just being dicks.

  24. 24

    love love love her!
    i thot she did amazing:)

  25. 25

    in my hungover state i actually thought she would be naked and got all excited. too bad.

  26. 26

    And last thing…I used to love this "celebrity" website…but all u want to do anymore is kiss ass and talk about the SAME people…(katy!, gaga!, madonna!, and paris!) Oops! Almost forgot homewrecker Angelina. I thought Celebrity trashing websites and magazines didnt have their little favorites. So how much are they paying u to talk good about them?! ITS ANNOYING.

  27. 27

    boring. and awful.

  28. 28

    hey live voice is not that good….
    i stand behind my previous statements.. she is ONLY FAMOUS BECAUSE OF HER GIANT BREATS

  29. 29

    she have a great voice.
    love her!

  30. 30

    It was terrible.

  31. 31

    Re: LaalLAaaaOnTHefLoOR – lily allen is far better live than katy perry. plus the lyrics to thinking of you are terrible!!!

  32. 32

    OMG her voice is horrible live gosh she sounds like a cat

  33. 33

    Re: lucylovemachine – agree LIly shits all over perry

  34. 34

    Katy is beautiful and all, but if she hadn't written a song about girls kissing girls, she would never have become famous. Her voice just isn't up to par. Sorry Katy!

  35. 35

    after hearing her at the grammys singing "i kissed a girl", i thought she had absolutely no talent. this wasn't half bad!

  36. 36

    Oh so good!
    i wish i could go to her concert here in germany =(

  37. 37

    Beautiful song, beautiful woman.
    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland :D

  38. 38

    she has no talent honestly..but she is soo pretty and fuckable :)

  39. Laury says – reply to this


    Ha ha, good one Perez, everyone thought she was actually gonna get naked lol. I love her but she sounds horrible live. Depeche Mode was the real highlight of the Echo Awards.

  40. 40

    And where is the nakedness? LIAR SIGH*

  41. 41

    The start was abit shotty but toward the middle and end I was getting goosebumps ! she does have great talent and she is so damn cute! Luv her!

  42. 42

    I don't know about you, but naked in my book, means no clothes.

    Team Lily.

  43. 43

    shes not naked?

  44. 44

    I thought her vocal performance at the grammys was blah! This sounded really pretty, more like I expected her to sound-live. Great job Katy!

  45. 45

    TEAM KATY THAT WAS AMAZZING!!!she could totally take that drunk hot mess lily!!

  46. 46

    Agree! Lily Allen is what Id call real, in comparison to katy studio made perry

  47. 47

    Not that great. Actually it was pretty bad.

  48. 48

    WTF! Perez your a bitch!
    You lied to me, Katy Perry sucks, This was the worst experience of my life.
    Here i thought i was going to possibly see some tits, Instead im leaving with bleeding ears and blue balls.
    Thank god for fast forward, and porn sites.

  49. 49

    sounds sooo much like alanis morissette here!

  50. 50

    her performance at the grammys was painful. here, her voice is alright, but the song is annoying.

  51. 51

    she sucked at the grammys and was not over the top it was so bad she is a talentless hack

  52. 52

    You have really bad taste in music,That was horrible!!!!!!!

  53. 53

    It was good. Pretty set design for once.

  54. 54

    This lady does not have a good voice…ew!

  55. 55

    WOW! That was amazing- I've liked that song since the first time I saw the video but this was off the charts! I can't stop crying it was so good! LUVS IT!

  56. 56

    She's a pretty girl, but she sucks and I couldn't finish watching this video because her voice was too annoying.

  57. 57

    shes so pretty

  58. Anne says – reply to this


    I was at the echo awards and let me tell you…..it was a pain having to hear her, I was shocked, I love all her songs, I was like what happenned? That song was horrible and all he yooodling….it was like Heidy from the alps…jesus!

  59. 59


  60. 60

    I think she sounded very nice!

  61. 61

    weak reed thin voice. another one who needs all the studio magic. Her and GaGa should do a duet.

  62. sof says – reply to this


    wow, it's amazing to me how biased you are to her. She was absolutely atrocious at the grammy's. There was nothing over the top about that performance at all. She can't sing, there was no choreography whatsoever and she looked like a child on that stage. She looked awkward and unprofessional.

  63. 63

    Re: Anne – Thats what I thought too! Its like she's trying to channel the singer Jewel.

  64. 64

    loves it.
    she sounds so much better when she's not drowned out by excess guitars and beats and dancing around like a fool on stage.

    oh, and is there like, some unwritten rule that you can't like lily AND katy?
    i must've missed that one.

  65. 65

    wow, all you bitches are just jealous. katy perry is amazing.

  66. 66

    1st, i thought she was going to strip while singing
    2nd, it sounded aweful
    3rd, it looks like she's singing into a rhinestone cherry studded dildo

  67. ambam says – reply to this


    She sucks.

  68. 68

    Seriously, perez. Lily allen is way better live.

    Every performance of katyperry has been crap live.

  69. 69

    Re: yummisushi

    You missed NOTHING! I almost fell asleep in front of the Television set - the whole event was boring as hell!

  70. 70


  71. 71

    You Liar! I guess I will give you less page views if you want to use bs to get us to click on stuff.

  72. 72

    Can't see her beans Perez. You lied so we could watch this awful performance.

  73. 73


  74. 74

    naked? im confused

    but i loved the performance
    she is great live
    and she has talent
    shut up all you haters
    you're just jealous

  75. 75

    I can not believe it… you actually tricked everyone, so they would click on this link?you are seriously pathetic, I AM NOT GIVING YOU ANY MORE CLICKS TODAY, AND NOONE ELSE SHOULD!BOYCOTT him, for being manipulative!!!

  76. 76

    sorry, this girl can't sing. it's horrible.

  77. 77

    I love this song
    i thought she was pretty good
    not horrible but not necessarily the best either
    and Lily Allen isn't bad live either she just not the strongest singer not to many frills just simple

  78. 78

    that was abserlutly awful shes shite she cant sing live to save her life urgh your so anoying perez if that was someone you dont like youd have proper slated them for that

  79. 79


  80. 80


  81. 81

    Passe, trashy.

  82. 82

    I agree. Very pretty!

  83. 83

    I hate you so much right now, Perez.

    What the hell is wrong with you? I sat through that whole dumb clip just because you made it sound like she would be literally naked.

    Not cool, Perez. Not cool.

  84. 84

    That was painful to watch. KP can't sing, she should stick to the studio where the engineers can "massage" her voice. Just terrible.

  85. 85

    Like a cringey Alanis Morissette cover. Maybe if I had the mental age of nine I'd think she was cool.

  86. 86

    I love this. Shes amazing. Going to see her on Weds. Yay!!!

  87. epic says – reply to this


    a young alanis.. but alanis was perfect for the 90s.. and, i have to admit, better.
    perry is ok, don't get me wrong in comparison to lily allen she's GREAT.. but she's got much to learn. first of all: don't hang with dumb haters (aka perez), second: be yourself (not dita nor alanis), third - make harmonical albums: nice if you like to experiment, but albums are always much much better when one song fits the other.

  88. 88

    I think that she sounds REALLY good.
    Kinda reminds me of Alanis Morissette.

  89. 89

    they ALL wish they were alanis.

  90. 90

    Oh, what do you know, Wierd Katy cut her bangs just like LIly Allen. Her, and Perez are always keeping tabs on her. How lame. Katy just cant be her own person, she has to try to cling on to others fame, so she stays a one hit wonder a little longer. Go away Lesbo!!

  91. 91

    one hit wonder, go away lezie katie

  92. 92

    She didn't get naked. LOL. Liar.

  93. 93

    I think she sounds pretty good live.

  94. 94

    Great performance! I love the mic, love her voice, and she is as beautiful as always. GO KATY! =)

  95. 95


  96. 96

    So pretty…a favorite of mine… :)

  97. 97

    that was a tricky metaphor

  98. 98

    I am a fan of Katy Perry and I love the song
    However, I wouldnt call the performance "over the top" at alll .. I thinkshe may need to practice her vocals a little more

  99. 99


  100. 100

    Love her!!! She's perfect!!

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