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Lohan Back on Drugs???

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Is it just us or does Lindsay look/sound HIGH as a kite in this video from Oscar Sunday????

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234 comments to “Lohan Back on Drugs???”

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  1. 101

    ummmmmmm.. she is definitely on something. she needs to not worry about fake tanning and jewelry and get her skinny ass some food and a new hairdresser. eeeeeeeeeeeewwwww. she looks like a coke whore.

  2. 102

    Her body is so hungry she is probably trippin balls!

  3. 103

    Oh no… poor girl, yes she looks very high in the video; so fidgety and odd.
    Also who would wear a sliver of diamond? I want my diamonds cut and sparkly!!! That's why people just think it's a stone obviously.

  4. 104

    Re: luvs2party2488

    Is this a joke? Lindsay's career was dead before they started dating. You may want to actually lay blame where it should be laid. first on her parents for being worse parents than a cat, then at Lindsay herself.

  5. 105

  6. 106

    Amped FREAK. Tick Tock till the next crash and burn …

  7. 107

    Hmm…I really want to believe that she was nervous, but I think she's tweaking. It's sad, but this is what drugs do to people.

  8. 108

    I am sure most of the people who have commented on this article have not actually been around a serious drug addict. She seemed like a 22 year old girl who really doesn't want to talk.

  9. 109


  10. 110

    she's not acting THAT weird. you guys always want to catch people high.

  11. 111

    um, hello cocaine!!

  12. 112

    wow. thats sad. she was def high on something there. she keeps looking around and she had the perfect oppurtunity to talk about her new product and she blew out. when is this girl going to realize that shes going to be a nobody if she keeps acting like that?

  13. 113

    mm it's just you and your fukcing imagination.

    That was normal..

  14. 114

    Re: epic21online[/re]

  15. 115

    on the plus side, she seems nice for once

  16. 116

  17. 117

    Scary and disturbing to watch, being British and living in NY, it remains a mystery to me why Americans are so fascinated with these sort of girls…she looks high, fragile, way too skinny and old for her age. Leave this girl alone for a while and don't build her up to take her down again, this is such an American low class thing to do…

  18. midi says – reply to this


    looks like she's having a reaction to too much opiates. itchy itchy baby!

  19. 119

    I don't think she's high in that video but she looks terrible.
    lmfao. And a spray tan line?
    Nuff said..

  20. jemms says – reply to this


    Re: warymissmary

    when your eyes are glossy like that…usually its because your high not crying…

  21. 121


  22. 122

    Re: hamsandwich7

    Why are you here? If we're all obsessed with linday, so are you! If you weren't you wouldn't be here!

  23. 123

    wowwww THAT is being cracked out.

  24. 124

    Dayummmm! What did I Miss? I can't see it here in Canada anyway as of 4:51 EST! Somebody post an optional link?


    I wanna Seeeeeee! *Chuckle*

  25. 125

    Also can I just add, the poor girl is probably TIRED!…but feels compelled to attend all of the Oscar After-Party's because at this point in her life, her acting career is in a fragile state and she needs to mingle, network and socialize with as many other A-Listers as possible…Those after party's are not known for wild-crazy antics…but for showing up, letting your presence be know and getting contacts and networking and finding out about new opportunities…if she was partying she'd be hitting the clubs…not a major party with EVERY ONE WHO MATTERS IN HOLLYWOOD watching her every move to see if she has changed her ways…get real people…

    AND: A diamond is a M-I-N-E-R-A-L…NOT a stone…google it - thats what I did!

  26. 126

    Hell yea shes TWACKED out!!

  27. 127

    shes totally high lol

  28. 128

    Why are there three question marks after the title? Not exactly a mystery

  29. 129

    Wow. She looks sooooo skinny! Not healthy at ALL! I liked at the end when she said she was so skinny due to stress, because of a lot of movie offers LOL. Uh huh..

  30. 130

    whether or not she was high, i dont know. but god, she looks TERRIBLE. really really bad.

  31. 131

    Yeah, she's tweaked there, it's obvious from first of all, her eyes, and then all the twitching and fidgeting she's doing. Cocaine use is easy to spot.

  32. 132

    DUH! :0

  33. 133

    She was so jittery its obviously shes high. Poor girl, i almost felt bad for her when she threw out lots of movie offers. Everyone knows nobody wants to see her in a movie anymore, its pathetic. Hope she cleans up before she slips down to Amy Winehouse level.

  34. 134

    She looks a little sketchy…..She was looking around lot's and her eyes say it all. Maybe she just smoked some weed before going out.

  35. 135


  36. 136

    i think she was a bit bored, and mindful of how much time she had for that interview…
    Also she looked great in that Alexander Wang dress…

  37. pomme says – reply to this


    too many booze?

  38. 138

    She is higher than a kite! And how sad that she was asked to talk about what she is currently working on as an actress and the only response she had was creating a "spray tan" and making homemade jewerly?! Can you say: CAREER IS OVER?

  39. 139

    wow she took longer than i expected BRAVO!!

  40. 140

    shes such a bird. C0KE HEAD

  41. 141

    Save Lilo!!

  42. 142

    Crackwhore. "What do you do to make you're relationship work?" Here's the thing, clearly it doesn't work. She sucks, I can't wait for her to OD.

  43. 143

    Coke head to the max….

  44. 144

    I love how all she is doing is talking about the work she is soooo busy with, and its like…..WHAT WORK??? LOL And when asked if she eats….she looks dumb founded…..Way to go Linds.Also I would get all the head itching under control, not to mention the weight. But all of it put together equals……so not hot*

  45. 145

    Very jittery…..sure sign of some time of drug abuse.

  46. 146

    You keep sayin BACK!! What kinda INSDER are YA??yeese Louise…

  47. 147

    Hey wait!…I wanna be a coke whore too!…dang it.

  48. 148

    I'd hit it.

  49. 149

    yeah but youve got to admit, she looks hot!

  50. 150

    play with your hair much…coke!

  51. 151

    Tweaky better start other projects,HollyWierd has banned her.

  52. 152

    A diamond is a stone you retard.

  53. 153

    she looked fine. maybe a little tired but i don't think she's on drugs.

  54. 154

    That was a terrible camera angle on her, her hair looked dirty, and she looked exhausted. And that whole "I don't talk about my personal life" bullshit…whatevh.

  55. 155

    holy shiiiiiit! there is something seriously going on there. she was all over the place. fidgeting and moving around the whole time. not to mention her frickin crazy eyes.
    defintely back on the shit. wow!!! hardcore!

  56. 156

    WHOA HO!!! TWEAK MUCH?? LOL….she got that JUNKIE ITCH.

  57. 157

    Lindsay is a LIAR LIAR heads on fire.

    And spray tan? Will they come with a free pair of fugly leggings?

  58. 158

    Er yeah, tweaked out just a little bit. The twitch of scratching and what not. HUGE sign.

  59. AMO says – reply to this


    I think she was just nervous. She's obviously insecure and with all the negative media she's getting; she knew she'd be asked about it.

  60. 160

    Re: epic21online

    OH DINA….Just stop lol!!!

  61. 161

    now… if only I can get some of what she has then I could be all twitchy and carefree too. lmao.

  62. 162

    She should put that money to better use than up her nose. It's all baby laxative anyway.

  63. 163

    It so sad to see her like this, she use to be such a pretty girl and now she looks and acts like a tweakin meth call girl

  64. 164

    She seems out to lunch.

  65. 165

    looks like Heath Ledger in his last interview

  66. 166

    a BLIND MAN could see!

  67. 167

    Re: epic21online
    Yeah…She still a kid alright!
    but drugs don't take that….
    and it's going to fuck u up!
    ask anybody!
    I like her but….

  68. 168

    god, she looks like death.

  69. 169

    idk but she sure is scratching her head a whole hell of a lot!

  70. 170

    that's how she acts in all interviews..

  71. 171

    you can see in her face she looks exhausted. i just want her to be ok

  72. 172

    NO. she just looked tired. leave her alone.

  73. 173

    all you people who say she is not high are clueless. CLASSIC meth behavior. Scratching yourself and jittery hands and WEIGHT LOSS! Next to go - her teeth will start to rot. She is absolutely 100% high as hell on crank/Meth - even coke doesn't do the scratchy thing.

  74. 174

    she looked hungry

  75. 175

    damn, she is totally coked out. why did she keep scratching her head?!

  76. 176

    i don't think it's coke. cokeheads don't like to be amongst the general public when they're rolling. and they ramble..non-stop. she really isn't rambling at all, she's just answering questions.
    if it's anything, it's some kind of opiate. she's got the itches, her eyes are glazed over and she's squinting. maybe heroin..maybe oxycontin..or maybe just a bunch of good ol vicodin.. whatever, it's her life

  77. 177


  78. 178

    Does she have fleas? She keeps scratching her scalp.

  79. efab says – reply to this


    usually when she gets this skinny, her boobs go away. they are still there! once those go, it's all over.

  80. 180

    shes 22.. what 22 year old isnt off there face and having fun…. maybe when she hits 30 she should go to rehab to get sorted out but while she's hip, hop and happening, its the time to get farked up!

  81. 181

    chronic bowlz

  82. 182

    I actually didn't think she was on anything until she said "a lot of meetings for movies and stuff"…LMAO bitch pleez, you haven't worked in years

  83. 183

    so sad

  84. 184

    The constant movement of her arms and hands indicates that she is uncomfortable and full of shit.

  85. 185

    If I had to guess I'd say she relapsed which would explain the supposed bickering between her and uncle sam…I hope she gets better she can be pretty fierce when she's sober.

  86. 186

    love you lindsay

  87. 187

    i like it :] thats how i am regularly
    and that shh about the tattoo thing is great

  88. 188

    I remember watching Mean Girls and thinking "wow this lohan girl is really beautiful." She looks so old and haggard. Makes me really really really sad to have to take her off my list.

  89. 189


  90. 190

    It looks like she is on a Narcotic pain medicine. The narcotics make you itch and talk fast and then jump around.

  91. 191

    who the fuck is lindsay lohan? and what does she do?

  92. 192

    she was BLAZZED !!!

  93. 193

    omg dude i'd probably start tweakin out if i were interviewing her! she's seems so f'd up! sick!

  94. 194

    I think she has head lice.

  95. 195

    Does she have lice because she kept scratching her head. Idk what happened to lindsay, but i really hope she gets it together. Dont get me wrong the necklace was really pretty, but her…… not so much.

  96. 196

    oh shes deffinitly right outtaa er . she cant even stand still & keeps touchin herself. very obvvvvvvvvious

  97. 197

    yea…right…cause everyone looks like that after yoga ONCE a week HAHAHA

  98. pina says – reply to this


    aww no!!!
    help her perez!!!!!!!!!

  99. 199

    wow, shes scuzzy

  100. 200

    Sad, sad, sad, sad woman.

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