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Lohan Back on Drugs???

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Is it just us or does Lindsay look/sound HIGH as a kite in this video from Oscar Sunday????

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234 comments to “Lohan Back on Drugs???”

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  1. 201

    AnthonyTriolo.com - DELICIOUS!

  2. 202

    Re: Magilles

    i really really want that to happen.

    and yeah, anybody who thinks she isn't high has never had/known someone who had a cocaine problem. i know that she's fucking high. No Doubt.

  3. 203

    HA.. take it from someone whos done their fair share.. Bitch is on some kinda oxy for SURE.. hence the stupid happy attitude and all the itching. fucking idiot.

  4. 204

    Why won't this bitch just go away?!

  5. 205

    she seems fine to me.

  6. 206

    Wait, if she was interviewed AFTER the Academies (she alludes to this by mentioning jumping in her bed for her "good friend" Penelope and her win AND the fact that she's being interviewed on her way to/from an award After-party) why does she look away distractingly and say "I'm hoping Sean wins." ? That's a new ski summit height. Must be some goood shit!

  7. 207

    She seems just fine. Maybe a little nervous being interviewed is all. We are happy for her. Get over it perez.

  8. 208


  9. 209


  10. 210

    Definately high, look at the bags under her eyes and the twitchy movements.

  11. 211

    Wow. That is actually really sad. Its weird when you see video of her. She is such a lost woman.

  12. 212

    Wow! She looks stoned as fuck. Even her pupils look huge

  13. 213

    damn that's embarrassing. i feel sorry for her

  14. 214

    uhhh hell yea she was high…she's so fucked up…why would you buy a spray tan by someone who always looks awful….nice to see she's the same age as me and looks about 15 years older than me. I mean, who shows up to Madonna's party looking as skanky as that?

  15. 215

    its coke
    wtf y wont she talk about anything?

  16. 216

    "Well, no, ya…" Nervous about something Linds? That bitch never stopped moving and could barely look the interviewer/camera with her eyes straight on. Doesn't talk about her personal life? Isn't that what her career is at this point?

  17. 217

    She seems nervous.

  18. 218

    She seemed annoyed, distracted and disinterested in talking to the press or answering nosy questions but how does that equate to seeming "high"?

  19. 219

    wow…what a mess!

  20. 220

    Maybe she gots teh fleas? She keeps scratching her head…

  21. 221

    Well I don't know if she's back on drugs but she sure is back on alchool…She looks completely drunk in this video.

    I think she's using this whole samantha ronson thing to cover the fact that she's a slut probably fucking a couple dicks a night

  22. 222

    Ummm….tweaked Much? My God Girl Get it together, And leave your fucking hair alone. FREAK

  23. 223

    Another story on Lindsay. You got a thing for her, don't you?

  24. 224

    Re: epic21online – I agree with you. Aren't people mean?

  25. 225

    oh yes i mean all those "movie offers" shes getting can be very stressful…

  26. 226

    lindsay says hot y'all

  27. 227

    Why when asked about keeping the relationship fun with saMAN does she say thats too personal? Um…everyone knows shes a dyke now. Does she honestly think people dont notice?

  28. 228

    uh, YEA!!! WOW!! but what else could we expect from her?

  29. 229

    uh, YEA!!! WOW!! but what else would we expect from her? She needs to leave her hair alone!!!!

  30. 230

    Ugh, so gross. So into herself…just loves to drop those names. So gross.

  31. 231

    The eyes usually tell you one way or another, don't they. Hop eshe is clean!

  32. 232

    yeah shes coked up and got fleas

  33. 233

    She acts exactly like a few cranksters that I know. Same movements and everything.

  34. 234

    Those are all the signs of a tweaker. For those saying she seems normal… well you're obviously too stupid to know the difference

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