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Why So Serious?

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Someone's in a need of a facial!!!

Lauren Conrad just turned 23-years-old this month, but judging by the look of her face and the wrinkles around her eyes, we'd guess she was turning 33.

Oh, and it doesn't help that she dresses like shit either!

Sunday night, Beef Curtains was spotted at the Z-list 10th Annual Academy Awards Celebration After Party in the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Is that dress part of her shiteous collection?

Everything from her flat hair, to the caked-on makeup, to that ill-fitting dress, to her color coordinated manicure, to those shoes. Everything just looked awful!

Then again, LC's used to going out looking like crap.

Poor bb!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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122 comments to “Why So Serious?”

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  1. 101

    Re: Labunny18 – Ha ha ha, are you serious? How can I reply to your "question" when it looks like it was written by a retarded 3 year old or Perez Hilton? You're the type of person who intelligent people complain about when it comes to reading something. You're speaking in text (or should I say "txt" so you know what I'm referring to) and want to attempt to put me down? How about you learn the English language first, then I will respond to your pathetic comment? Thank you.

  2. 102

    Good lord you are so superficial (understatement of the year, i know) but the 'wrinkles' around the eyes? Come on… I'm just barely older than her, and I looked in the mirror.. hey I have the same thing! At first I freaked, then I thought, i can't believe I'm letting someone like you get to me. Graduate school does that to you… stress apparently = wrinkles. Well fine then. At least I have a boyfriend who loves me! Idk if you (perez) can say as much??

  3. 103

    Can she not afford for somebody to do her hair? I live in alabama and I can afford for somebody to do mine……….and that dress doesn't look good on her, she's got floppy boobies and she needs something that can give her a little support, or maybe she just needs to wear a bra every now and then.

  4. 104

    ok .. I love u Perez…but why are you being so cruel towards LC…yea her shows obviously fake and shes famous for no reason ( a hilton) but don't rip the girl apart she looks fine…Besides you really should not say things about someone you wouldn't want said about yourself…We all have flaws…

  5. 105

    She's really 23??? OMG! I really thought she was in her 30s…. poor poor girl!!

  6. 106

    is she balding or something? her hair looks like flat turd

  7. 107

    why is she famousssss?

    ive always thought she was completely average looking, and the hills can suck my balls. i havent watched it once EVERRRRRRR

    who the hell cares about these lame-o chumps.

    im hotter than this fool mwhaha suck it YEAHHH

  8. 108

    even before i read the comment i looked at the picture and thought she looks old. she shouldnt have wrinkles at that age. she can buy some serums or creams…it can just be the heavy makeup too sometimes pancakey makeup cakes up like that.

    oh and who cares about the mish mash of comments here anyways????? HAHAHAHA

  9. Grey says – reply to this


    Come on Perez, this is a little harsh…sometimes wrinkles just happen, we should embrace them!

  10. 110

    she doesnt look 33 u fat fag fucker your 33 and u look 46

    if anything she just looks like a younng girl who sat in the sun too much

  11. 111

    ughhh perez i love you but stop baggin on LC
    she looks great and i love her!!!!

  12. 112

    Not her best look, but she is still hot. Wrinkles, ha. Perez, you are really one to be talking about people's looks!!

  13. 113

    thats just harsh, she doesnt look 33 at all

  14. 114

    Re: Pwn3d! – LMFAO Too true!

  15. 115

    Maaan she looks abolutely fineee!! so what if she has a few wrinkles! like you dont have any!…dont get me wrong i loveee this site , but Perez you either take things way too far or your overly bitchy…not cool atall!

  16. 116

    TOO LATE for the facials or eye serums. Those are crows feet plain and simple. Time for botox or restalin (already!) What is she doing to cause those? It's not like she works hard or anything!

  17. 117

    She looks so damn old because she smokes like a chimney. Put down the cigs LC so you can look your age.

  18. 118

    Whoa .. that was harsh!

  19. 119

    she looks fantastic shut up

  20. 120

    were those wrinkles possibly photoshopped? it doesnt make sense

  21. 121

    um hi everyone my name is perez and i love being jealous of young hollywood stars .. like for example miley cyrus, vanessa hudgens and lauren conrad.. all because nobody really knows who i am. BY THE WAY- SHE DOESN'T HAVE WRINKLES.. EVERYONE HAS THOSE WHEN THEY SMILE BIG!! YOU WOULD KNOW IF YOU GOT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE OR WHATEVER YOU LIVEI IN EVERY DAY AND GOT INVITED TO EVENTS LIKE THAT!!

  22. 122

    Perez why, why are you soooooo jealous of L.C. is it because she has a v-jay-jay and you don't? OH! She looks fabulous and also keep in mind that going to school all day and having an actual life (unlike you, your the shadow of ALLL the others including"Z-Listers) is pretty stressful. Everyone looks tired from time to time.


    Oh Perez–Love Ya

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