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In Case You Missed It…

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Check out (above) Barack Obama's first speech to Congress on Tuesday night - in entirety!


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341 comments to “In Case You Missed It…”

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  1. 201

    this is gunna b a long 4 yrs!

  2. 202

    Re: perezisaspicfag – yes go back to your "white" BUSH. Ignorant racist, MOFO.

  3. 203

    He's ruining this country. for all of you that voted this piece of shit liar/crook into office…THANKS for fucking our country up.

  4. 204

    I enjoyed it. I voted for this man because he will rejuvenate everything. For those of you making racist comments shut your mouth. He's putting his neck on the line to help ignorant ungrateful people like yourselves.

  5. 205

    this man is such an idiot

  6. 206

    no one will argue that obama can give a great speech, but that all he is, rhetoric…back it up with some real action (not real spending)…so far this a just a lot of promises

  7. 207

    F-ING LIAR!!!!

  8. 208

    Is amazed how a Republican got us in such a mess and Obama is getting shit as if he is the one that got us in it. Even if he only gets us to 1% better, he has accomplished more than Bush. I cannot wait until his promises are fulfilled. He is a GREAT man with even greater intentions for our country, for us, for our children.

  9. 209


  10. 210

    Me not impressed with his obamics. our tax $$ pay for speech writers to make his lies sound like music to the american peoples' ears! MAN, he sure can LIE! He's a smooth talker - he out slicks Slick Willy Clinton. This man in dangerous!

  11. 211

    Terrific Speech…didn't you listen to the WORDS he was saying. There will be another "stimulus package."

    People get ready…we are going into a depression. Obama will pick up where BUSH left off…he will FUCK this country BIG TIME.

  12. 212

    Holy cow this jack ass is one dumb mf'r. He is in way over his head and only speaks well but has no idea what he is doing. Please bring back Reagan

  13. 213

    Barry is a great speaker, but he sounds like he's still running for President! I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying because of that elitist HAG Pelosi, who was popping up and down like a Jack In The Box. What a mockery of our system; what a trio of jokesters.

  14. 214

    Re: LissaTHEEEPissaRe: LissaTHEEEPissa

    WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING. He's doing the same shit as BUSH…he's printing money out of control. This country's BROKE. Where's he getting these TRILLION of dollars????????? WAKE UP BITCH. Get yourself educated Monetary System. He's a New Puppet working for the same Puppet Masters.

    You don't even know you history, in 1921 there was a recession, there was NOT gov't intervention (bailouts, stimulus packages) it was rough for ONE YEAR ONLY. Then 10 years later, there was another recession turned depression which lasted a decade…WHY?? Because of bailouts and printing money GOV'T INTERVENTION. This is what is going on now HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF. WE'RE FUCKED WITH OBAMA

  15. 215

    Re: SWEETPIECE IS ME! – What a stooge you are.

  16. 216

    Yes we can!

  17. 217

    Re: StarsGoBlue – THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT!! Finally a NON-OBAMANOID!! I don't know what it is with people and him…THINK PEOPLE where's he going to get these trillions of dollars????????? BORROW AND PRINT!!! That's suicide!! Then my grandchildren will be paying for this in the future while we live through a depression that is set to come.

  18. 218

    Re: littleblondebabe – Oh Little Blonde Bimbo, you are a BIMBO; but it's okay as Barry wants people like you behind him; young, brainless, impressionable, gullible followers who aren't smart enough to know when she's being had. Just wait a few years (and you won't be able to blame the Republicans for everything). Barry's going down in history, certainly; but it will be as a FAILED president.

  19. 219

    Re: perezisaspicfag – - Your a F*CKING hater! And whether or not you like it he IS your President! HAHAHAHA! Beetch!

  20. 220

    Prez Hilton - that man has earned his right to be called PRESIDENT, can u please refer to him as such!

  21. 221

    sounded like a campaign rally. When is going to stop campaigning? The guy is an awful speaker when he doesn't have the teleprompter. When he would veer off of the script he would stammer and act confused.

  22. 222

    Re: ButtercupMoon – So people can say negative things about Bush but we can't say negative things abotu Obama? Typical liberal. You can dish it but you can't take it. Grow a back bone and stop following Obama around like a sheep.

  23. Eli<3 says – reply to this


    hess going to kill us all1!

  24. fiera says – reply to this


    To all of you Obama haters, would you rather have another 4 years of Bush that got us into this huge mess we are in?? Then shut the hell up!!! I feel sorry that Obama has to inherit the huge pile of shit Bush left behind. I beleive he will do his best!!!!!

  25. 225

    i LOVE this man…. dude, you didnt even spell that word right…. you make white people look like simple minded trash like you….

  26. 226

    Re: ButtercupMoon – He's our Kennedy? Which Kennedy would that be? The Traitor, the Murderer, the Alcoholic, the Philanderer, the Simpleton? OMG!

  27. 227

    never has someone taken so long to say so little of any actual substance, and he still failed to explain to me how an extra $13 in my weekly paycheck (taxable at that) is going to "stimulate" my economy! what a douche bag!

  28. 228

    Obama and the government calling for "responsibility" after that pork laden appropriations bill. This administration has pledged $900 million dollars to rebuild Gaza and the taxpayer is now forced to fund overseas abortions. Nancy Pelosi flies to Rome to tool around with the Pope and Obama flies, on Air Force One, to the tune of $64,000 an hour to Chicago for Valentines' Day. How about he stay his ass in Washington and have a romantic dinner there that doesn't cost the taxpayer an arm and a leg? Crying catastrophe if the "stimulus bill isn't passed immediately and then waits until 4 days AFTER it's passed by Congress to sign it. But I thought we needed it immediately or else…more horseshit from a career politician. The media loves to call out banks and corporations for their extravagance and lack of "responsibility" but when will they start asking this "rock star" president, who's dick they can't suck hard enough, the tough questions instead of the softball questions they continue to lob his way? The media has no more credibility. Obama News Networks…all chairman Obama all the time.

  29. 229

    Talk is very cheap and something he is good at. It would be nice if he would actually DO something other than throwing money at the problem. Taxing people who make over $250,000 (and that's only about 1-2% of the total population—a small but important detail that is never mentioned) isn't going to fix the deficit that he is adding to.

  30. 230

    Re: perezisaspicfag – people like you are the reason why hate exists!

  31. 231

    Re: cyatic910 – well said!!

  32. 232

    let's hope we are past the days when bush ran the country as if– the poor had exploiting rent-a-centers and the rich were given entitled swag bags…

  33. 233

    PEREZ, I love how you censor people's posts. I guess you drank the Democratic Kool Aid also. So cial ism is alive and well.

  34. KSC says – reply to this



  35. 235

    Talks out his ass like the rest of his tribe.I think it's a case of mouth overloading ass,so full of shit

  36. 236

    We got into this massive deficit due to spending in the Iraq war…which was, and is, a war based on wrong assumptions/bad intelligence. Bush spent far more across seas than Obama is spending and completely ignored everything on the homefront. Thank you Obama for changing our focus.

  37. 237

    Re: enen – Well obviously you are the smaller percentage of peole who think the way you think. Sooo…that's too bad for you! And please humor me, why are WE doomed? I'd love to know why you people think having this smart black man as president is so scary? Tell me, what is he going to do to YOU?

  38. 238

    Didn't watch. All he's done so far is talk, talk, talk, promise, promise, promise. Where are the results? Oh yeah, that Billion dollar bailout to corrupt bankers that is bankrupting our country. He thinks that the country is going to be ok in months. It takes years to recover from this. Thank God, hubby got orders to Japan for the next 4 years and we won't have to watch firsthand this country crumble around us. So sad.

  39. 239

    Full of S H I *.

    Lots of nice talk as usual, but just talk i am afraid.

    Nice Tranny wife tho.

  40. 240

    oh, and did you all catch that not only is he going to fix the economy…he apparently is going to cure cancer in this lifetime too…asshole.

  41. 241

    Re: sushi – He probably will be…remember all the votes he got this past election! As long as he keeps his promises to the best of his ability, we'll all vote for him again!

  42. 242

    Re: enen

  43. 243

    Re: Farticus – He may not have been the best democratic choice, but he is 100% better than the Mccain/Palin choice…I would have voted Independent if they were the only other choice!

  44. 244

    seriously somebody really needs to tell mr oblahblahblahblah he won the election……..
    his campaigning is getting old
    tell michelle to stand up straight that HUMP is getting enormous

  45. leo32 says – reply to this


    I'm just into actions these days. I don't care how eloquently you can speak, (and he does have charisma and charm to the hilt)…just follow it up and DO what you say you will do. That's all I care about!

  46. kikib says – reply to this


    I'm laughing at the comments that people are making. First what does his race have anything to do with what he is trying to do?? For the person that made the Niggur comment look it up in the dictionary. The words means ignorant person it has nothing to do with color, so I would say that the word actually pertains to you. As for everyone else that has all of these negative things to say I would pose this question to you. What would you do if you inherited a deficit like the one we have?? No one had a word to say while the last administration spent and ran it up.. So why now do you expect something to happen this fast when the man has only been in office 30 DAYS??? What do you expect it took us 2 terms to get to this point why would you believe that it would be fixed in 30 days?? Or even one term?? Get off your high horses and give the man a try.. If next year you still feel the same then more power to you but lets see what he can do.. It can't be any worse then what we have already been through. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

  47. 247

    Re: cyatic910

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
    all of oblahblahblah water carriers want everyone to 'stand behing their man' EXACTLY the same ones who trashed bush……..
    they have set up their man for trashing and he set himself up with big promises and salvation.
    I'm wondering where's the:
    GAS (even though they take the bus)
    SNACKS ( never mind the french manicure)
    MORTGAGE PAYMENTS ( ignore flipping of houses)
    GALLONS AND GALLONS OF MILK (never mind the liters and liters of pepsi)
    making his people RICH
    what an elegant shallow dumb man

  48. 248

    My god, it took him over 4 mins to get to the front, then everyone wouldn't stop clapping and cheering and then started again when she introduced him as Presidant; love how he laughed as they started again.

    And then it stopped playing for me!!!!!!


  49. 249

    I wish the republicans had not turned this economy into a disaster, but they did.
    Considering the extraordinary damage done by republicans, Obama is faced with a nightmare — and he is doing an outstanding job in turning things around.
    There is a lesson in this for all of us –NEVER NEVER NEVER allow republicans to hold an elected office on any level. — They are only there for their own personal benefit and could not give a rat's ass about this country.

  50. 250

    Re: perezisaspicfag – How about you relocate to another country? We don't need you, we don't need your racism, your hate, and most of all, we don't need your stupidity.

    Look what republicans have done to this country — and "perezisaspicfag" wants more of the same??? What an idiot.

  51. 251

    Re: Nelly – Do you REALLY want more republican rule??? What haven't you learned yet???

  52. cozmo says – reply to this


    Obama will do fine if he can try and incorporate a few ideas from Ron Paul… Republicans are so far off course they bring no benefit to the white house. lazy bastards

  53. 253

    I wish President Obama the best of luck honestly. I also think he needs to stop holding press conferences & meetings with celebrities who have agendas outside of the U.S.
    To the people who call Bush a monkey,
    Grow up. If it was said about an African American you'd cry foul faster than Perez would strip for Zaquisha.
    To the people who insult Obama based on his race,
    He's 1/2 black. He was raised by his lilly white mother & grandparents so really, I don't even understand why his race is an issue.
    I didn't vote for him, I think he's inexperienced, but again I wish him the best. He's got his work cut out for him.

  54. 254

    Horse and Pony show!!! Sit the fuck down Nancy. Can someone tell him he can quit with the Bullshit, he already won…..

  55. 255

    I think he has a really, really good speech writer! Plus he's definately good at talking, BUT I don't think he's going to be able to change anything. He talks of all this change but I'm still waiting. Businesses are still acting irresponsible with our tax $ and what's being done about it? Letters written and speeches saying we won't tolerate it? It's time for action. But he managed to close a prison and let WORLD terrorists go "home" where they will run free. I still see more of the same. Borrowing more money for this stimulus is going to fail, I don't really think $13 in tax cuts a month is going to help me.

  56. 256

    He is a cocky non-experienced a-hole!

  57. 257

    Re: ttt – For the sake of America, let's HOPE and PRAY you are wrong?

  58. 29 says – reply to this


    Re: WinonaJohnson – because people who actually give a damn about their country had something a little more important to watch.
    and for those of you ignorant and obviously uneducated fools on this site who have chosen to spew forth these nasty, negetaive and racial comments in regards to the president of the country you call home, please feel free to pass along your tax cuts to me since you clearly are not in need of any financial favors in this shithole of an economy.

  59. 29 says – reply to this


    Re: Farticus – you're welcome

  60. 260

    More and more information is coming center stage indicating this man is not a LEGAL American Citizen. Why are even his school records sealed? Is it because he was collecting Student Aid as an Indonesian? His own grandmother said he was born in Kenya IS SHE A LIAR? I DON'T THINK SO? iF AND WHEN it is proven he will be removed from office and he and his whole family DEPORted , now that would be something? The document they claim is his birth cert. is not a birth cert. EVEN the boarder which changes annually is not correct for the year shown on it. What is going on here?

  61. 261

    O B A M A= One Big Ass Mistake America

  62. 262

    Re: njpaul0129 – 227 COMING FROM YOU….THAT IS A COMPLIMENT!

  63. 263

    Re: perezisaspicfag – oh get over yourself and the past u bastard!! he speech was amazing!!

  64. 264

    Re: Mentalist – you are right, Drudge Report had a good story on it the other day, if he is a so called American then why is all this being covered up! He is fake and fraud! who has not done a dam thing in his life. and the Birth cert. they showed says African American which is wrong because they showed other birth cert. from year he was born and they still put Negro on it! so why would his be different??? cause its a FAKE!!

  65. 265

    Re: jondeere19 – how is obama an idiot?? u and all those stupid racist people are fucking dumb ass motherfuckers! get over it! theres no need 2 be racist!! all u racist fucks are just so unhappy of who & what u are!!!! GET OVER IT!!

  66. 266

    Re: reganconservative – AMEN!!!!

  67. 267

    Umm Mr. President I usually get roses and diamonds before I get bent over and F@CKED!

    Ms. Pelosi wipe that smug look off your botoxed FUGFACE you godless B!TCH!

  68. 268

    Re: Farticus – I stand behind you and your right to freedom of speech! You can not talk sense into some of these people. They are so wrapped up in the cult of personality that they have no idea what is really going on in Washington. All they know is that Obama is a good speaker and if he says that everything is going to be alright , it will. But we know that is not the truth. Obama is a mouth piece for people that many on this site do not know. We are able to see the logic in an arguement and most only see what is told to them. Some people are so wrapped up fighting the opposition that they are blind to what is being done to America and the freedoms that we have fought for for so many years.

  69. 269

    I can't even look at him or say his name out loud - he's as corrupt as they come, just like all the other assholes who comes out of Chicago. You people who voted for him have absolutely no insight into who you really voted for and all of America will suffer because of your ignorance.

  70. 270

    Re: Mergers – No I believe that STAYING positive and having faith that he will make good things happen is the ONLY way to feel right now…

  71. 271

    He'd be fine if he would come out of the closet and leave that HAG he's married to!

  72. 272

    I thought his speech was well versed and eloquent. Although I didn't like the Catholic church feel of everyone getting up on their feet every 2 seconds.. by gosh.. and to those who hate.. you should HATE Monkey Faced Bush for fucking us up the way he did!! Our economy went to shit because of his dumb, iliterate ass!

  73. 273

    Re: cyatic910 – Actually, Bush DID have the support from me for his 1st year in office…you have to earn support & respect, so far Obama has given me no reason to not have faith in him

  74. 274

    Re: Vintage7787 – lied about who he is …. what are you talking about?

  75. 275

    Re: PerezsBabyMama – Obama isn't helping me because I have an education, a job, a house I can afford, I pay my own health care, I pay my own bills, I buy my own food. I don't need his help!

  76. 276

    Sad to see people calling Pelosi "the woman who was sitting behind Obama" People, please educate yourself about the players in the game. Obama is a mouth piece for a group of people who have been planning this "stimulus" for years.

  77. 277

    Re: Cottonquinn – Amen!

  78. 278

    Re: Punky Brewster – I am guessing that you do not have an education and a job. Because if you did, you would be able to answer your own questions.

  79. 279

    Re: Shastamagic – 280 I just can't see that you have any foundation to stand on. We just got rid of the WORST PRESIDENT IN US HISTORY! HE RUINED THIS COUNTRY!
    And talk about freedoms we worked so hard for, BUSH STOLE THEM! ILLEGAL WIRETAPPING, TORTURE, AN ILLEGAL WAR!

  80. 280

    Re: jelly8708 – When you start calling people racist for not agreeing with Obama you void any arguement you may have. I do not agree with Obama and it is not because of his race, but for the fact that he is inexperienced, had never run a business or dealt with payroll, debits or credits, he will not show his records ie. birth certificate, grades…and obviously has no grasp of history. This man is a puppet for those who have been planning this "stimulus" for years. Also, don't forget that MLK was a Republican and the Democrats were the members of the KKK, writers of the JIm Crow laws, and supporters of segregation. Even Kennedy voted against equal rights. Don't be fooled for the sake of personally gratification. You can still be a good person and not vote Democrat!

  81. 281

    Re: SWEETPIECE IS ME! – Just because Bush was a screw up and made bad decisions, that now gives Obama a free pass to do the same? That is an illogical argument. That is what I stand on.

  82. 282

    creating jobs at the state level that will have to be maintained by state taxation is not the answer. America needs to produce something that we need, but the problem is we don;t need anything. Consumerism has destroyed this nation. Greed corruption and dishonesty is all around us and there is no turning back. We have been stripped of anything that we thought had value in the past. House, retirement funds and even if you have money i the bank it earns nothing because everyone knows that the US dollar has no value. Lets see what is the prime interest rate????

  83. 283

    Re: ButtercupMoon – do you know that "unappropriate" is not a word?

  84. 284

    Re: lifeispainhighness – you would have to follow the money to the banks, insurance and auto makers…..jeez me thinks that between taxes, insurance and transportation not much left to my budget. They are all raping us. we may as well be slaves, what option do we have but to keep working forever for the man! And they won't even provide us with health care but they want us to buckle down and get this nation out of the crisis that was created by the gov't, banks, insurance company's and then we get overpriced poor healthcare. Aint this country great?

  85. 285

    Re: Shastamagic – 293 I don't feel Obama is making bad decisions. It is a fucked up situation and as I said MANY TIMES before the election, it wouldn't matter who won for they would be torn apart left or right! DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!

  86. 286

    Re: SWEETPIECE IS ME! – I will never support excessive government spending….either for a war or for gaining political power.

  87. 287

    I am sick sick sick of people saying.. Lets all be positive…. well honeys… we are positively losing our way of life because some of the brain dead in this country wanted to elect a guy who doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground. You should be positively scared shitless.

  88. 288

    Another useless speech done with a teleprompter! Can this moron EVER speak from his heart?????????????????????????????????????????????? What a fraud!

  89. 289

    Hope and promise….is THAT going to get us out of this fucking mess? Seems Obama ran out of ideas quite a while ago. Same message, different title.

  90. 290

    Out of 301 comments it is interesting to note that no one has commented on Obama's statement, "The country that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it now." I don't care if he didn't write the speech, he should look over it before he reads it so he doesn't sound like a complete idiot. We did not invent the car, we were just the first ones to mass produce the car. The Germans invented the car.
    And it was the Democrats, starting with Jimmy Carter who believed that everyone should own a home (regardless of whether or not they could AFFORD to) and implemented policies that have led to where we are today. Clinton echoed these sentiments and Barney Frank buried his head in the sand when G.W. Bush tried to warn Congress that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were in trouble. Bush did not take away freedoms that we worked hard for…I am sorry, I don't remember being tortured or having my phone illegally tapped. Those people were not even citizens of our country, they wanted to harm our country. I do not agree with torture but it is a part of war and always has been. If you want to see your freedoms disappear, keep backing Obama.

  91. 291

    Wow! People who post to the perezhiltom message board are not exactly the most enlightened political thinkers, huh? What a surprise. Obama is way too good for America. We don't deserve him. And yet there he is: a righteous brother telling it like it is. Please don't pinch me. I don't want to wake up.

  92. 292

    Re: xiolableu – 302 Whatever helps you sleep at night. :(

  93. 293

    Obama and Bush said that America does not torture. Saddly this is not true. Just ask the countless victims of POLICE TASERS on the people that live right here in the USA. Our troops wound not be allowed to use these devices on the enemy I call on the US congress to ban the use of tasers or any future energy directed weapond against anyone in the USA. The more I see the abuse from these weaponds, the more I feel we may have a civil war on our hands because of the outrage it generates in the general public. This weapond must be banned and the police whom has abused it must be jailed. STAT

  94. 294

    Re: NotQueerAtAll – Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight! You are such an intellectual that your comeback is to call me a bimbo. I guess I should assume from your name and your shallow commentary that you are a chest thumping redneck who thinks women are second-class citizens. Please don't let an intellegent man such as Obama, or an informed and educated woman like me who is willing to state her opinions in an open forum, intimidate you. I know you're only comfortable with Joe the Plumber. A Republican got us in this mess period. Now Obama has the unenviable task of digging us out. I am obviously not alone in my support of Obama, he did win by a bigger margin in this election that your boy Curious George ever did in his two.

  95. 295

    Re: SWEETPIECE IS ME! – #205.

  96. 296

    Re: xiolableu – #302.

  97. 297

    Re: LG puts the BASS in her walk! – You are so correct! XO

  98. 298

    I LOVE YOU OBAMAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. 299

    Mr. President, I wouldn't want your job for all the money or fame in the world. Huge huge mess you have inherited. Bless you, as you try to walk us out of a big pile of crap.

  100. 300

    Yeah, the truth does help me sleep at night. All of that information is public record, look it up.
    And I seriously doubt that my phone is tapped…wiretapping was not put into place for people like me.

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