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In Case You Missed It…

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Check out (above) Barack Obama's first speech to Congress on Tuesday night - in entirety!


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341 comments to “In Case You Missed It…”

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  1. 301

    Re: Farticus – +++ FARTICUS has spoken and FARTICUS HAS SPOKEN THE TRUTH +++

  2. 302

    hes is just waiting for everyone to believe him before he cracks out the new world order!! obama is a freemason, just as bad as all the rest. he is also from the same blood line a bush!!! theyre all related!!! dont believe any one from government

  3. 303

    Watch this and learn.

    youtube com/watch?v=Q0zEXdDO5JU&feature=related

    put the dot before com

    part 1 and 2

  4. 304

    He's THE MAN!!!

  5. 305


    I watched both of the videos. They were very informative and explained the current situation to where even an imbecile should be able to understand. Understand that the current economic situation really boils down to the people in this country feeling a sense of entitlement to things that they cannot necessarily afford and idiot bankers who thought it would be a good idea to give it to them. It is not a wise move to allow someone to mortgage a home for $800,000.00 when they only make $150,000.00 a year or a $100,000.00 home when they only make $25,000.00 a year. It comes back to the idea that everyone should own a home…not if you can't pay for it! In the end everyone else ends up picking up the tab in taxes and bailouts. If people didn't want to live beyond their means then we might not be in this position…greed is evil.

  6. 306

    With regards to the fear-mongering of Bush compared to Obama, there were no weapons of mass destruction found in the middle east. However, and I could be wrong, there seems to be some sort of financial calamity going on in America. But maybe the highest unemployment rate in decades and stock prices plummeting to depression-era lows are just smoke screens that the Dems are using to push their agenda.

    I guess Bush trying to scare everyone about something that doesn't exist is the same as Obama trying to scare everyone into believing that our economy is in trouble? That makes a lot of sense, I'm going to go tell all those unemployed folks with foreclosed homes that they're in denial.

  7. 307


  8. enen says – reply to this


    Re: xiolableu – AMEN. But Democrats can do no wrong? Right? Most "Democrats" on this form have no idea who Jimmy Carter even is. It's pathetic. Obama is a "trend" and that's what our young society goes for.

    Basically his speech last night is the same thing he's been saying since November, yet nothing is being done. Blah blah blah, he has no clue what he's really doing.

  9. enen says – reply to this


    Re: Punky Brewster – IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT HE IS BLACK. I don't care if he is PURPLE. You are a unedcuated FOOL. There are a lot of smart people in this country does that QUALIFY them to be PRESIDENT? NO!

    We are DOOMED because he is back peddling on everything he promised. We are doomed because he has already spent nearly a trillion dollars and in no way is that going to stimulate our economy. We are doomed because him and Biden have already stated that we will need another stimulus package. We are doomed because he is so unsure with what he says and he puts NO confidence behind anything. Last night was the first time he said anything with certainty and that's because Bill Clinton had told him to do so. Standing in front of our country and telling us that there's only a 70% chance the stimulus package will work is stupid.

    Keep following your Obama trend without even educating yourself on what's really going on in this country. It's people like you that shouldn't be allowed to vote.


  10. enen says – reply to this


    Re: Shastamagic – I will never support excessive government spending NOR will I support a nationalized bank. With that being said I guess that makes me an "Obama hater".

    Doesn't it anger you that most people just spit out the Obama trend? And if you do not agree with him you are automatically a racist or a non-patriot?

    I really wish some of these people would get off Perezhilton.com and educate themselves on what's going on with our country right now. Then maybe they'd see that most of the decisions that have been made since he's been in office are not only stupid but detrimental to our country and its future.

  11. 311

    For all you non-supporters:
    Obama is spending to rescue the economy short-term, but this is also an investment in our future. He is creating jobs for Americans in 21st century industries. He admits that the short-term spending is worrisome, but feels he has no choice to rescue the economy. I've been noticing the comments using racist language this is not the time to rely on old prejudices. We need to help each other if we are going to have our way of life remain. Obama has made many promises and proposals for the future, of course he has, he has only been in office for ONE MONTH. We didn't get into this defecit over night, it won't be fixed over night as well. Also, I've seen many comments on the tax cut. Starting in April we will be getting $13 a week, which amounts to $52 a month, which then amounts to $624 a month, for some people thats 2 months rent, or groceries for their family. So before everyone starts complaining that we're doomed he's only been in office one month, give him a chance. Thus far, he's done more then 8 years of Bush politics. If you're really worried about where our money is being spent, Obama encourages us to go on Recovery.gov to see exactly what our hard earned money is being spent on.

  12. 312

    Re: LusciousLiz – Hi to LL, LG and Sweetpiece hope all you ladies are having a great day. Great speech last night. Agreed! JMO~



  13. 313

    PS, just saw my typo $624 A YEAR…sorry about that

  14. 314

    And then on top of it all we don't even own our own stimulus package anymore. We didn't have the money for it in the first place. Instead we "printed" the money and then sold it to China so that it would have value. In essence, China, communists, own our stimulus package…a big fat loan from the country that has the money because we outsource to them. And they, in turn, create cheap, hazardous products to send back to the U.S.A. - wow, what a warm, fuzzy feeling that leaves me with! Maybe we should think about becoming a producing country instead of being such consumerists.

  15. 315

    Re: xiolableu – xiolableu–I could be wrong, and feel free to correct me IF I'm wrong, but isn't that what Obama was saying in his speech? That he wants to stop companies from sending all of their jobs overseas, esp. in the auto industry? That we need to start making AMERICAN made cars in AMERICA…would that be considered a "producing" country? The big lie was that jobs were being sent overseas because Americans didn't want them, Obama is trying to create 21st cent. and is refusing to give tax breaks to companies that send jobs overseas, this will take time, obviously, to help our economy. I sound like a broken record but remember, he's only been in office for a month, what did you expect to happen in this short amount of time?

  16. enen says – reply to this


    Re: suckonthat – 624 dollars? you're saying that could be two months rent? WHERE?

    In Northern NJ you can't find a pot to piss in for less than 850 a month….no joke.

  17. 317

    Re: enen – enen, I live in Southern, CT, I wouldn't be able to find a place for less then $850 either…that's why I said MOST people, maybe I should have been more clear and said excluding the northeast…..how nice would it be though for the both of us if $624 could cover 2 months rent….. :)

  18. enen says – reply to this


    Re: suckonthat – Tell me about it! I went to college in Southern CT so I know/understand what it's like to live there also. You know was well as I do that 624 dollars isn't going to do much for people like us….or the people that live around us. But then again the recession won't hit us as hard because there are so many job opportunities everywhere.

  19. 319

    Re: sheba08 – #324.

  20. 320

    Re: triinity – “He has plans, plans that go way beyond even 2 terms” He's got plans alright. To never have free elections in America again so “the one” can stay in office forever. He's a cooler version of Jimmy Cater - many of you young folks don't even know who he is - when your parents are constantly fighting about money, they have lost their jobs, double digit inflation/unemployment only THEN will this rap listening, un-educated, welfare grabbing LOSER generation get it, for now, it's a big fucking party - just wait - watch the stock market - that's clear indicator how LOUSY this man is it's off by 2,500 POINTS!

  21. 321

    Re: sheba08 – Hello girlfriend…how are you?

  22. 322

    Re: suckonthat – Try Los Angeles! You can't find a 1 bedroom apartment for under $1100 a month!! The "STUDIO" nextdoor to me is going for $1010!!! It doesn't even have a bedroom! It's crazy!

  23. 323

    Re: littleblondebabe – “He has plans, plans that go way beyond even 2 termsRe: suckonthat – “Thus far, he's done more then 8 years of Bush politics.” Indeed he has. He's spent more in one month than the entire war in Iraq. His deficit is at 530 Billion (already) BUSH's highest at it's highest was 352 Billion. So OBAMA (One Big Ass Mistake America) has spent close to 2 TRILLION Dollars in a month - how the fuck is that progress. How can any of you, who call themselves American, think it's wonderful your boy, has sold us to China like a cheap whore. This generation hasn't hurt enough. You 18-25 year olds with your cell phones, your facebook, your porno online, your free college (so you can learn about the world from people like William Ayers) yea, the fact you get your political information from Oprah Yea, this is a generation of welfare grabbing, porno making, tattoo'd, lip pierced gay loving fuck ups - so when the party is over, and you have NOTHING left, don't say we didn't warn you - we did - but you were too high on the BO Koolaid. Just wait. It's going to get MUCH worse and I blame those who voted for this slimebag.

  24. 324

    Re: LusciousLiz – Doing fine Liz! Hope all is well where you are! Nice to meet you.



  25. 325

    Re: LusciousLiz

  26. 326


  27. 327

    Re: suckonthat – good talking points, but you forgot to mention how that $13 will be cut down a couple of bucks after a few months! I find it funny that Michelle Obama made fun of Bush rebate checks that gave a a couple hundred dollars to people, bet she is not laughing now about 13 dollars! But at least you state your case in a normal manner not like most of the idiots on here who make comment with now clue what they are talking about! As for Recovery.com that site is a joke its all estimates and things are lumped together that site is false hope.

  28. 328

    hahah very well put! Kudos to You!! but don't forget about his supporting cast in Congress they are just as much to blame as him! Thanks to them they just passed another 410 BILLION dollar bill with 9,000 earmarks!!! Thanks Pelosi for Wasting my money you DUMB BITCH

  29. 329

    Re: suckonthat – Here you go read this
    Renters that participated in the Apartments.com survey indicate their average rent payment is $905.00 per month, compared to the current national average of $1082 per month , Realty Data Trust, June 1, 2007. Average rent prices in 2007 show a steady incline since 2005 when the median rental payment was $636 per month.

    so good luck trying to even pay 1 month rent, they go buy a happy meal with that 13 bucks!

  30. 330
  31. enen says – reply to this


    Re: windycityboy – Right? The omnibus bullshit. I can't even handle it anymore. The stimulus was ONE GIANT EARMARK!!!!! How about last night when Obama made the comment that we cannot leave our children with a debt that is not manageable and Pelosi rose to her feet. HOW DOES SHE NOT REALIZE SHE IS THE BIGGEST SPENDER IN AMERICA?!

    Obama should use California as an example. Look what has happened when they tried to give everyone health care and spend more money on education. Can we really afford to have that happen to our country?

  32. 332

    Re: LG puts the BASS in her walk! – Hi Queen LG! xoxo

  33. 333

    Re: windycityboy – Where are your statistics coming from? Urban, Rural? I'm from the north east, and it wouldn't be beneficial for me or you, from your name, i take it your from chicago. of course in metropolitian areas and where I live, it wouldn't help nearly as much as it would for say someone in middle america where rent is cheap, or down south like places in FL, where rent can go for $330….

    I KNOW i keep on repeating myself, and honestly, we can all fight until we're blue in the faces about obama whether he sucks or not, no one will ever agree on politics but i'm going to say this again for probably the 10000th time…he's been in office for ONE MONTH, i'm not sure what everyone expects him to do in THIS short amount of time….

    ps thanks for not being an asshole and telling me to "lick your butt" or rude like julesinSD–she doesn't deserve a response.

  34. 334

    Re: suckonthat – lick my butt! haha JK, from what i read its the national average across the board, i went to school in a small town in Wisconsin and i had friends who lived in Apt and they paid closed to 600 a month. But like i say the The problem is not all on Obama but he does have a hand in it, the major problem is the idiots in congress, Princess Pelosi, Barney Frank, The Crook Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, Shumer and the list can go on, they are all so Corrupt and have loaded this last bill of 410 billion with over 9,000 earmarks that is crazy to me!! They are the real problem and the ones who have caused the most damage. Obama is at fault cause he had now exp and he turns to them to get stuff done! Just like he does with his little Thug in the White House Rham E.

  35. 335

    Re: enen – We need to bring the Gestapo to Congress to round up some certain people in congress and get rid of them! ha

  36. 336

    Re: littleblondebabe – I love how you Obama lovers think we have not had any other president before G W Bush!! it shows how little you know, i say that not to be mean, but if you new what you were saying you would know this started way back under Jimmy Carter! Do you know who Jimmy Carter is? So do us all a favor a stop blaming Bush for everything he was out 43 president remember there were 42 other before him!!

  37. enen says – reply to this


    Re: windycityboy – You know what's a testament to Bush that everyone seems to forget? When 911 happened did Bush stand in front of America and blame Clinton for our shitty national defense? NEVER. NOT ONCE. Yet every chance Obama gets he takes a shot at Bush. There's really only so long you can blame him before it gets old. WE KNOW. Bush made mistakes. It's on his historical resume people get over it. He also did some things for this country that can be looked at highly (like keep us safe for all those years when there were tons of terrorists who wanted to kill all of us?)

    But not ONCE did Bush blame Clinton for ANYTHING and anyone with a brain or anyone that follows politics knows that was all on Clinton.

  38. 338

    Re: enen – You got that right. Not once. Because. BUSH has a big set of balls. Enough balls to go to war, clean the shit up in the middle east and establish a democracy. Peaceful elections and the National Iraq museum of Art opening last week - not a peep about it in the press. Obama worries me because: HE WAS RAISED BY A WOMAN - not a man - a woman. Instead of being tough, strong, able, prudent -hes: “elegant, sexy, entertaining” sound like a description of a strong leader? HELL NO - he's just some weak ass, vain, egotistical asshole who hasn't led a troop of boyscouts out of a lit campground - and these dumb fuck 18 year olds elect this? Wait til all those college students grow up, try and find jobs, try to buy a house - ya know, join the REAL world. Oh, wait, I forgot, the trend with most fucks under 25 is to live off their parents and drive around in leased BMW's texting guys to give blow jobs to - yea, that's THE Obama generation. A bunch of welfare grabbing, cell phone yammering, rap listening - LAZY STUPID fucks!

  39. 339

    Give me George Bush any day of the week…at least these terrorists feared him…and that kept us safe. This idiot is going to "chat" with them and let them out of jail…Iran is loving this right now…economy in dumpster and a big old wimp running the show. good times.

  40. 340

    Re: loribaby1 – If you are going to give Bush credit for "keeping us safe" then you damn well better take the lumps for having the worst terrorist attack on US soil happen on his watch, too.

  41. 341

    Re: littleblondebabe – WOW I can not really believe you just made that comment above. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and should just stop posting comments because you come across as just a Dumb Blonde!! Anyone who knows anything about history knows 9/11 was Clinton's fault!! You prob don't know this but 16 years today was the 1st attack on the World Trade Towers and who was president Bill Clinton what did he do nothing, USS Cole attack, 2 different embassies bombed hundreds killed who was president Clinton what he do…. Nothing!!! He just dropped some bombs somewhere and said Law enforcement could handle it which they can not. Everyone knows Liberals get Hammered on National Security cause they are so weak on it! So why don't you do some research next before making such a Kool Aide drinking comment!

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