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McDonald's Drive Through Worker Caught Selling "The Special" - DRUGS!!!!

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Bringing a whole new meaning to "Happy Meal"!

In Edgewater, Maryland, 27-year-old Donald Brice was busted for selling pot out of a McDonald's drive through window.

He was nabbed after undercover detectives set him up.

Brice was arrested and charged with drug dealing and possession.

How dumb do you have to be to be selling drugs like that?

What was the code word for that? The "Grimace?" He is purple, after all.

Although we do have to admit that it was probably great for business!

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100 comments to “McDonald's Drive Through Worker Caught Selling "The Special" - DRUGS!!!!”

  1. 1

    That's just disgusting! Dudes got issues!

  2. 2

    crack is bad mkayyyyy

  3. 3

    there should be more mcdonalds like that around!
    and anyway, it's healthier than the shit they sell there

  4. 4

    how about smoke great even late.

  5. 5

    Although it's a crime, and not right, you gotta give some points for originality ;)

  6. 6

    Love it!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    haha thats actaully pretty awesome!!!

  9. 9

    Re: Mike_Rotch – Way healthier!! He probably doubled their buisness, bet mcdonalds is sorry to see him go…

  10. 10

    id actually go to mcd's then, make the world a happier place.
    and we need that shitt not to be permanatly scared by the creepy rapist clown!

  11. Lulz says – reply to this


    Holy shit, man. That plant's a beut.

  12. 12

    Re: xX-missdarkness-Xx

    The clown is a rapist!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Jesus christ. Now that's what I want in my happy meal.

  15. 15

    Actually, something like this happened before too…saw it on the news. The guy must of smoked too much of his own supply. NEVER GET HIGH ON YOUR OWN SUPPLY!!! The guy must have been fried. But what a great place to get the munchies.

  16. 16

    LOL some people have these brilliant ideas, but then they get shut down like that haha

  17. 17

    Retarded… yet brilliant

  18. 18

    hahaha thats such a classic!! i love it!! i could just hear it now…."umm ya can i get a #1 and a dope happy meal"

  19. 19

    that's not original. there was a guy from my high school who sold weed through the del taco drive thru. you could buy sacks, joints or blunts haha. loverboy style "extra anchovies."

  20. 20


  21. 21

    hahaha…when i read this i started laughing! this is hilarious!

  22. 22

    WHere was I, I'm Definitely lovin it! I can get a McBong with that!

  23. 23

    I'd hardly call marijuana "drugs."

  24. 24

    Re: SheHasBigBoobs – I agree!!!!

  25. 25

    He waited on my mom last week. She said he was really unfriendly. I guess because she didn't buy drugs.

  26. 26

    Anyone got the munchies?

  27. 27

    GENIUS! I'd have been a regular customer…

  28. 28

    MMMMMmmmmm….fuzzy crystally buds of…….um, I mean, drugs are bad Nkay?

  29. 29

    I'm lovin' it.

  30. 30

    Hahaha, this is great. I literally work right across the street from this McDonalds. Yeh Edgewater. Classic.

  31. 31

    I used to work at a pizza hut where one of the managers did this, "breadsticks with alfredo" was the code

  32. 32

    This isn't a new idea.

  33. 33

    we did that at Del Taco back in the 80's!

  34. 34

    Re: miz beezie.. – i bet everyone in town is sad to see him go!! how convienent..no bullshitting..just go down the street and order a double cheeseburger with pickles on the side.. 10 minutes, done.

  35. 35

    this is sooo amazing how this is on here and i live in edgewater. :D
    lmfao. i swear edgewater is the craziest place to live.
    but i love it here. =]

    plus, i have news. :D
    supposely, this guy had a part time job at burger king which is right down the street from Mcdonalds, and he was caught selling pot their also.

  36. 36

    Re: M*I*A*R – to doo to doo toooo…….

  37. 37

    that is one seriously gorgeous plant,….

  38. MP says – reply to this


    Pretty sad when you're 27 years old and can't even hold down a job at McDonald's.

  39. 39

    Pistachio? ;) Ymi ms, bg

  40. 40

    hahah it's happened before! I worked in a small Mcdonald's set up in a gas station back in high school and one of the guys there did it! and a lot of his customers would then get their McDonald's half price (his girlfriend was one of the managers so he had her code to give meals half off)

  41. 41

    Re: LG puts the BASS in her walk! – Agreed! Hi there! This is just too funny~



  42. 42

    wow, I take my kids there :(

  43. 43

    Terrific combo, weed and munchies all in 1

  44. 44

    I live in Maryland and have actually gone
    to that specific McDonald's before.
    No wonder they were always so busy.

  45. 45

    I worked at a McDonald's a people dealt all the time through the drive-thru. I guarantee every fast food place has someone dealing drugs there.

  46. 46

    This man is a god. There is nothing better than getting stoned and eating McDonald's. Keep fighting the good fight, dude.

  47. 47

    Wish I knew the code word!

  48. 48

    Only in Maryland… hahaha. Yay

  49. 49

    Re: vancity – word!

  50. 50

    We've got crazy women having fourteen children and this dude gets a whole undercover sting and bust. Dude, it's just weed.

  51. 51

    I want THE GRIMACE super size please! BLAZE IT!!

  52. 52

    i live in edgewater and go to that mcdonalds all the time
    haha how come i didnt know about this before??

  53. 53

    Drowning in me own drool, arf arf!

  54. 54

    craziness.. i find it funny this made perez's page.. i live in annapolis maryland.. 2 mins from edgewater…. and this was local news

  55. @v@ says – reply to this


    Kinda a one stop shop. Patrons didn't have to drive very far for the munchies.
    Now I know how Leo (Tommy Chong) managed to make a profit working at the Photo Hut in That 70's Show. Slogans - 'You deserve a break today.' 'Good time, great taste'. 'Feed your inner child.' 'I'm Lovin' it.' 'Only MacDonalds.'

  56. 56

    wow, that's amazing
    it really takes guts to do such a thing, props!

  57. 57

    I'd like some fries, Orange soda…and a dime baggy.. . thanks. That would be awesome!

  58. 58

    haha man that must have been the easiest way to buy weed like EVER…i think this guy is on to something…we should have had a drive-thru to buy weed a long time ago!!

  59. Stine says – reply to this


    LOL this totally happened in my neighborhood, too… except I don't think the guy got caught.

  60. 60

    It makes sense… Donald selling it at Mc Donald's…

  61. 61

    Bet Michael Phelps regrets for not stopping there???

  62. 62

    they're acting like this is new!

    hell, when i worked at taco bell in high school there was a guy selling pot out the drive thru.

  63. JCPR says – reply to this


    that's such a great idea! i bet he sold lots of pot before he got caught.

  64. 64


    The story was hilarious but your doodle on the picture made me laugh out loud@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for making a very crappy day good.

    Love you

  65. 65

    i got a PHAT JOINT with my happy meal instead of toy (: !

  66. 66

    this is nothing new.
    my first job was at mcdonalds and my co workers sold weed through the drive thru as well.
    then again, buying pot is pretty much the equivalent of buying bread here in british columbia. everyone and their grandma smokes it.

  67. 67

    poor Americans….THANK GOD I LIVE IN AMSTERDAM….haha

  68. 68

    Marijuana is a plant. An illegal plant. Which is riddiculous. Real drugs are the ones manufactured synthetically. Like meth, THAT'S a fucking drug man. Made from volatile substances, in which you need goggles and protective gear to mix. I say give me a damn bong hit any day! All it does is make you happy, hungry and sleepy.

    …err but it was wrong to sell it through a drive thru, dumbass.

  69. k8yb says – reply to this


    hahaahaha thats so good!

  70. 70

    that bud is beautiful!!!!!!!

  71. 71

    a friend of mine was selling his stuff when he was delivering pizzas when he quit his job the boss started seeing his sales going down he never knew why.

  72. 72

    i love drive thrus!

  73. 73


  74. 74


  75. 75

    My ex husband did the same thing out of a Wendy's drive thru when he was in high school, he made a lot of money….. Well enough to buy 2 new cars….

  76. 76

    People are still doing that? 17 years ago our local McDonald's mgr did that too, but you had to use an actual item that might be on the menu for real. (shamrock shake with 3 straws) Grimace? What the…

  77. 77

    I live in MD and the cops started catching on when the line was completely wrapped around the building starting at 5am and pretty much stayed that way all day… I'm not sure what the code word is yet (I am checkin on that), but he put it in a chicken nugget box, which makes sense (get it? nuggets??) Anyway, they released him on his own recog. It is pretty ingenious though

  78. 78

    The picture is great!!! Wonder if the bud comes from South America like their meat!!

  79. 79

    That happens ALLLL the time in Maryland but no one really get caught

  80. 80

    Just what we need…..more association with pot and Maryland! Gee thanks Edgewater!

  81. 81

    i live right by that mcdonalds and goo0 to it s0metimes to0……i wish i w0ulda of kn0wn about the special meAl lol

  82. 82

    i just went there yesterday lol………….im def gonna go today and ask about it

  83. 83

    goddamit. i live in MAryland! How come I never get any pot with my meal?

  84. 84

    That is so dumb he should go to jail. Who knows if he sold to younger kids. It's on original it's plain stupidness

  85. 85

    I used to work at Mcdonalds, and I saw drugs sold more then once through the drive through!!

  86. 86

    LOL! That's the healthiest thing you would be able to purchase at McDonald's.
    The real crime is their food. Look how many obese kids there are today!

    Cops never cease to amaze me. They never are on cases or investigations that actually matter. It's always bullshit arrests like this.

  87. 87

    lmao…this happened in my town. a girl was telling me about it last night. she used to buy from him LOL.

  88. 88

    now the term "happy meal" has a entirely different meaning! i want a happy meal!!

  89. 89

    LOL! Funniest shit i've ever heard! xD

  90. 90

    i bought coke from an arbys window once….haha!

  91. 91

    Re: mparedes81 – lol… fuck yeah toy and all, somke a blunt grub on some fries sip some orange soda and play with your happy meal toy, now that was a good day=) (miz beezie don't smoke weed!)

  92. 92

    hes a genius. (:

  93. 93


  94. 94

    I cant wait till Oboma says we can smoke all the weed we want then some white people will get rich off of this kids idea.

  95. 95

    how convenient, ya got your weed & food to cure the munchies. perfecccct

  96. 96

    Hahaha too funny. I live in Edgewater and i work right across the street from that Mcdonalds. Thanks for the Tip April lol..

  97. 97

    wooo hooooo give me some highs with that shake shake foody

  98. 98

    weeds are awesome, but why would he sell them like that? >

  99. 99


  100. 100

    Idiotic Fool!!!! Hahaha Soo Stupid…!