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No One's Denying That Beyonce Lip-Synched at the Oscars

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Oscar night was a big ole' bomb for Sasha Fake Fierce!

First, the usually stunning B hit the red carpet in one of the ugliest dresses of the night, compliments of her dear momma Tina.

And, then, come show time, it looked like Mrs. Jay-Z had to lip-synch to get through her lavish performance with Hugh Jackman.

When Oscar officials were just asked about Beyonce's alleged lip-synching, the only thing they had to say was, "As is the case with any live event of this scale and scope, there are always elements of the show that are pre-recorded. But I will not go into detail about which elements were on this show."

And, a spokesperson for Beyoncé failed to respond when members of the press inquired about their girl faking it on the Oscar stage.

The silence is deafening!!

We're taking all these weird responses as a hellz yeah, Beyonce indeed performed to a pre-recorded track.

[Image via WENN.]

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127 comments to “No One's Denying That Beyonce Lip-Synched at the Oscars”

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  1. 101

    I kind of like the dress. It's unique, not simply the usual gown worn to these events.

  2. 102

    She supposed to be a pro. So she can't dance and sing at the same time? What about during a concert? Lame! So's the dress! Don't enjoy her very much anyway.

  3. 103

    who the fuck cares if she iip synced? she can sing her ass off and she has proven that she can dance and sing tremendously many times b4…get a new story to bludgeon to death.

  4. 104

    she doesn't have a voice for starts! tacky!

  5. 105

    OK fat fuck so what id she lip synced stop talking about it and she didn't look that bad so stop hating and stop bringing down B so much

  6. 106

    WHO CARES IF SHE SANG TO A PRE-RECORED TRACK! I dont know what people have against lip syncing. You cant sing successfully and dance at the same time. ITS IMPOSSIBLE. Its not like she cant sing, SHE CAN. This is a silly topic.

  7. 107

    whats the big deal about it?
    britney always uses playback and you never said shit about it.
    does beyonce still needs to prove that she can sing? i don't think so.

  8. 108

    SUCK IT IN FAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 109

    SO WHAT if she was lip syncing….they all were. It's not like we don't know that Beyonce can't kill it when she sings live. C'mon Perez give it a break.

  10. Jic2c says – reply to this


    Who cares about the lip-syncing. We all know that bitch can sing lol

  11. 111

    Goodness that dress was HIDEOUS and she had the damn nerve not to wear a necklace or earrings with it!

  12. 112

    Who cares about her lyp-synching…. EVERYBODY lip-syncs these days…. I think it's MORE shocking wnen singers actually physically SING!

    And the dress is hideous!

  13. 113

    I can't stand Beyonce! She is so fake, phoney, fraud. Ack!

  14. 114

    Oh lay off, Perez! Everyone knows she's a phenomenal singer…you comment on her talent all the time. She was doing a lot of dancing and moving around during that very long and complicated number. I'm sure she and the producers of the Oscars wanted the song to have good sound quality instead of running the risk of it being all breathy and uneven. Even it if was pre-recorded, it was better than you could have done!

  15. 115


  16. 116

    What? Lip synching? I'm SHOCKED. I heard Arod took steroids, too! :O

  17. 117

    Why do people still get shocked about singers lip-synching?? They have been doing it for years and sometimes it is for a good reason but if they were to sing live and they sounded bad people would then just complain how bad it sounded. so it's a loose loose situation.

  18. 118




  19. 119

    The dress is just too fussy - it looks like she had a wrestling match with a pair or drapes in her hotel room - and lost.

    Regardless, she looks great.

    She needs to go back to the basics and stop all the reiventing herself with the "Sasha Fierce" crap. She, unlike many singers that that need to reinvent themselve constantly to keep the publics interest **cough, cough, Madonna** has natural beauty and talent and doesn't and such gimmicks detract from that.

  20. 120

    soooo WHAT!!

    She has always been a trooper. Maybe she was having a scratchy voice week. It happens.

  21. 121

    WHO CARES if she lip-synched?!?!?! She has proven time and time again that she can SING!!!! That doesn't make her fake b/c she lip-synched at the Oscars. Jennifer Hudson lip-synched the National Anthem at the Super Bowl; is she fake too?? Jeeez people chill the "F" out

  22. 122

    Oh, feel free to rag about that dress all you want. I can't stand it either. UGH, what was she thinking. I STILL LOVE HER THOUGH

  23. 123

    she looks like an overstuffed couch

  24. 124

    UmmmmBeyonce can sing!!lighten up already. give her a break

  25. 125

    i agree with chongy and trix by the way. it probably was not her choice to lip sync. the dress is a great cut…the fabric…wll, not so much

  26. 126

    The funny thing is that you have not mentioned that our Saint and the Curious Old have lost the Oscar as the have the others awards, and that as they have no friends to be with, they went home to see the kids "throwing spaghetti against the wall" ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  27. 127

    2 words: Gold Fish

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