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Paris Bitten By The Pattinson Bug Too?

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It's probably just the fevered dreams of tabloid writers, but rumor has it that Paris Hilton was seen "canoodling" with Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson at the Rick Yorn and Patrick Weitzell Oscars after-party on Sunday night.

According to a source, "Paris and Rob were deep in conversation, being very flirtatious with each other, when Benji, Paris' ex approached. Paris was polite to Benji, but continued talking to Rob, and poor Benji slinked away."

But we don't know.

We just can't see it, personally!

NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!

[Images via WENN.]

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216 comments to “Paris Bitten By The Pattinson Bug Too?”

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  1. 101

    This makes me SICK!

  2. Laury says – reply to this


    Yeah, right. R-Patz wouldn't touch her herpes-infected ass with a 10 foot pole.

  3. 103

    Robert???? Being flirtatious????With that thing????????? OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!! He deserves better than a rich whore!!!!!!!!!! And she better back off! Descent men are not for her!!!!!! This is disgusting…

  4. 104

    Paris Hilton hasn't got enough brain cells to be "deep in conversation" with anyone!!

  5. 105

    She can screw any man she wants….He is hot, smart, talented…He doesn't need a trash in his life like her!!!!! And as my best friend says " LOS POULOS MUCHACHOS"

  6. 106

    I find this EXTREMELY hard to believe. And I agree with Perez–I don't see it. Not at all.

  7. 107

    i like him less now

  8. 108

    she just wants another notch on her belt

  9. 109

    if that is true [i dont think it is] then that is really GROSS!

    she needs to stay the hell away she fucked every american actor and now shes moving on to british actors. ROBERT STAY AWAY!

  10. 110

    i don't buy it.
    hell maybe she's gotten that pathetic she's starting her own rumors?

  11. 111

    There are certain people that Rob could date to make me lose respect for him… Paris Hilton is one of them…

  12. 112

    Re: WKNDBIKERIDER – he might….. for a one night stand lol

  13. StayC says – reply to this


    Don't do it Rob!!! you'll catch something horrendous! back away now before she ruins your career!

  14. 114

    Paris Hilton is a fugly hag. She hasn't been pretty, she will never be pretty and what's worse is she is a useless parasite upon society and for some reason people still care.

    Fuck Paris Hilton. Fuck Rob too if he is dumb enough to hop on that herpes train. He could do way better.

  15. 115

    please don't let it be true.
    Rob is way too hot for that slut.
    she should just go away.
    her five minutes of fame are over!


  16. 116

    We'll know if the rumors or true if Roberto's fingers and nose fall off from Paris' ebola twat infecting him with various stds. You know, you can catch stds from Paris by just being in the general vicinity!haha

  17. 117

    Stop making this shit up to pimp no-talent Paris. She is over. Nobody who takes his career seriously would be caught dead, much less canoodling, with that vapid, diseased whore.

  18. 118

    Fuck that old twat paris-Megan Fox is freaking single now. Go tap that, Robert! Make us proud….

  19. 119


  20. 120

    Oh hell Paris.. Stay away from RPatz!!! geeez…

  21. 121

    Run Robert run! Oh, nooooo!

  22. 122

    ZOMG this is probably a rumor. Didn't they just say that he was flirting with Natalie Portman? xD

  23. 123

    Now THIS is who shouldn't ever be with Robert.
    Natalie, yes.
    This skank, no!

  24. 124

    Okay seriously, how can anyone think this dude is goodlooking whatsoever.
    He's gross man… eww

  25. 125

    I hope paris dies!
    robert could do better than this girl

  26. 126

    noooooooo. dear god i hope he doesn't stoop so low!!

  27. Clair says – reply to this


    god, please no…. that will kill his hot factor, just as it did benji's.

  28. 128

    Rob is just to much of a gentleman to ignore her. Probably just listened for awhile and then made his escape. I can't see him going from a class act like Natalie Portman to her. Besides he's petrified of catching a disease, that kind of says it all.

  29. 129

    Can't be true….

  30. 130

    Whats so funny is that he ends up being alone lol
    …fuck mario your making him look like a man whore!

  31. n7of9 says – reply to this


    who the fark would put his dick in her…YUK!

  32. 132

    OH HELL TO THE NO PEREZITO!!!!!! this can't be

  33. 133

    seriously paris might b good for him.. he always looks like he doesnt carew about asnything mayb she wil make him a happy person…and whats with everyone liking him…. i saw twilight for the hell of it… and all i saw was bad acting, a lame and sooo predictable story line, and teen girls in the front of the theatre with twilight written on their forehead.. seriously thats sad

  34. 134

    Not believable….he's way too good for her

  35. 135


  36. lje says – reply to this


    Is iRe: Danielle** – Yes.

  37. 137

    Paris you stay away from Pattison….He's mine!

  38. 138

    Re: Danielle** – He's hot if you like that "i got punched in the nose look"…

  39. 139

    Stay away from him bitch … Natalie Portman is way better for him !

  40. 140

    hahahaa yeahhh no

  41. 141

    I don't believe it for a second.
    Rob would TOUCH a woman like Paris.
    He likes the smart women.

  42. 142

    not true. rob would be so intimidated by her.

  43. 143

    i hope it's not true!!

    he's to good for her.
    && i cant see him with her.

  44. 144

    I think that is so funny considering Paris Hilton jsut flew into Tokyo with Doug Reinhardt…. It's really funny(to me at least) considering Robert Pattinson jsut touched down also… I really hope shes not using Doug as a reason to become teh next Lindsey Lohan and her Crawford obsesssion!!!!!

  45. 145

    Re: Danielle** – Nope…count me in! I think he looks mediocre.

  46. 146

    DEFINITELY not true!!
    Rob would never go out with such a shallow person like Paris.
    I can believe Natalie and Rob, but PARIS and Rob…. come on.
    If that happens it would be the end of the world hahaha

  47. 147

    who seriously wants to be known forever as an idiot? Only a true moron like her would even dare compare herself to a REAL icon like Princess Diana. Back off him!

  48. 148

    Paris is a waste of air,take a page from Nicoles book and get a clue. Her failed mothers attempt at fame fed this beast.

  49. 149

    This is SO hard for me to believe for one she doesn't have the intellect to keep him interested in THAT much conversation. The only way I can see her having his attention for that long as if some Fellatio was involved and that would only take a few minutes.

  50. 150

    Well first of all, it's quite obvious Pattinson is a boy-butt loving pickle chugger. Regardless, just getting too close to Paris can give you Super Herpes. Let's hope he didn't catch anything.

  51. 151


    i cant see that at all, eww
    i would rather see rob with kristen than with paris
    and i reallyyy dont like kristen either..

  52. 152

    NO! that isnt NOOOOT true hell no! im gonna throw my laptop away if that is true hell no not Rob he got a BRAIN

  53. 153

    Paris needs to keep her diseases to her self. Leave him alone!

  54. 154

    What a fucking whore Paris "Gonzo Wonky" HOlton! Don't even think for a second to come 500 yard near Robert. Beware for Twi-hard fans. They won't stand this blashmey!
    Go away, bitch!

  55. erinl says – reply to this


    There's NO way. Besides, he likes brunettes!

  56. 156

    OMG paris hilton….jeez she's so desperate to go for the hot guys….prince william, robert pattinson. but always ends up with the duds…..benji madden. because they are the only one's stupid enough to take her.

  57. Kaze_ says – reply to this


    What hunk dosen't Paris want? =X

  58. 158

    R-Patz should think abt his rep b4 talkin to any skank that approaches him…., look i dont mind her at all but just stay away from the man he don't want YOU byotch. =p

  59. 159


  60. 160


  61. 161

    Rpattz is WAYYYY TOO smart to even consider looking twice in Paris's general direction when it comes to dating. She is an over rated TRANNY HOOKER! She would not last a week with him. The Fanpire girls would go bat shit crazy. I am not even worried about it though cause she is disgusting.

  62. 162

    Never thought I would see the day that Parisite would become the cougar…

  63. Anjay says – reply to this


    Ugh. The ultimate nightmare-scenario of every true Pattinson fan. She is SO rancid … what was he thinking?!?
    Dark days in Pattyland. DARK days, indeed. :o (

  64. 164

    Rob's too good for her and he would never date her.

  65. 165

    paris isn't even that pretty

  66. 166

    if this is the case… i rather him go with nat port

  67. 167

    Run Robert, RUN!!!

  68. 168


  69. 169

    i dont believe it but if its true……. It would be absolutly gross like hell catch some disease from her. shes a whore bag to be honest and she can just go live in a dumpster rather then go near the sexy rob again geeze…….. you'd think hed be smart enough not to hang around a slut-a-ratar

  70. 170

    Re: Natisha – get ova ur self

  71. 171

    great now he'll be infected :\

  72. 172


  73. 173

    Deep in conversation about what… her makeup?

    I don't think Paris can hold a conversation.

    I call bullshit…

  74. k8yb says – reply to this


    hes gota a gf though

  75. Paty says – reply to this


    I hope is not true. He seems smarter than that.

  76. 176

    So which is it, Natalie or Paris????

  77. 177

    I read somewhere that Robert said he hates Blonde bimbos who are hungry for fame. This totally desribes Paris so i totally doubt he would go near her. If she was talking to him its because she is a desperate stalker.

  78. 178


  79. 179

    Rob falling for that stupid, barbie-like whore? C'MON! I bet Rob has enough brain to notice that the possibilities of having a serious conversation or relationship with her are at the minimum.

  80. 180

    HUM NO!!!!

  81. 181

    he can do so much better than that!!!!!!!!

  82. 182

    OMG!!! Paris followed Rob to Toyko!!! She touched down this morning with some other guy for appearance purposes only, I'm sure. Coincidence that she should be there at the same time as Rob, I think NOT!!!

    Someone rescue our boy quick before he gets ensnared!!!

  83. 183

    i thought he said he likes "mad crazy strong" women….i didnt realize he really meant "brainless blonde self-centered" slutty heiress…..wow….he should say what he really means.

  84. 184

    ughh, hes too pretty and sincere for her. she needs to get hit by a bus or something

  85. 185

    i'll cry if he gets with her..seriously…paris hilton? wtf?!?!

  86. M.Rod says – reply to this


    As reported earlier – Rob spent an hour at a party with Ebola on Oscar night. Then he flew to Tokyo to promote Twilight.

    Guess who’s also en route to Tokyo?

    That’s right. Ebola Paris Hilton was spotted at LAX en route to Tokyo supposedly for some “business related appearances” this week…

    Ebola gets a lot more mileage being linked to Teen Beat’s current poster boy than some random you’ve never heard of. And please… save it. I don’t care about Doug Reinhardt. He’s dating Ebola. This is all I need to know.

    So from LA to Tokyo, Rob and Ebola will find themselves just steps away from each other yet again.

    Will it go looking for him?


    It’s probably stalk texting him already, trying to arrange a hook up.

    And for those of you, many of you, who emailed today to discuss the possibility that he might escape infection, that it was only “talking” they did on Sunday night, that Rob is immune to Ebola’s evils…
    He spent AN HOUR with a virus. It should have taken him 2 minutes to get tired of the stank, maybe another 3 to be polite about extricating himself, and another 5 to grab his people, call the car, and hustle the f-ck out of there.

    Instead, he stayed. For more than SIXTY MINUTES he stayed. And they went to the GARDEN! ALONE!!!

  87. 187

    Re: *Adi=]* – wooow! you are such a loser!
    you probably would say something stupid like this?!

  88. 188

    NO!!!! IT CAN´T BE TRUE!!! I hope that Rob is smarter than get toghether with that man-stealing bitch…and by that I mean that she is stealing him from us…

  89. 189

    i REALLY hope hes not that dumb
    he wont be as attractive if he picks up one her her STDs

  90. 190

    Bullsh*t…flat out bullsh*t

  91. 191

    Paris is a douchebag

  92. 192

    I'm afraid Paris is closing in on Rob, since she flew over to Tokyo "for a break" right after he left for Tokyo. Let us bow our heads and pray.

  93. 193

    She makes me sick. Shes suck a gronk.

  94. 194

    I hope he has better sense than to be with that hot mess. She would ruin his life. DON'T DO IT ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. 195

    Too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Socialite Paris Hilton snared British actor Robert Pattinson at an Oscars party. The blonde hotel heiress stunned guests at the lavish bash by dragging the 'Twilight' star outside for some time alone after asking her younger sister Nicky to help track him down. After scanning Patrick Whitesell's Hollywood party for her crush, Paris and Robert were spotted "giggling and in deep conversation" for an hour before she reportedly led him into the garden away from the gaze of onlookers. –Bild.de

    Paris arrived in Tokyo at the Narita Airport with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, just hours after Robert Pattinson arrived.

  96. 196

    Rob, if you go out with Paris Hilton, you will lose everyone'sl respect. You have free will but because we have got to know you and care about you it would be a bummer if you contracted something or otherwise injured yourself in some way. Stay true to yourself. Remember who you are.

  97. 197

    OMG,surely he knows he would NOlonger have any type of film career if he fked or was even seen with that syphilis whore, geez, what in the world is he thinking! Like she can do anything to futher his career, just like she did her own acting and singing one, lmfao. I think he can get all the ass he wants or would ever need, so wtf is he chatting with , PARIS FKING HILTON?? If you did get her in the back seat of her car, get checked a.s.a.p. for std's !

  98. 198

    What the FUUUUCKity fuck?? She is a skank plus a million. How horrible. I don't comprehend why anyone likes her? She's worthless. I also heard a rumor that she gave him a blow-job at the oscar's after party. I really hope not. He should rise above sleazes like her. First Natalie Portman now Paris hilton? Next it'll be Miley fuckin Cyrus!!


  99. 199

    Re: ChristianLouboutinLover – I absolutely agree

  100. 200

    Cheeezy…in the scariest sense of the word. If you've seen interviews with Robert you see that he has class. If Parisite corrupts him, I'm gonna cut her. Does he know how to handle predators like her? I don't think so…he's too polite and shy. And he may be "lonely" enough to succumb to her attentions. Don't ruin Robert, Paris. It's not a trite thing. It's a good man's life.

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