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Your First Look

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Jade Goody's wedding photos and exclusive interview will be featured in the new issue of OK! magazine, both the U.K. and U.S. versions - out this week.

The terminally ill British reality TV star tells the mag, "I've had the happiest day of my life. Now I'm ready to go to heaven."

So sad!

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121 comments to “Your First Look”

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  1. 101

    Re: Big Black Dick – that woman is dying of cancer. im sure you wouldn't want people saying that about you. karma is a bitch. i hope those words come back and bite you in the ass.

  2. 102

    Gosh this is sooo sad. She is a real angel… God Bless You and your family.

  3. 103

    Love how she assumes she's on her way to heaven!!!

    Sorry - that photo sums up this whole affair. How uncomfortable/bored do the husband and kids look???

    This whole situation has been blown out of proportion and any suggestion that she has done this for her kids is a joke. Its all about her!

  4. 104

    That bitch is racist screw her. No one likes a racist bigot! KARMA! LOOK IT UP!

  5. 105

    Congrats to the happy couple, you look beautiful Jade.

  6. 106

    Re: gangreenuts
    I've just bought the domains - "jadeslegacy.com" and "jadeslegacy.co.uk"

    it's cost me £25, but I'm hoping that Clifford will flame me then pay!

    I have a previous hacking conviction - he's going to put me down and spread shit abut me - thanks to my ex-wife!

    If you want to want to buy the domain then please let me know!

  7. Zip says – reply to this


    You are very lucky to be married!!! How very beautiful!!!!!

  8. 108

    I don't get this at all. People seem to think us brits love her - hardly! - I've never liked her ever, especially not after she was disgustingly rascist. And why does he get out of prison just because his 'wife' is a fame whore. Ordinary people aren't allowed to, why should he!?

  9. 109

    she's still beautiful.
    this is so sad though.

  10. 110


  11. 111

    that guy looks like he's thinking "what the fuck have I gotten myself into–at least it will be over soon–do I have to keep the kids?"

  12. 112

    i hate seeing Jade Goody's news because they make me wanna cry

  13. JCPR says – reply to this


    omg this is so sad!

  14. 114

    I hope the father of the two boys will pull his life together and keep it together, taking good care of the boys, for Jade's sake, and in her memory.

  15. 115

    :( breaks my heart… godbless her.

  16. 116

    She's a racist, fugly, whore who deserves to die quicker for her nasty, famewhore personality. If I could get away with offing her myself, I'd do it. People like her should be sterilized at birth, because those kids are just going to grow up and end up in jail like their WT father. Fuck Jade Goody. Why is she getting any press at all. I'd rather watch a turd die of cancer, the stupid ugly WT bitch.

  17. 117

    The past is totally irrelevant now, everyone makes mistakes in life, whether its right or wrong, the only difference with Jade is that it was publicised

    All this talk of Jade making millions for her own means is an absolute joke, news flash!!! Jade may be more well off than others, however she cant buy back her health, if you dont have your health, money means nothing at all, she cant even be cured, how sad is that? Even the one million from her OK magazine shoot, will not get rid of the cancer, its a damn shame! I applaud her for putting her boys first and ensuring they have a secure future, of course no amount of money will ever compensate for their mother, however they will not have to worry about finance when they come of age

    People write these nasty things about Jade, however if you look at her life as a whole, the events that have lead up to now, it seems she will be leaving an incredible legacy behind…
    A last question for the insensitive, if a member of your family had cancer, yet you didnt agree with their actions in the past, would you even be thinking of that? or would you be praying for a miracle?
    Show some compassion and think before you type
    I think she is amazing and so brave and wish her and her family all the best

  18. 118

    Love really does conquer all! What a beautiful testament to their love. I am praying for her and her entire family.

  19. 119

    she looks gorgeous and her sons are beautiful. this is so sad

  20. 120

    you would think that nobody has ever had terminal cancer before…her famewhoring makes me sick. i think that everyone should take a minute to think about other sufferers who are not getting shedloads of money by selling their stories, who are suffering both the pain of having cancer and also the finacial situation cancer brings

  21. 121

    Re: dev1lr@yahoo.ca
    u complete and utter twat!!!!! Watchin a turd die of cancer really, where is your mentality. do you really have nothing better to do, good luck in life i think you need it. brain dead freak! so jade made mistakes, u must be so perfect ur parents should be so proud of you. may god riddle ur privates with crabs and ur arms become too short to scratch um. Your far worse than Jade and if u cant see that then u really are thick!!!!

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