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DMX in More Troubs!!!

| Filed under: Legal MattersDMX


You'd think being locked up in jail would keep DMX out of trouble, but that's not the case by far!

The incarcerated rapper is apparently a picky eater because after stealing a tray of food from the dining hall, DMX launched it at a corrections officer!!

Reeeeal smart, buddy.

The fussy rap star was also causing trouble earlier this month in the Tent City jail after refusing to show up for both his mandatory job and delegated medication time, DMX completely flipped out and hurled profanities at correction officers when he was denied his "medicine".

DMX was originally sentenced to 90 days in jail and 18 months of probation, but the bratty prisoner's re-booking will most likely threaten the terms of his probation.

We say throw the book at him!!

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14 comments to “DMX in More Troubs!!!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Those criminals never learn do they?

  3. 3

    Just another JUNKIE!!! Keep his dumb ass off the streets!

  4. 4

    DMX = more than a hot mess

  5. 5

    just goes to prove that this world would be better off without the niggurs.

  6. 6

    just get rid of him, there's more important issues to deal with than paying taxes to keep rich troublemakers out of trouble

  7. 7


  8. 8

    What a twat

  9. 9

    I'm gonna throw this tray at you like I threw away my career!

  10. 10

    OK mario, NO MORE DMX fing MUGSHOT STYLE photos EVERYDAY!!! Do you have some sort of ISSUE HERE?, hum???Just sayin!

  11. Dua says – reply to this


    Jail is where this criminal belongs. I feel safer in the AZ knowing he is behind bars.

  12. MP says – reply to this


    What a wuss. If Martha Stewart can make it through a prison sentence without complaining, he should be able to also. I say keep him locked up!

  13. 13

    I think he's got a real problem… a mental problem…

  14. 14

    Maybe he likes it there and never wants to leave. Oh the life of an inmate.