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Hospital May NOT Release Octo-Babies to Octo-Mom!!!

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Good news!

Dr. Phil McGraw has revealed that a distraught Nadya "Octo-Mom Suleman" reached out to him on Tuesday for advice because the hospital that's currently caring for the premature Octo-Babies may not allow her to take them home.


"What she is telling me is that unless and until she has a better living arrangement, that they are not likely to release the children to her," said Dr. Phil to the Los Angeles Times.

Sidenote, Octopussy and Dr. Phil have a pre-existing relationship, so it's not odd that she called him in her time of need. She's set to appear on two episodes of his show (the first of which is scheduled to air today, Wednesday).

The Octo-Babies' hospital, Kaiser in Bellflower, CA, has refused to comment on the dramz Dr. Phil blabbed about.

But, a neonatal nurse who works at another Kaiser branch provided some insights. Social workers apparently evaluate parents of very premature babies to determine what services the children and family may be entitled to.

"If they feel there's a risk to a baby, they contact Child Protective Services and Child Protective Services would make a determination as to whether or not there's a reason for concern," said the nurse.

Things aren't looking great for Nadya!

She's unemployed, lives off government assistance and could find herself homeless with the Octo-Babies and the six other kids that preceded them!

All y'all know Nadya and her six other kids have been living with Octo-Granny who's $23,000 behind in mortgage payments.

Octo-Mom, kids and Granny may be out on the streets if the outstanding monies aren't paid by May 5th!

We just want to see all 14 kids properly looked after!

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128 comments to “Hospital May NOT Release Octo-Babies to Octo-Mom!!!”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    a preemie step in the right direction

  3. 3

    Oh Thank you!!!!!! finally some good news out of all of this. Frankly there are probably adoptive families out there for ALL of her children that would provide them normal stable lives and not the pverty, drama, and instability that this nut job would provide.

  4. 4

    they need to take all her children away. she cant take care of them

  5. 5

    ehhhhhhh as is

  6. 6

    Mario Wake up…..BREAKING NEWS………
    OctoMom is used to having multiple people inside of her at once — and now one porn company is willing to shell out big bucks to harness that skill on film.
    Offered 1,000,000 bucks…………..

  7. 7

    They should keep her babies!!! She is bat-shit crazy and is a danger to those little ones…and while they're at it, they should take her other 6 kids away, too!!!

  8. 8

    Hah. Anyone could have seen this coming.

  9. 9

    I really hope they dont let those babies go home with her. First bit of good news coming from this story….1st?

  10. 10

    Damn perez, tmz kicks your ass everytime…. whatsup with that…

  11. 11

    FINALLY!! We've all been saying that the children should not suffer but that this mother should not be allowed to raise this litter under the circumstances she has created.

  12. 12

    Dr. Phil isn't exactly a reliable resource for information although I hope that THIS TIME, what he's saying is true. There is no way all those babies should go home with that nutjob to a home that is waaaaaaay too small for the people who live there now!

  13. 13

    Re: Long Dong Connery – lmao yea tmz said that too.

  14. 14

    Re: Yumm-ay – #8 even Stevie Wonder….

  15. 15

    She is a nut case!!! Take the babies. There are so many families that can't have children and can provide for them. I'm sure they would gladly take them off her hands!!!

  16. 16

    I am heartbroken for those tiny babies. I hope they find caring and loving homes. I hope grandma and grandpa come to their senses and commit the mother to a psych hospital before she has a chance to do something like this again. She needs serious help.

  17. 17

    Good. She doesn't deserve them. She's psychotic and Dr. Phil is a twat himself.

  18. 18

    Dr. Phill will save her……

  19. 19

    I'll be happy to take one of those poor babies!

  20. 20

    Re: LaDiva is the only true Diva on PH – Yer right again…..
    How are you Hottie…….. :o )

  21. 21

    Good decision for the children! I hope they ALL get adopted by someone mentally NORMAL!

  22. 22

    No way….the hospital SHOULD NOT be interferring with a private matter. She is there mother whether we like it or not.
    Only the state for good cause has the right to withhold children from a parent.
    I'd hate to think that a hospital can make these choices for us without good cause or without proper respresentation.
    very scary, very scare indeed

  23. 23

    i will teabag her………

  24. 24

    Ha! Chocha lips is going to have to get a job. Walmart and MickyD's are hiring so go for it Chocha lips.

  25. 25

    Honestly, the whole situation stinks. First, the doctor that implanted all those embryos should be sued. Apparently there are guidelines (according to your age) on how many can be done. For her age, she should have only had 2; the doc gave her 6. Secondly, this should have never become news. The media had a field day with it - and I'm sure blew stuff out of proportion along the way. The papparazzi has been snapping photos of her day and night. That's just not right.

  26. 26

    I'm sending her a year supply of Goya beans.

    Boing Boing Boing

  27. 27

    I hope no one gives her a CENT all she is looking for is a free hand out and she is so hurting now she goes to Dr. Phil??? Plz I cant believe she is still getting TV time. Most important thing in this whole matter is babies lets hope the hospital does the right thing and not give her those babies let them find a REAL home with real parent who can take care of them.

  28. 28

    Is mario the sperm doner ?????

  29. 29

    Re: LaDiva is the only true Diva on PH – #10 He's to busy kissing ass to be ahead of the game…

  30. 30


  31. 31

    glad o see the hospital is at least taking reasponsible measures. But how much you want to bet someone is going to feel sorry for her and buy her a house.

  32. 32

    They should take all 14 of her kids and throw her ass in the loony bin. ASAP

  33. 33

    Re: GoyaBean – lol Chocha lips! que chistoso frijolito :)

  34. 34

    Good! OctoMom is not mentally stable. Her parents are enablers. People having kids who can't take care of them. Sad. That is why I no longer am a teacher…saw too much of it.

  35. 35

    okay she's got f*cking issues but what really gets me is the FAKE NAILS!!! what mom w. 1 newborn would do that let alone 8 who are in incubators!!!

  36. 36

    You can't blame them for interceding….I mean seriously people she has no means to support this brood she produced and soon will have no place for them to even sleep at night. Could anyone in good concious send these babies out into the world with this lunatic knowing they might have no food or shelter?!

  37. 37

    Good news.

    This woman doesn't know how to be responsible mother! I know that everyone is concern about the eight babies what about the other six? The woman has major issues and need some help. Her mother can't do it all. I think octo-mom needs to be evaluated she needs to get some major help!

  38. 38

    Re: Long Dong Connery – I'm doing good sweet cheeks….
    Re: LizardKinG – Exactly…

  39. 39

    YAY!!!!!! The system needs to protect those kids(better late than never), because obviously their mother can not! So sad! So crazy!

  40. 40

    In my state, if you're in the daycare field, there's this little thing called RATIO. It's 4 babies to 1 adult/5 babies to 1 adult, and so on. She doesn't have the required room (I'm sure CA has to have some sort of law on this) to care for her family, she souldn't be allowed to take them home, for these reasons alone, not to mention the fact that she's just a fucking idiot whom I can't imagine how she even cares for herself.

  41. 41

    Good! Does she even have 8 car seats? What kind of car does she own that she'll be able to tote around 14 kids? Even Jon & Kate plus 8 have a bus type van that barely sits all 8 kids and all of their stuff. This nutty lady also doesn't have her priorities straight…shopping for make-up and getting Starbucks while she has 8 babies in the hospital. Crazy

  42. 42

    why must you cont. to write about her. who cares!! -_-

  43. 43

    Finally, something about this mess of a story makes sense.

  44. 44

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE………………………………………………

  45. 45

    who put a curse on this b!tch?

  46. 46

    Cant stand her. Cant stand all the BS around this story.
    The true miricle that has kinda been forgotten is that she somehow managed to safely deliver eight healthy babies. The statistics on that are phenomenal.
    They're here for a reason. They've got an earth walk meant for each one.

  47. 47


  48. 48

    Good! This woman is not stable at all financially or otherwise. There are already nine people living in a three bedroom house that is about to go on the auction block bcs they owe money on it! CrAAAzy!

  49. 49

    How nice of Dr. Spill to tell this information to everyone. Frankly, I can't understand why ANYONE would reach out to him because he blabs everything, for a few ratings points.

    And no doubt someone will feel sorry for OctoMom and give her free housing, etc., etc., so the kids will wind up with her anyway.

  50. 50


  51. 51

    GOOD. Not that I'm any fan of octo, but can Phil EVER keep his mouth shut? What a blabbermouth windbag.

  52. 52

    She's as crazy as hell.

  53. 53

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons… – I feel bad for her kids! pobresitos :(

  54. 54

    This is such good news for the safety and sanity of the children. Octo-mom's gonna be pissed, but sometimes the safety and health of others is more important. She should stop being so damned selfish!

  55. 55


  56. 56

    I don't think that the Government should have the right to take away anyones children or that we as Americans have the right to "decide" who gets to parent– even if we don't "think" someone should be a parent. See FLDS Texas debacle. Once we start playing God with who should and should not be a parent we are riding down a slippery unconstitutional slope. But, hey, Hitler didn't think Jews were humans either, so maybe it's okay for us or the government to decide that Nadya Suleman isn't human and cannot be a parent. Sounds good to me! Gitmo will be closed soon so we could move all of the "unfit parents" there…

  57. 57

    FINALLY someone got their head out of their ass and is doing something! This woman should not only not be able to take the babies home, she should also have the other 6 taken from her.
    She is a terrible, neglectful, selfish, oblivious mother. Finally the system is working!

  58. 58

    Re: MatsMoe – You have no idea what you're talking about. That's what they're doing. The hospital informed CPS, which is a state run organization, who are going to examine the case. They will see that she is not fit financially or emotionally to handle the children. They will certainly be adopted.

    It's not like the hospital's just saying "you can't have your kids." It's being reviewed by the state.

  59. 59

    'forced sterilization'
    seen !

  60. 60

    Re: be careful – The children didn't ask to be born into this world. The selfish woman, Nadya, decided to have them all. There's no reason to make those children suffer with being ignored and poverty stricken because of their mother's selfish decisions.

    I'm against having the state tell me what to do, but you can't make a blanket statement like that. There are circumstances where there needs to be interference. This is one of those cases.

  61. 61

    wait a minute, in what country do they take your kids away because you are poor? If we had universal healthcare maybe we could get her some help for her disorder, she obviously is addicted to having children. She was wrong, her doctor was wrong, but nothing illegal happened here , just greed and selfishness ( which isnt a crime) and d is pretty much the American way these days. So instead of thinking of ways to split up this family, it would be more productive tot he chidlrens well being to get the Mom some help, than to put them in the system

  62. 62

    Re: be careful – Ermm… yeah! I think you've forgotten that it was Octo-Mum who "played God" in the first place with multiple IVF treatments. If she is deemed an unfit parent then the authorities have to act in the childrens' best interests because their f***wit Mother clearly ain't gonna any time soon….

  63. 63

    I knew this was going to happen. The hospital can't send those 8 babies home when they don;t think their mom has the resources to care for their special needs. Preemies are prone to many illnesses and SIDS…. and knowing that they will be part of a 14 kid family in a small home that will soon be in foreclosure they made the right choice to look into it. I dont think CPS will be adopting these babies (or her other kids) out as some of you seem to believe. They will give Nadya every chance to get her shit together… find help, larger home, income, etc. Octo Mom is not ready to take these kids home. Still can't believe she planned these babies but didn't have a plan for actually raising them!

  64. 64

    Re: La Ú!!!SEMICOLON!!!ltima Diva – OMG! y si le quitan esos babies y tiene mas!!! I think this crazy lady might do it!!!

  65. 65

    Re: lovemylatte – OK, hypothetically….. would you feel comfortable with a mom taking her baby home even though she is so poor that she has no electricity, water and no food for money so her other kids eat trash out of dumpsters? There are basics kids must have and money is the only way to get those things. It's not a crime to be poor but it isn't in the best interest of children to be in a poverty stricken home when their parents cannot or will not find ways to provide basic necessities for them.

  66. 66

    this is not good news, she must be very upset

  67. 67

    Where is the "Dr. Mengele" who implanted all of these fertilized eggs in her womb? Isn't anybody doing any stories on him? I've never even seen one article that names him. What kind of a sicko doctor did this? Is everyone afraid that they will hurt the IVF industry and that's why they aren't going after him?

  68. 68

    so grandma ma is behind on her mortgage….hmm…i wonder if it has anything to do with providing food, clothes, school supplies and lifes necessities for her useless sack of flesh of a daughter and her kids…mabye if the nutjob had a job, they would not be behind in the mortgage…

  69. 69

    It will be up to California's state Child Protection Services to decide if the babies will go home with her. Nayda will have to prove the infants will be in a safe environment, free from harm. The infants will need cribs, diapers, cloths, food, car seats, means of transportation for follow-up appointments, etc. This will be a huge under taking. Although people may be happy if the octuplets do not go home with Nayda, placing them in foster care would be tragic.

  70. 70

    bleh. The lady is obviously NUTS. And needs help with her mental probs. Those poor children! She'll get to keep them though in the end.

    And fuck that asshole doctor who is just as nuts as she is.

    ugh ugh ugh

    Think of all those INNOCENT BABIES. Not right.

  71. 71

    I say the DOCTOR or Doctors responsible for implanting these 14 children should now become responsible for their financial well being! They should be legally forced to pay for diapers food formula medical care nannies and a home, provided that Brangelina -2.o ( yes that is negative 2.0) gets a part time job. This way we arent all footing the bill. Give the mom a psych eval and make sure she is capable of raising them…If not make sure they all go to the same family! NOT FAIR TO SPLIT THEM UP. But with the idiot doctors footing the bill….a family could take them all. Give them to the Duggers they have 18 and coun ting. That mom knows how to raise an army.
    In the futire Doctors like this one should be stripped of their license.
    Makes me so sick….

  72. 72

    Dr. Phil is a fucking phoney! He shamefully uses her by putting her on his show, interviewing her in $1.2 Million house, and now she's reaching out to him. Like he's gonna save her! As if! Well, good. Now he's on front street. This will make people see him for the loser he is. Because he is thru with her. If she thinks reaching out to Dr. Phil is gonna help her, she will realize quick in a hurry that she is gonna get throwed away like yesterday's newspapers.
    The media circus needs to stop. And honestly? If she is getting paid to be in the media, good for her. This is how our society is. We have always all been media hounds. Look at you Perez! You use the media 24/7. You earn
    6 figures. Gonna buy your momma a new house doing what you love. Chasing celebrities and telling other people's business, expressing your opinions, and insulting people. And we love it. WE made you a star. So good for OctuMom. And fuck Dr. Phil.

  73. 73

    even if this hefer had a place to stay…how the hell is she going to properly take care of 8 babies and 6 other small children. She's mentally unstable and needs to adopt those children out.

  74. 74

    Re: be careful – yeah here we go - lets all hide behind the aclu type arguments because of what something might lead to…well doing that got us a dr who thought it was a good idea to use inv fert to give an unemployed, uneducated idiot basically an entier basketball team of babies…yes the gov't should step in in some case - its not just one shirt and tie making decisions here about the children…it will be a board an review panel. so come down off yer high horse, put on your rock climbing gear and negotiate that slippery soap. yes its risky, but its riskier to our society to let these children be raised by an individual who has no common sense whatsoever….or mabye you want one of her kids to be in your house robbing you at knife point in 16 yrs?

  75. 75

    One more thing. Y'all better pray somebody or some sponsors come forward to give that woman some money. First you complain because the government has to help her. Then you'll complain if she gets a house and a car and food and clothes and money in the bank from donations. Make up your minds. Somebody has to step up. This is not the country where you throw people away or engage in a public stoning.

  76. 76

    Those babies are going to need so much care and I don't care what Octo-nut says those kids will be at risk with her. My god she has 6 at home and one with autism. There's only so much time in the day and it is criminal to put those kids in such an enviornment. As a mother it's heartbreaking at the thought of having your kids taken away, but those children's best interest need to come first.

  77. 77

    my first career was in protective services. that didn't last long. people need to calm down. if they do take the kids (which i think will most likely happen) they will most likely spend YEARS in foster homes. you can't just terminate a parent's rights and give their kids away for adoption. she'll still be allowed to see them. but she needs to prove she has resources to fulfill their basic needs. she does not have that right now. and YES, she will most certainly have to get a psych evaluation. oh, and once she has an open case, if they lose the home, they will most definitely take the other 6 kids too.

  78. 78

    Ok so I think she is a wack job, but what really bothers me is that she is behind $23,000 in mortgage payments…umm with all the magazine covers and interviews I would say she has definately made wayyyyy over that. So lady " PAY YOUR DAMN MORTGAGE!!!!" I think she is a media whore and is loving all this attention! Just another person using the pity card.

  79. 79

    This is the best news since the birth of the octuplets.
    Now the Child Protective Services will finally get involved. They'll evaluate the situation and the living conditions and they'll never allow the octuplets to be released from the hospital and into the care of this irresponsible unstable woman who was not capable of providing and taking care of her first 6 babies. And she had herself impregnated with another 8!!!
    Hopefully, the Child Protective Services will ensure these 8 babies are well taken care of, provided for and raised with love.

  80. 80


    I hope the state of California confiscates all of his money and property to pay for the costs that have been incurred so far

    This pregnancy should NEVER have happened.



  81. 81

    If her children are taken from her, as they should be she may find a way to have more; it’s an obsession she has had since she was a child so now she’s producing the brothers and sisters she never had. She has never cared for them or paid for their care. Her mom raised the first 6. After all Nadia bilked disability for years because of a bad back but she managed to have 14 babies.

  82. 82

    What I find surprising in all of this a woman can become criminal for giving birth. Her crime is having babies in a bad economic time (I'll be sure to check the economic forecast to make sure birth occurs at a time of prosperity) Sure she may have had a lot of babies willingly but she is blamed because we know their her babies…What about men, men can whore around and impregnate hundreds of women in a year-are they held criminally responsible are they subject to a intense media, medical, social sevice scrutiny? no the blame is always on the woman (be it for sleepin with a man giving birth, but oh heavens no, don't ever have a abortion or you'll be worse. Don't through away your embryos but don't use them and give them birth to many children) and I find it sad and insulting, degrading to be a woman and aware that my life can be subject to this, even though I won't give birth to a baby any time soon i feel sorry for anyone who goes though this and its disturbing to know that the whole world has a opinion on what is right for my life…she's considered crazy by hearsay but it seems no one gives a damn for her well being and the best option we have is to talk about her and plan taking her babies away…feminism has officially died

  83. 83

    NO - Nobody knows if she can take care of them or not until she fails - they are HER babies, she's taken care of the 6 she has already. You can't take someone's kids unless they've done something wrong, how many woman give birth and have absolutely no money, etc. etc., this isn't the first one to get money from the state for her kid - maybe the first with eight but come on. I don't care how much of a looney this chick is, she's entitled to her rights like every other loser out there.

  84. 84

    Let's hope those kids DON'T go home with her. And let's hope some sap doesn't pony up money or a house.

  85. 85

    Thank God! Someone is finally thinking of the children's needs in all this!

  86. 86

    A) YES!!!

  87. 87

    hahahahaha….hahahaha…and I'm still laughing myself silly! Looks good on Octo-snatch. First, the babies aren't allowed home, next (hopefully) they won't allow octo-snatch to visit them. Finally someone got off their ass and did something thats in the best interest of the children.

  88. 88

    Re: pinxxxxxx123 – It's not an issue of "bad economic timing"…. She is physically, emotionally, and financially ( HER situation, not the economy) to house, and raise these children in a stable, loving ( by that I mean equal attention to all of 14 children) environment. End of story.
    People are relating it to the economic trouble because she is depending on the CA government and tax payers to pay/raise her children. With CA billions of dollars in debt, and people barely making it by these days - people find it unfair for this woman to be selfish, and taking advantage of the system, spending tax payers money on herself and depending on hand outs( lip injections, nails, getting implanted ) etc This woman decided to have these children knowing all of the above - she was not thinking of the welfare of these children - she was thinking of herself, that, I think, is why people are so " angry" - not because of her " economic timing" in actually having these children.

  89. 89

    GREAT NEWS. Finally, someone is thinking about the innocent victims of this psycho.

  90. 90

    Re: italianvenus – I was reffering to the comments made in the media about her being selfish and having babies in a bad climate-this was shortly after the birth….I know she has bad financial status but people were referring to he state of the economy and not the state of her well being

  91. 91

    This is kind of scary, whether she's poor or not, I don't think they have the right to take her children away. Maybe all the people hoping she gets her kids taken away don't have kids, because unless the mom is a drug addict or abusive, I don't think children should be taken away from their parents. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But yes, I think the doctor that did this should get in some big trouble.

    Oh, and Perez, if you want her to go away, then stop posting about her. Every time you post something about her, she gets what she wants…attention.

  92. 92

    No one has the right to take away her babies because she can't afford them. I hate the lynch mob mentality surrounding this woman. It is despicable. People telling her to get a job.WTF. It is rare that anyone who can "afford it" has fourteen children. Most people with a lot of kids cannot afford them without help. And if she did work she would have to earn a LOT of money to pay for them. The government cannot intervwene just because it is popyular to rag on her. And really. Does anyone here think her parents are stable? Come on.

  93. 93

    Re: pinxxxxxx123 – Feminism died when those same women decided to make irresponsible decisions concerning bringing new life into this world. Sure, we all find ways to make it in the world despite hardships, but when you're single and already have 6 children, and aren't able to support THEM, what makes you think it's ok to have more? This has nothing to do with whoring around, but everything to do with being socially irresponsible. The blame is placed squarely on HER and HER DOCTOR. We need to step up and admit our faults and take responsibility. It's ignorant political ideals about throwing blame around that's gotten us into this whole mess(economic, moralistic, personal accountability, etc.) in the first place.

  94. 94

    Re: Neverevenknewhim – Her parents took care of the other 6 children. She took care of them to an extent, but she was stretching herself(financially, emotionally) thin. This was an extremely poor decision that should be punished - doctor and mother.

  95. 95

    Re: LorelaiAnna – "because unless the mom is a drug addict or abusive, I don't think children should be taken away from their parents"

    You don't think having 14 children and not being able to provide for them a loving safe haven is abusive? What world do you live on? That's what's gotten us into this welfare mess in the first place - people trying to live beyond the means that their finances and expendable love allow. Yes, the doctor should be punished, but she was the person who walked into the clinic asking for more children.

  96. 96

    Re: lemonbird – So, you think everyone should live off the government? Whatever happened to people taking care of themselves and not minding other people's business? We should all worry about ourselves first before bringing children into this world that we can't care for.

  97. 97

    Nadya is obviously a cookie cut example of Narcissism! The term narcissism means love of oneself, and refers to the set of character traits concerned with self-admiration, self-centeredness and self-regard. She is not capable of caring for others if she just sees them as tools to self-satisfaction!!! I hope she is given a chance to get better, but I can never understand how even the most stable person can care for so many babies ON THEIR OWN!!! None of this ever should have happened, the system is not playing God….they will hopefully step in assess and do what is best for the children and the unstable mother! Its been fun tearing this woman apart but maybe we should concentrate on fixing things now! And to all those Dumb A$$es out there NO that does not mean buying her her million dollar dream house!!! That means getting her the help she needs to realize she has made a mess of her life and 16 innocent babies lives!

  98. 98

    no one has the right to judge anyone here.
    and regardless of her financial situation and lack of common sense, she is still the mother of these babies. there are emotional ties that bind.
    give me a break people! don't be so bloody heartless.
    my take on the whole thing…she loves those children…all 14 of them. if she is proven to be a bad parent…abusive, then there are steps that should be taken, of course.
    but i've seen footage of her at the park with her older kids…those kids love her…and she is very effectionate with them…very loving…as a parent should be.
    also, the sperm donor of the new babies says on record that he plans to help her. i hope he means what he says.
    when the government steps in and takes children away from loving parents, based on their financial situation (which by the way would mean 89% of you yankees because of the debt hell-hole you dug yourselves)…you'll all lose your kids. then come on perezhilton and have your bitch-fest.

  99. 99

    and for the record…her mother admitted…whether she wanted to or not…that this woman is a good mother. that she loves her kids. i know of some "sane" people who don't treat their children half as good.

  100. 100


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